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Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen
Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen
2 hours ago
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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
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Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Jan 11, 5:37 AM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jan 10, 11:15 PM
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Kineta Feb 11, 2:55 AM
Haha it's funny how it worked out that way. Thank you! I have tried to take a bit of downtime, aside from Vday :)

*sprinkles forgetful faerie dust*
Kineta Feb 4, 4:02 AM
I saw your New Years wishes when you posted it, but just getting to my comment backlog now... so HAPPY FEBRUARY!

Lol barely successful Secret Santa. We still have another 10 months to forget the trauma, so we can do it all over again :'D

In all seriousness, I hope this year will be good to you too ♥
Shaka Jan 26, 10:32 PM
Thanks Tingy ^^ yeh feelsgood
KorudoKun Jan 19, 3:28 PM
He he he, yeah it truly was great ^_^, your recommendations were all on point, thanks a ton for making my Christmas just that bit better and more enjoyable ~
Gwallamzer Jan 16, 2:09 PM
Hey just leaving a message to let you know I enjoyed Sakurada Reset. It looked more like a tale or a fable than a usual story, but was surprisingly consistent overall (even if I still have a few gripes). The dialogues also felt completely unreal, yet really beautiful sometimes. Unexpectedly I think they are my favorite part of the show.
My main problem was the obsession/worship that several characters had for the protagonist. I think it would have been possible to make the two main characters' relationship healthier.
Anyway I liked the anime and I definitely wouldn't have checked it out without your recommendation, so thanks again! :)
As you guessed I've had my eye on Ergo Proxy for a while, I'm waiting for the occasion to physically buy it. But I have no doubt I'll like this one ^^
yngtadpole Jan 15, 4:22 PM
I haven't heard of Infini-T Force. I checked out and really like it. The character design is really pretty. Like...less bland the way they color/fill in stuff. Yeah I definitely think (I think Shirobako might have covered it) that both CG animators and traditional animators have something to gain in sharing techniques for each.

Yeah, I can get used to odd art design, cept maybe rotoscoping, but if it keeps switching between two different styles for the same character it's really distracting for me. Considering that they're not drawn or animated by the same people the smoother animations probably won't happen unless someone on the production team sets a universal style between the two to make the transitions look more seamless. Macross Frontier and Wake Up Girls have music I still listen to, and I think the music has to be really good to get you sucked in to their performance so you can't go wrong with either of them.

Yeah, I agree, even knowing almost no Mandarin or Taiwanese I was able to get around Taiwan but- if you're trying to get into the culture- gotta know the language. But I'm sure you know that =) I definitely would enjoy it more though learning the language. I think most ppl are the same. Language is culture too.

I haven't watched Legend of the Galatic Heroes. Is that the one that's mech or military related? I think I have it on my PTW for that reason.
itsworthless Jan 12, 4:57 PM
god i wish i could deal with pressure as well as you do! i'm the worst person when put under immense pressure that's why i prefer to get things done quicker but sometimes i'm just kinda procrastinate it for a long time ( I got persona q for the 3ds in 2014 and only finished it this morning and that's only the p4 route if you know the game...) but because of my tendency to procrastinate i've kinda had to get used to writing papers and stuff the day before they're due though i really dislike it. I guess it's cause i only started procrastinating when I got into anime and when my bf started making me play a whole lotta games (still don't really like them lol)

Well i mean at least you haven't given up! i applied for a job at Legoland and got in (thank god it was online and no human interaction was required) but yeah i suck at interviews... my friends and i did practice ones and i did so bad i messed up completely because i just clam up when i'm in the interview situation. Also yeah i think i've heard of JET my parent's friend worked with them a while ago if i remember correctly (it was a while ago tho so i don't know too much about it) could you tell me more about it? but i hope you get in! they'd be stupid to decline you!!!

Public Health? oh that's cool! had i chosen what i wanted to do i'd prolly have gone into medicine of somesort too ( i had the grades for it tbh) but that sucks that you can't do much unless you go to grad school :( i feel like though you'll think of something! I am always here if you wanna talk or just rant i'd love to help out in any way possible cause i know how hard rejection can feel and be especially if no one is there to help you through it. hahah please don't be envious of me! if anything i'm super envious of you and wish i had chosen what i wanted to study! i'm only becoming an editor because it's what my mum picked for me (she's a stereotypical asian parent lol). i mean it's not that i hate that i'm training to be an editor (one of the smaller reasons as to why i signed up to be a review mod, so i can get practice in) but it would have been nice to have chosen myself.
Thank you! i wish you luck too on your job search ^^

you don't have to go out into the world to take advantage of your break :D as long as you're happy with yourself and what you've done that day than imo that's what taking advantage of your day means!

PS. sorry for the suuper long message i got kinda carried away heheh...
KorudoKun Jan 12, 1:12 AM
Heya, just so a know, I finished the 1st season on Gin no Saji and really ended up loving it ^_^. Thanks a ton for the recommendation, I'll be going straight into the second season ~
itsworthless Jan 6, 5:50 AM
ahh Procrastination my good old friend i spent many a nights before deadlines just watching anime. (not good when you're a perfectionist at the same time LOL). i mean at least you're look for a job! i know any people who've given up because their first application got rejected (so in a sense you're already superior to a lot of people?)
well i'm doing english and communications (in the hopes of becoming a book editor) what did you do? i'm sure it's not that useless!

i bet though you'll find a job! and i mean enjoy having a "break" you can go and see and do so many different things you might not be able to do when you do get a job :D
TripleSRank Jan 4, 8:33 PM
A bit late, but Happy New Year to you as well. Things are pretty interesting in my life right now, though I haven't been around MAL as much.

Hope things are going well for you and that you'll be blessed beyond measure in the coming year.
Gwallamzer Jan 4, 1:35 PM
Thanks for the recs (and for all the work)! Not sure when I'll have the time/possibility to watch them but you did motivate me.
And sorry for the lack of specification, I didn't really realize the difficulty of the exercise ^^
itsworthless Jan 4, 7:58 AM
oh job hunting! How's that going? i'm in my last year so the glory days are gonna end :'( and i'm already looking for jobs so hopefully this year we both will have good luck with the job search! yeah apart from constant migraines (even got one today.. on my first day back D':) my break's been average i'd say. hope yours was at least better than mine lol XD
PaladinAlchemist Jan 3, 1:09 PM
Thanks for the manga recommendations. I enjoyed Sayonara Heron and looking forward to reading the others!
KorudoKun Jan 3, 7:26 AM
Hiya, just stopped by to say thanks a ton for your recommendations, the manga you have recommended me has been brilliant ^_^

And the Silver Spoon anime has been pretty funny so I've been enjoying it ~

Everything was great so thanks a ton ^_^, I hope you had a lovely Christmas, also major props as it seems you ended up giving recommendations to quite the amount of people (I assume for balancing reasons) so nice one for that o.o ~
SheyCroix Jan 3, 2:49 AM
Thanks for the Secret Santa recs ♥ those 2 series have been in my radar for a while so I will definitely watch them this year (^_^)/
(haven't started them due to trying to finish the AWC =/ )