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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji OVA
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji OVA
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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
Sep 18, 2:40 PM
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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi
Kore wa Koi no Hanashi
Aug 29, 11:58 PM
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Aug 29, 11:47 PM
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Sekine-kun no Koi
Sekine-kun no Koi
Jun 7, 9:45 PM
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OblivionXKnight 41 minutes ago
Hello Kineta (^__^) Here Is Another Lazy Town Song :D YAY

OblivionXKnight Yesterday, 10:37 AM
Hello Kineta (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Gentle Day 2 You :D

(T^T) Please Forgive Me? (T^T)

Hello :D *Sad Friendship Hug* I MISS YOU LOTS (^__^) Also I Don't Feel Very Well :( I've Got A Cold :( And I Got A Headache :( And My Nose Is Blocked :( And I Got A Sore Throat :( And I Feel Kinda Weak :( And I REALLY Want 2 Go 2 College On Friday :( And I Got Day Centre Tommorow :( Also In 2 Days I'm Going Back 2 College In The Special Needs Every Friday Once A Week (^__^) Yay

Also In The Special Needs In College (I Was There 4 Years Ago For 5 Years) There Isn't Any Exams And No Homework :D The Special Needs Courses Are About Daily Living Skills Like Learning 2 Cook, Learning 2 Clean, Learning What 2 Do If Someone Is Mean 2 You, Learning 2 Pay For Stuff In Shops By Yourself, Learning How 2 Use Money, Learning About Road Safety, Learning English, Learning Maths And Doing Art and Crafts (^__^) We Have A Lesson Called Community Where We Go Out Places With A Teacher And Do Fun Stuff Like Go 2 The Playground On The Swings Or Learn 2 Buy Stuff Yourself (With Help) And The Special Needs In College Has There Own Mini Bus Too (^__^)

So The Special Needs Courses In College Are More About Learning 2 Be More Independent If Your Disabled Than Studying (^__^) Also I Use 2 Stay With The Students Studying Music In Mainstream Dinner Time In College Because THEY ARE SO COOL ^o^ YAY

My Mammy Said I Can't Go This Week If I'm Not Well Enough Though :( *Sorry Hug*

Anyway ^^ What Do You Think Of My Other Private Message About My Great Grandmother Who Died 6 Years Before I Was Born? (^__^) I'm Kinda Obsessed With Her :P Because My Entire Family (On My Mothers Side) Makes Her Out 2 Be Someone Truly Special (^__^) And SHE LOVED KIDS (^__^) Also When She Was About 16 Years Old In About The Year 1926 She Almost Got Kidnapped :( Until She Bit The Evil Man's Finger And Ran Away (^__^) YAY :D My Family Calls Her The Wisest Lady They've Ever Known :P I Hope I Can Love Children Like She Did :) I Hope So (^__^) YAY

Also Could I Please Create A MyAnimeList Club Called The Oblivion X Friends Forever Club? Just For All My Super Special Online Friends? (^__^) Please? (^.^) And Then In The Club Discussions All My AMAZING Online Friends Can Post Things Just Like A MyAnimeList Forum Post (^__^) Please Join? (^.^) Please? :D YAY YAY YAY *HAPPIEST GREATEST ONLINE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER HUG*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))) :D (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Sep 18, 1:47 PM
Hello Kineta (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Fun Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Fantastic ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* I AM TOTALLY MISSING YOU (^__^) Hi :D I've Got Something 2 Tell You :P Starting This Friday (Once A Week On Fridays) I'm Going Back 2 College (^__^) I Used 2 Be In The Special Needs In College Because I Am Autistic ^o^ And I Started Going 2 Day Centre In 2013 (^__^) Well, I'm Definitely Still Going 2 Day Centre On A Monday And Thursday ^o^ And Last Week My Old College Teachers Phoned My Mammy And They Said That They Are Asking Old Special Needs Students Back For A Special Needs Friday Course In The College (^__^) YAY YAY YAY :D *HAPPIEST HUG*

Also 3 Of My Other Friends From My Day Centre Are Going Back 2 College On A Friday In My Class Too (^__^) So It's Not Just Me :P Also I've Never Been In Mainstream College Before ^^ I've Only Ever Been In The Special Needs Part Of The College ^o^ The Special Needs Part Of College Is For Students With Learning Difficulties Or Learning Disabilities (Like Me Because I'm Autistic) ^o^ And The Main Stream Part Of The College Is For Everyone Else ^o^ In Mainstream College There Are About 30 Students In A Classroom ^^ That's Kinda Scary (O.O) And In The Special Needs Part Of The College There Are Only About 8 Students In A Classroom With One 2 One Staff Members 2 Help Us And Look After Us (^__^)

Well, The Special Needs Courses In The College Are About Learning Life Skills ^o^ So We Did Cooking Class ^^ And We Did Sport Class Where We Played Base Ball And Basket Ball ^^ And We Did Swimming Class Where We Went Swimming ^^ And We Did Art And Craft Class Where We Did Drawing And Painting ^^ And We Did Community Class Where We Went Out Places Like Shopping Or Treasure Hunting Or Park Exploring Or Going On The Swings At A Playground ^^ And We Did English Class ^^ And Maths Class ^^ And Drama Class ^^ And They Took Us On Lots Of Fun Trips On A Mini Bus ^^ And We Had Super Fun Party's Just For The Special Needs Students (Mainstream Students Have There Own College Party's) (^__^) YAY

Also The Teachers In The Special Needs Part Of The College Are Much Much Nicer And Less Strict Than The Mainstream Teachers Are ^o^ And They Give Us Hugs (^.^) My Favourite College Teacher Rhiannon Hugged Me Everyday In College (^__^) And I Had A Super AMAZING FRIEND And One 2 One Named Rhys Who Looked After Me In College (^.^) And He Was In Charge Of Me (^__^) *Happy College Hug*

Well, Rhys Was Actually In School With Me ^^ He Is Only 2 Years Older Than Me (^__^) He Works In The College As A One 2 One Support Staff Member For Disabled Students In The Special Needs (^__^) And I Was His Very First One 2 One ^o^ And He Already Knew Me Because He Used 2 Stick Up For Me When I Was Getting Bullied In School (^__^) Rhys Use 2 Help Me When I Was Getting Bullied Before I Went 2 College So He Already Knew Me (^__^) Well, On A Friday Rhys Is Going 2 Be My One 2 One again (^__^) We Used 2 Talk About Cartoons And He Would Hug Me and Pick Me Up For Fun (^__^)

Well, I'm Going Back 2 College On A Friday For A One Year Course In The Special Needs (^__^) They Said They Even Bought PlayStation's For Us ;) Also When I Used 2 Be In College I Use 2 Play With The Rock Star Students In Mainstream Dinner Time Because They Liked Anime (^__^) And Nobody Really Bullied Me In College Like They Did At School :D Well, That's Not Completely True :( Some College Kids Laughed At Me Because I'm ALWAYS Jumping And Skipping And Hugging The Teachers And Shouting "Hello" In Excitement (^__^) But I Wasn't Bullied Anywhere Near As Bad As I Was In School :P But My Teachers Didn't Like Me Bothering With The Mainstream Students Much :( But The Rock Star Students Studying Music Used 2 REALLY Like Me (^__^) Most Of Them Had Long Hair Or They Dressed In Black :P

Also Special Needs College Students Have Longer Dinner Time (^__^) So I Used 2 Skip Around Reception And The Canteen Hugging My Teachers Until The Rock Star Students Came 2 See Me (^__^) They Was So Nice (^__^) Haha ^^

I'm Only Going 2 College On A Friday (^__^) It's Right By My House ^^ But I Can't Go There On My Own Because I'm Strictly Not Allowed Outside On My Own ^^ So My Mammy Is Going 2 Walk Me 2 College (^__^) YAY YAY YAY

All Of My Old College Teachers Gave Me A Big Hug When My Support Worker Ashley And My Mammy Took Me There Last Tuesday 2 See Them Again (^__^) **SUPER EXCITED HUG*

Also I Have A Question (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happy Hug*

Question 1 ^_^


*Happiest Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))) :D (^__^)

Hime-sama Sep 12, 11:07 AM
Hi... i know this is complete random but i was reading profiles and a one mentioned you and i saw that you have "Cats" and im like oh my this is interesting so umm do you got cats? i got a cat he is a maine coon, my fluffy flurry boy.

Shishio-kun Sep 7, 7:06 AM
The perfect crime >:)

OblivionXKnight Sep 5, 3:16 PM
Hello Kineta (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Kind Day 2 You :D

^o^ Please Reply Before Friday Night/Saturday Morning? ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* KINETA :D I THINK YOUR AWESOME (^__^) Do You Have Any Idea's On What New Anime I Should Buy On Saturday? ;) I Want 2 Buy Maybe The Rest Of Bleach (2 Seasons Left) Or Some More One Piece DVD's (^__^) Naruto Complete Season 7 (Episodes 297-248) Is Out On DVD Now Too :D I Also Would Like 2 Buy K-On (^.^) But I Got £100.00 ^^ And Complete Seasons Of Anime Usually Cost Around £39.00-£49.00 And Studio Ghibi Movies Usually Cost About £10.00 And Pokemon Movies Usually Cost £3.00-£7.00 ^^ Also I Know That Anime Is More Expensive In Shops Compared 2 Buying Anime Online ^^ But I'm Still Going 2 A Shop That Sells Anime With My Carer Ashley Because It's A Nice Day Out ^o^

I Honestly Much Prefer Watching Anime On DVD (^__^) I Absolutely Love Love Love My Anime DVD Collection (^__^) It Means A Lot 2 Me :P Haha ^^ Also Don't They Sell Anime DVD's Where You Live? ^^ I Don't Think Every Country Sells Anime DVD's :( But I Know America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France And The UK (Where I Live) Definitely Sell Anime DVD's (^__^)

Also This Might Sound Super Silly :( *Sorry Hug* But 2 Me Watching Anime On DVD Gives A Much More Special Feeling ^^ Because Even If You Have No Internet Connection Or Your Laptop/IPad Is Broke Where You Downloaded The Anime Then You Can Still Watch The Anime On DVD ^o^ I Look After All My Anime DVD's Very Carefully (^.^) And I Find It Soooo Much Fun 2 Look At The DVD Case Art, The Disc Art And The DVD Menu (^.^) And Even If The Anime Websites Someday Get Deleted (I HOPE NOT) Then You Can Still Watch Your Anime On DVD And No One Can Take That Away From You (Unless They Steal Them :O Haha) As Long As You Look After It (^__^) Haha ^^ I Just Find Anime DVD's More Fun As You Actually Own Them (^__^) And I Think When You Watch An Anime On DVD It Gives A Very Special Cosy Feeling (^__^) I Still Love Watching Anime Online Though (^__^) *Happiest Friendship Hug*

Also What Did You Think Of My DVD Collection? (^__^) I Told You Every Single Anime DVD I Got :P *Your Awesome Hug* Also I Got Both Magi Seasons (Not Movies) (^__^) Also Please Don't Be Mad At Me If You Think I'm 2 Spoiled :( *Sorry Hug* Most Of Them Anime DVD's Was From Different Christmas Years :P *Pinky Promise* I Am A Tiny Bit Spoiled Though ;) Haha

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Sep 3, 3:30 PM
Hello Kineta (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Magical Day 2 You :D

^o^ Please Reply Before This Friday? ^o^

Hello :D *Happy Friendship Hug* KINETA (^__^) YOUR AWESOME :D YAY ;) Listen? :P On This Friday The 8th Of September 2017 My Support Worker Ashley Is Minding Me For The Night (^__^) My Nan And Bampa Have Both Gone On Holidays 2 England For 2 Weeks ^^ And They Are Both Coming Home On Saturday ^o^ Well, On Saturday My Mammy And Daddy Are Both Driving My Nan And Bampa Back Home From England Back 2 Wales ^o^ And My Parents Are Driving 2 England And Staying In An Hotel On The Friday (^__^) *Happy Hug*

Well, Because I'm Autistic I Strictly Can't Be Left On My Own ^^ So My Support Worker Ashley Is Looking After Me For The Night :D He'll Get Paid Over 1 Hundred Pound For Looking After Me As He's Been Given 14 Nights A Year As A Support Worker 2 Look After Me (^.^) I Also Have 10 Hours A Week With Ashley Every Tuesday And Wednesday For 5 Hours (^__^) Also On Friday Night My 14 Year Old Brother Luke Is Sleeping Over My Cousin Sarah's House (^__^) I Could Of Stayed With Her But It's Nicer If My Carer Ashley Gets Lots Of Money By Using 1 Of My Night Care's (^__^) Yay Yay Yay *Happy Hug*

Well, On The Saturday 9th September My Support Worker Is Taking Me Shopping 2 A Shop Called HMV 2 Buy Some New Anime DVD's (^__^) Isn't That Awesome ;) Because When I Went 2 Disneyland Paris I Had £100.00 Holiday Money ^o^ But Instead Of Spending It There My Mammy Said I Can Keep It 2 Spend On Some New Anime DVD's With My Carer Ashley When We Come Back (^__^) So On September 9th I'll Have Some New Anime DVD's (^__^) Yay Yay Yay

Well, I Wanted 2 Ask You What New Anime DVD's You Think I Should Buy? :P Also The Anime HAS 2 Be Out On DVD In The UK ^^ So Please Please Please Don't Recommend Me An Anime That Isn't On DVD Where I Live :P Haha ^^ Sorry/Bubblegum If I Sound Spoiled :( But I've Got 1 Hundred Pound (£100.00) Holiday Money 2 Spend On Anime ^o^ *Super Excited Hug*

Also These Are A List Of All The Anime DVD's I Currently Own ^o^ Here You Go ^^

Please Don't Be Mad At Me For Being So Spoiled :( I'm Sorry :( But That's My DVD Collection (^__^) I Honestly Much Prefer Watching Anime On DVD Than Watching Anime Online (^__^) Haha ^^ Anyway :D Please Give Me Your Advice For Next Saturday On What New Anime DVD's I Should Buy? (^__^) You Could Look At Whats In The UK Here (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happiest Thank You Hug*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Friendship Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))) :D (^__^)
Olidusha Sep 2, 12:04 PM
Hi Kineta, hey, can you do me a favor? You can update the profile photos of the biographies of the voices actresses González, Marycel and Estévez, María José with the current photos of them in Doblaje Wiki.
droin666 Sep 1, 10:04 PM
Shishio-kun Aug 31, 7:04 AM
Kineta!!! This abandoned kitten is so cute and loud (esp when he's eating lol) but it's so sad when the street cats reject him! Thankfully he gets adopted after the vid :D

Shishio-kun Aug 30, 3:06 PM

Kitty: "Not me... YOU will die!"


Kitty: "Yes.. yes.. I LIVE!!!!"
OblivionXKnight Aug 23, 5:24 PM
Username Aug 19, 10:33 PM
Hey Kineta i made my profile just for you ❤
julyan Aug 19, 12:01 AM
Please use your mic.
TrueArcanum Aug 18, 4:19 PM
Hey, thanks for accepting^^

if you don't know the end of School Days, I recommend you to finish that series :)