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St0rmblade Jul 16, 11:05 AM
Ohh thanks. I don't really know anything about manhwa publishers, I've only read several titles published by the likes of Drawn and Quarterly (war memoirs and such), so thanks for the heads up.
ertiis Jun 17, 9:45 AM
Oof, the good ol' censorship sailing the seas. I'd love to see what else out there is censored. It took me years to realize how bad the "editing" was for Viz's Pokemon manga. I think it was called The Electric Tale of Pikachu? They wiped out every sign of cleavage with some awful ink work. It was definitely a wake up call in my younger years😆 But best of luck, I'll def be checking it out!

Thanks for sending the request! That's true about the stacks being public, but it'd be easier for me to click through your list to find things (I'm not lazy or anything, ehehe😅). And yeah, I noticed not all of them were made by you after the fact lol, but they're just as interesting, so it's a bonus curated list~👍 Don't worry, I won't be spamming ya.

And yep; I was lucky to not have been part of that, but I saw others complain in waves about it.😔 I hope Dark Horse improves on their work, especially now that manga/anime is all the rage now. Only time can tell on that one. Their localizations are top-notch, so it'd be a waste not to.

Pedonar Jun 17, 6:26 AM
can you approve this light novel pls :)
St0rmblade Jun 17, 12:55 AM
I see, thanks. Are there any notifications for it, like the ones you get if your manga submission gets approved or denied?
ertiis Jun 15, 5:28 PM
No problem, glad I could help!👍

I think you definitely hit it on the nose with that info, and I feel exactly the same. I always go "ohno" when a decent series gets licensed by them, haha. They even botched the Berserk manga reprints, taking sooo long after the Golden Age movies; it was embarrassing! Udon's definitely worse. These companies take on more than they can chew, or don't know their audience/are not aware of how to market or whatnot. But no company, big or small, is exempt from axing a series, unfortunately, as proven by your stack.

The Ninja Slayer fiasco is such a shame because the manga is so much different from the anime (although I enjoyed that, too😆), but I can understand the reluctance of a reader who isn't about taking a dive like that, esp. when money is involved. Ahh, if only relicensing wasn't so complicated...

Anyway, there's plenty of stories to tell, and I think it's important to remember these misfortunes in the industry. So thanks for all the info and the cool stack. I noticed you've made a ton, so is it okay if I send you a friend request so I can lurk them? Teehee.
St0rmblade Jun 15, 2:00 AM
Hi again! Wanted to ask this for a while, there's a certain feature for manga works when you can click "add work" for some person, and see that them being an artist/writer/both in such-and-such manga from the DB is "pending" (but there's no such thing for anime DB, it seems). But is that even a working feature? It seems it's for cases where the manga entry doesn't list an author (rare but happens), or lists only an artist/only a writer. But at least from my personal submissions and those that I've monitored for a long time (as in years), not a single one of those additions has been approved. Can you verify if this is even a working feature of the database and not some obsolete functionality that people try to use with zero success?
ertiis Jun 13, 11:01 PM
Heyas! Concerning your Licenses Left in Limbo stack, you could consider adding these titles if you feel up to it:

Eden: It's an Endless World! by Dark Horse; a shame they stopped just short of 4 volumes.

Ninja Slayer: Machine of Vengeance. A Vertical title that was quietly discontinued for some reason; loved it a ton, too.

Fate/Zero by Dark Horse AGAIN. These guys have a thing against manga or something.😔 They also took a while for the Psycho Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami releases before randomly stealth releasing its last volume. Was kinda scared about that one.

A weirder case for Silent Mobius' reprint from Udon, as it was already finished by Viz years before. Udon's license was for a version that had extras including tons of colored art and comments from the author. A true shame we only got 4 of those. I can't see a separate page for those on here, so it'll probably get skipped.

There's def more, but your list is amazing on its own. Thanks for your work!😊
ZXEAN May 6, 10:10 AM
U r welcome 😁
ZXEAN May 5, 11:33 AM
Just saw your interest stacks on animated Webtoon. It's nice.

The girl downstairs got an anime adaptation you can add it if you like.
St0rmblade Apr 17, 11:29 AM
Oh, by the way, there's another obscure English publisher called Hollow Press. Shintaro Kago, Asagi Yaenaga, Daisuke Ichiba, etc. Not sure if it's eligible for MAL though...maybe they consider some stuff OEL.
St0rmblade Apr 16, 3:45 AM
Oh by the way, maybe you can look at these submissions? I tried asking some other mods but no success.

P.S. Your guide is a good thing!
St0rmblade Apr 8, 2:03 PM
Nice that you're trying to pay attention to indie stuff! Although as far as such English-market anthologies go, they're still not eligible, at least that's what one of the mods told me before. Well, either way, the authors involved in these anthologies are almost absent from MAL, so they can be added even if you have to submit the original collections/one-shots, not the English ones. Like with Yoshihiro Tatsumi, for example, he had lots of English antologies on MAL before and they're all replaced with originals now
St0rmblade Mar 31, 6:15 AM
Hi, been a long while since we chatted, but congrats on becoming a manga mod :3 Bet it's tough. Are you focusing on anything in particular? Maybe I'll reconsider submitting old and indie stuff...
EmiliaHoarfrost Mar 10, 3:26 AM
it was more the abstract illustrations as far as I recall
But it did inspire Berserk so yeah that's a massive impact worldwide then
EmiliaHoarfrost Mar 1, 1:08 AM
I liked your "left in limbo" stack, came to it from Guin Saga, mentioned by Sakaguchi in an interview
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