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SylakentH Jul 14, 7:28 PM
Yes sadly, I think MAL already lost a big portion of its community by now.... I'm also glad that you still stick around, not so sure about others. Already read lots of nasty things on Twitter. people don't want to stick to a site that fails to properly maintain its service. I wonder if the site will ever recover since I'm not sure if things like this will happen again. I created just in case another profile on AL but here are still things that I consider quite unique

Ohh, it's exactly the kind of music that I don't really like haha Recently I'm just listening to a few artists and mostly anisongs or game soundtracks like from NieR or Persona 5.

Red Fraction is still a great song, couldn't stop listening to it in the past! When it comes to german songs I'm more into Pop-music, the kind that's playing on the radio but that's it actually lol
Darkeella Jul 13, 2:32 PM
Yea ofc I know similar kpop songs. I suppose you mean only from female artists as well
From CL again, Baddest Female
4minute - Crazy
Yezi - Anck Su Namum
Jessi - Gucci
Blackpink - Boombayah
And maybe this is a stretch but Hyuna - Red or Roll Deep

You talk like I try to maximize my character's potential lol but yea it's not that hard to know what your character does and mainly just avoid shit all together, says the person who cbas moving out of things that won't kill her xD
Ah the joy of seeing dps running amok just because they're useless. Oh such happiness :DD

And talking about helpless people I LOVE this song

I'll be done with Bleach during the weekend so get ready for a long post again xD
SylakentH Jul 13, 11:17 AM
Ah sorry, due to this whole MAL mess I kinda lost track of answering your last message. I could just have sent you the artist but glad you found it :S Really annoying this whole thing

Honestly I'm not really into hip hop, I do like a few tracks but especially german hip hop is not to my liking lol What group are you talking about?
CLYDESDALE Jul 11, 4:48 PM
I talked to elk and he said that according to some information and speculation, clubs will most likely be the last function to be unrestricted.

MFK was actually one of our first active members. He joined around the time Dark and Aridox did. He was very helpful and cheerful for a long time, but he was a little weird. He constantly changed his username. I believe his first one was Miku something... I can't remember the full name, but it was the actual words for his acronym name. One day he came back from a long haitus and was just acting like a bitch and he's been one ever since.
nymphiae Jul 10, 3:50 PM
that berserk though ;_;
Kineta Jul 9, 3:02 AM
Haha, thank you for all the kitten videos <3 And the puppy dancing to the video made me grin :D
nymphiae Jul 7, 9:55 AM
i almost gave up mal lol, im dual using anilist and mal now. can't believe things still aren't back to normal
Darkeella Jul 6, 4:41 AM
Oh missed your bday by a month but still Happy Birthday! Hope you ate lots of cake cause that's what birthday are for :D

Goth edgy holy/disc priests are so cool! The light ones are so predictable! Just give me some darkness already!
The priest tier 21 on heroic looks so vampiric and cool, like a vampire lord or queen! Here

I'm neutral to DH. They were such bad tanks at the beginning that I pretty much avoided all DH tanks on LFG. Now on pvp they don't seem to die and are super annoying jumping here and there. Unless you have them on your team so all is well xD

Fotini knowledge is here! And yes I do now about NCT.
Didn't like Black on Black at the beginning cause it was too teen edgy for my liking but damn the performance is so good!
If by black hair guy you mean the one at the front halfway through the song then that's Jeno a talented 18 y.o that makes me wonder what I'm doing in this life xD

Oh yea that's kpop alright. CL, regarded as one of the "baddest" females in kpop, used to be on a girlgroup called 2ne1. They were one of the most popular girlgroups at the time but they disbanded like 2 years ago.
This is their most famous song
And here is CL performing Hello Bitches and then 2ne1 performing the song linked above and one more of their iconic songs
CLYDESDALE Jul 4, 10:37 AM
Hope you're having a good holiday, bro. GLHF.
LunyRed Jul 4, 2:07 AM
Yeah, this sucks. :/ Only I can see my awesome layout when I'm logged in...
I coat the meat with a little olive oil, then grill it for maybe 40 to 50 seconds, then butter both sides. After a couple minutes I butter the meat again.
Darkeella Jun 30, 12:31 PM
Should have done better than 400m but oh well.

Well a dps holy priest is discipline priest. You do damage and because of that you heal people. It's not that holy compared to holy priest but it gets the job done.

Yea holy priests still have the angel wings and you can get them from a glyph. They changed the cast animations in the last year and now while aoe healing you levitate while being bathed in holy light. It's so cool! Here:

I really wanted this data job for an e-shop that I even spend like 4 days learning about analytics and digital marketing just so I have something to show on my cv. Nope still got rejected.

Random question. When is your birthday? I was always curious. Mine is November 6th so I always tell people "I'm as cold as the month I was born into" living up to the Fomeanie name lol
CLYDESDALE Jun 30, 9:36 AM
Yeah, I'm 6' without shoes on and I have smallish bones, so I'm perfect at around 150 - 160 lbs if I want to be in ripped 6 pack ab condition, haha. I think I was at my strongest in college when I was at 150(5.5% body fat). The pull-up thing reminds me of my brother. He couldn't do a single pull-up until he joined the Navy. When I was in college, I got up to about 29 pull-ups in a row, but they were the perpendicular pull-up that are more like doing rows in the air. And yeah, we really do hide fat well. XD

I was really skinny growing up(again, small bones), so I could always do about 10 pull-ups during those PE tests we had to take. Also, I climbed trees, like, all day, so I had great upper body strength. People tell me I have "long monkey arms".

If I've learned anything from Shokugeki no Souma, it's garlic and onion salt/powder really bring out the umami in meat. When I grill on my Foreman grill, I always season my burgers with garlic, onion salt, white pepper, parsley, oregano, and basil. I butter both sides of the burger about twice and use the melted part to butter up the buns. When the burger is about done, I place the buttered buns next to the burger in the grill and add parmesan and mozzarella cheese and let it melt before removing the burger/buns. If I'm adding vegetables/fruit to the burger, then I'll lightly simmer them on the grill just so there isn't a competition for flavor. Tomatoes are natural umami bombs, so it's really important to grill them a bit so they don't overpower everything else.

Yeah, hot chicks with sexy accents are great for ab exercises.

Swiss balls and Medicine balls are fantastic for abs workouts. Also, Swiss ball lifts(bench, military, etc) target your support muscles, which you don't use that often, and are great for building strength overall.

I find the biggest problems with "workout/diet guides" are the meal plans. They usually aren't very specific and I hate vague
CLYDESDALE Jun 29, 3:19 PM
Oh, and I forgot to mention... If you want to get a really ripped 6 pack, then the best way to do it is to go MMA style. I have a good friend who used to do MMA fights and he gave me the real info. It's not easy, but it works. You do a 30 minute non-stop ab exercise for 30 minutes. My routine was planks, then crunches, then sit-ups, then leg lifts, then figure 8's and repeat until the 30 minutes is up. There's no rest, so you immediately transition to the next exercise without stopping. It's hard(my best friend said it was the hardest thing he's ever done), but it gives you results FAST. My abs were HUGE when I was doing this every other morning.
CLYDESDALE Jun 29, 2:34 PM
I like the character title idea. I can see that working quite well.

I've done the no carb diet in the past and yeah, it works. It just sucks, haha. I remember eating raw tuna basically out of the can and wishing for flavor. I recently just got off of a healthier diet where I was losing a pound or two a week. Just got down to 160, so I started a gym membership at the YMCA. I'm going to start swimming tomorrow, since there's a pool and "why not?". I'm going to focus on my thighs and forearms, since those are the only real areas I'm lacking. I work basically everything else out at work.