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Otaku_baka_dsk Apr 7, 7:13 AM
Thank you so much! (≧ω≦)
Conde_Mohr Jan 3, 9:07 AM
Hi, Justin, I'm glad that you are enjoying the recommendations.

If you're already considering watching Aria, I recommend watching it before Amanchu, unless you really want the "outcast making friends" plot –Amanchu has a ton of Aria references. Amanchu is a very solid iyashikei, with an extremely good start but which dies down a little after the first few episodes, which is a shame, although the rest of the episodes are quite decent. It doesn't have a very good mean score, but that's because it's an iyashikei and people don't usually like those (the second season has other issues). If you look at the first season of Aria, it doesn't have very good score either. Regarding the especially Origination comment, Origination is not groundbreaking, it's just the same as the previous two seasons but giving some closure to the whole thing. Some people skip Natural for some reason, but I really encourage people not to do that because the whole point of the anime is the road, not the finish line.

I think most people felt the same way regarding Sarazanmai. It's a shame that the ending is weak, because the anime itself is both interesting and entertaining. If you liked Ikuhara's style, don't hesitate to try his other anime –they're better in my opinion.

About your original Santa, I just checked and apparently he caught covid and he was quite sick, so he couldn't participate. Maybe you want to wish him well and possibly let him redeem himself with a late present.

PS: It wasn't 25, I made 32 presents or side recommendations + my own participation in images (so a total of 33).
uwuglo Jan 3, 1:31 AM
I'm glad you liked it! I saw that Wakana was one of your top characters but I'm glad that you liked the others as well (Reina aside lol)
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year ;3
Rabb2t Jul 12, 2020 8:52 AM
Yo! Happy birthday.
idol May 24, 2020 4:33 PM
Haven't been on MAL much actually. To be honest, was locked out of my account until today. Guess I wanted to check something on Argonavis but ended up not watching either because of quarantine problems, technology and so. (basically, was quarantined away from home and my laptop can't handle anime properly T_T).

Umm, maybe it's my own fault as English isn't my main language so whatever was spoken there was a bit difficult for me lol. Yes, shippers gonna ship and if it's a "cliche" dynamic it's even more likely, right? Hmm, could be since Natsume Ono also writes pretty good BL manga, so the fans of her BL works would be likely to try and watch Saraiya Goyou even if it's not it. Guess it's a definite attempt to broaden the audience, and one that barely worked, if at all. :P Funny how they were trying to Be Cool And Not Fanservicey at all but some fanservice was needed even though the timeslot was already pretty popular, not for the fanservice either.

Yes, that too.

Hmm, yes, I think in the beginning though it was way more hinted at Arata/Chihaya because they *did* share that sort of bond, before the karuta club and when Taichi wasn't interested in it anymore, and all thattt... but at this point it's like, I can't really see romance happening between Arata and Chihaya *because* they are so enthralled in karuta, as opposed to Taichi wo has always been a more... warm, character, perhaps ?? And this is what the Japanese fans usually want in shoujo + as an added bonus Taichi is canon hot / chilvarious / voiced by Mamoru Miyano LOL

Ohh I see. Well, Kaikan Phrase did get a mobile game because it was actually THAT big way back in the days so it was important enough for it to warrant a sequel but it is actually set in the future. The mobage's mc is actually the son of the og mc - and it is surprisingly a good mobage too, but sadly it does seem that people are a bit scared off of it because it's old >:/
Nope, don't add Music Videos ... unless it's praticularly striking? I believe I did add Wish because there is no other animation for that and ... well I may add if it's a series I strive for 100% completion (as, say, Code Geass lol which I am planning on updating it all.)

Well Listeners does seem right up my alley now that you say it. As for guydori ... did you end up watching more of it? How was it?? Because of issues I mentioned there was no way for me to watch it, well until yesterday at least but am just sorting out other things before trying to catch up on anime :P

Somehow for all Haruchika is sort of a "boring, nothing happens" kind of series I do remember thoroughly enjoying it. Ooh iirc my experience watching these two was similar - quick, light-hearted. Indeed, Glasslip does feel very soapy but I guess it was an upside for me, as I am kind of fond (or maybe... don't actively dislike) of anime soaps but most of it is just like, badly done eroge adaptations sometimes done in poor cg ( *ahem* ) at other times loaded with ecchi and when it's neither it's likely old and badly animated lol ; didn't watch Irodoku personally ... I did see Shirobako way back in the days, like 1 episode or 2 but it wasn't my cup of tea. My best friend is an animator for 3D graphics and loves that show, and keeps telling me that I should watch it because it's terribly realistic somehow but ehh successfully avoiding it for the past few years lol. I have yet to see NagiAsu though because it sounds amazing.

Ohh that's random. ... damn, now I kinda worry for myself. Sure hope nobody ever rustled through my BL manga shelf thinking "well I'll just pick a lighthearted kid comic and see whats inside". ´A ` ; ; A-Anyway, I heard of that Otouto no Otto before, it sounds sweet!

It's ... really something. An aesthetic experience, if you will. Sometimes when I fele down I go back to it to remember the meaning of life. It's surely anything but it LOL.

Sorry for the (huge, now that I notice!) delay !! Sometimes I may just disappear from MAL because I forget my password (...sad truly,) but eventually I go back LOL. Thanks a lot for replying, see you around :)
Rabb2t Apr 29, 2020 5:32 PM
Thank you! It's definitely a weird time, but it's been pretty good today.
TheFlyingOrange Apr 27, 2020 8:53 PM
Thanks! Despite quarantine it was a good time.

Sounds like March Comes in Like a Lion + School Days with adults. I honestly could not get that invested in the shoji in 3-gatsu so idk about rakugo (although Haikyuu!! Did get me way more interested in volleyball when I watched it), but I think it sounds like it could be alright depending on how they execute the drama. I think that plays a major role and varies a lot between shows-
Nana and Sing “Yesterday” to Me- realistic/natural
Key Anime, Ano Hana, Plastic Memories, Your Lie in April and several others- somewhat manufactured (melodramatic) but it can work, with the perfect example of it working being Clannad: After Story. I haven’t seen it, but I know a lot of people had issues with Hoshiah no Sora for doing it overwhelmingly. Over time I think Clannad had the most lasting impact, I think the others were more just temporary feels that didn’t too much in the long run.
School Days- questionably unironic absurdism
White Album 2- in terms of story structure and events it has parallels with School Days, but its drama is unrecognizably more natural and realistic.
So I guess it isn't really drama in general, but more how forced/artificial vs real it feels.

It could’ve been but I’m not completely sure. I also sorta don’t want to look it up to confirm it in case I decide to read it in the future lol.

That’s nice, I’ve been doing something similar where I watch airing anime (or the ones that are left, at least; thankfully there are some solid shows) whenever I get to it since it’s subbed, then I’ve been watching dubbed stuff for the most part while doing schoolwork during the day (rn I’m watching Inuyasha, but I’ve also been trying to clear out my on hold list a bit and finish some other long shows like Rurouni Kenshin and Hunter x Hunter; idk if I’m bold enough for anything like Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, Black Clover or One Piece tho).

Yeah it’s super weird seeing anime that used to be on Netflix or comes up as available in other countries on Google, like that has to be a pain to figure out what specific countries get what shows (although I guess it is slightly better than the classic ‘unavailable in your region’ Funimation has for a lot of places).

I think it might be a situation where since I feel like they’re more mainstream I’m saving them for if I ever watch them with friends or something, which is also why I almost never watch live action movies by myself, so I’d also prob prioritize a movie that’s less well known. Although idk that Wolf Children is as mainstream so I might watch that sometime soon. What do you think of this season’s shows?

Yeah I actually heard back and I got into my first choice which is awesome!

Balsa is pretty cool, she reminds me of the Major, especially in regards to personality. Sounds like Netflix really used to have some great series before they got more shounen-centric (they’ve been improving over the past year, but they still need to step it up considering how many shows Hulu was able to get with one deal with Funimation).

Thx, stay safe!
Otaku_baka_dsk Apr 9, 2020 10:36 AM
Thank you! (。•ㅅ•。)♡
I really think I'm going insane with this hell load of challenges I accepted!(╥╯θ╰╥)
By the way I hope you are safe from corona!
Otaku_baka_dsk Apr 7, 2020 11:24 AM
Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me.
Yeah, I got some good recommends this year too and I also stumbled upon some anime challenges too
TheFlyingOrange Mar 23, 2020 7:35 PM
That’s cool, I’ve had Rakugo on my PTW list for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t know watch like, any soap operas, but if it is mostly dramatic I might hold off on it for a while (sometimes it feels like super dramatic shows sometimes lose impact since they aren’t really relatable; i.e. too melodramatic). Chikan Otoko looks right up my alley, not that I read of lot of romantic comedies, but it seems like a short, fun read so I’ll give it a shot at some point (same with Lovely Complex which also looks pretty good).

Yeah it seems sorta sporadic when some anime sequels happen. Bones hasn’t really slowed down its pace with Bungou Stray Dogs, but since My Hero is somewhat catching up to the manga, Mob Psycho will probably wrap up soon, and Noragami has at least enough material for one more cour, it’ll probably come in like, 2 maybe 3 years imo (that way they can deal with their other stuff and give a good gap for the mangaka to make more. Idk what they’re doing about My Hero’s pace tho).

Yeah other stuff I’ve read from him is: The Demigod Diaries and 2 graphic novel adaptations of Lightning Thief and the Red Pyramid, which I completely forget anything about except that they were alright (I also read part of The Maze of Bones, but I don’t know that I ever finished); The Heroes of Olympus series, which I liked all the books in, but Mark of Athena was also my favorite (It’s definitely on par with the original book series, books 3-5 sorta merge together a bit when I think about them, but I remember loving MoA, and not being able to wait for the book after the cliffhanger); The Kane Chronicles series, which I really enjoyed even though I was never as into Egyptian mythology as Greek mythology (it was nice too that it was similar but different from Percy Jackson, and that it was self-contained in 3 books); 3 short crossover stories between Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson, they were fine but not much substance at all (could’ve been cool as a book with a blend of Greek and Egyptian mythology tho); and I’ve been meaning to read the Magnus Chase series, but I never picked them up since they sorta seemed like a spin-off of the other two series instead of a sequel, and I guess Norse mythology didn’t interest me as much as Egyptian mythology from the Kane Chronicles. I also got spoiled on a massive thing from a girl in school when I was talking about the franchise, so I think that killed some of my motivation tbh.

Yeah that makes sense, I’m not sure about you but with recent events I’ll have a lot more time at home to watch anime lol.

I’m not sure that I knew they were all the same author, but both of those do look good. I’ll get around to watching Paradise Kiss at some point, but I’ll prob watch Gokinjo Monogatari first since it’s the ‘prequel’, even tho the characters apparently only make cameos in PK.

Thanks for the movie recommendations! For some reason I’ve held off on Spirited Away and Wolf Children even though they’re both critically acclaimed (probably saving them for… something, idk what lol) but I’ll check them and the others out at some point.

That’s cool about Millennium Actress, and that’s fair I think Tokyo Godfathers and Perfect Blue are both unique and great, but for completely different reasons. Now that it’s been a bit longer, I don’t think I liked Paranoia Agent as much as the others, but it was still good. The first 3 episodes are amazing imo, and it stays really good through 7, but I feel like, except for maybe 1 episode and the last two, the changes in characters and story took a shift that I really don’t get at all (like it makes some sense but it’s also confusing af).

Lol yeah, it could make a solid trilogy, although Re:Zero and ReLIFE are prob more similar than Re:Creators in terms of the use of ‘Re’.

Yeah, I got early acceptance on my #2 and am waiting to hear from my #1 since I got deferred, but I should hear in the next week so that’s good. I should be ok with school but thx!

idol Mar 14, 2020 5:31 PM
Hello! (I just came back on MAL after a while, so hello again!)

Hmm, really? I don't know about that, lol! (Also surprising to know since those days I used to watch literally anything and everything with BL undertones.) I feel that there is sort of an underlying plot, despite it being episodic, and tying things together is difficult if you're not concentrated, or maybe it's just the subs I'm watching and/or the fact that I can't really understand anything they say, what with the archaic speech. But, anyway, it's pretty interesting. I haven't been watching anything much though, since it's been so difficult for me to actually stop in front of the PC and watch anything now that I'm working/studying mon to sat -_-

I guess the reason is just that it's old lol. Good anime back then was just Long. I can't say I know exactly why that is though.

NO WAY, haha, I really like him too! But yeah, it's not even the mangaka, sometimes the editors will press the mangaka to do one thing or another and they just end up giving in, right? I think I was definitely more confident about Arata/Chihaya in season 1 than season 2, though, because it was clear both liked each other the most still even if they didn't meet physically. Now it feels like both love karuta too much too care. (Then again, and speaking of Oofuri again I was reminiscing it and it's pretty cute how the main characters are a popular ship *because* they care so much for baseball that they seem to only have one another when it comes to the subject which is the kind of relationship dynamic I expect for Arata/Chihaya kinda. :P )

LOL, sorry, I guess that wasn't very well explained. Because I've seen most music anime that you have, and you told me about your goal, I ended up thinking of you when I saw some music anime I had never heard of. I feel that 90s or even early 2000s idol anime might have a very different sense of "idol" even because music industry still didn't have AKB or k-pop that proeminently etc (I'm thinking Perfect Blue?). Out of the three I can say Lemon Angel Project is the only I heard of way back when it was airing, and I remember loving a few songs, but that's all I knew. (From my friend who loved Mermaid Melody and yeah it had some cool songs too so maybe it's not an indicator lol.)

Hmm, although technically Kaikan Phrase is... not idol but definitely revolver more around a fantasy pop music world? I forgot to mention but I know a lot about it since I've played the games (and I really like the current mobage, too!). Gotta get around to watching the anime someday... but yeah, I guess it's more shoujo-y than anything, it's about as "music anime" as, say, Gravitation or Given or whatever. I've heard of Hikaru no Densetsu but it looks more like Kaleidostar to me personally. Also, Rock'n'Roll kids is one anime I heard of recently, maybe it's one of the titles I wanted to mention! Never saw it but looks... mildly interesting?

Ohh, that Listeners anime looks interesting! Maybe a bit like Carole and Tuesday vibes huh ... ? Thanks for letting me know as well!!

LMAO, but that's so mean! "Why is Johnatan the only Johnatan?". Such a profound and philosophical question can not have a simple answer. That's one lifechanging sentence here. Truly a work of art, unrecognized by many. That is Glasslip. No, but I really like Glasslip... actually, I tend to like everything by PA Works because I just like cute shows with cute animation and a chilly slice-of-life happy feeling, which is how I feel about KyoAni but elevated to a maximum level ;_; (sadly for me I guess,) I just like pretty much everything the studio has put out since Haruhi but since Free! is so right up my alley it's really best of both worlds. Nice soapy feeling, check; great animation from a studio I liked previously, check; cute husbando material, check. Sadly, all of that is not Junjou Romantica.

Ohh, how sweet of her!! (In my house, the relationship my family has with anime has always been basically "why are you watching the noodley chicks bluray again?", which I can't really blame them for.) I mean, Honey & Clover is really nice and inofensive, it's the anime I try to show others when people ask me "why do you like this anime thing so much?" (Sadly, all of that is not Free!.)

But, in the vein of Glasslip and since we're on the subject of music anime, please do give Cipher a try. It's... such a work of art. (Don't.)

Lol, anyway. Thanks for replying! I was gonna say sorry for being late, but coincidentally I wasn't so.
idol Feb 13, 2020 7:39 PM
It's actually Saraiya Goyou though! It's pretty short, but very complex and slow. ^_^ ; ; ; I am thoroughly enjoying Yuu Yuu Hakusho though. For me, when it comes to Maison Ikkoku I guess I'm inevitably comparing it to Honey & Clover in terms of "college students living in a sharehouse and falling in love" or something and it's falling very short on that matter, so lol not that happy. I really liked Ranma back then though, I was never really one for her other works. Well maybe I'd like Urusei Yatsura if I gave it a try?

Yes! Can't remember much, sorry! Hmm, I think this is exactly why: we meet Taichi before meeting Arata and Taichi is always more present, also he's cute and Mamoru Miyano's voice lol. I think he just tends to have more vocal fangirls y'know, and they'd be pissed if she ends up with Arata so I'm not too hopeful. I also tend to cheer for couples that don't do too well lol, and neither are really the romance type, and these kinds of characters are normally not paired in popular shoujo... But maybe that's why I liked them so much from the beginning. As they say, swift waters parted by jagged rocks are joined at the river's end, right? :)

Ah, right, yes! I ♥ Konatsu as well. Agreed in that Sukeroku had a lot of potential as a character stereotype that is usually moodlifting and ~hides some depth~ but all that was never really explored. I guess I like this twist though. Like, he could be deep and interesting and bright (tm) but he's just a drunk annoying bitch. :P

It IS more realistic than most idol anime, though. :P

Lately I've been thinking of watching a few older music shows and ended up thinking of you. Some of which look interesting but I never heard much about. Ever heard of Lovedol? Or Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko? Or of Lemon Angel Project? I also heard of a very interesting (iirc, 90s or early 2000s) anime revolving around music production/bands these days, but I missed the url. Hopefully I will find it. I'm also very excited about Argonavis (aka bandoris boydori) next season.

Sadly I heard that SideM gets worse later, too. :/

Ohh I think because I dislike team sports irl I don't like seeing these in anime either. That's definitely very personal though!

I know, right? Mine probably wrote a bit less, lol. But that's ok, since I guess I don't want anyone overexerting themselves for what should be fun either! Hmm, I think they did put in some effort in matching me this year, though. I do watch/read a copious amount of BL so I'm always afraid whenever I ask for recommendations that people will be like "ok, she's a fujoshi, let's recommend BL lol" because... surely I'd rather watch BL trash than non-BL trash but I'd much rather watch anything actually good (it's not like I can't enjoy NL or GL, it's just that I like BL see :P). So yeah, I'm happy enough lol.

I've been actually busy with other things! (website updating, college setup etc.) There's a few series I want to watch which are in my "Watching" list already, so maybe I'll get around to watching them during local holidays next week.

Thanks a lot for replying! :) You too!!
TheFlyingOrange Feb 4, 2020 3:22 PM
Hey sorry for the super late reply, but no problem, they were definitely solid watches. How was what you were recommended?

It might not be for a while, but whether it's the same studio, crew, etc. I feel like we'll eventually get a season 3...hopefully

Yeah I think Percy Jackson has been my favourite book series (and books in general), the way the mythology is blended with the characters, story, and world is really cool to see and could be part of the reason I also really liked Noragami (even though Yato isn't really a real God; still the ideas of nameless gods is super interesting). Also u right about him being too much for them lol

That's fair about Beck tbh with not too much happening (I wasn't too fond of the bully arc since that's pretty much a trope at this point, but the character relationships and rise to success of the band are both things I love so it wasn't a huge deal), although K-On! the Movie is my third favourite anime movie behind Liz and the Bluebird and End of Evangelion, so I'm totally ok with the story being not as intense since the characters fill any gap that could be created by it (i.e. character-driven rather than story-driven). Also totally would recommend the Trigun dub, some people don't like it which is understandable, but Johnny Yong Bosch is amazing in it and the ending is one of the best I've seen. Cowboy Bebop, it took my a bit to really get into it, but it's a solid show for the majority of the series, but I think a lot of people's praise of it comes from the ending, so I'd recommend watching it through at some point if you have time (or at least the soundtrack which is 10/10 imo).

I'll definitely read Nana at some point, but I think I'll have to wait a while (like when rewatching a show after seeing it the first time) before I come back to it. Also no worries, even tho my manga list is scarier than my anime list, that also just means I have that much more to read on a road trip or if I ever get more into it than anime.

That's actually super interesting about When Marnie Was There, I didn't know that. Part of me does totally want (spoilers for When Marnie Was There and White Album 2)
Also I high key haven't seen any anime movies since When Marnie Was There since I've been busy with other challenges, so I would appreciate any recommendations if possible (I might watch Steamboy and Ninja Batman sometime soon but other than that I don't have too much planned movie-wise. I was going to see Weathering With You in theatres but I pulled an all-nighter the night before to finish an assignment so I was too tired to go lol).

I'll take your advice of watching Millenium Actress last, I was going to do Paprika last since that's the oldest anime on my PTW list, but I've also heard that it's not as good as the others so I might watch it next. I also just watched Paranoia Agent recently which was an experience. I think I might need a bit to process it but it was definitely reminiscent of Perfect Blue (and had Kon's classic art style) which was pretty cool.

I think I've come across ReLIFE before while browsing myanimelist or in discussions, but since I had ReCreators on my PTW list already I never added it, even tho that doesn't make sense since they're not related at all. lol I'll check it out, thx.

Luckily it's my senior year of high school so my classes are way more relaxed than last year and that's nice, but I may need some luck in college next year so thank you. Good luck to you too!
idol Jan 28, 2020 3:37 AM
No, it's ok! I understand lol. Honestly, I still haven't gotten around to finishing my own gift.

Aww! Oh man, did she? I will be quite sorry for the shippers when/if it turns out to be just a ~lulzy joke~ then. Too much been here done that LOL! But, no, I actually cheered for Arata since the beginning. It really hurts that he keeps getting hurt and broken every time while Team Taichi is always sailing smoothly with the occasional "hey maybe she likes the other guy romantically!" But I digress. I always seem to cheer for the unpopular thus non canon couple sadly lol.

Ohh, so you did! Yes, it is pretty soapy! It really does feel like an animated drama I guess. Which I personally like a lot, but I get where you're coming from. I really like Yakumo - in a "I'm glad I do not know you personally" way - and Konatsu, though! I think the main trio was quite well developed despite not being very "likeable" because they are also deeply flawed. Glad you enjoyed!!

Well, I think there is anime like Nodame Cantabile or even Given that attempt to do it, and there's anime like Sakamichi no Apollon that touches history of music I guess, even Nana shows quite a realistic side of Japanese bandom. But Macross is none of that, sorry lol! Try K-on for more realistic take on music, I guess.

Hmmm, I honestly tend to either drop or drag myself through these as I feel that they are always the same bs only with different haircuts and seiyuu. In my experience ofc. I think the only I would recommend would actually be Idolmaster lol. I liked the game of Enstars but I haven't seen the anime yet. I am currently eagerly waiting for Bandori's Argonavis games and anime to be released, though! As for Utapri, I liked it a lot a decade ago because there really was a shortage of nicely animated bishounen anime but that was about it, I dare say, for most of us fans.

Oh, I mean when compared to Baby Steps or Oofuri! As both are very much theory heavy as opposed to "I'll take my ball... and throw it". I don't watch sports either so I think that is why I enjoy sports anime that at least teach me something more realistic! But there is also the fact that I don't really care for volleyball I guess. Or any team sports generally. 😅

Oh, it was really fun! I received a short message for my gift and the elves developed on that, it was cool! I need to watch my recommendation still though because it is a bit too plot heavy.

Thanks for replying! See you!
idol Jan 12, 2020 8:57 AM
It's really cute! Indeed, Tanaka-kun was a cute anime!

At this point I think your ship has better odds at sailing than mine does. Lol I mean, at least it isn't being actively cockblocked, hurray!

Ohh, that scene hurts!! It's understandable, I too have a big backlog so I know what you mean. :P The second season is great, and I like the new characters too, but it's "more of the same" in a way. Well, maybe with some added drama.

All in all, the whole series is pretty artistic. Its watercolor isn't like modern "watercolorish" anime (I'm thinking maybe Isshuukan Friends or something like that?), back then that wasn't really a technique so I feel that it's very different, in terms of artistic merit, from nearly everything.

Yes, there's a character to which music in a non-idol sense plays a major role, although most characters are really all about that idol life. I won't spoil, but I will say there's no music theory in it, for better or for worse.

I don't dislike Baby Steps but yeah, it does get a little Baby Steep after a while. But I managed to finish it somehow so I guess there's a spark there for me! On the other hand I did not manage to finish Haikyuu. ^_^; probably because it's more shounen-power-motivation than strategical-thinking-analysis.

Same to you! See you! (Also, hope you don't mind me replying quickly, because I tend to answer messages as soon as I see them or else my empty brain forgets them... probably. ; ; ; )