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tingy Apr 10, 8:05 PM
Yeees, loving the cast ♥♥♥
HallowsIvy Mar 19, 9:39 PM
Aaah hi!!!! Welcome back haha.

Lol yeah the elves are just one big hivemind ~ I just think it's popular because all the people around me watch/know it. I suppose it can't be considered mainstream though.

But I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed My Influencer Boyfriend! Ngl I forgot there was any smut in that series haha so glad it wasn't too disrupting. I really love just straightforward fluffy stories so this series has been a top favorite of mine lately. I've been trying to recommend it to everyone eheh. It's so criminally underrated! ! But I also understand that most of the popular series have more serious plot or smth more like thoughtful, whereas this is really just cute romance haha. Communication always makes for such a beautiful story, better than sex ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

I wish I could think of other series similar to this one, but I'm not too sure what would be good for you haha. I do recommend the side story though! It's equally as cute, but the couple has a different dynamic :D
If you just want boyos who communicate, Haylen recommended this one to me and it was honestly surprisingly so nice: Iki Dekinai no wa Kimi no Sei. They are sex friends at first, but I don't remember it being really smutty? That's just the plot u_u The more I think about it, this series might have that gap moe you want though - won't say much because it might spoil~
If you're down for a longer one, China manhua is literally not allowed to have smut anyway so def check out Here U Are, which is probably one of the most popular series now lol. I thiink it's on your PTR alr. This one def has that communication you want and the two charas r so stinking sweet. The side couples miiight not be your type, but they don't get that much time that it overpowers the actual main story.
Combeferre Mar 12, 3:09 PM
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo · Watching 3/12 ・ Scored -
Azakami in haughty roles is the spice of my life
o lord you're in for a hell of a ride 😈
Gloozed Feb 26, 3:00 PM
Just wanted to say, your Malentine submission was one of the best I've ever seen. It's criminally underrated.
larilas Feb 24, 10:05 AM
no need to thank me pookie i know it's the best comment u've ever gotten
larilas Feb 22, 5:41 PM
echoxerk Feb 21, 6:22 AM
Yeah lolol money does make the world go round whether we like it or not. Suprisingly, law requires math especially in relation to business law and taxation since it involves money and properties. As someone who daydreams and dissociates a lot I prefer not to think too much into things even though I have the bad habit of overthinking. Ignorance is bliss after all, at least in things you don't need to solve. (゜▽゜*)♪

Heheh... I'm so glad you asked. My favorite solo is currently Yumemiru Architecture. My favorite song or earworm is (RE)PLAY. It's been in my head for weeks and has been undefeated. You're right! I have listened to Thrill Addict but I guess I didn't know I was listening to it since I can't be bothered to look at what i'm listening to when i'm in the zone of studying. I find myself looping Super Space Star too since it's Ikeda Junya's last before he got arrested for fraud (lol i have an attachment to Mitsuru where he is like a son to me, him and Tomoya... okay all Rabb*ts members ミ▫´〰`▫ミ). No harm done with bias, they're your bias for a reason! ♪(´▽`) lolol Given I've been listening to enstars songs for about a year now, you'd think I know enough lore but I don't, except for some events i've played through in the enstars music en app. Besides the app, how do you keep up on lore stuff? I've been especially curious about the Ryuseitai unit and Makoto Yuuki but I haven't been playing the rhythm game so... (;´∀`)

I'm not even going to pretend I understood what you just said about riichi mahjong. All I took away from that was that it requires luck and speed...and the rules of course. 「(・ิ.・ิ) Ooo I haven't participated in any MAL events lately. Definitely looking forward to whatever you contributed to the MAL Valentines event this year! ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧
tenkousei Jan 27, 4:02 AM
Lol they really think they wouldn't be caught using AI. Good riddance, now there's less of us next year to enjoy this gift-giving tradition. ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ) I would also like it that way, it feels more of a tight knit community, although it's still going to have many participants. Now that Taylor Swift has been the subject of a disgusting AI art, here's to hoping that she'll actually fight back hard on the ones responsible, starting the downfall of AI use. Saaaame, I hate NFTs with a passion as well. Even if you think of NFTs just as art pieces, not considering their environmental impact or fraudulent nature, they are ugly asf. _:(´ཀ`」∠):_I'm convinced no sane people would buy them lol. Glad their value continues to sink to the bottom by the day. As for Tiktok, I only see them on Youtube shorts. The videos there are largely misses like pointless drama, conspiracies, misinformation, and overall cringe content, but there may be a few hits every now and then. My friends use it, I can understand that they enjoy dancing in front of the camera and I'm all for whatever floats your boat, but you won't ever see me joining in lols. Vine was more enjoyable when it comes to short-form content.

I had a pretty good idea of what manga they'd want from looking at their favorites. In it there was Tomodachi Game, Yakusoku no Neverland, and Imawa no Kuni no Alice among others so giving a similar title was an easy task. ദ്ദി(ᵔᗜᵔ) Giving them only one was less so because Kaiji is a very long series divided into several parts, by that logic they recieved six recommendations. It was more so because I slacked off and put all the work a day before the deadline lol. (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧ I was hoping that they'd genuinely like my gift after hitting send and it did, all's well that ends well. My anime recipient never reached out though. I also didn't visit his profile out of fear that my recommendation did not meet his criteria. He seemed picky looking at his requests and I really did try my best to cater to his tastes. (;・∀・) Hope he's doing fine. Are you joining the anime/manga challenge this year?

My brain must have been tainted by the real world these days, all day thinking about responsibilities as an adult lol. ⁽⁽◝(∗ ❛⃘ ꒫ ❜⃘⃘ ∗)◜⁾⁾ And I used to be so imaginative! When spacing out a few years ago, my thoughts would drift endlessly. Now, whenever I space out, there's little to no image in my head. Maybe I should try escaping reality? But still as fully-functioning member of society of course.

Hmmm, maybe. That was their HR so I guess we'll meet only a couple of times at work. The person who interviewed me the first time was really nice, he seems to be friendly, giving me the impression that he wants me to be on their team. No matter how bad that interview went, I'm still keeping my line open for their response. I genuinely think my thing was to work on renewable energy. They were also the one who reached out first so not getting the position would be a missed opportunity, for both me and the company. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ You may have noticed my fast replies. That's because my social skills improved this past year! ( ◡̀_◡́)ᕤ I can now talk and write for longer periods of time without much fatigue lol. It's also cold in here, but there's rain instead of snow. As much as I want to let the blanket accompany me for the most part of the day, getting that hard cash really is a priority this year. (₱Δ₱) It's so hard being broke in this economy!
echoxerk Jan 22, 11:34 PM
I'm always happy to talk to friends about anything! To be honest, I chose my career path because of two things. First and foremost being money, second is probably self-satisfaction. As boring as it seems, I've taken a liking to reading laws, especially about... taxes. Still, I will say I like being creative more than doing math. I have a love-hate relationship with taxation at the moment but the ego boost and excitement I get when I solve a problem well keeps pushing me toward the path of "if i keep doing this, then what more can i achieve?" ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ Saying that when i'm on the peak of my performance, it's ironic that when things don't go my way, I quickly stumble back down to sulking and dragging my heels because I've come so far so why stop now? Very hard on myself for no reason. I hope you aren't like me when it comes to working towards your aspirations. (;´д`)ゞ Keep a steady footing and don't doubt the person you are now! (Perfectionism aside) Everything involves a process and things do take time.

High school was a pretty peaceful time, huh? ♪(´▽`) Sometimes I also reminisce about those days when my teachers were big role models to me. Their gentle guidance and words of affirmation to the younger me gave me the strength I needed. That, and my days as a writer for the school newspaper gave me certain privileges where I can stay at the library writing until late. Imagine my horrors one day when the security guard and janitor turned the lights off and almost locked me in lolol... Okay I got a bit carried away there. Anyways, proud of you for getting your diploma! A well-deserved break after finishing school is in order. On your terms, it seems that means you can spend more time on Rinne hahahah o(≧∀≦)o

To be honest, I have not been up to date on current events in enstars My only saving grace for the past few months is having enstars songs play on loop in the background and looking at fanart that have made their way through pinterest. Glad to hear you found my silly poem fun. Just keep in mind, if you write anything and wish to share it, I'm all ears (or eyes in this case because it involves reading lol). I get what you mean. Although I've been slacking on learning Japanese and Korean, I often find myself trying to read characters even if annoyingly slow. I think i've actually gotten faster reading things in Hangul (Korean) as well because of that. Practice makes for good progress! You'll get back to Yakuza 0 when you get back to it lolol. Riichi mahjong? Sounds nice and I can't help but imagine you playing with aunties over some tea.

I haven't been caught up in anything enstars so I'll definitely give Thrill Addict a listen! (☆▽☆) Hope Youhei Azakami continues to have a prosperous life, hearing all that good news on him.

See you around as well, gyanbu! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)

echoxerk Jan 22, 5:23 AM
gyanbu!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ☆⌒(*^-゜)v

Delighted to hear from you. I'll spare you the gruesome details of my move. Let's just say i'm still dedicating most of my time studying everyday. I haven't been active here since last year too I think. Just a lot has happened. Nonetheless, life goes on. HOPE YOU'RE DOING WELL! (and enjoying your 4* Rinne on JP ♡) Bless your fingers, and may our King Rinne shower you with love and company! (❁´◡`❁)

I've been keeping a log of friends I have made for memory. Here's a poem I have written about you just to remember you by (not very good but i think it's funny enough):

gyanburubii, gyanburu, gyanbu
A fellow enstars enthusiast like me, too!
Writing so beautifully, poetically articulate
I was surprised to know you're good at translate (-ing)
English, Finnish, Swedish, Nihongo
And probably other languages that I don't know

Thank you I enjoyed your cute webnovel
All I can say is you're on another level
And I wish you well on your career in linguistics
King Rinne as inspiration, we all know that's impressive
I'm very proud of you, my ENTP friend
Though I wish you'd take care, don't grind your fingers to death

tenkousei Jan 20, 4:24 AM
Were they the silly kind of trolling or were they annoying? Wut, the message and/or the image exchange? Either way, that's sad that they had to use AI. Shame on them! ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ This event was supposed to show their creativity, and now it proved their lack of it lol. I'm the science, logic type of person, having only a tiny creative bone in his body, and I still had something personal for my recipient. AI art is ugly asf although I've seen some people defend their so-called creation lol. It's also why misinformation spreads quick these days, giving this 'power' to just anyone who has access to the Internet. The 'sus' translation, if my memory serves me right, didn't that happen to Nagatoro anime? You're right. I'm all for using lingo as long as it conveys the essence of the work in its original language.

That's why I've spent more time in manga now than anime. Although, since Tachiyomi died after being struck by Kakao, my reading was also cut short. Now we have to wait for its successor so I can finally continue reading. RIP Tachiyomi (2014 - 2024), you will be missed. _(:‚‹」∠)_

I thought they'll be put off by the art style, but I think it also adds to the grubby theme of the series. To think they enjoyed Kaiji so well it made into their favorites supports this thought of mine. He's insanely lucky though - if I was him, I'd die on the spot for having unpayable debt. ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫ ❀◟(ᴗ_ ᴗ ) I get that he's a compulsive gambler with a bum mindset that he gets into all sorts of troubles and we as the audience have to thank for the entertainment it brings us, he could maybe think about his actions more carefully. I know I'm thinking about this realistically, to separate reality from fiction, but who wants to be in his shoes IRL? Still, great story and as you've said, it's hard to predict how the gamble will turn out. Usually with shonen, you can already tell which side is going to win, but Kaiji's mangaka writes it so well. I'm amazed that it's still publishing after so long. Btw, what did ギャンブルビイ様 give as a Secret Santa? (╭ರ_•́)

I did smash it! No I'm kidding, wish I was, I think I might have bombed it a bit, I was a nervous wreck the whole time when I wasn't feeling any nerves hours prior or on past interviews. ( ꩜ ᯅ ꩜;) It might be because my interviewer and I were a bad match. They reminded me of one terror prof in college that has the exact personality that I loathe so much! Once they started talking, my fight or flight receptors activated, causing me to be frozen in place lol. Although I managed to answer their questions despite all that, I'm not sure if they're satisfied. I wanted to cry after lols. I'm still hoping that they'll call me back for another round. 🥹 I couldn't stop thinking about it since, my brain's fried as of writing this. I know I'm capable for the this, a R&D job in the energy sector that's well within my skills and interests, but I just suck at talking lol. Being a recluse for some time really bit me in the ass this time! Maybe because the weather's cold that you're acting lazy? {{(>_<)}} I think winter and fall have the best anime lineup while shows in summer are not so appealing.
tenkousei Jan 15, 4:18 AM
Yeahhhh, it was really hard time picking a gift for them. They really had a very specific taste in anime and I'm not so sure if they'll like my gift. Also doesn't help that I did the gift giving on the last day lololol. I almost put myself on the naughty list ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴. This is also the first time my recipient really liked the manga that I picked for them w(°o°)w. They finished reading it in just a few days then started watching the anime! Did the strict gifting rules prevent rulebreakers this year?

We used to have KissAnime back then as well, it's just that the use of wifis was not widespread yet so downloading was more convenient. Staying at the mall for a few hours just to connect to the free wifi is a core memory. I used to finish 2-3 seasons in a day, now I can hardly watch an episode. You asked me what I got from my Santas so you didn't forget anything! Sooo I gave them Mononoke for the anime and Kaiji for the manga! ( ͡⎚ ω ͡⎚)

I'm actually going to have one this Wednesday. Hope it goes super wellll. Did you know that there's a live action of Cherry Magic that aired on 2020? It's also a must-watch! The fluff makes you want to die or wish for a loving partner lolol _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_. I've seen clips of that one trending on Twitter, is it good?
HallowsIvy Jan 11, 8:43 PM
Ah yeah I didn't check the other channels much, mostly bc my anime knowledge is so lacking nowadays ☆o(><;)○ I checked Tan and break room but thts it really hahah, Goofy Boss and Tanaka are also p popular so I probably wouldn't think much of it ( ╥ω╥ ) I am a simple-minded person.

Haha that's ok, I also have a ton I haven't rated because it's been too long ~(>_<~) I just have... a very looong list so it makes up for it ahaha. I'm glad they seem interesting to you though! I'll be looking forward to your review (つ≧▽≦)つ I will go watch the stuff you sent me first hahaha I'm just rlly slow with anime in general tho, pls don't be bothered about it (*_ _)人
Dancho Jan 11, 7:44 PM
Hello!!!! :D Ahhhh I love in the meantime :nekoblush: it's my fav trigger song after crescent rise!

Omg lol you're right! The food in ACCA is also great~ I also have a hard time with slower anime but the setting and wanting to know more about the characters were what kept me watching. ^^

Ohh yes the extra recommendations! So I'm pretty sure we were matched with the assumption that I would gift you Natsume Yuujinchou because it really did seem like the perfect gift: well-rated iyashikei that's not Majority Female Cast (actually the only one left on my unique list that doesn't have the CGDCT tag lol). It's been so long since I saw it though, and I only watched season 1 so I wasn't confident enough to write about it. >< So instead I was considering Fukigen na Mononokean! It's similar enough in concept to Natsume, but with more comedy~ Also it has less episodes to get through and the manga is complete as well. ALSO just look at how cute Moja is!

The other one I really wanted to rec was one that seems to be hit or miss with people considering the score it has. XD
You have a lot of comedies rated high so I figured maybe you'd like Dame x Prince Anime Caravan? It's pretty much just a stupid comedy with characters doing stupid stuff and getting themselves into stupid situations LMAO. You have to be a fan of absurd humor and situational comedies. The animation/storyline aren't anything special, so really the main thing it's got going for it is the comedy and great seiyuus. It also has your favorite, Umehara! As well as my favorite lol. It's tagged Reverse Harem but to be honest...I'm not sure how that applies without the romance? Harem of friends?? LOL

I did want to give you one light-hearted rec and one that was the opposite, and while in the end I decided on ACCA, the other one I was really considering for you was Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World. Similarly to ACCA, Kino is also a slow anime and even more episodic. I usually don't like episodic anime but there was something about Kino...every episode presented a morally interesting story and I was always intrigued by how the MC would react to each one. It's a lot more well-known than ACCA though, so in the end I decided to just leave it as an extra rec if you wanted it in case you already knew about it. In hindsight though, maybe it's good I went with the slightly faster-paced show hahah!

The very last one is another one of my personal favorites that I like to recommend since it's still so underrated, even though it aired almost 20 years ago T_T Ookiku Furikabutte! Maybe by the 20th anniversary it will finally reach 100k members on MAL ahaha. It's a sports anime but really the focus is more on the characters themselves. Veryyyy similar to Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru! The mangaka actually has a degree in sports psychology and I feel like she uses it to make the characters feel pretty realistic. Usually sports anime will have characters with really strong and colorful personalities to make it hype for the viewer, but in Oofuri everyone's just really normal (in a good way lol!). But it's so refreshing if you ever want to get away from the usual sports anime tropes~

Also belated HNY to you as well!! also, sorry it took a while to reply back to your older comment! I have a pile of them I need to reply to but I keep forgetting lol /o\
HallowsIvy Jan 11, 5:06 PM
Heyhey ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

I don't think it would've changed the outcome ngl haha I'm not an avid stalker of people's lists or anything. Everyone has the benefit of doubt! But also because some of the fellow elves made me think it was someone else because that someone else likes to write long messages lol (o_ _)

No pressure to give me manga haha I actually haven't watched anime outside of simuls much lately so it's actually a nice change. I'll try out the two you listed, although you are right that not being conventionally attractive kinda puts me off ( ̄ヘ ̄) but the premise sounds kinda funny so I might give it a shot~

I get what you mean though haha - bl isn't for everyone, and I can understand.

Although if you ask for bl, you shall receive!
You didn't rate a lot on your list so I'm not too sure what you'd like, but I figured I could send some of my favorites? I don't really like slow ones either so if it keeps my interest they might be okay for you! They're all really cute and consensual (assume I remember correctly).
Secret XXX: A guy who loves rabbits but has a rabbit allergy x a guy who owns a pet store. It's super cute and probably one of the more well-known series.
My Internet Famous Boyfriend: I love showbiz so this one was kind of instant like for me. It's not very well-known but I love it uwu
Ookami-kun Won't Let Go: So this one I wasn't toooo sure if it fits your requirements or if it might be too much bl for a newbie, but everyone from Tan seems to like it after I send it to them, so I say give it a shot :D The couple is just cavity-inducing ehehe. I hope the animal features isn't too much for you ):

Hopefully at least one of these peak your interest? I'm not the best with words to recommend or review stuff, but I can send you Italian hand emojis to show you how good it is hehe.

Happy New Year (´,,•ω•,,)♡
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