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Otaku_baka_dsk Jan 11, 8:00 AM
Yep I really liked Noragami.its one of my favourite anime now!! \(//∇//)\
I can’t really chose one moment,the whole 12 episodes made me awestruck and I loved every part in it!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
But if have too chose one than that would be yukine’s ablution episode.It was heart touching,their bonds and all I mean! (〃ω〃)

And I will try to cover the other anime as soon as possible.As I have been busy with things nowadays I wasn’t able to complete the other anime.

That’s really cool! I hope I will try my best and get as experienced as you being a secret Santa too!٩( 'ω' )و

No wonder you guessed it! And I’m almost like an open book too /(^o^)\

I know,you can complete the manga fast and with ease than an anime,so I prefer manga too.Moreover,I got into magi after watching a seiyuu event.

Yep I have a load weight of backlog of anime and I want to clear it with satisfaction too.So,can you recommend me which anime I should watch next from my ‘To watch’ list!?

Same to you I hope you have great year too!!(╹◡╹)♡
Otaku_baka_dsk Jan 4, 11:08 AM
Your recommends were absolutely to my liking so I gave them a shot and they didn't let me down at all in fact they impressed me a lot!

So you have been a secret Santa for 3 years!? Σ(゜Д゜)
That explains why you are good at giving recommends!(о´∀`о)

How do you know that I got ore monogatari as Manga recommend?!!Σ( ̄□ ̄;)
I plan to watch ore monogatari after completing the Manga and yes it's really so cute!! ( 〃▽〃)

Yes magi is a must read rather than watching if you ask me.The anime has good casting and all but I liked Manga way more since nothing can beat the original source and the art in Manga is impressive too!
If you don't want to spend double time for it then it's better to watch the anime and then continue reading from chapter 198.

I hope you continue to recommend me with some good stuff in the future too!
And thanks for accepting my friend request once again!!(●^o^●)
Rabb2t Jan 3, 7:57 PM
Nice! I'm sure you'll love Violet Evergarden [episode 10 ;(((], and especially Made in Abyss. What I meant by "the journey isn't as good as it seems", I was referring to a certain change in tone and in the story that I can't go further into detail or else it'd be spoiling! I would've recommended genderbender if you requested it, but since you didn't I didn't really care to put it in.

For Demi-chan and Gabriel DropOut, seeing your favorites for comedy, I'd say Gabriel DropOut is a really good one to watch as well. When it comes to Demi-chan, it's more focused on the character building aspect where the different demis all learn that they're not alone and can rely on each other for support when times do get rough. While Gab takes a full on comedic approach, Demi-chan focuses on a drama aspect with bits of comedy strewn about.

Lastly, with Bunny Girl, I have one thing to say.

JustNoOne Aug 22, 2018 4:25 PM
m-i-c-h-a-e-l Jan 5, 2018 7:53 PM
Oh, I never knew Shinsekai Yori even had the 'horror' tag. I wouldnt call it horror really. It's more of a "childrens scary bedtime story" -type of 'scary' (not scary at all). Zero gore. The main point of the series is about the philosophy of humanity; just told through a coming of age story.

But Im glad youre enjoying the other two. March Comes in Like a Lion was actually my top recommendation based on your likes; I just put it on the bottom because it was outside of the length you specified.
Rabb2t Jan 2, 2018 5:01 PM
Hi! I'm here from the Secret Santa thingy! I read through your recommendations and I'll say that I wasn't expecting such a long message but it ended up giving me some great series to start watching later. I'll be sure to read through the series that you recommended me. I haven't had much time to start them, but I assure you it'll happen soon (probably tomorrow if we're being honest). Anyways, have a great 2018 filled with your favourite series and more!
chibicardcaptor7 Dec 26, 2017 4:34 PM
Nice Kimi ni Todoke profile pic! :D
chibicardcaptor7 May 2, 2017 6:17 PM
Thanks! Your avatar is very inspirational as well :D
granuli Dec 24, 2016 3:50 AM
Haha, thanks :D
It was... old, but ok ;)

Interesting, I can imagine that there must be something, otherwise people wouldn't be so enthusiastic about the romance part. Maybe I'll try it out sometimes in the future.

In the meanwhile I've stopped looking for romance since it's almost impossible to find really "cool" female leads in an anime without sexism AND have an interesting romance at the same time.

Hmmm... I didn't like Natsume right away. Coming from Mushi-shi it seemed rather childish and I'm not a fan of episodic shows anyway, but it grew on me the more I watched.
You don't seem to dislike it so far and I bet you'll like it more and more too. The friendship themes in the disjunct stories are often really very nice and leave great feelings. It's also a mix, not purely episodic since there are a few recurring characters who have special relationships with the MC, but this is going to take a little while to notice I think.
What I also liked was that it can get quite creative, especially with some types of Youkai.
The article you linked seems really well done! I'm not sure if I missed it or if it really wasn't mentioned, so I'd like to add that there's another nice aspect to Natsume being mostly the only one who can see Youkai. This doesn't just create some funny or problematic scenes and stories and it's not just a factor in his -not so positive- past, but he also ends up with friends on both sides :) that's really nice as well, especially because it doesn't just happen out of the blue, or because it's his intention, but more naturally, as a side effect of some arcs. That Youkai don't exactly trust or like humans can make this even more rewarding and on the other side you have some of his classmates he grows closer to while he can't easily tell them about all the stuff happening around them, what he sees, or to confide in them.
This doesn't mean this happens a lot, but it does :) I wish some of these characters would appear more frequently though.
I hope you'll love it after some more episodes :)

It's a bit embarrassing that I didn't notice that. I thought, this time I'll do it more carefully and even use the search of the new list style that doesn't load everything at once which led to some mistakes previously, but I completely forgot about Manga :D
I liked this as well. If it had been a male MC saving another female I wouldn't have been interested, which doesn't mean it had to be a bad story or anime otherwise, but it's just something -as you said- overdone by now and also taps into the typical cliches I hate.
I think I understand your criticism and your points are very good.
Do you know how closely the anime follows the manga? I'm not sure that it had these shortcomings in such a noticeable way. I don't remember everything well enough to tell you that what you mentioned is of absolutely no concern when watching this version though :/ but the anime is rather short and there isn't a lot of time for character development which is no excuse but to some extent this might prevent some of the shortcomings you mentioned from being noticed too much... maybe!
When you mentioned the 2 leads it sounded like they got a lot of time in the manga and everyone else fell short. Thinking back, I don't have this impression now. While these 2 were clearly more important, I think they still acted mostly as a group and there were some important scenes with the male MC and *some* of the other group members that were equally as important for the final outcome. I couldn't pretend though that some of the others weren't lacking at all, but I think it wasn't just only generic lines for all of them. But yes, if the story hadn't been so centered around this 1 event, I would have liked some more character depth for some of them. In this case I think it served the purpose well enough though.
Regarding the depression and the presumed cause of it, I couldn't agree more when it's understood the way you put it! I don't know if the anime is hugely different in this regard, other people expressed similar criticism and I think that was about the anime.
I saw it a bit differently though and maybe that's because I made a mistake while interpreting the story or maybe that's only my memories that are wrong.

An animated sequel??? Really? That's nice :)
About the live-action adaptation, have you heard about how good it is supposed to be? I haven't but I'm interested. I only know that the friend of mine who recommended the anime had also watched the live-action version and that she rated it markedly lower (still a good rating, but she absolutely loved the anime). I didn't have the chance to ask her for more details yet though.

Outrageous that she still hasn't finished it!!! :D
I hope she'll have time again soon and that the both of you can continue your sessions ;)

The Secret Santa project sounds like a very nice, really good idea :)
I read through the thread a little... looks like a lot of work for the elves distributing the wishes and the results :D
Have you received yours already by now?

Glad to hear you've been having fun ;)
Now there's the typical Christmas stress over here... I'm going to visit my father in Vienna tomorrow and I don't know when I'll be back yet.
I hope you're having a great time and you won't have to work for some days at least! A Merry Christmas to you :)

Take care my friend, I'm glad to talk to you again!
granuli Dec 15, 2016 6:28 AM
"but it's never dragging you down or making you feel sad, ..." need to correct that, but was too late to edit :p
It deals with something incredibly sad, so yes, it will probably make you tear up at times, but never for a long period, because this is lightened up with comedy and awwww moments in between enough to not feel heavy and also in the end, it won't leave a hole in your heart :) it's a really good balance!
granuli Dec 15, 2016 5:25 AM
I'm so sorry :/
I've been neglecting MAL for so long and haven't even replied to your last message!
I caught up with my FB friends and this got a little bit much, also couldn't find any free time for MDL. I'll try to balance this a little bit better, it's not great to jump between these communities in such an exclusive/extreme way. This is the 2nd or 3rd time this happened.
I hope you can forgive me somehow.
Thanks so much for your birthday wishes :)

About what you mentioned regarding the Erin recommendations, I didn't even notice that :D but you're right!
Maybe I'll find some more this way ;)

So what you're saying about White Album is that it consists of characters with cliche personalities, but regardless they do have amazing chemistry?
It sounds nice, but a bit disappointing at the same time ;)

I see you have already started with Natsume :)
I'm now watching the current season.
How do you like it so far?

I've watched Orange recently because a friend of mine recommended it and I loved it!
It's a short anime season of only 12 episodes with a satisfying finale.
I thought of you because its main theme: friendship is really strong there!
It also deals with psychological problems without feeling too heavy. It's not an all light and happy slice of life, but it's never dragging you down or making you feel sad, quite the contrary! The group of friends in there is really great and it makes you feel that :)
The premise is interesting with a scifi element that isn't the main focus though. It basically revolves around these characters trying to avert a tragedy and their friendship is exactly what they need and use to succeed! So this is really the central theme.
I bet chances are you'd like it?

What did your friend think of Yona in the end?

I hope you're fine? I'm glad to see you're still watching a lot of anime and it's been such a long time, you've even started Natsume in the meanwhile :)
Take care my friend and sorry again for staying away for so long!
granuli Aug 12, 2016 7:19 AM
Wow, it's been 3 weeks! Sorry :/
I was extremely distracted by work, messages and dramas I couldn't stop watching.

HAHAHA :D you're right, it shouldn't be bad, it's just my situation isn't very thrilling since 2-3 years and I often feel I'm wasting too much time and I do. I don't get the most important thing right now completed which I need to move on, but I hope soon ;)
Before you really do what you threatened to do, it's the 2nd :D
Good to hear your day was fun!! :) It's great when you can spend it with friends doing things you like! For me it was more like obligatory family visits the last years hehe

This marathon thing around a certain theme or otherwise is certainly interesting. I can imagine how it helps to break the circling around titles you expect to like and to get to know something entirely new.
But it also takes some strength to do that I guess ;) Someone would need to force me quite a bit ;) I'm spending way too much time finding specific things.
I've heard about White Album 2, also that it's so very different to the first one. Some people praise the romance in it a lot.
You're right, Macross is very focused on space battles and there are idols in it famous to this universe. I've tried to watch Macross F and there were a few scenes with them on stage during the first episodes (didn't continue).
I also tried RahXephon. I think it's different to other mechas, but it couldn't hold my interest. I started it because there was supposed to be a romance that might be different to the usual.
I have a vague memory that there is something about music that is a very crucial factor, but I think it has nothing to do with a group of people playing instruments.
I've heard of both Nagi-Asu and Shirobako. If you ever come around trying them out, please let me know :)

Thanks about the Idolm@ster info ;) I'm glad it's not similar to K-on! The genre mix you mentioned doesn't sound too bad!

Haha, thanks, but no I meant IRL :p I was just being silly.

Any news on Yona? 2nd season and is your freind already finished with it? If so, how did she like it after watching all of it?

Good to hear ;) I wouldn't think so, but with the Japanese you never know unfortunately.

Oh yes, that's a powerful title! :)
That there's a tiny bit of German at the beginning is funny.
I'm wondering who came up with this idea and why. It happens sometimes that I recognize German in anime. Sometimes they use it for magic spells and such :D

Thanks! And you too ;)
Still obsessed with dramas, but I notice that I miss anime. It's strange that I separate what I watch so much. I don't watch anything else at the moment and I didn't when I watched anime or American TV.

I wish you a great time and good luck with finding a great job! But I hope you won't neglect your anime duties then ;)

Take care!!
granuli Jul 15, 2016 10:41 AM
Hahahaha, that's very kind of you and funny, but noooo please don't do that :D I deliberately left it out because I don't like to be reminded of it too much.
I hope you had a great day ;)

Ahh I see, so you were obligated to do that! Hard work :p hahaha. I like how you set goals for yourself and then follow through no matter what :D
So I guess Idolm@ster (you told me once before something positive about it) was much better? Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for a better 2nd season!

If you really do that it would be great and it would be nice to explore some together! Atm it looks like that at least in the romance genre there are *a few* not so standard ones which I wasn't able to find in anime. They're still mostly the same sexist problems for me, but I shouldn't complain. If I watch that then I have to deal with it and shut up.

Hahaha sounds like a lot of fun indeed. Can't you lend me one of your many anime friends? I'm sitting here alone in a world where everyone hates it but me :D ok, not completely true. I have 1 friend who's extremely unavailable who likes anime too, but I can't really watch anything with him.
Ok, true, she had it worse, I admit hehe, but since she likes it, it's not that bad for her. I hope she continues liking it until the end and that she'll look forward to a 2nd season as much as we do. Really... I hope they won't let us down.

Hmmm... so maybe in 2 month or so you'd start Natsume with her?

Nice to hear! I was hoping that there would be none (silly pantyshots and so on) and I guess that even if there's none in the manga, there's no guarantee that the anime wouldn't add such stuff, but if they did then you probably would have noticed that in the 1st episode already.

Both of them :) there were some memorable scenes. So damn funny. I still have to update MAL. I'm going to do that when I get back for the next anime in-between. I'll also add Sweetness&Lightning ;)
3-4 hours, wow! I hope one loop lasted for longer than a minute though hahaha. I don't remember the OST atm. Sounds like an awesome party too ;)

Thanks :) I'm still overwhelmed (similar to when I started with anime) and don't have much of an overview yet about what's available and the different characteristics of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese dramas. Interestingly (and a pity) Japanese dramas are in the minority compared to Korean ones (they totally dominate). I like the Japanese language the most, but there are more differences than that of course.

Thank you too! Yes, that was really a surprise :D and I behaved badly and let you wait again.
So... as always take care and I wish you lots of fun with Sweetness&Lightning and Romeo&Juliet! Looking forward to your final verdict about the anime adaption of S&L too :)
granuli Jul 12, 2016 10:25 AM
Happy Birthday!!
I hope you have a great day ;)

That's a very detailed description. Seems *very* repetitive indeed :)
I hope the 2nd season is better. Doesn't sound like something I'd like to watch. I'm impressed by your stamina that you could sit through that :D

:D glad you liked them.
They're really great and not easy to stop watching.
I know you're overloaded with stuff already, otherwise I'd try more to get you to watch something ;)

Thanks for the info about Ergo Proxy!

HAHAHAHA that's hilarious! Really awesome! I wish I had a friend irl I could watch anime with like you 2 do. Amazing how you both stick to your bets and penalities :)
It's very nice to hear that she likes Yona so much :)
But Digimon vs Yona wasn't really that fair :D
Is this one of her favorites? I can imagine that it's not bad, but there are probably anime out there suitable for punishments with a different target audience.
When are you going to finish RomeoxJuliet?

Nice to hear about Sweetness & Lightning! Is it "service" free? ;)

BTW: I've finished Non Non Biyori (watching 1-2 episodes for breakfast :D) and I must say I liked it quite a bit. It's hilarious!
While looking through youtube I've found something extremely silly, but it still made me laugh. It's absolutely crazy, especially because it's going for 10 hours! I think If you're watching this for that long you'll go crazy! The funniest thing is probably imagining who'd do something like that :D

Edit: also "interesting". I've found that if you watch these repeating scenes more than once it gets funnier hahaha. omg

I haven't finished with going through dramaland so I still don't have anything you might like to talk about to "report" :)

Haha, true! You have a great week and an even better birthday!
Hope to hear from you and take care :)
granuli Jul 2, 2016 9:09 AM
Really, no problem at all, I was veeeery busy anyway :)
Business sounds tough! I'm almost a bit jealous of you ;) I didn't pull it through and stopped with University.

I hope you'll find a very good job. But I'd think you really deserved some vacation after this accomplishment.

Haha regarding Stresemann I really think they try to pass him off as German. But I could let that one go if the rest was amazing (no idea though).
I guess I'd try the Korean version first though.

Thanks for all the details about Haikyuu and Free!
Interesting you comparing the humor of Free with K-On. I haven't seen either of them, both aren't my favorite genres, but I'm going to try at least K-On once because it's so popular I want to know how it's like...
I'm curious about this type of humor you mentioned :D but I doubt I'd like it more than you.
I'll probably not try Haikyuu (or even Free) any time soon, because I have too much to watch (like you).

I've been looking into k/j/c/t-dramas recently, mainly because I wanted more romance, preferably one where the male doesn't dominate her.
Unfortunately that is rather difficult to find there either, but there are definitely some titles.
I have found some amazing stuff regardless of this though too.
The currently airing show Doctors (or Doctor Crush) and "Angry Mom" are both extremely powerful and satisfying.

Does Ergo Proxy have any romance in it?

Regarding Avatar and Korra I forgot to mention that Korra is for sure a bit more mature!
Despite both being children's tv, they really managed to even keep an adult audience on the edge of their seats.
You get hooked very quickly and it's difficult to stop watching (assumed you like it ofc).

I absolutely love Kara no Kyoukai!
With the second one you mean this one right?
If so, I can only say dito here :)

Regarding the AMV, you don't have to be afraid of spoilers I think. I was worried at first but decided to post it, because the scenes are too quick to follow and won't make any sense to someone who hasn't watched the movies.
There are some scenes though that might look stunning and/or amazing even to someone who hasn't seen the movies without giving too much away.

I know we agree that we both need lots of time to answer sometimes, but still, sorry :D
I now have FB, mydramalist and others where I have to answer, it's getting veeeery time consuming :(
I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon :)
Enjoy the weekend my friend!