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Crylix Jan 24, 4:48 AM
They say heroes always arrive late, but does this saying stand in my case? I suppose not! But you know which one does? Better late than never!

First things first, how is this year treating you so far? Hopefully you have accomplished your desires or at least made some progress towards them. As for me, I have to deeply apologize for my incredible delay getting back to you for this year's secret santa event. My initial plan was to binge the series that were gifted to me during the week between Christmas and New Year's, but MAL had other plans apparently. After the 2nd of January, I absolutely had to return and resume my country's army duties, so I had to be off for a few weeks.

As for the gift itself... what can I even say? Truth is I took a sneak peak on New Years, even though I knew I would not be able to answer you or even watch your recommendations, and I had a total blast reading it. I can see how much time and effort you put inside it, and I sincerely thank you for it. I am embarrassed to tell you that I haven't seen the shows you gave me due to the lack of time, but I promise, now that I finished my service and got back my civilian status (lol) I'll get to them very soon and I will give you my impressions.

Once again, I am very sorry for not thanking you sooner.
I am really grateful for your gift and I wish you the best for 2023!!

Until next time!
Dekom Jan 13, 1:44 AM
Hello again

Yes, I'm looking forward to collect badges, you have a wonderful collection of badges, I'm looking forward to the next event.

Well I only played duel links and backed down before I get addicted, my friends play a lot so I know the struggle,

I kid you not my peak was in 2019 too LOL, half of my completed list was in that year alone, now if I finished a 24 episodes anime in a month don't tell anyone about it.

You're right, watch whatever you want whenever you want, it takes me like a whole day to choose what to watch after I finish an anime, it depends on the mood, sometimes I want to have some laughs, other times I want to see some action, so it takes time to choose the right anime.

Take care and have fun

Dekom Jan 11, 7:39 AM

Well it was exciting to take part in the santa event, it was Better than expected, before that I participated in the halloween season and got my first badge,
Btw I believe you'll make an excellent elf, so I hope you'll take the role next year,
Gacha games are really time consuming, tell me about it LOL,
So yeah, my plan to watch list is really humongous, and my watching pace is really slow nowadays, it will take some time before I could finish it

For danganronpa, it's nice to play the games first, for me I went straight to anime without knowing anything about the story, it really was one of the best watching experiences I've had (I love to watch an anime without fully reading the synopsis and just explore the story, I read only the setting just to know the type of anime)

I'm really looking forward to your feedback
My best regards

Dekom Jan 10, 9:16 AM
Hi there gyanburubii ,

How are you doing, I hope you're in good health and all,

I'm really glad you tried D-frag and liked it, it was the first time I recommend an anime to someone I didn't know based on their animelist, so I hope you try the other two and give them a chance, I'm also tried of the well known animes and search for the less known hidden gems, like you said comedy animes are enjoyed if they let you have a smile on your face while you're watching them, if not it defies the whole main purpose.

For me I was recommended "Kekkai Sensen" and "Space☆Dandy", They're on my plan to watch list so I'm gonna try them very soon especially "Space☆Dandy",

Once again It was nice knowing you (from your animelist at least LOL).
And I'm glad to have you as a friend.

Take care and have a great day :)
chuskipop Jan 3, 10:49 PM
thank you for accepting, i'm looking forward to conversing with you again ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙how was your new years? any resolutions?
tenkousei Dec 31, 2022 7:53 AM
tenkousei Dec 31, 2022 6:44 AM
That's true! I often find excuses not to do a certain thing. Like I am capable of doing it, I know it will only take a little of my time, but I'd rather prolong the agony lol. ◝(๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞ Btw, there were unusually many bad Santas this year don't you think? It's almost New Years' but the gifts haven't arrived yet. Although, from what I've read on the forum, we might be opening soon. I'm still interested on what I'm gonna get this year!

ああどこに隠れているの?私もね、わかるよ。あの人まだ探しているんだ。I do. I've taken the test twice and in both I am INTP-T. It fits me quite well, I must say. If my gut feeling(?) is telling the truth, then I think you're in the IN-types?

Oh so that's why you gravitate towards Amagi Rinne. Did your interest in gambling come before or after meeting your favorite character? I know right? I can't seem to wrap my head around how to play the game. You get 10,000 points for having all the bamboo and bird tiles? Although he gets 50,000 points because he has all the tiles with the cardinal directions in it so he wins? (≖ლ≖๑ )フ Even in tutorials, I still don't get it, which, to be fair, I'm only pressing buttons without reading the instructions lol. But what I do know is that mahjong players look so cool and intimidating. Or anyone who gambles really well. I'm wondering if the strategies in manga/anime apply in real life gambling. Have you read or watched 'Imawa no Kuni no Alice'?

わぁぁぁ美味しいそうね!ん、でもn find excuses not to do a certain thing. Like I am capable of doing it, I know it will only take a little of my time, but I'd rather prolong the agony lol. ◝(๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞ Btw, there were unusually many bad Santas this year don't you think? It's almost New Years' but the gifts haven't arrived yet. Although, from what I've read on the forum, we might be opening soon. I'm still interested on what I'm gonna get this year!

ああどこに隠れているの?私もね、わかるよ。あの人まだ探しているんだ。I do. I've taken the test twice and in both I am INTP-T. It fits me quite well, I must say. If my gut feeling(?) is telling the truth, then I think you're in the IN-types?

Oh so that's why you gravitate towards Amagi Rinne. Did your interest in gambling come before or after meeting your favorite character? I know right? I can't seem to wrap my head around how to play the game. You get 10,000 points for having all the bamboo and bird tiles? Although he gets 50,000 points because he has all the tiles with the cardinal directions in it so he wins? (≖ლ≖๑ )フ Even in tutorials, I still don't get it, which, to be fair, I'm only pressing buttons without reading the instructions lol. But what I do know is that mahjong players look so cool and intimidating. Or anyone who gambles really well. I'm wondering if the strategies in manga/anime apply in real life gambling. Have you read or watched 'Imawa no Kuni no Alice'?

わぁぁぁ美味しいそうね!ん、でもあの料理食べたことない。サーモンも、フィンランドの料理も。私のフィリピン料理の大好物ですか?そうね、んん( ,,`・ω・´)ンンン?ああぁあ難しいwwww。この質問を答えると半時間が掛かったwww。パラボクというヌードルディッシュが好き。たまらない!

じゃあお互といに頑張れね。漢字や単語はギャンブルビィさんより(多分)少しい知識があるけど、私の文法はへたくそ。もし日本人と話すと、きっと彼は’日本語上手ですね。’と返事するの。レッツレンシュウ!ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ 言語アプリ使います?
tenkousei Dec 24, 2022 6:57 AM
Merry Christmas! (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**✚⃞ྉ
tenkousei Dec 19, 2022 5:56 AM
Procrastination also has to do with my late replies. I think about how my replies should be 'perfect' and well thought out rather than write whatever comes to mind at the moment. Heck, I still have to send Secret Santa because I keep putting it off until the last minute! *wrapping the presents as we speak* ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ Sometimes I wish I wasn't the thinking type kind of person. \("▔□▔)/\("▔□▔)/\("▔□▔)/ It may be irrelevant now but did a manic pixie dream person set their foot on your doorsteps, though?

I like high stakes gambling manga in general (gambling itself is very interesting, I would like to get tips on how to know which risks are worth it), it's very thrilling as you have said, but the moment a character gets smug all of a sudden, you'll be sure they'll lose. I did genuinely enjoy Kaiji but the arc I got stuck on was all about Mahjong and I know next to nothing about it! So I found it hard to read, shelved it with the rest of my plan-to-reads, and pretend it wasn't on my downloaded manga. ╰(  ̄﹏ ̄)╯

Yes coz it's my third year of joining! ちなみに、ギャンブルビさんの先の質問の答えは・・・僕もコーラ!でも、ペプシよりコカ・コーラのほうが好き。ギャンブルビさん、ギャンブルビさん、質問があるんです。フィンランドの料理の中で一番食べたくない物は何ですか?

バイバイ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>⌐■-■
tenkousei Dec 12, 2022 7:26 AM
Oh my god hdhsjwbssjksnjsj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ギャンブルビィさん、サンキューソーマッチ!!! .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+* I did have a weirdly pleasant day today thank you hehehehe. I'm sorry for not replying to your last message. I was, and still am, swamped with schoolwork. I hope we can do it again!! また連絡ねぇぇぇ!! (o´ω`o)ノ
galvaodepenado Oct 5, 2022 2:33 AM
ANDREW!!!! i'm so happy for finally being able to write back to you ! things have been a little complicated on my side, i obviously don't have as much time as i did a month ago but i feel like i need to apologize for taking this long. as you know, school started and i believe i haven't told you but the options i chose are ALL PRACTICAL so when i'm not working i'm sleeping PAHWHHAHA but today is a national holiday and i curiously don't have any urgent homework, so here i am! you mentioned being sick on the last reply, since it's been a month and a day i'm assuming you're feeling better? hope you didn't catch a cold in the meantime.

i do not wish to ascend in such ways my son, my brain and soul both hurt when i philosophize specially about my own existence. the only thing that matters is that i'm living the present and the way i'm using these passing one second per second is writing back to the rinneest ever.

true but that's because no one got in front of you and wished him a happy birthday before wishing you one (except for you maybe dunno). who are these people? i sure hope they weren't born on the 16th of august or else... yeah but we'll be cool grandpas, think about that. being a grandpa must be nice tho, they're always the best in media and also in real life, i'm yet to meet a person who dislikes any of their grandparents. sigh, i wanna be a grandpa soon... no pressure tho.

okay i'll keep that in mind for the next paragraph, thank you so much i became more confident on my replies just now. sorry i am illiterate i don't know shit about books (it's not something i'm proud of, please beat me up) what is it about? years i see, when the nineteen and the eighty four collide they become a bigger number frfr


believe me there were worse ones. the problem isn't the picture, andrew. IT REALLY ISN'T. THE FOOD IS THE PROBLEM AND YOU KNOW IT. guess it's time to shake hands again the seasonings just don't exist at all that's why the food is depressing.

that just proves my point isn't the sun a star? maybe you're a shiny planet. WAIT REALLY? it's still hot here ; w ; i wore my sweater a few days ago and absolutely melted... thank god i had a tshirt on my bag. BY THE WAY that was the day i went to a concert of some sort? it's not really a concert, more like a "popular" festival here in portugal. it's called somos portugal. that thing was happening right next to my friend's house so i just slided in to go see it >:) bro we were sitting at the park because the actual thing was so so full and some random 5 year olds started throwing sticks at us so we just went back to her house. didn't even get to see my king toy singing irl </3

yep, that's why i'm so beefy and muscular, i've been through hell. i was that friend actually. sorry on their behalf that must've been annoying as hell, i am starting to notice how shitty of a human being i used to be. idols frfr, it's kinda funny how i upgraded from irl idols to 2d ones-

JHSADIUGOF BUT IT WAS AMAZING, i got my friend to read it as well >:) i think she's liking it so far, she's been updating me on how much of a chad she thinks jin is. i knew it... i knew you would ... santacasa is the euromilhões thingy you probably know that i just wanted to reinforce that the bee is watching my every move and every second i'm not running it's only getting closer. don't we all bet on the holy house sometimes? please don't kill me i have a son and an enstars account to take care of.

that's a giant fucking text i would be concerned if you actually knew the whole thing. you can flex i only know my name is yoshikage kira. no i agree it was cursed but a little embarrassing at the same time. i would make a pacifier out of hair or earrings and feel absolutely hot and sexy for being that creative. then i would join parties and just turn it chaotic by crying and asking if someone wanted to adopt me. BRO I REMEMBER HAVING AN ACC THAT I WAS SO PROUD OF AND I HAD A MOM, SHE TOLD ME SHE COULD MAKE MY BIO PRETTIER AND I STUPIDLY TRUSTED HER AND GAVE HER MY LOGIN BUT THEN SHE STOLE IT.

guess what? remember that shitty arts teacher i talked about before? he's my teacher this year </3 also as i said there are only 2 12th grade art classes in my school and i still was unlucky enough to be in the class where my favorite teacher isn't :D instead i have a transphobic teacher KUEAIOUHEFPIORDHOGJFR she is so fucking shitty you have no idea. she really said that she couldn't use my preferred pronouns or chosen name >BY LAW<... context: there's a whole ass article on how teachers should support their students' gender identity. anyways, the point is, she keeps picking on me and embarrassing me in front of the class for no reason. last time in the middle of the class she called me by my deadname and looked at me dead in the eye, then procceeded to inform the whole class that she is trying to change but it's difficult in a mocking tone. gotta love teachers frfr. anyways, changing this depressing topic, my friend showed me this singer she used to listen to when she was younger and bro her mvs are so weird BUT THE SONGS ARE SO CATCHYVWHAUSHUS. have visual proof. and shes so pretty holy crap

nobody would know why are you holding back? and if they did you just pretend you don't know what they're talking about. now it's gonna be a little harder to avoid enstarries since the game isn't region blocked anymore but i still think you should make the jacket, boyfriend jacket (real). or you could just keep wearing shorts, who needs legs anyways? you can be one of those cool people who wear skirts or shorts when it's raining.

the way my smile faded, i almost said "awww" out loud but then i read the second part of the sentence. is that the last thing you wanna do before dying? but more important how come drones are so unchad... they bang the queen once and instantly ascend?! what in the premature ejaculation.. or is the queen too potent? i'M FEELING SO MANY FEELINGS...... IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE THAT CAME OUT but what an absolute banger, miku on the enstar. still think miku rin and len deserved at least a 3* jus because of that.

OH! I JUST REMMEMEBEBERED how did you ticket pulls go? i got my 4th dupe of the tiddy rei in these last ones.. eyes twitching... that's hard KJHUSIUAUIHA never really thought about it. i remember taking quizzes about it before but they were so shitty JGDWUYGA anyways, i feel like i'm a quality time kind of guy, either that or words of affirmation. he knows he's hot. speaking of hot.

i mean depending on how they shit on the character it's kinda funny. i see people doing that with their favorites, i guess it's only funny when you know the person and who they like. that sucks, i know how it feels, that guy keeps spawning on my cards section as well. you're not alone. THEY ARE ARENT THEY AHWHAHAHA I'M GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THAT poor mao..

fuckin kohaku bee.. should've cursed rei instead now i don't have enough power to curse him after doing that to kohaku. i swear to god that if i get another copy of his card i wi- that's the... recolor right?.. it looks like this! ALSO HOKUTO CARD HOKUTO CARD HOKUTO he looks a little too yellow but his forehead is showing and he's hilarious so it's okay i'll let it slide, at least it isn't orange.

it's the next one trust (real just trust me bro). LEAVE HIM ALONE STOPOHVSGUIRGHGR bro gets bullied for having myopia and being a leprechaun, couldn't be me. i think his glassesy glasses look cute on him people are just dramatic. BUT YEA THE BLUE IS BLINDING it's probably that i should try making the glasses another color to see if it changes... hot pink maybe.

AYO??!?!?! of course, anytime. filho da puta is a very effective war cry. i see thank you so much, i'll start using that word in every occasion. kinda sexy how i'm gonna watch a horror movie today and got introduced to two new swear words. i'm gonna put perkele and vittu to good use in a few hours.

NAUR HOW DID YOUR EXAMS GO? i hope you got better before they happened D: either way, have this drippy rinne to cheer you up!

uoy wonk tahw, riaf. m'i dalg uoy t'nod esuac i dluow eb decrof ot laets ruoy tnuocca. UGOEIFGBIOWEHFGI S'TAHT YLLARETIL MIH PLEH won eht gniward i edam sekam esnes. od ti, tnuoc eht segatnecrep thgir won m'i gnitiaw. i yllautca kramkoob yreve ennir tranaf taht semoc no ym lt tsuj os i t'nod evah ot kool rof ti ni stnemom ekil siht. evah siht eno i deppots gnihtaerb nehw i was ti.
galvaodepenado Aug 20, 2022 1:43 PM
hey handsome we are living the same life for the 983 time :) i had just finished wishing a happy birthday to the other three people who stole my birthday privillege and wondering what i would do for the next four hours, but then BSHAHAAAA orange dot and it was THE man...

THANK YOU SO MUCH SOB SOB every day you're not looking i am aging. still don't know who that jun guy is but he is trying to steal this day from me, why does he get a happy birthday before i do? ತ_ತ my day was so fun! i went to watch super pets with some friends and we had to speedrun having lunch and getting the tickets cause we were 5 minutes late... you should've spawned inside the cinema to watch it with us >:| anyhow, movie was great! after the movie we decided to commit to gacha hell right outside the cinema and this little guy was the one i got. it was the happiest birthday i've had.. and no. thank YOU for putting up with me, it's always a pleasure to hear about the rinne ever.

then i should beat up your friend's boss, got it! how dare they make your friend work on such an important day?! but that was a good idea as well: the 7th of august is temporary, but andrew is eternal. is it okay to ask what you did that day? AWWWW THAT'S SO CUTE did you hang it up with the fallen feet? or was it digital?

HELPAHDHJYDHW SORRY AGAIN... it must be a mal glitch they seem to love to make my messages illegible. GASPS!!!!!!! THAT'S INFURIATING????? I'M FUMING, i need to contact the syndicate. first the glitch and now rinnephobia?! this is outrageous... scandalous even...

those look really good tho? specially the pie! that stew reminds me of sopa da pedra. there was a story to this soup, i think it was about a guy that only had a rock with him and said he would make a soup with it, then people got curious and they ended up giving him ingredients like meat and stuff cause he gaslighted them into doing it- anyway since you gave me visual proof, here you go, have the first three things that came up on my mind. it was not a good idea to search up food when i'm hungry... the kebab situation all over again...

that's probably also cause you're getting used to it? two months ago it felt like i would melt inside my house even when it was 29º and now it's around 33º and i'm chilling :') i think that the only absolutely correct answer is you are actually the sun.

she asked me to hold onto her album in the concert... i could have kept it... part of her 200 euros would've gone to waste... but i'm not that petty soJBSVFKSH it was day6! i don't listen to them often but their songs are good? as i said before i prefer listening to older songs so most of the ones i knew weren't on their schedule(?) that day. if i was still on my annoying ass kpop phase, i would love them for sure.

AH! i just finished reading boys run the riot a little ago! i think you noticed... damn... now you won't be shocked. i'm sorry i keep taking so long to pick up recoms, my brain always decides to turn into mush whenever i try to read anything. i've been feeling like reading manga a little more lately tho. my friend told me to read "to strip the flesh" and since it was pretty short i just did it- that was what made me sniff your recom up as well! the one i just mentioned was a little hard to follow and it confused me. either way, i am on my knees. alright now back to boys run the riot, it was so good! it was such a fun read, whenever something emotional was going on it managed to make me laugh?? mostly their facial expressions idek if i'm making sense but what I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT IT WASN'T TOO SAD WHICH I'M HONESTLY EVRY GRATEFUK FOR I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE CRYING. i still can't believe the dude hit us with a "oh, you won't help us? okay, take this.". i was having a bad day before i started reading so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING THIS MANGA TO ME!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!! so happy to see nice trans representation out there! i'll get to the rest of your recoms shortly ᕦ(ಸ_ಸ)ᕤ

at least you don't have the "my name is yoshikage kira i'm 33 years old" thing memorized just so you can whisper it on other people's ears... or do you?.. we'll never know... it's okay, only muscular buff hot and sexy men go through a phase like that. whenever you feel bad about yourself remember that your dad used to roleplay as a baby on stardoll.

have you ever considered becoming rinne? i have done that before with keito: i stole his casual fit and went to school like that cause i'm that hot and sexy. not really? i just have absolute zero fashion sense so i stick with neutral tones :') can'T SAY THE SAME TO YOU LOOK AT YOU GO! that's not drip anymore, that's a flood. where there is green, there is a happy lead so you got them full flood marks. also seeing that you replied means you didn't melt so use the 3 layers to heart's content. KJHOIDFHSOD OKAY LET ME GIVE YOU CONTEXT, WHEN YOU write "our father" in portuguese it's "nosso pai" but someone made a typo and wrote "pau" instead of "pai" and pau is that word i talked about before! the one that means cock in brazilian portuguese and money in european portuguese. SO YEAH... LONG STORY SHORT, YOU ARE IN AN ACCIDENTAL COCK CULT!!

by the way, I DON'T KNOW WHICH COLLECTION YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT I'LL NEED VISUAL PROOF... i don't know i feel like newyorker has a hit or miss thing going on. for once, i think that just the fact that they have enstars merch is an absolute hit. i didn't have much money on me so i couldn't buy it, but i saw this rinne shirt there!

we're living life to the fullest, a little weird buy hey! at least we don't do drugs! or maybe this is just the side effect to said drugs...

you're fine, after all i asked for this and i'm not disappointed. THE TONGUE I'M SPEECHLESS AGAIN. SIR. he looks so good thank you for the food i think i'm not hungry anymore. but i can't believe you took away his nipple rights. HOW DARE THEY STEAL AND NOT GIVE CREDITS?! THEY'RE COWARDS THE HAPPYELE WORKERSJW AARE A BUCNH OF COWARDDS.................. my opinion remains, they know he would be too powerful with a card like that. OH? what letter do you think he'd pick? rinne headcanon time HSJSUHHA

rt the way they find the funniest reasons to hate them is so amusing. IT'S SO PRETTY! and the fact that tetora is the 4* from that set just makes it 10x better. live laugh love tetsu. besides leo cause personally, there's absolutely nothing positive i can say about his cards, another character i "dislike" is ibara. there's a reason for this one tho, i can explain myself: gacha. whenever i try to get a card i want he comes, either as 4* or 5*. i tried to get two lim mikas (cause he was my favorite at that time), ibara came on both. other than that, sorry but i can't look at his dog card without wanting to sleep and never wake up again. HOWEVER, i can't say the same thing about his latest card. he looks beautiful, the colors are beautiful and i would die for it. what about you?

let's join forces, my birthday pull was also ass. i'm sure you noticed the war cry on my bio, i am coming for kohaku's knees. i got my second dupe for his bee card at least i got his homescreen recolor but it makes me think of this song (by the way you look really good in this video) so i don't know how to feel anymore. currently vibing with my 9 dias and crying over cheerleader makoto.

I WILL! by the way that's okay you don't need to give me anything! seeing people remember it is just enough for me! that's actually something to ask the octopus. don't worry, i did that for you already. guess the grind time is near... LEAVE HIS GLASSES ALONEBAIUGIuhahahahaHAHAHAHHUDHD WHAT ABOUT TSUMUGI??!?!?!??!

WHAT THE FUXNJSBAJAHAHHA THE POOR BEAR NO IT WAS SO SCARED KHGIUADO have an equivalent to perkele, filho da puta. it means son of a bitch and it's probably the most used swear here but very useful nonetheless. every moment is the right moment to use those words. i'm going to ask for a trade right now, hand over more swears and nobody gets hurt. have "vai pó caralho", it means go to hell, your turn.

good luck on your exams! make sure to study all you need to study until the day before and then use the last day to rest. i know how tempting it is to believe that the answers will be common sense but don't do that to yourself ;w; you got this!!

i t'nod evah na lautca ennir tranaf yadot tub i sseug siht dnik fo stnuoc sa eno... siht uoy gniyalp??11 I SAW GNIKOJ I TNAC EVEILEB UOY YLLAUTCA DID TI KGDVFIUSGVORWH
subahokke Aug 15, 2022 12:32 AM
yeah definitely.. just yesterday i had a customer get mad at me and raise their voice because they didn't have any rewards in our they could've expired lady. i told her that and she yelled at me saying "no, i have 3 grandchildren." what does that have to do with anything i said LMFAOO. i swear it annoyed me at first , but now it's just funny dealing with customers like that. like how are you going to embarrass yourself more and throw a fit larger than a kid would at your big age??? hmm for the future, since i'm majoring in graphic design, i want to find something with game design probably. even creating ads/websites to advertise it sounds so fun.. how about you, any future plans?? as for the concept of work....i feel like it's definitely required in some way. i think anyone would agree that the idea of just being able to do what you want all day everyday sounds nice, and not having to pay for anything either.. but also, that would get boring and depressing. and take out the meaning of freetime in the first place. what's the point of anything if you have everything?? it's depressing to think about honestly. i think people slaving away for 40 hours a week is just as bad too, they need to lighten the workload, then i think the world would definitely improve even a little bit. what are your thoughts on it?

ohh nice i'm glad you had a good time!!! hmm i've heard a lot about different reactions to alcohol....i'm not of legal drinking age (here it's 21) but i can confirm that every single person i know, regardless of age, has drank before. idk here everyone thinks it makes them look "cool". not exactly the coolest thing to see your friends at age 11 coming to school drunk because they found their parents beer and thought it made them look more mature if they drank it all. that false belief is something made from depressed teenagers i'm sure. for drugs & alcohol. i've only tried weed once and it was by far the most disgusting thing i've ever tasted in my life, either i didn't inhale enough or it just doesn't affect me because same here (although it's not the same thing), i had literally no reaction. maybe the people who say that it does something really overdo it to the point it'd be surprising if there *were* no reaction ....

hahaha yes it was a compliment, i'm actually surprised you thought i was around my twenties :0, here the average age for a new college student is usually 18-19, although i started school a year earlier than everyone else, so i started college at 17 haha. i think that even 16 year olds can be full time in college here, and you can start taking classes as young as 13, or at least in my specific area you can. i'm curious, how does the school system work in finland??

i swear the people on mal just favorite anyone with boobs. i'm noticing the large amount of characters that are only popular strictly because they were overly sexualized on some social media platform ....

it is PLZ the names recently have been so ... i agree, it's not particularly bad it just feels kinda silly. they're running out of names hahah, after all the isekai manga/light novels names are like paragraphs. hmm as for rent a girlfriend .. i saw a couple posts about it on instagram back in early 2020, and i saw it while scrolling around for some manga to read. i looooved the first few chapters, i fell in love and binged it all, although back then there were only 130 chapters or less haha, been following it weekly since. i'm one of those people that still actually genuinely enjoy it, definitely isn't as good as it used to be but it still holds a special place in my heart. it's really fell off recently, especially with the mc being even weirder each chapter but in the most negative way. and also just the curse of either flashbacks/dragging out a conversation to fill the chapter...just hoping it'll end soon, it's time for kanojo okarishimaru to be put out of its misery </3 is there any animanga you like that's not exactly the most enjoyed by the community?

ooooh i looked jin up, i love the design!! omg help enstars is everywhere.....there is simply no escape. heisuke has a super nice design too aww, i'm actually a little more excited to read these'd be surprised how influenced i am by good art/character designs. he's only a minor character oh dear. the power that characters with such small roles can have on you. oh so true, recap chapters should definitely be a thing. although recently it seems like a *new* chapter for a lot of media is just being used as a recap anyways, just to drag the series out. which sucks so bad.

sure, good animation is like candy to the eye, but i'm the same, if there's not a good story with it, i won't be attached to it for too long. no because i thought i was the only one??? i used to watch anime for fun in 2018-early 2019, but when i made my first mal account in sept 2019 it all went downhill . and by mid 2020 i was watching anime as a chore, felt like i had to watch literally everything to just be on top of what everyone was talking about. i'm still that way now, although not nearly as bad as before. like my ptw a year ago had at least 700 things on it, i wanted to watch everything and i mean everything that i came across. just so i could say that i've watched it. the amount of times i tried to watch food wars/durarara.... i remember literally nothing about b: the beginning, because i forced myself to get through it so i wouldn't drop it -- which leads me to answer your question...i do list what i drop, i just have serious anxiety over having unfinished anime. especially if i KNOW i've started it, which is why i've just marked what i've dropped as completed. just to ease my mind ^^, although i did write a comment to count what episodes i did watch of it. and i don't score what i never finished.. i'm really trying to get over that mindset as well, but i think it'll hold me down forever in some way or another. it's partly my fault for just starting any and everything back then, i'm really limiting myself now..

oh dear...another voltron fan survivor. klance had such an important part in my life, it's crazy finding people in 2022 that are still willing to admit they liked klance hahaha. omg HELP i literally watched that video when it came out. the end of s8 destroyed me i was so upset that i didn't sleep for 2 days ........... no because literally everything went wrong. the biggest queerbaiting incident i've ever seen :sob:

omg not the engstarrie in the HALLWAY....have you no shame !?!? i honestly have no idea how i would handle being in a public high school in this day and age. i left public school right before tiktok got big, and with the little gatekeeper in me, i genuinely don't think i'd do well in a place like that now lol. no's so upsetting seeing the new fans mischaracterize every single character, and some don't even know better, it's just that awful localization of the stories. rinne deserves a better fanbase honestly .. i would so read that essay if you ever wrote it!!!

the cover songs ueueueue.......u.s.a. is genuinely one of my favs now, it's so're so right. i learned all the choreo and like to do it randomly when my family is just minding their business LMFAO. i think the hamtaro cover was meh though, it just felt ?? off. cute concept and everything, but wayyy too many members for such a short cover imo. as for events hmm..i'd like to see more halloween themed events, halloween is my all time favorite holiday + aesthetic in general, and i would kill for an idol game centered around it haha. still dying for an alkaloid/rabits halloween event, been a wish of mine for sooo so long. other than that.. an event where they're wearing suits for whatever reason lol. i can't describe what perfect outfit i'm picturing for any card, but nothing that's released yet has scratched that itch in my brain just yet...if only enstars cards had the quality of pjsekai cards ....whew. what about you, any event themes in mind?

and alsoooo! i started mob psycho, rather finished s1 in like 24 hours, and i'm about to continue s2 now. it's so different from what i was expecting, but so good? i gave s1 a 7/10, but it's more on the ++ side of a 7, rather than some other 7's that are --... i rate weirdly hahaha. so sad that reigen isn't playing as big a role as i was expecting though. it's so weird actually watching it other than just perceiving the first 15 seconds of the first opening, and the poster promo art....gonna try and finish everything before s3 comes out (which i'm planning to just wait for it to finish airing before binging it)
galvaodepenado Aug 14, 2022 8:45 AM
oh? does that mean that it felt like just any other day or did you have a bad day? i really hope it wasn't the latter. i am highly experienced with stealing kneecaps from people who don't wish happy birthdays or make others feel bad on their own birthday, so if anyone did this let me know, you can have my services for free since you're my son. i made sure the highlights for his hair were pixelated peepees jus for you 3> i'm glad it made you happy, though i wish i could've made something better but unfortunately i'm not on that skill level yet... maybe next year who knows ( ˶˘ ³˘(; ; )

leaving two blank lines after each paragraph does not bring me joy anymore, felt like i should let you know before you freak out. i know it affects you mentally and physically but you'll have to deal with it, i'm sorry... i want to agressively but affectionately crush your pocket sized self within my own hands. i would write some cringe stuff right now but i don't trust my vocabulary and my ability to not cringe, so just know i'm very grateful to have met you. does a cartwheel and lands beautifully on a split. nonono i believe you wanted to say that rinne is a
can't believe he saved every english talking individual with a simple sentence like happy birthday... he really is a man of sorts.

ahhh i would love to! i wonder how different it is? whenever my middle school friends decide to meet up to go to the library or just meet up for the sake of it, we always end up having lunch at a kebab place! oh right! i wanted to ask you about finnish food as well. what kind of dishes do you have there? i don't know a lot about traditional food but if there's something portuguese people not me tho love is fish. more specifically cod fish. AND SOUP! if you put any of those in front of a tuga they can and will cum. however, i'm not fond of any of those ; ; there's also this dish that is mostly pork i believe? my dad does it every now and then to remind us of our nationaLITY BJHDSODH but the only thing i eat from there is the rice. the rice. dude the fucking rice SCRUMPTIOUS.

you're back in school? good luck i'm praying for your sanity, and for your class to not be ass. i still have the rest of this month to deal with, horrible. you're right, instead of having this giant ass summer break they could make small breaks in the school year, i wouldn't mind that~ but also there's nowhere else i'd rather be in this heat other than the comfort of my own house.

the only concert experience i've ever had was in 2020. my sister asked me to go with her cause she didn't wanna go alone, i am a very cool brother (no). it was pretty much ass, i didn't really know the band at that time and i came across an online friend that was really rude to me so that's why i said it was overwhelming. i'm sure that if i went to a concert from an artist that i at the very least know the songs for, it would be a great time. going to a concert that's remotely related to enstars seems like a dream (⍪_⍪) i can say the same thing to nuis, they're so ugly but they change lives. i hope you get your rinne nui soon, i know you'll take good care of him. i'm expecting photoshoots and stylish outfits when you do.

oh you were a jojo fan? the idea of a jojo fan i have is someone glued on your ass asking you to watch jojo and saying everything is a jojo reference, is that what you did? if so it's not even bad. think about the bright side of the situation, at least you aren't an eddie munson fan in 2022. but now that you mentioned it, i'm curious about the other 4 versions... would you mind to delve deeper into the subject? i hope the other four aren't from before 2020 3/>

cons look like they stink really bad ngl... i can smell the pestilent stench through the screen, but i would be lying if i said it doesn't look fun to attend to one. THOSE LOOK SO FUN i've seen some about coming as something that starts with the first letter of your name, watch me coming as a lawnmower. anyways, until someone decides to do something like that, i'm completely satisfied with just jojo and cipher day! the rohan ova has been consumed. they spammed me and eventually watched it without me when they were sure i wasn't coming. it's okay jojo day is still a tradition so next year i'll go as sexy as ever, and with a better costume cause i'll have more time to get colored stuff :') we welcome you with open arms, you are now part of the "congregation of god, our dick".

what the actual fuck andrew... that's not reigen that's sex... why did you make me google a coitus master, an alpha playboy? i was expecting a mob psycho character and the only thing that showed up was the pinnacle of sex appeal... i'm very disappointed... anyways i've rewatched the first three episodes of the first season, that's progress right? i am feeling the thirst for watching anime will begin tonight so start preparing your fingers for the debate of your life.

no cause for real normalize not wearing pants at all. i'm joking i love pants, i love legs as well for being the only part of my body where i don't feel the heat, therefore i can use pants all i want without sweating like there's no tomorrow. i've noticed some people have been talking about the vocaloid collection on zara these days and like KHOSIDHSSP THE THE THE THE collection is for kids,....... it's in the kids section and now i ask: whose 8 year old is gonna be wearing the miku tshirt? and how does it feel to be living my dream? it's so sad cause when other stores have this kind of merch they always come up with the ugliest designs i've ever seen in my life- ALSO my friend has been helping me find binders and turns out h&m has some? i don't know about you but to me this is a world changing fact, i can engage on bob hiding without my family knowing ?!!??!?!?! this whole paragraph is a mess i'm so sorry..

awesome so that means my life quality has improved by 360%! glad you saved the world from absolute disaster once again, as expected from a genius like you. you cannot be an ass and keito at the same time cause they are not synonyms. those two words do not correlate therefore this manabu guy is not keito and will never be. also what's with umehara and voicing every guy with glasses ever? is he voicing me on an alternate universe as well? he better be... actually he may not even voice that much people with glasses, i wouldn't know, i automatically closed the tab once i saw makura no danshi so i'm just assuming here.

i didn't want you to find out this way but you left me no choice. well your saber better be prepared cause every second you're not running, i'm only getting closer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

the way my smile faded... mamma mia... don't ask me the color of anything- hello sir i'm here to compliment your power to edit cards. i never thought i would see blonde rinne in my life but turns out it only took one bee that gambles for this moment to arrive! by the way, i'm counting on you to edit his giant forehead into the new chiaki card as well. manchildJHGDFIGS isn't that a good thing tho? smh smh petition to turn you into an enstar and entertain the redhead. live laugh love rinne.

poor mitsuru? his voice is so unique (;_;) though i understand why they wouldn't like it IDFOJSP OH NO MY CONDOLENCES that's actually really sad why is it always the character people like the least- my condolences for you too my son, at least the unbloomed version is kinda cute...? i feel like happyele does subaru so dirty. i mean his cards are lik.. cards i guess? i like the card with the flowers and books tho!

HAHASHD IT'S OKAY YOU CAN DO IT NEXT YEAR, next year for sure rinne will find his way home. but he could also be an angel and come on a daily pull... who knows... i will not answer that question for my own sake and for yours as well. i do not know what a white tiger is.

THANK YOU!!! IT WAS THE SON BIRTHDAY BUFF..! i was so happy! i've been trying to get at least one of his 5* for the longest time, i still can't believe i got him! not sure if it was a daily pull or a banner that was on that day? i just know i sent you the reply and then logged on enstars and boom makoto haver all of a sudden. also i send the 17788 prints i took of my pull to my friend and she only told me one thing and it wasn't "congratulations", it was "that bitch looks like a leprechaun". she and another one of my friends 'hate' makoto just for the fun of it and bully his glasses cause "his glasses are so... glasses...".

as it should, i wasn't having it with the hamtaro haters... i mean, after seeing that stage play performance i wouldn't expect any less from the in game mv. it's kinda funny how when the character is shorter it starts levitating- anyways what matters is that the sexy catchy song is finally playable and i will now start the farming.

PFFT JDOID SURE for the EGGMAN, well, she is eggman. it all started with the real time sonic dub. before i knew, i started drawing eggmans on her journal/sketchbook and whenever i did it she would change her pfp into it. my favorite EGGMAN pfp era was when she had the one i drew with soy sauce on her sushi plate. and bacon lettuce came to be when we were watching random stuff on youtube and one of those horrific dub videos from a certain youtube channel popped up and i will forever associate the bacon lettuce shit with her cause that was the name of the channel. fun fact, before eggman became eggman, these two people were matching pfps with the wonky enstars birbs i did once. ALSO WHY B-TIER POOR PERSON-

IT DOES? AHHJHSAA good cause that's the best i could get. i was also thinking of the person who dubs hades in hercules, which mind you is one of the sexiest disney movies to ever exist, but it felt.... wrong....? we don't talk about the english dub okay? i am in fact rewatching the stars that ensemble on dub not only cause it's funny but also cause comfort show. my favorite thing that has happened until now was mitsuru's voice crack where he goes "i like to adventure to places where i can run". it's alright, then umehara just needs to learn finnish. it's that easy.

CONGRATS! you've worked so hard on it, i'm glad you can relax right now. i still need to finish reading but worry not, i'll get to it as soon as possible and come back to cry over it. you have spawned a mester paisse.

ti sleef ekil reverof ecnis i tsal etorw ot uoy aaaaaawb. evah erom yppols yppot. siht si tuoba ot emoceb a noitidart.... osla i t'nac eveileb uoy derongi ym egnellahc... siht ylurt snaem i ma eht tseamgis elam ni siht pihsdneirf.
subahokke Aug 9, 2022 5:38 PM
that's true .. customer service is definitely hell. we are severely underpaid with the amount of bullshit we have to deal with everyday . and the fact that it's just become normalized to treat retail/fast food employees like garbage, it's so disgusting how it's just become the norm in a way. once i finish college i'm definitely gonna be looking for a different job </3 .. i think i'm pretty introverted, but most of my coworkers are extroverted and even they look sick of the people most of the time. funny how society treats the people they can't function without.

i hope you and your friends had fun!! at least you were able to spend the actual day working on something familiar ! i have a lot of trouble focusing on reading, but i have started your novel..even though i'm still on chapter 1 ^^', i like it so far!! i'll update you more once i get further hahah. big years..18. i'm following in your footsteps, i'll be 18 on the 21st haha. i had no idea we were born so close together?? i definitely expected you to be a couple years older than me hmmm..

omg no because kobeni was actually so annoying .. a lot of the cast was just genuinely so intolerable i couldn't deal with close to anyone. i'm really hoping that the anime can shape the story a little differently, since i feel like the manga itself wouldn't do too good as an anime, it seemed to short and just one of those works that doesn't fit on the TV screen.. HAHA kobeni's car soloing the entire cast in the popularity poll will never get old.

dandadan anime adaptation would be so cool, i'm literally on chapter 3 or 4 but i really like it so far. who's your favorite character?? and same with sakamoto days? i've glanced at it a couple times, but haven't started reading yet, the description sounds interesting so maybe i'll give it a chance hhmmm... oh definitely, it's even worse with manga that release monthly...i swear it's like coming into the chapter without remembering a single thing from the manga at all lol. i always forget to read my ongoing manga when a new chapter releases, except for tokyo revengers & rent a girlfriend, idk why i always remember to read those 2 out of all that i'm reading haha.

oh that is so true, there's a lot of media coming out these days that i personally think just isn't fit for the big screen. blue period and chainsaw man being 2 examples, it feels like the importance gets watered down when, like you said, the pace is already predetermined in animation. it's nice to see the characters be animated and have their own voices, but the story around them just doesn' anymore. i feel like it's hard to put into words, but i think we both have the same idea? honestly a lot of anime coming out these days with good animation seem to be just that. they want to make profit off their work, story isn't important to a lot of anime watchers anymore, as long as the animation looks good, they'll lose their shit over it.

will do! i've been watching the marvel movies recently, so i need to plan my anime watching time around those now haha. probably going to start it tonight since i don't have work tomorrow (yay). and 100% agreed, it made me a little sad to see everyone just calling it overhyped and stuff like that. it's great in it's own way and has a unique story, if you don't like it you don't need to make a hateful review about it .. i'm glad it's getting more attention though! i remember starting the manga last october or so, and then finding out shortly after that an anime was coming out ! more attention to the series opens more doors in the future ..!

agreed! suika deserved so much better, i feel like they just used her for fanservice after they lost track of where the plot was even going. now that we talked about it, i can definitely see that it slowly fell off and looked like the writers just got bored. worst feeling </3. nah i get where you're coming from, i have like 10 ships MAX out of all media i'm into at this point. i used to be one of those diehard shippers, but i kinda lost interest after my main comfort ship didn't become canon ... (klance flashbacks..voltron....*shudders*). sengen definitely had something going, in a way it just felt like queerbaiting after we reached the ending & now after seeing the kohaku x senkuu thing ... yikes. SO TRUE! anything can be canon as long as it's in your head! (the delusional enstarrie in me is coming out)

right PLS, i just cannot greet new enstarries i hate them all ... and i watched a youtube video the other day (, and was so angry the entire time. i don't know why i get so angry over it LMFAO. me watching the newer enstarries go through the same shit i did and being mad because it's old news to me.. (rabits in eden mvs, throwing up and screaming over rei and rinne, etc).... i just try to avoid anything related to the eng server at all costs, i know it's mean of me to think like this but i just cannot . everytime anything gets an eng release, it falls to shit and the fandom becomes unfunny and horrid because they're all unfunny tiktok users who are there only to sexualize the characters thoughts ..

the crippling gacha addiction is too relatable , everytime i fall out of enstars, i suddenly come back with no recollection of why..can't live without it. but yes i hope you can get enough dia to hopefully secure rinne whenever he gets out of event 5* jail...oh dear i forgot about the lims, i need to start grinding for more dia.....ahh hokuto hidaka why couldn't you be in the first set </3 .. the worst part is that you end up doing the 350 dia pulls just to get a FOUR star , i think they need to change that. like maybe make it like the collab card boxes, where you aren't spending 350 dia just to (not) get what you want... i understand they're limited cards, but i think they could go about it a different way .. 🤨