Wakana Sakai

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Wakana Sakai (坂井 和奏)

Age: 17-18 (birthday during the series)
Class: 3rd Year, graduated in the end of the series
Height: 160 cm
Weight: Approx. 52 kg

Wakana is known for being somewhat of a loner, and that is due to her outward personality that may seem harsh to others. She is skilled at playing the piano and has a cat as a pet. Despite the fact that she is very good at singing, she refuses to do so to the point of turning down Konatsu's attempt to recruit her into her new choir club. Before joining Konatsu's choir club, she never went out or did any extracurricular activities with her classmates.

References: Character Book, events in anime

Voice Actors
Takagaki, Ayahi
Fey, Demet
Guerrero, María José
Gries, Jana Dunja

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