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Synduality: Noir
Synduality: Noir
Mar 25, 8:31 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Given (Zoku-hen)
Given (Zoku-hen)
Mar 22, 10:32 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Petit Cool Doji Danshi no Hitokoma
Petit Cool Doji Danshi no Hitokoma
Mar 15, 5:12 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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My S-Class Hunters
My S-Class Hunters
Yesterday, 2:18 PM
Reading 79/? · Scored 8
Flirting with the Villain's Dad
Flirting with the Villain's Dad
Yesterday, 2:13 PM
Reading 118/? · Scored 8
Omniscient Reader
Omniscient Reader
Yesterday, 2:11 PM
Reading 151/? · Scored 10

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Crow_Black Mar 25, 8:40 PM
Synduality: Noir · Plan to Watch ・ Scored -
I see noir in the title, i'm sold already.
Crow_Black Mar 14, 8:20 AM

just 2 months away from now, and i'll be sure to let you know how good it is whenever i get the chance to pick it up.
Crow_Black Mar 12, 7:03 PM

You might also recognize this guy too, its the same singer for Transformation in TWEWY's soundtrack too and this is his band Sixpin.

Crow_Black Mar 12, 6:52 PM
Fun fact, some of the band members from pay to my pain worked with takeharu ishimoto on neo twewy's soundtrack and also ff-type 0 and some of the members of the band pay to my pain also are part of another band the bonez, which features jesse from rize who also worked on a couple of tracks for neo twewy and in a way, TWEWY has gotten me alot into Japanese nu-metal style of music through takeharu ishimoto.

Crow_Black Mar 12, 10:42 AM
There's about 2 types of atlus cards i have, one from 13 senteniels and soul hackers 2 both are in the cases it came with, and i still have my miku trading cards which i found in a vampire knight manga i got at value village right at pickering one time tucked safely, in one of my project diva game cases.

Lucky bonus i'll say and yeah, cosplay is not for everyone especially if you're a super introvert like i am.
Crow_Black Mar 10, 4:45 PM

More merch stuff coming out for the 30th anniversary of smt and i wonder if we are going to get any news about p6 or the often rumored to be devloped p3 remake soon. (Love that song way of life and soul phrase)
Crow_Black Mar 5, 5:04 PM
Had to also share this meme to perfectly describe square and nfts lol.

Crow_Black Mar 5, 5:03 PM
And even more ironic when, FF7 of all things was about enviromentalism and characters like Barret exist.
Crow_Black Mar 2, 4:47 AM
Also huge thanx a bunch as well for your support with your reccomendations on the shojosei stacks that i've made too!

I remember reading Bloody Mary by Akaza Samamiya a long time ago back when i was in my late teens i think, when was i new to manga, one of my first vampire and also earliest shoujo manga like record of a fallen vampire pretty decent stuff imo. Visual Prison, finally something for us visual kei fans (Dir En Grey and Buck-Tick are some of my favorites and if we're talking obscure lunasea is great)

And indeed, visual prison's art is really good.

Here's one shojo mystery that i've got quite a bit of nostalgia for because of its mangaka Ai Yazawa. (Neighbourhood story is also announced being released in English recently and its great to see her older works are getting more love too!)

Kagen No Tsuki, i've seen its j-drama a while ago and even recently re-watched it and it was a pretty sad movie and hyde being in it was a bonus for me and i miss Ai Yazawa so much. ;-; I highly recommend it if you hadn't yet. I remember when Geneon was still active they had it on print with dvd, but now i honestly think it deserves a blu-ray reprint if it hadn't yet and Kagen No Tsuki finally liscenecd more internationally as it still isn't to this day. ;-;
Crow_Black Mar 2, 4:40 AM
Given, is such a great boys love story, and that along with Bananafish were the ones that really got me more into the genre the former due to its music and the latter because of its pretty gritty and tragic plot. We hadn't seen any TWEWY nendoroids as of yet, but i would so want one of Sho just beacuse of how funny he is.

And yes, to paraphrase the words of the prince, F THE SMT SERIES TO HIGH HEAVEN!
Crow_Black Mar 1, 7:36 AM

Well now, time certainly does fly by huh? from niche jrpg series that made its home on Japanese computers and was infamous for its challenging difficulty and transgressive storytelling to now, a huge massive hit internationally.
Crow_Black Feb 28, 1:09 PM
Sure no problem! feel free to also share your thoughts on it with me as well too! ^^

Yeah lol, it is kind of pricey and, if i had to choose which nendoroid to go for, i'd go with a persona 5 one easily as well too either futaba or makoto.
Crow_Black Feb 27, 7:52 AM

"whistles" i swear anytime new persona merch comes out i can already hear my wallet crying. ;-;

And as soon as i've reccomended record of a fallen vampire now i see it on your plan to read list nice.
Crow_Black Feb 26, 9:53 PM
As soon as you mentioned Rosen Blood, my mind went to Rosen Maiden something i often get reccomended which sounded familar as well too. Both are pretty goth like with its storytelling and artistic elements from what my understanding is.

Rosen Blood i heard about but, i never really was in any hurry to look at it since i'm not really interested at it atm. Similarly named, Blood the only adaptation of Blood i liked was Blood+ as the movie was botched and rushed of only a few certain parts making it in to the movie and Blood-C is from CLAMP the movie had
but otherwise yeah that take on the blood series was not good at all and its actually my most hated clamp work and as a clamp fan since x/1999 thats a mega disapointment for me. Vampire Hunter D i liked mainly cause of Yokishita Amano being the series artist.

Rosario Vampire lol, its pretty much meh adaptation wise to be honest here and i found the anime to be too cheesy and obnoxious for my tastes. And i would honestly not look forward to a reboot/remake if it were to happen.

Best vampire manga i can reccomend to you is record of a fallen vampire maybe, that was the manga that got me more into reading manga after learning about gangan comics being owned by square enix and also how lot of their works aren't properly adapted as of yet.

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