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Visceras Feb 20, 1:03 PM
What's the schedule ? Last Tuesday I lost my HDD and with it some files :D I'm now waiting to gather some money to buy a new one (will have to re-install everything however err). I was able to recover my PSD and brushes collecion if they haven´t been corrupted that is xD.

In a week I might have the new HDD until then sadly I won´t be able to work. But if that meets the schedule I can join you. What type of stuff we're talking about ?
Cateinya Feb 20, 5:50 AM

I was browsing the Contests and achievements topic and I noticed that the last one (Summer 2016 contest) was missing. If I remember correctly, it was not an "official" contest, so maybe it's normal, I just wanted to let you know in case it isn't.

I'm so happy about the contest announcement (I was thinking about asking you about it soon). Do you plan to participate in this one? If so, I can't wait to see your design, since your Halloween layout was really original and inspiring! Btw did you do all the graphics for this one?

I'll also participate, and I already have a finished original layout created solely for this purpose that I'm keeping secret :p I want to create a second one but I'm having a hard time finding a suitable idea and I encounter various dilemmas:
  • Original / poster / minimalist layout
  • Related to an anime (if possible airing next summer) or not
  • Aiming for something outstanding and heavily personalized or sharable and user-friendly
I'm (still) quite new on MAL and especially in list design, so I don't really know what kind of list users are looking for (maybe that's why I didn't publish any other layout yet)... Do you know well-known designs that are widely used by MAL's community?
Half_Bl00d Feb 20, 2:08 AM
By the way, just looking at the gif you made, I need to warn you that the list is horribly broken in Chrome, for a few reasons.
First, Chrome does not support animated pngs, of which there are a TON of in the list (the electricity above the titles, gears that appear around the covers when you hover and click on them), so it takes out a lot from the experience since all the moving parts are still. Second the category links which appear in a different layer only have background around the square element in chrome, as in the gif, which is also wrong since it is supposed to have background over the whole browser in firefox. Also, it seems that it does not support border: ridge, around the stats, and it shows the achievements text, when it's supposed to disappear after you click on it. Overall Chrome is a horrible browser to check out pretty much any of the lists made by me due to it's low support of advanced codes. XD Also, you'd either need a minute-long gif or a dozen pictures to represent all the extra content the list has (achievements, favorite characters, stats, menu appearance, hover on tags, covers and category totals and such. (That was the point though, taking a lot of time to experience the list through interaction, not just see a screenshot and be done with it).

Sure, when you send me the blueprint, I'll try to make something as satisfying as possible. :)
CLYDESDALE Feb 19, 6:42 PM
Yeah. Sorry, I forgot to tell you to do that, haha. And yeah, Orochimaru was hilarious in the recent ep.
Half_Bl00d Feb 19, 1:24 AM
Sure, that'd be an honor. The list as it is now was made in 2012 I believe, but the thing is, it is technically not yet complete XD. I still have plans for additional content, but the problem is that I need someone to draw custom artworks (chibis) for me, and both friends I've asked so far have been stalling it ever since XD. So it will likely stay as it is now for a long time in the future too.

No problem with that either, send me a blueprint and I'll make it.
CLYDESDALE Feb 16, 7:03 PM
Yo, have you been following Naruto? If not, then disregard this... However, I thought this was really funny, since...
kleenex4u Feb 14, 6:46 AM
Yorium Feb 12, 1:29 PM
ooh, yes, i wait for the ova so much :)
Shuuka Feb 10, 7:19 PM
ah yeah i did; sorry been busy with lots of stuff; will actually finish that tonight and get that to you asap.
nymphiae Feb 10, 9:43 AM
well, a lot happened during the last 2 days. my ex reached out to me the night before my psychiatrist appointment and wished me luck, also said that the reason he's not talking to me is because he doesn't think he has the right to. so we talked for hours, and i feel a little bit better now, cause i know at least he still cares.

the psychiatrist appointment was very very short, they had some kind of meeting that day (yesterday) so he only asked me some basic questions, and told me to come back on saturday so we can talk more and then he'll probably decide on what kind of meds to prescribe. he also said that i probably do need meds, so that's a kind of a relief, since i told him i have tried psychotherapy before and it didn't help. i'm also very happy about the fact that he seems like a cool guy, i was afraid it would be someone grumpy, but he's very calm and polite. and now at least i know that there IS something wrong with me and i'm not just imagining it all, i was very frustrated about the fact that i have never been to a psychiatrist who can confirm my self-diagnosis. also the fact that there are people who are like "well have you seen a psychiatrist about it?" and when i say no, they're like "well you might not even be depressed". the sad thing about going to a psychiatrist was that there were only old people in the waiting area, really made me think about how young people usually deny their problems and resort to other kinds of "fixes", and how maybe these old people have had problems for years and years and are still there and still need help. something about that is just so haunting. but at least i'm proud of myself for wanting to get treatment and not neglecting my condition any longer.

and i totally get that feeling about not moving on and moving on, i honestly thought about what would happen if i got back together with my ex. would i be able to trust him completely again? or would i just think about how he dumped me out of nowhere and if he was gonna do it again? it's all just so complicated, but for now i'd like to be friends with him, because i really get along with him, and he feels the same. after all, i wasn't hanging out with him only for making out/sex/couples stuff, he was really my best friend, and losing that really hurt.

i was thinking about having shallow relationships too, though since my breakup was less than a month ago, i just get upset about thinking of being with someone else. it's kinda inconceivable to me, because i literally thought that was it and that i wouldn't ever be with someone else in my life, and that kind of feeling won't just pass out of nowhere i guess.

and sad to admit that i do dream of him, almost every night. i used to go to bed crying, then dreaming about him, then waking up crying, it was really really tough on me. and the fact that i couldn't even rest and forget about everything while sleeping just made me even more anxious about everything.

and that girl who cheated and then came back years after to ask to get married - honestly people who think that's normal are psychopaths. who would want to spend a life with you if you hurt them intentionally just to say it's over between you two? good for him that he wasn't pressured by the past and made the right decision.

i didn't really hate therapy, my psychologist was a very nice, young woman. we discussed my problems, and since i wasn't talking to my family or anyone else about what's going on in my head, it was good way to just let it go out. she also didn't say much during the first few sessions, because she was trying to get to know me and my problems before offering some solutions and recommendations about approaching my problems and the people around me who were a part of my problem. but of course some days i really didn't want to go to therapy, i made excuses and cancelled appointments. since it was private, it wasn't covered by my health insurance, so eventually my parents told me we didn't have enough money for me to continue therapy, and since i knew it didn't really help me (it only made me feel less nervous because i had someone to talk to) i agreed that it would be the best to stop and that was it.
I guess I'm the same way, but with beer. I like to mix it up every time. Maybe get one standard brew or two, then get some new ones.

I've definitely found some beers I'd drink even if they didn't have alcohol.

I've never had a Flaming Moe/Homer, but now I'm interested.

Screwdrivers are the shit, but I haven't had a chance to enjoy one in a while, much like a good Blood Mary.

When hungover, I tend to shift towards Clamatos, though I have to be particular with my booze, since I am now Gluten-free. Also trying to be organic as fuck. I know that may sound lame, but I can feel the difference and it's kinda sweet.

You might want to check out ciders, I guess? They basically taste like apple/pear/whatever fruit juice. They usually pack a good kick to boot.

I would also like to hit up a good fest, but I hate traveling. Probably never going to happen for me. Live the dream for me, bro. XP
I remember you mentioning that you liked to take shot with your roommates. You dfon't drink beer?
nymphiae Feb 7, 12:45 PM
oh my god is your ex my ex? i mean nobody died, but he just turned cold overnight and told me it's over - the day before i was over at his place as usual, we made pizza with his bro, chilled, you know, just the usual stuff. he said he doesn't want to lose me as a person, that he would be really sad if i wasn't a part of his life anymore... and guess what, we don't talk. i've tried reaching out but he just seems uninterested to hold a conversation, i've asked about meeting up and he's like "i'm not ready yet". so yeah, i don't know how he's doing or anything, and, honestly, my life REALLY changed when we broke up. i used to go to his place and have sleepovers and generally spent a lot of time with his family, and now suddenly i don't have a boyfriend, and i can't see the people i used to see almost daily, and who were like a second family to me. very weird.

The worst was there was no way for me to really prepare for it or fix things.

i can relate to this so much. like, he said he can't be with me because of my depression and how nothing changed and he pushed me towards getting help and talking to my family. and right as i start doing something he breaks up with me, then claims i started doing something after i already lost him, i'm still pissed about it and probably will be for a very long time. i asked for a chance because i really want to get better and i'm working towards it and he just said that he has to stay true to himself... and the exact same thing about "i will love you forever" we were so much in love (i still am in love with him, not sure about him because we don't talk), and like, the night before he broke up i sent him something along the lines of "i love you, thanks for staying by my side" and he replied "always" and then the next day boom i'm single. i'm definitely out of dating for a long time this time, i just can't bring myself to trust someone anymore. i mean, this was the person who was my best friend and my boyfriend, who loved me so much, and then he does something like this. it was so unbelievable that i even thought it was a prank, but it's been too long now to be a prank so i've just accepted the fact that it's over. and the worst thing is that he broke up a couple of days before our anniversary, i haven't even given him the thing i wanted to give him.

i'm aware that the breakup made me realise my feeling of "happiness" wasn't really me being happy. i just had a good look at my life without him, and it's really sad that i thought i was getting better when nothing changed really. that might be the only reason i'm glad he broke up, because now i can focus on myself and overcome my problems, without having my eyes blinded with love. but in a way i didn't have closure, cause he's unsure of what he might think in the future, he said we might be together again, and honestly how do i move on after hearing something like that? and what if i don't move on hoping for something and he's like nah made up my mind, don't want you anymore. ugh. there's just so much stuff going on in my head.

i'm doing computer science, and while that sounds like something cool, it's not really, i really hate the courses and everything, we have basics and that's it. i would really have to work my ass off learning after graduating to be able to actually do work. and that's also discouraging.
nymphiae Feb 6, 8:33 PM
talk about a bad breakup... the bf i mentioned recently broke up with me, we've been dating for a year, but things were so good between us i honestly thought we'd stay together for good. then just out of nowhere he wanted to break up, the reason being that he just couldn't take seeing me like this anymore. and now that i've decided i'd turn things around and i want to get better, everything is just harder. i can't even imagine that being six years.

yeah i can see how getting busy works with withstanding depression, but i have trouble getting busy. i've almost dropped out of college, i don't have the will and focus to study, and as i said i don't really have friends so i don't go out all the time either. all my hobbies that used to make me happy and occupied are just not making me better anymore, i've almost stopped watching anime, movies, tv series, playing video games, listening to music... and these were the things that i could get immersed into and forget about everything. nowadays i just sleep for however long i can, because sleeping is better than being awake and conscious. like, i wake up and force myself back to sleep until i've slept so much i physically can't fall asleep right away again.

i've lost around 22lbs in a very short period of time, and i generally don't eat much, and i used to be like super hungry all the time/always eating something. now i eat and i get sick right away, probably all the stress making my body weird. honestly my mum was against me taking meds, but i've never really talked to her properly about how i'm feeling all the time. when i finally did i cried for about 4 hours without stopping, and she agreed i should try meds and see if that helps me. i'm not really happy about going to see a therapist, i wish they wouldn't ask me too much because i don't know if i can talk about a lot of stuff tbh.

i'm from a very shitty part of europe so i've never really traveled anywhere except to the neighbouring countries, but this year i'm going to greece for vacation with my family, so i'm hoping that'll give me some time and space to relax and not think about what's bothering me all the time.

it's actually a snow filter, it's an app with tons of filters, even has anime face filters and stuff like that.

i've never really bothered that much telling people, though when i did, usually the people who never experienced anything to depression just think i'm having some "down time" and tell me stuff like "it'll pass soon, just think positively" or "just don't think about it that much and enjoy yourself". it's really discouraging, and seeing people flaunt "depressed" like some kind of cool think really makes me sad. like i've seen and heard people a countless times say they're depressed when they're just having a down time. that's why i don't like telling people, because usually you either get the advice that definitely wouldn't work, or you get told you're not really depressed and to stop being such a whiny bitch. then, there are people who used to be depressed/are still depressed and who offer some sensible advice, heck, i've even had a friend ask me if i want to get drunk with them, because that works with detaching yourself from your thoughts, or to hang out with them if i'm feeling like it, or to do something productive, to create something, to draw, write, anything. and those were the people who didn't stop to think how i'm just faking a mental illness, but those people are very very rare. i've had a friend who i've been friends with for over a decade, we grew up together and were together everyday since we were like 7, and i just drifted apart from her because i just knew she could never understand what i'm going through. and of course, later i see her commenting with some of her other friends (totally unrelated to me) how she would never associate with ppl who even mention "depression" or "social anxiety" and i just thought to myself how i was right about it. i'm not angry at her or anything, we didn't have a big fight or something like that, but after years and years i confessed to her about my depression and anxiety and some other problems too, and she was like "aww i'm sad to hear that's happening to you", then never talked to me again. and really, that's so shitty, because i can't really associate with people who are normally happy and positive. i can't be friends with someone who can never understand me, and i hate faking friendships and having tons of "friends" when we actually don't care about each other. so that leaves me with people who are also depressed, or have been at some point, and at that point you don't have just your own problems to worry about, you have others to worry about as well. i mean, there were times where some of my friends were suicidal, and i'd get online every time and pray they're still there. i'm not saying i'm angry about having to worry about others, it just adds to the pressure and stress, and i know it's the same for them as well to worry about me. but that's just how world works, i guess.

this has gotten quite lengthy, i'm sorry for rambling so much, but it's rare to see someone actually care. thank you for offering to listen to me, i definitely appreciate it, and of course if you ever feel like getting something off your chest, you can talk to me too!
That's fine.

Sure, but I thought this was the last one you wanted to do? when you have a better idea of what you want to do, then let me know.