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tenkousei Jan 20, 6:31 AM
I may be repeating myself but you really do write well and reply fast, on top of that. Writing usually takes me hours to finish because of how much needs to be edited. I get overwhelmed with thoughts of "This idea is great! What if we add this in?" and end up with me staring into space for a while. I also recently observed this but I'm using "I" a lot, almost in every sentence, that it feels bad to leave them as is. Communication is challenging, I have to say. I'm a quiet person in real life and would mostly stutter when urged to give my thoughts. But I think I've been improving on interacting with people, despite meeting less due to quarantine. Exchanging messages like this has been helpful as well.

I'm embarrassed about how I initially thought it was easy that I got overconfident and decided to create my Tower of God review a few days before the deadline. When that time came, however, I gave up entirely lol. Having deadlines means putting off the work until the last minute. Don't you think time pressure gets you more productive? It's a bad habit but it has worked for me so far.

Someone thinks I'm nice? To tell you the truth, I played nice for the badge. Just kidding! Although the badge part was true, I wanted one. And you're right: the rules were stricter this year. The elves might have noticed that participants were putting little effort into their gifts. I can tell because I've done the same on my first time.

Good representation does matter. At first, I didn't get why minorities are so particular on being seen or heard . Then pandemic happened and now they make sense. Not knowing anything about being 'different', I turned to my hobby and was introduced to characters with similar feelings. It's good to know that there's someone in the media who I can relate to.

Speaking of having a collection, I also own physical copies. I have the full Oyasumi Punpun, some Nichijou volumes and light novels from Monogatari series. It's my only way of supporting the industry as of now; everything else is through piracy. Manga is pricey here and oftentimes, only the popular titles are available. Is it the same in Finland? Or do you order them from Amazon? People in Japan are so lucky they don't have these problems!

It sounds weird but when I was looking for new shows to watch, I recalled I once saw a person in a Moomin T-shirt. We're practically strangers and it was even an uneventful day, I don't know why that memory stuck with me. And so I got interested, decided to watch it, the end. I see that our people act in a similar way (I'm Filipino btw). We have this concept of "Filipino Pride" where any association with our nationality is something to be proud of. For example, anyone, even someone remotely Filipino, that gains foreign attention will be reported in our national TV. The fact that we're everywhere doesn't help lol.

That's an easy question: I am the first type. I tend to either like charismatic or relatable characters. There's a certain charm in them that I am drawn into. For Gojou-sensei, it's his likable personality and OPness despite being egotistical and childish. On the other hand, I like Moogyeong (my profile pic) because we have many things in common. I like a character if I have photos of them in my phone.

Exchanging messages on MAL is now something to look forward to every week (trust me!). I hope the rest of January treats you well!
tenkousei Jan 11, 4:51 AM
Hello again.

If only I could be as good as you in writing so I could be less awkward around others. Do you write on a regular basis? I could never put out this lengthy reply in such a short time. I have no problems with thinking, it comes naturally and usually in excess. Writing/speaking is a different matter though. My thoughts don't materialze well. I can outright say whether an anime is good or bad for me, but I will have a hard time telling you why it is so. One time, there was this anime-review writing contest and I was the pay was reasonable. I initially thought that I could nail this one, that I had great ideas in mind. However, when the deadline for applications came near, I could not write anything. In the end, I did not submit an entry. My composition skills are subpar. Did you get that impression when you read my Secret Santa message? Reading it again, if my Secret Santa sent me that, I would be barely convinced to watch Shinsekai yori. 😅😅

I think narrowing down the likes/dislikes would be better? In my case, as mentioned before, I went for checking as many criteria as possible and the result was I had fewer titles to recommend. The first time I joined this event was 2 years ago as well. I did the same thing, listing this and that, and found the gift meh. This year I was less fussy and it worked.

Hyouka focuses less on romance and even if it does touch the subject, I like how the show isn't tropey. The characters are sensible and they know their feelings are not superficial. Rather than romance, what made Hyouka very appealing to me was its mystery. It's basically a relaxed version of "students solving crimes after school" (I make things up). If it interests you then please, I think you might like this one. In exchange, I'll be taking Death Parade.

The new semester will be starting here in a few days, though I might entirely miss out on winter anime to focus on school and work. Or maybe check out some if I'm free, who knows. I am enjoying Shingeki no Kyojin so far, the newer seasons to me were better. I think that MAPPA's adaptation captures the manga's feel more than the earlier seasons. The slow pace is probably intentional as there isn't much material left to work on. I personally don't mind.

I just want to say thank you. I am happy you are comfortable enough to share your 'identity' (for the lack of a better term) to a stranger online. I am also a part of the community, although still inside the closet. I had a self-discovery recently during quarantine and it was relieving. I have read that transgender people are the least represented group in the media and the most oppressed. I wish people's minds were more open. Hope prejudices die out.

While were on the topic, I have been educating myself on queer topics since then. Anime and manga as they are now may be oversaturated with stereotypes but there are select titles that are worth my time. So if it fancies you then give 'Boku ga Otto ni Deau made' and 'Shimanami Tasogare' a read. I like how they get personal.

You actually answered my questions! I left that out as mere pleasantries. Anyways, it was good to know a local's thoughts on their place. I've always wanted to work in a foreign country and if possible, live there someday. I was interested in Finland after watching the 90s Moomin anime. Are they still popular in Finland?

I have never heard of a "gambling bee" character before. Is he the one in your profile pic?

This has been another long reply from me. I hope you're doing well at school and at life. See ya!
subahokke Jan 9, 10:40 AM
okay whew hello! sorry once again i've been stuck in my head for the most part. i'm sure you're already back in school, but i hope your break went well! mine started the day you commented this though HAHA except it didn't apply to me since i just graduated #epic.

i think it adapted the first 25 chapters, i'm not too sure though i kinda forgot, plus they left out a few scenes and were skipping around quite a bit. mann netflix come on, speed it up lmfao.

oooh that's fun!! i've been starting to watch a few things myself, not too much though i'm still pretty drained sigh. i also noticed you watched quite a bit of aot haha. still waiting for the new episode to get subbed </3. anything you watched recently that you really enjoyed? too. they're so unbearable to watch 😭

i saw on enstars you got over like 2mil in the ss final, i barely finished it on time please. hope you got whoever you wanted! hiirin shuffle unit would be awesome, but at the same time it's a little predictable now, it'd be interesting for them to be placed with others that you'd never actually see them with. also i'm sure you've already seen by now but..RISKY VENUS !? i'm still shocked it got an mv. the rinne crotch shot had me dying. the mixing is so awful though, like they finished the first verse and then suddenly it goes to the rap. and they left out the softer part towards the end of the full vers which was disappointing but...since risky venus got an mv i'm assuming rinne might be the event scout. and entirely unrelated but alkaloid is soo due for a new song, i'm starting to get impatient lol. did you like the mv?

enstars hell is inescapable lmfao, everytime i say i'm done with it i am suddenly dragged back down even further. in fact i'm rereading a bunch of stories now (hypocritical of me). rinne's voice lines are so good, it feels like he needs more though hm.. i got hiiro and hokke's LAST i was so angry LMFAO, it's like the game knew i was waiting for theirs.

you should definitely reread it if you'd like! i hear the death note manga has a separate ending from the anime, i'd really like to get around to the manga but i'm pretty lazy with reading recently. the time skip was really random though, near and mello just coming out of nowhere was kind of unnecessary. but yea i agree, the beginning of the series was just perfect, and it just gets a little too different as you continue, nothing's like the beginning ! who's your favorite from death note?
tenkousei Jan 6, 7:08 PM
Happy New Year!

To be honest, I was only expecting to be greeted by a short message. You made it long and I am happy to the point that I was moved a little lol. Your comment reminded me of those letters you send on holidays (idk just me).
I appreciate your honest feedback even though you did not find the show as appealing as it was to me. What went through my mind back when choosing the gift was I that had to check as many boxes from your wishlist as possible. And the end result was a mish-mash. I hope to do better next time.

Reading your constructive criticism, I wish I was this analytical. When I watch anime, my inquisitive chemical engineering self is cast aside. Anyhow, I think you make good points. True, the characters are only there for the story to progress. I feel like they are treated in collective rather than as individuals. They blend in with the plot that you'll eventually lose focus of them entirely. Saki is basically a puppet to the story. I even got the 'twist' only when it was mentioned in the last episode. I guess I never paid close attention to the subtle hints. I was more fascinated about how the modern civilization changed so much, Japan regressed into a pre-industrial society. The fact that when I first watched Shinsekai yori I was depressed and just transferred schools (hence my username) made it more enjoyable at that time. The 'grim and cynical but a little hopeful' tone of the anime enamored me. And now I see it in a new light from your take.

Speaking of recommendations, I only gave one because writing reasons is a pain in the butt. You wouldn't watch an anime just because, would you? Hyouka and Uchouten Kazoku were shortlisted from the final pick. They are character-driven shows so you might find them interesting. I can only say this much, sorry (procrastination sucks). LGBTQI+ themed titles would have been great but there's not much and even if there was, they are not represented well.

My santa recommended Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song. It was good.

How's 2022 treating you so far? Is Finland good? Are Finns really the happiest people in the world? I ask too many questions haha.

Have a wonderful year!

PS: sorry for the late reply (^^;
sofil Dec 31, 2021 1:34 PM
Happy New Year! <3
SquanchDaddy Dec 26, 2021 3:49 PM
Thank you man I'm defintely plan on watching both of them! I had a rough end of the year but things are really looking up nonetheless. Hope the holiday season has treated you well. Merry Christmas!
SquanchDaddy Dec 23, 2021 9:22 AM
Killer top 10! Been meaning to watch Saiki K and March Comes in Like A Lion, I hear lots of good things about both of them
subahokke Dec 14, 2021 1:51 AM
uwahhh hi again, sorry for the ridiculously late response, my replies might be slow for a while </3

blue period ended a couple days ago and...the animation in the last episode was horrid, it was beyond terrible. it's like all the budget went into the first episode only.

i started with the usagi drop manga a few years ago and was so disappointed at the end haha. the anime ending was just way better.

ohh yes i agree, i'm really hoping season 3 is going to be really good. s2 really dragged honestly, the art n animation wasn't any good. i'm sure i'm losing interest in anime in general now, i haven't really watched anything in weeks.

hmm i think all of the sisters were good, except nino. i couldn't stand her lol. i wonder how the movie is going to end the series—i think they'll do an anime original ending though, the way the second season ended left out a few important scenes about the ending so i don't really have any hope in that ending anymore. and RIGHT lmfao fuutarou deserved better, the anime made him look so busted.

agreed, i am really hoping that gen is going to get at least one more time to shine. maybe some more backstory on him as well. uuu an interview hmm...i agree unfortunately, it's really dragging on. the recent chapters have picked up a bit but i don't see it redeeming the entire arc at this point.

haha they got mayoi first try so true. uwahh i'm glad you got rinne! i finally have hiiro's full album so that means he will get a new card soon to spite me lol. hm a lot of time has passed since we last talked so, wondering if you were interested in any of the new shuffle unit's cards? i'll probably only go for a single copy of mayoi if i even have the time.

yeah the teaser came out this morning and i'm just glad to see mayoi n aira get animated, but i would still prefer a lot of the main cast to be there yknow? also true hahah, i submitted all of alkakurei to be reviewed & added on mal about a year ago or so, only the ones in the movie have been accepted though haha...^^' and i agree with that, alkakurei angst is just what we need though...despair and chaos in the fandom

the stories are good! i've heard the writing has been decreasing in quality recently, especially with the SS event stories. i don't really have much interest in enstars much anymore, i'm more into prosekai as of right now (which is getting a mini series, i'm excited for that) but i'm sure the slightest thing could drag me back into enstars hell. you're rightttt they're both really interesting :(

and yup i read it! i thought it was pretty good, i liked the plot twists and how there wasn't some like fantasy shit going on, it was a nice break from whatever else i've been reading though. the ending made me a little sad i remember, it's been a few weeks now so i don't remember exactly why but ^^. you should definitely reread it if you want!! reexperiencing old stories is such a fun thing to do
galvaodepenado Dec 12, 2021 7:11 PM
this is honestly getting exhausting I barely have time for whatever I wanna do ಥ-ಥ like fr I just sacrificed my sleeping schedule to catch up on some shows :skull: it’s really nice to hear that you did well on your exams tho! claps for you clap clap you did very well and I am insanely proud it seems like it was yesterday the first time I took you to school,, "let’s go son!" I said before we stepped out of the house hhhh I’m tearing up just from thinking abt it

you’re right, the limited cards are the only things I’d lose my mind over cuz if I’m lucky enough the other ones can just come home from a free pull idk IHFIOF PRIORITIES

I’d love to relate to that but unfortunately I download random shit just to pull on it :skull: I didn’t say a thing okay no one knows,, but yeah I understand as I also don’t spend money on enstars and honestly putting that much effort into farming and not getting anything is frustrating, and since this is about this game in specific it’s even worse,, it hates every playerOIJFF right!! I noticed that when I was pulling on the old gacha that was an experience KCNHOD

THE WAY YOU SAID THAT HELPEN SHJDHBSGIFU IKR one day hokuto will be crushed by my own hands and judgement will not take him lightly for the sins he's commited whilst the 17 years of his life. i wish him luck in further existing whilst he carries the weight of his mistakes. OH uhh i thought my brilliant team was the strongest but turns out it’s the weakest :skull: THE CURSED TSUKASA MAN HE’S EVERYWHERE I CAN’T EVEN DEFEND HIM ANYMORE

honestly I “don’t care” abt that card that much anymore of course ill be happy if I get her but nothing will make me forget the sleepless nights and the 2h history class where I pulled on her and got nothing /hyp

im feeling weak now pls I only got one copy and then helped friends get him as well :skull: I NEED TO STOP DOING THIS I KEEP VOLUNTEERING TO FARM FOR OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME,, wait what do you mean by basic needs………

PLS I WENT TO LOOK AT WHAT WOULD BE AIRING NEXT SEASON AND THE FIRST THING I SEE IS AOT MAN I LITERALLY ASKED MY SISTER IF SHE KNEW WHEN THE NEXT SEASON WOULD AIR TODAY KIUSVHPFEGW also what the hell how is vanitas there it hasn’t been that long since the 1st season finished airing they fast asf.
but anyways I am mostly excited for the fruits basket ova and enstars movie yes yes, what about you?

watching my son grow from afar I hope she gives keito’s booba the attention they deserve </3 heartbreak

I would cry if you were tbh,, YEE it’s really time consuming and I don’t want to put more people in idol hell, but at the same time I want the people I like to also like the things I like so it’s kinda EHHH, you’re doing god’s work
galvaodepenado Nov 30, 2021 2:10 PM
HI SORRY I TOOK A LITTLE LONGER i had to prepare for the oral presentation i didnt even have today PFFFT KUSDVHPFR i was also panicking cuz i thought i did bad on my geometry test buT EVERYTHING IS FINE I GOT "ALMOST" A FULL MARK!! OMG, IS LEAD A GENIUS????? should i turn my 1-9 grade wall to a 16+ one HMMM (THAT PROBABLY DIDNT MAKE SENSE BUT WHERE I LIVE THEY GRADE US FROM 0-20 and i glue my negative grades to my sketchbook cause... idk?)

that means he was itching to come home. be prepared for him to torment you for the rest of your life,, THANK YOUUUU <3 ur right but it wouldn't be fun if everyone always got what they wanted, right? though i think the """"""""""pity"""""""""" is kinda.. LIKE WHERE DO WE EVEN GET 10500 DIA FROM HELPSJHFIFORHBPGOE or am i supposed to believe the card is gonna come home magically? cause last time i did that was on my birthday n i got initial hokuto (i was in a love hate relationship with him back then-) guess what happened next. if you guessed "you archived the card and never touched it again" you are right <3.

and you did well hELP I'M GLAD KEITO IS HOME AND SAFE WHERE HE SHOULD BE, AND RINNE TOO OFC!! my last awful gacha experience was when the revivals of the 5* happened n I really wanted arashi so i farmed for a whole week but i didn't get her, and then i tried again in her birthday and still got nothing boooo,, i still haven't gotten that card to this day... also my friend who didn't like arashi went to pull on her revival for jokes and to tease me (she wasn't expecting to actually get her, but she did) <3 omg yes i did!! THE CARD WAS SO PRETTY OMG I'M SO GLAD I ACTUALLY TO GET HIM HOME this was the first event (besides tour events) that i played to get the 5* :DD im assuming you also did since you said there's only a 3* keito missing :skull: CONGRATS!!!

OUCHHH IOFHPOWRHGP that's funny keito is also the one im the closest to complete but i'm still missing 4 cards,, YOU GOT THIS since it's a 3* you won't have to work your butt off to get memorial coins, it's okay i'm here to give you emotional support until then. OIHPR9G HELP SAME I USUALLY DO A SINGLE PULL IN EVERY BANNER AND THEN I GET PISSED CUZ THE 5* DIDN'T COME HOME :SKULL:

YESS!! THOSE MAKE ME SO HAPPY man i love romance, i don't care what kind, i just love seeing ppl in love and happy :( this sounded kinda weird welp JBOISFHFPS i wish i found those type of animanga more often especially cuz half of the time it's only yknow :skull: anyways watch sasamiya become my comfort anime in 321

i did helpme but i never play enstars basic anyways so i just figured i'd give it to someone who would do it. don't worry she'll take good care of him, he's in good hands >:) HELLO? honestly i can see why, that card is blessed, the story is blessed. keito is blessed, anything for him.
THAT'S A LONG TIME i'm feeling intimidated /j IT IS MAN it makes my arms tired but it's for a good reason. and yeah ofc!! send me :>
Vitor13 Nov 28, 2021 5:46 AM
Thank you :D She really is
Lezardo_ Nov 27, 2021 6:23 PM
True, actually planning on reading it next after I finished Bleach. I've seen the anime, and its really good, loved every second of it. So might as well try the manga.
Iciio Nov 27, 2021 4:14 PM
Thank you so much! I'm really glad that that's the case. Definitely what I was going for (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
Iciio Nov 27, 2021 2:13 PM
I really like the aesthetic of what your profile is kind of going for, the images are really nice picks. Also, you have really good favorites :]
galvaodepenado Nov 27, 2021 1:33 PM
PLSSSSS YOU'RE SO LUCKY!! i also pulled on today's banner, and TAHNKGOD i got hinata, that's all i deserved after makoto broke my heart... (mr lead right here had only 110 dia so he single pulled for makoto and the 3 cards he got were chiaki's anni card <3) OHH SO YOU GOT HIM LAST YEAR CRIES i wish i already liked keito back then. BUT HOLD ON DOES THAT MEAN YOU HAVE THEIR FULL ALBUMS? or are you missing any? I know how it is it's okay we are going through the same thing. the pain will never go away unfortunately </3

LITERALLY??? i really need to catch up tho 💀💀 but yes holy shit i'm so excited for the anime adaptation we're so close to it"!!1! and yeah honestly i don't really mind if the animation is "bad" the fact that it's getting an anime adaptation already makes me really happy! plsss is this what parents feel when their kid goes to school for the first time pfffft? i want more people to know about it *proceeds to never let my irls know about the existence of sasamiya*

that's fine help, if i'm being honest i never really got that much into the game, i just read the stories !! i always said "TODAY I'M GONNA START PLAYING IT FOR REAL" and then i never did. dude i downloaded it about 2 years ago and i haven't gotten past rank 5 :skull:,, that's actually so cool what?? it must be so fun to be in a troupe 🦟 that brings me back to middle school when the theatre classes would invite my class to watch their play IT WAS SO FUN there was one about arresting the wolf from red riding hood HEL0RFIHORIJG

uhh i'm actually fairly new to enstars KHDOIFS i only got into it last year during the nightless world event and I used to play both basic and music but i gave my basic acc (it was really hard to give up on that acc cuz it had comic world and chinatown keito ouch) to a friend. what about you? :D