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IshigamiCrisis Sep 26, 11:32 PM
Late reply, but glad you liked MeMe as well! I still think all the tarot cards are just a troll by DECO but that's just me lol; the flick still makes me think the two Mikotos were working together but that's just me~ The abstract makes it hard to decide but I'm choosing to vote guilty lol; I thought the screen punching meant that, if you found MeMe out, it doesn't matter because you're gonna die next!

I was shocked Amane got voted guilty as well; the switch was very unexpected but I kind of get how people still think she needed to be punished. Harrow will be interesting fo sho!

By the way, I recently wrote a negative review on the newer Violet Evergarden movie with spoilers. I know VE is one of your favorite shows and it was actually my first SoL which I initially loved, but it got ruined for me by the movie :// I still wanna share the review with you, but if you don't wanna read/dislike my review/preserve your perception of VE, I completely get it and I'll take any critique from you if you have any:
IshigamiCrisis Aug 13, 6:40 PM
Long time no talk! Milgram MV came out today and I got some mixed thoughts.

celestens Aug 13, 7:51 AM
n-nom? :gomeflushed:
celestens Aug 10, 3:17 PM
Alisson_Nery_ Jul 18, 10:25 AM
Olá bem eu tenho uma dúvida aqui no caso em relação ao mangá de força de fogo, um personagem (Dragon) que na minha visão apresenta uma das melhores lutas até agora no mangá não está relacionado ao Mangá de força de fogo vc poderia me ajudar e dizer o por que dele não estar lá? Bem não sei se vocês podem ajudar nessa área De personagens também mas não sei a quem recorrer
IshigamiCrisis Jul 3, 1:51 PM
Hey, update, please ignore the review I sent to you if you can. I deleted my Shadows House review because I made a mistake about some of the characters were framed. I thought they were being portrayed in a very weird way, but I was wrong; sorry if it was uncomfortable to read.

I am definitely not looking forward to reading something by I Want to Eat Your Pancreas mangaka!

Let me know what you think for Odd Taxi and Mushishi!

Yeah...I haven't really watched many sports anime, but I get what you mean. It's tiresome seeing something very similar over and over again.

Lol, I personally don't care about ratings, but it's funny to see the stuff that goes on MAL top 50 charts. I agree FMAB is way more family friendly, but from a surface-level, FruBas appears to be okay.

I agree with your take on Umbilical. I might be a bit close-minded, but I feel like calling it pro-life is a misinterpretation, because the purpose is for the audience to judge, and obviously, based on the MILGRAM website statistics, it's clear people to interpret whether or not Yuno is 'guilty' or not, and I personally think she is clearly not. Going off your point that she probably did not take safe measures, it goes to show that the prefecture she is at probably does not offer legal abortions, so she had to take illegal measures, which I believe is a criticism of the laws that exist against abortion, even though Japan as a whole has mostly legalized abortion.

Kazui got innocented! (Yay for me!) I want Hanae Natsuki to sing "NANDE" 😫
IshigamiCrisis Jul 3, 10:27 AM
Also, I was just curious on your thoughts on this since you also love Milgram. Regardless of whether politics you may or may not be biased to, do you think that MILGRAM's Umbilical AMV is pro-life propaganda? My friend who I recommended the series feels that way (and I definitely do not). In my opinion, the whole of MILGRAM is to let the viewers decide whether or not the events in each story is even considered criminal, and for most of them, they're not, because they'd be better off seeking mental health therapy and the like. Maybe I'm too much of a fan, but MILGRAM to me is very neutral and its purpose is to bring discussion on to the table. Personally, if I thought MILGRAM was pro-life, I definitely would not have recommended it to anyone, but because I think it sends the opposite message, I am much more comfortable doing so. What do you think?
IshigamiCrisis Jun 30, 8:27 PM
Well. I posted: I revised it a little cause I had a couple spelling, grammar, and lack of clarity issues, but it's formal enough to be a review!

Although I haven't finished watching, the first thing that comes to mind for an anime recommendation is Mushishi, a show I found similar to Odd Taxi; both of which are also similar to MILGRAM, imo!! Mushishi's characters look like a 5/10 while the background art looks like a 9 so it will look both beautiful and ugly at the same time XD Some people have complained the art/animation quality for Odd Taxi is mediocre, but I respectfully disagree about the art. For animation, it was not noticeable to me other than the CGI cars~ Mushishi is definitely more story than character, since no supporting character appears in more than a single episode. Odd Taxi is the opposite despite having similarities in structure, in my opinion, since they both are somewhat of character studies, except Odd Taxi simultaneously explores 10-13 character plotlines in 13 episodes while Mushishi explores a character study every episode for 26 episodes (in the 1st season).

Lol that’s a lot of anime plushies! Did you know theres a Kirby anime? I actually watched it as a kid and forgot it was an anime until recently lol; no matter how stupid it might’ve been, it was good, pure innocent entertainment :))

Yikes, for Mata, Onaji…I’m not interested in novels, both Japanese nor Western but that’s good to know lol; Your Lie in April was something that I read as a manga and cried a lot reading cause I had never read a sob story manga before, but when I revisited through the anime, oh my lord my standards had risen and my eyes could actually see without crying how not-sad and abysmal the characters and story were LOL the mangaka did a soccer girl manga that got adapted into an anime recently called Sayonara, Watashi no Cramer, and it did NOT do well to say the least 😂

Ywah…when FruBas: The Final hit #1, I found it so funny considering the review my co-writer and I put out but at the end of the day, it’s not like rankings/ratings matter cause it’s up to each individual in the end~

Please let me know what you think of Odd Taxi!! It is probably one of the best anime I’ve seen that came out since last year~ I’m honestly debating a 10 which I’ll decide after rewatching, but regardless of whether or not you like it, let me know what you think!
aqtr Jun 29, 3:43 PM
wait it's a stingray 😭
aqtr Jun 29, 3:42 PM
can i be the dead fish in ur bio :)
IshigamiCrisis Jun 28, 12:38 PM
I am back with another 2 reviews: I co-wrote a negative review on FruBas: the Final: and found my AotS, Odd Taxi! I know you don't watch anime that often, but I have to recommend Odd Taxi. It is only in original format but some of the highest quality I've seen in ages~ if you do watch, let me know!
IshigamiCrisis Jun 20, 5:33 PM
Thank you for all the lgbtq+ recommendations! I added all of them lol; I will let you know my thoughts once I finish or start reading a couple! I also appreciate the content warnings cause I typically don't like shock value for those type of themes/devices.

Vivy was so boring it made me want to 2x speed, but I suffered so you and everyone else who read my review did not! Yeah, I don't think I'll recommend you any anime anytime soon. I do have one original anime that I am loving, but since I don't know your anime taste too well, I won't offer any unless you would like some~

Lol thank you for the trash recommendations also. However, I only consume the trashiest of trash 😤 not really lol but I want stuff that are infamously bad or known to offer ironic enjoyment Oh lord isn't 90s shoujo all stalker boys and age gap relationships...yikes

Lol which plushies in particular? I only have Pokemon plushies and a Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu plush hehe~

Yeah...I can't believe I used to think the I want to eat your pancreas movie was a it's at a 3 for me LOL Anyways...time to roast Mata, Onaji Yume wo Miteita...(with spoilers) In short, it is garbo lmao. It’s ridiculously easy to tell what’s happening. And it’s also kinda bad at how you help someone with mental health issues. The main character is kind of a brat who thinks she’s smart but I facepalm every time because she's like a moe blob. The writer uses really dumb plot devices too lol...Here let me describe the buildup to the climax and the climax itself? So, you see that man on the swings? Yeah, the one we showed a couple times randomly. He's your ally's (we don't say friend or acquaintance but ally sounds 'sophisticated) dad. Oh no! He got arrested...for getting caught stealing...from a supermarket 🤦 The police came ad took the criminal away. Now the ally doesn't want to go to school anymore. But don't worry, his ally is here to encourage him! Main Character: "GO TO SCHOOL YOU WEAKLING". (I'm ready to go back to school too now) Also the Main Character: "Aright I failed, now I cri ;-; Okay, try again!" insert philosophical BS "Am I gonna apologize? Nah. Is he gonna apologize? You bet he is!" Now they are an elementary school couple. Oh yeah, did I forget to mentioned they're 3rd graders? Anyways, that's essentially the climax. Before we get to this point, there's 3 people she runs into. They have interesting names. One of them is named Granny 👵 They actually sell the novel version of this manga at Books Kinokuniya so I should definitely buy this amazing work of literature!

Okay, now I'm gonna mention the 'not-so-funny' flaws...As I said there are 3 people our protagonist meets and they're all older than this 3rd grader. We have Granny of course and 2 other people. Granny is unironically the best character even though she has zero characterization. The other 2 characters are named Minami and Abazure. Now, Abazure is not an actual name any sane person would anme their child. You probably have never heard of that name before. The 3rd grader doesn't know either. Why is that? It's because the name means 'whore' according to to the synopsis of the manga. Yes, someone's name legitimately is a derogatory word to describe women...for some reason...And this individual named Abazure just accepts the name. They laugh but they don't care. I think I want to eat your pancreas mangaka should stick to names like Granny...Let me talk about Minami first. She's the youngest of the 3 people and your first impression/panel of them is someone committing self-harm on the roof of a building. And what are they like? A tsundere. Of course. So how do you win this tsundere's heart? A 3rd grader saying "I want to read you book" and talking about wtv. And then this individual struggling with self-harm somehow gets cured by this 3rd grader. Apparently just some random kid you never met is enough to cure mental health problem by redeeming you with her desire to read a book that she never even read by the end of the manga. There was no hug, no talk about the past, just idle talk by a child. Not the worst thing ever, but still terrible. No therapy or something real, but don't worry, it totally gets explained by foreshadowing. Just you wait. Now lets' talk about Abazure. So apparently, she was suicidal. But this 3rd grader showed up, So in order to make sure the little girl isn't sad, she decided to not be suicidal anymore. She had some deep talks with a little kid mmm...unlike Minami, she actually talked about her past. Apparently, she studied too hard and then she had no friends and then she went down the bad life, hence her name. Thus, she wanted to die. But this 3rd grader randomly knocked on her door for a reason I don't recall. Either there was no reason, or I forgot. But don't worry, foreshadowing will definitely explain it. There's always a lot of similies used, because deep There were a bunch of dumb 'life is like ____'. Ex: Life is like a lunch meal, it's sad when it's over 😭 (sooo deeeep) Pretentious cringe Alright here's the kicker at the end. It turns out, even though it was painfully obvious, the Minami person was actually the 3rd grader's future HS self. So was the Abaure person and Granny. Whoaaaa, so that means these 3 people were saved by their childhood self! Erased And don't worry. The time travel stuff? That's all explained cause of a random black cat who is the 3rd grader's only friend. That random black cat. I legitmately cannot remember the positives, but I swear I found one when I was originally reading. Even Your Lie in April does a better portrayal of mental health!
黒猫が好き! Alright that's the end of my rant lol...I could honestly post this as a review lol...should I?

I'm legitimately afraid to be soft-banned if I say anything specific about a mod PM, so I'm going to avoid using mod names if possible. MAL Rewrite sounds fun! I unfortunately am short on time so I don't think I'll be active if I join, but thanks for the invite. I'll keep that in mind
IshigamiCrisis Jun 19, 10:21 AM
I posted my Vivy review! (And it's not like Violet Evergarden lmao)

Ooo okay I'll read those if I'm feeling like it; I took a look at some your 1/10s and added those to my list cause those might be fun LOL; I don't really read/watch for art very often but I trust your taste/judgment lol

Yeah don't worry about Takagi; it's rather repetitive but enjoyable in the creative sense they rehash it and develop the characters' tactics; it's basically Kaguya-sama but 1 of the characters actually has intelligence LOL

I forgot if I told you but I am transgender non-binary so I'm interested in seeing more LGBTQ+ stuff in general, and I've never seen a gender-fluid ani-manga character which is why I was excited but not's fine, because there are some good stuff which I can't say cause spoilers lol; I know Kino from Kino no Tabi is non-binary so I'm excited to see how that goes!

Lol they sold Wolf and Parchment at my bookstore instead of spice and wolf I was dying lmaooo; honestly I don't disrespect burning money on weeb stuff as long as you're not a frequent spender, but $500 is 23 hours at my summer job LOL (not worth but also Holo~). On another note of Books Kinokuniya, I bought Volume 3 and 5 of Koe no Katachi at least and now I just need 6 and 7; having membership really encourages me to spend money lmaooo! I think I might buy the Hataraku Maou-sama LN cause I enjoyed the SoL comedy in the anime so I am interested~ I also read the other work by the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas mangaka and holy moly that was abysmal: If you'd like to ruin your day, this manga will do the job perfectly! I can rant about it if you're interested in reading

Lol I try to stay PC as possible to maintain good relations with everyone on MAL; there's something funny that happened to me though cause I didn't even realize I broke a guideline LOL. You probably didn't expect it, but I actually got an official warning from MAL cause I asked a fellow reviewer a clarification question about a mod PM (whose username I omitted for anonymity) in public comments which I didn't know was disallowed. I didn't mean to break any guidelines or troll, and ironically, my question was just about what classifies as a 'sensitive theme' since I couldn't find much info in the review guidelines, but I guess I'll just try to be as PC as possible *shrugs* I have tried to PM a review mod for questions before, but they didn't respond so that's why I referred to a fellow reviewer
IshigamiCrisis May 30, 5:53 PM
Thank you for the help ^^ I meant to reply earlier but I just forget unfortunately ://

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with Kuzu no Honkai unless you want to feel unrealistic pain.

Hmm, if not LNs, then is there any manga I should consider buying? I want to max out on my membership for as long as I can, but I'm struggling to find any franchises I'd want to start reading (preferably something I wouldn't want to resell immediately after reading heh...) or reread. I honestly do like most shoujo, but at the moment, FruBas is severely disappointing me. I don't know if you consider a pretty good character becoming an incel a spoiler, but my favorite character,
Any shoujo you like in particular/can't go wrong with I'd be interested in buying ^^ (Edit: Bought my first LN!! Bofuri!! It looks cute and I read through it and it's funny-ish and no ecchi (thank god) Edit 2: It started out pretty funny and then it became rather average :// Hope the next LN works out better)

Take your time with manga honestly. I took a week-long anime break cause my homework got stacked up beyond belief as well as a couple midterms but now I'm good~ I caught up on the Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san manga and I just love the idea of a cringey, immature, stupid, arrogant, but lovable middle school boy w/ an inferiority complex getting his butt handed to him every single chapter! The character has become one of my favorites recently; the girl, Takagi-san, is a mature, troll-like middle-schooler with a good sense of humor, and the chemistry between the two is cute. The romance is subtle and the progression is super slow, but believable~ The series is super formulaic, but the creativity of the formula never ceases to amaze me :)) I also started the Komi-san manga and I don't see the hype; the comedy is between a girl w/ social anxiety, and a random boy whose name quite literally means 'That Guy' helps her. Sometimes, the comedy is mob mentality to the point of hazing, and there's also an almost-assault scene. It's crazy! I was a bit excited to see a gender-fluid character, but the other characters don't acknowledge them as one. The wiki quite literally uses the gender-fluid character's name as their gender?

I wrote my own interpretation of Shissou Word as a review actually~ I believe there is a canon meaning to the MV, but I gave my own take on it w/o any of the context, because regardless, the song is really good!!

Yeah...some people take opinions too seriously. None of my reviews, not even my first review criticized anything more than the shows, never fans/critics, so I was surprised to see someone feel attacked, since I also left a little note in my Haibane Renmei review saying I understood the personal significance for others, but I just could not feel the same.

Lol, Spice and Wolf is a bit odd at first, but it's as niche as you can get! There's so few series out there that tackle economic themes in a way that Spice and Wolf does. There's trading, bargaining, and in my opinion, a historical version of crypto-currency LOL I love the 'spice'y romantic dialogue and Holo's character, so I'm definitely going to read more of the series~ I agree artbooks are nice (and nice that you have a Miku one), but for me, I want to get the source material first since it has more reread value in terms of the content I like more~

The Truman Show got surpassed for me by The Iron Giant LOL, but yeah glad to see you like it also :D The idea of internationally-made CGI is too much for me to handle, but that is interesting for sure. I saw the Berserk movie III recently and my eyes hurt from the CG experience lmaoo I wish I did not watch. I don't want to dirty up your comment section, but feel free to check out my tag if you're curious eheh...
celestens May 24, 1:12 PM