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justinspatz Apr 20, 2017 11:31 PM
Hey, I hope you have been doing well. I know you haven't been on for a really long time, though I thought it would be important to tell you that my friend has finally finished Yona a few days ago (about time, right?) I haven't talked about it with her too much, but she seems to have loved it dearly. The two of us will be watching the OVAs in a few days. Also the two of us have finished the first season of Natsume's Book of Friends. I was quite fond of it, found it to be a really nice watch (the season finale was also very touching), my friend though wasn't as much of a fan. I don't think she's much of a fan of laid-back anime, more prefers intensity in them. We are watching the second season right now, and so far so good!

Hope you've been having fun!
NotEmily Feb 10, 2017 4:08 PM
idreamofpie Jan 26, 2017 7:39 PM
It felt so much like they were building up to something epic, and now I want to see it! Grr. I will be hoping with you for a Season 2.
idreamofpie Jan 26, 2017 10:28 AM
It left me wanting more! Now I need to find out what happens.
Lotta-love Jan 25, 2017 12:34 PM
Hey Gura-kun :D !

It's fun that you mention it because when I discovered the change of opening / ending today I precisely thought of telling you something about it :D ! So... Only two seconds into the opening and I was like "WHAT IS THAT ?!" and directly skipped it haha ! As for the ending, I now had a better look (/ listen) at it, and it's pleasant indeed :) ! (I prefer the part when it's more calm though - the beginning of the song that is !)
idreamofpie Jan 25, 2017 8:50 AM
Thanks! It's been great so far^^
justinspatz Jan 17, 2017 11:13 PM
Hello and Happy New Year! ^_^ Hope that it has been a lot of fun!

Yeah, White Album 2 sure had some refreshing parts to it combined with tiring things :/

I do hope as well that I enjoy Natsume’s more and more. Seems like I will, once Brain’s Base gets it together! I can say that since your post I did watch 2 episodes with my friend and those two episodes were my favourite so far (the young fox boy one and the firefly one)!

Haha don’t worry, it was a simple mistake, not like I expect you to have a continuous knowledge of stuff I’ve seen and watched XD. I feel kinda bad since you made a really long recommendation and insanely good recommendation write-up for it as well XD. Thanks though!

Yeah, I’m okay with gender-reversed versions of Orange, though a lot of the time they don’t feel as sincere :/. As much as I love Steins;Gate and its exciting story and excellent character moments and everything, I kinda feel as though seeing how it’s based on a visual novel that has routes divided for each female character that it’s a bit, I don’t know the word I’m looking for… self-indulging? Erased is probably the best gender-reversed version, since even though it contains a dude helping people and he’s potrayed somewhat Jesus-like, I really liked the concept that the character that were helped by him were ones that were weirdos and always alone and so insanely desperate that it’s easy to understand their desperation and why they were led on by a serial murderer leading to their demise. The whole “prevent their murder by removing their desperation by being friends with them” was something I really liked! I have yet to see Re:Zero, though I’m pretty sure with the large number of “waifus” in it, probably is a bit faulty as well…

I’m not sure how well the anime follows the manga. Considering how short the manga is, I’m sure they followed everything then added their own scenes itself. I think I noticed some sort of chibi comedic-esque scenes in screenshots which were definitely not really in the manga. And I’ve noticed a lot of screenshots of the side characters in it as well (as I previously mentioned), so I assume they have more of a role then the not too much they did in the manga.

I think the theory you came up with for his depression is definitely a major possibility, didn’t really think of that. I do remember the things you mentioned about the clubs though I just thought it was about how he had a lot of pressure put on him? IDK. My memory isn’t too great on it either since Orange was a manga that update once every like 2 or 3 months so it was pretty slow chapters (so once I caught up there were like 5 or 6 chapters left), made it slightly harder to put things together I guess. Your explanation is really good though and makes a lot of sense. I should try rereading it sometime with that mindset and see how well it holds up. I guess the whole situation did feel rushed in the end though...

Yeah apparently there is a sequel. It’s right here apparently. Don’t know much about it besides the synopsis and that it’s apparently out already (in Japan anyways). Will likely check it out at some point anyways to see what it’s like!
I have no idea what the live-action version is like. I assume it’s a slightly shorter version of the anime/manga. Don’t know about its quality at all… (Live-action thing isn’t my area of expertise to say the least!)

Since you seem fond of Orange, I wonder if you’ve ever checked out the anime/manga Fruits Basket? It’s a similar idea of kind and empathetic girl MC and a bunch of guys with family problems and live depressing lifestyles. I read the manga back in the day and disliked it, though it does have a lot of fans. One of friends really loves it (she dislikes the anime though). Could be worth a try!

Yeah she still hasn’t finished it even now. I’ve been constantly sending her angry Yona faces at her though in hopes that she’ll remember to finish it at some point :D. She has been really busy with her schooling and work though so she barely has time. It’s good enough though that she takes one night of her week to watch shows with me at least :D.

Yeah, the Secret Santa project was fun! So this is what wound up being my recommendation. Pretty good I have to say! I definitely did not need two sentences for the plot summary though (like seriously, I needed to be told what Barakamon was about? MAL does that already). I have started reading it and it’s really good. Like a version of Non Non Biyori with more adult characters present I guess. The girl who ended up doing my recommendation after I checked ended up being a typical fangirl who’s favourite anime included: action-shounen (Attack on Titan and the like), sports (Kuroko’s basketball, haikyuu), and yaoi (ranging from yuri on ice and no.6 to junjou romantica), which seemed like a bad option to give me since the first two matched the things I dislike a lot hahaha… when I checked her list I think Barakamon was literally the only thing she could have suggested to me so it was good that there was at least something.

Ah you saw your father on Christmas! That actually sounds very nice, hope he is doing well! Hope that your Christmas and New Year was well!

Talk to you later! :)
justinspatz Dec 21, 2016 11:09 PM
Hello and welcome back to MAL! It has certainly been a while, though it seems that doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped watching anime at least! Balancing communities isn’t too difficult for me probably because my facebook and MAL all go to the same email address, I suppose. Ah yes, how was your date of birth? If you can remember that is since it was about 3 months ago hahahahaha. I do hope it was a great though! ^_^

Yeah it seems kinda weird, White Album 2 being a good romance between 2 bland leads? I don’t know how that happened yet it somehow did. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the two leads I can’t help but like Setsuna since (White Album 2 spoilers)
, which I found to be somewhat compelling despite everything. So yeah, mostly liked it, though some mixed opinions.

So far Natsume’s Book of Friends is pretty good. Haven’t gotten too far yet though. Right now it kinda feels like I just watched 6 episodes of Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light, which while isn’t really a bad thing, isn’t anything I think I’ll find too memorable months from now. Though after coming across this, I am much more excited about how much will be given to us in future episodes and that it won’t just be 60 episodes of Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light over and over again. Also, the first season was, of course, probably a “trial run” by Brains’ Base where they didn’t know if this would succeed or not, so they probably didn’t put a lot of resources into it so it seems the first season is a bit more visually and musically bland than I was expecting, though I’m sure in the second season when Brains’ Base realizes this is one of their flagships, things will be much better! So a lot to hope for, just need to see where it goes!

Hahaha, thanks for mentioning Orange to me, though I have actually read the entire manga already, before the anime adaption was even announced. I was quite fond of it for reasons that you can probably guess. Of course, I really liked the friendship between the two leads and even between Kakeru and Suwa is really compelling. Of course, the premise was also very refreshing since usually with these types of shows it has a male lead and they are usually saving waifus from, often homicidal, situations, so it was nice to see a female perspective and dealing with things such as depression, suicide and regret. Can be quite heartwarming as well in parts. Despite this, I can’t help be feel disappointed at parts of it :/. I felt that the manga lacked a lot of depth in a lot of parts especially for some of the characters and even some plot points. I felt that the guy with glasses and the other two females didn’t really have anything to do besides say stock generic lines :/. I felt that the motivation between Kakeru’s depression was kind of weak as well. Of course, depression is irrational anything and everything can cause it, though I kind felt that (Orange Spoilers)
. Everything I said beforehand of course could have be rectified if it was a movie, though for an anime or manga I kind of expect more :/. You can understand that I was a bit disappointed when they announced a TV anime rather than a movie for it… I mean a TV series could be fine if they added more detail to it though after seeing it wasn’t an A-grade studio with a good staff, I didn’t really bother. Considering the fact that the manga had enough content to probably only cover 8-10 episodes they definitely added stuff. Considering you mentioned comedy stuff they probably added a lot of that considering there wasn’t THAT much in the manga. Also I see lots of screenshots of the characters that I mentioned lacked depth earlier which I guess means that they got more scenes. I did talk to a friend who is a fan of the manga and watched the anime adaption and he told me that the animation budget pretty much collapses which is disappointing :/. I heard that it has a live-action adaption and that it is getting an animated sequel so I’ll probably check those out and I’m sure I’ll really like them! :D

My friend still has yet to finish Yona. I don’t think she has even watched an episode since I last talked to you, lol. She’s been very busy with university so she hasn’t had the time to watch it. Hell, got so hectic that she and I didn’t do our weekly session for a month. She said she’ll try to get through it now that she has a break from classes!

Yeah, I’ve been having fun! Decided to even take part in the MAL Secret Santa for recommendations since you know how much I love giving them :P. The one I was given was a very easy request (the person enjoyed a manga by a certain author and one of my favourite mangas is by the same author), though I, of course, tried to make sure my choice wasn’t as boring as that (need a challenge). Very curious to see what the person who got me will give me ^_^ (my request is here, nothing too surprising, of course!)

You take care as well! Glad to see you are still doing well! :)
justinspatz Sep 1, 2016 9:16 PM
Haha sounds like you’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks! :D

Thank you for telling me your date of birth. I very much like wishing friends happy birthdays (if you could not tell), so I appreciate it! And… I took so long to respond that it’s now today, so I wish you a very happy brithday! :D Hope that you were able to see your family and had good times with them! Also hoped you had a great day in general.

Yeah can’t really recommend the “marathoning around a certain theme” that I’ve been doing. It’s definitely a lot of fun to see everything that belongs to a group and see what’s really good, really bad, overrated and most importantly, underrated ^_^. Can be bad to force yourself to finish shows though! In a way though, you can say you are sort of doing this with fantasy shows that star a female character and anime that are given as recommendations to Erin… (of course I doubt you’ll watch everything that belongs to this category, though pretty close).

I liked White Album 2 quite a bit! White Album 2 is kinda split into 2 parts I would say… the first part is about how the three characters try to form a band to play for a festival, and it’s really nice. The relationship between the 3 characters I found to be quite good. The second part involves the love triangle and it’s also pretty good. I would say the romance is very good, though I had one problem with it: The two main love interests I found quite boring. The guy character is sorta your typical male MC you’d expect from a visual novel. The girl character… basically the best way to describe her is to say that she basically always wears a shirt that says “Hello, my name is a kuudere”. The only way you can describe her is the same thing you’d find from an anime dictionary under kuudere. Somehow, despite this though, their chemistry is still really good, quite surprising. The anime also has “visual novel” animation that I had described before when I talked about Aishiteruze Baby, which was the biggest limiter of my enjoyment of it :/.

Hmm… I guess I’ll give Macross a try and see for myself whether to consider it music enough for me or not…
You saying that “music is a very crucial factor” in RahXephon basically means that it’s a mandatory watch for me now haha. I guess I’ll have to watch it at some point…

Well, I have to try out Nagi-Asu and Shirobako at some point in time since I made it mandatory :D. I might try to convince my friends to watch it with me so I can get to them sooner hehe.

My friend kept telling me that she was going to finish Yona this week for the past few weeks now, but she keeps getting busy. Ah well, she’s almost done at least (8 episodes left). Can’t wait to see what she thinks of the ship arc :D.

Haha yeah, Linked Horizon I believe is a band that sure loves their German lyrics! Even the second opening of Attack on Titan has a bit of German! I haven’t listened to any of their other songs, though I’m sure they put some German in there somewhere! XD
Yeah, I kinda feel that Germany is the foreign country that Japan is the most obsessed with (followed by probably the US and France). So yeah, leads to a lot of German references and German transfer students XD.
You seem to be having a lot of fun right now and I hope it continues to be that way! I hope you had a great birthday! :)
justinspatz Jul 19, 2016 8:55 PM
Hey, who said you had I say in all of this? I certainly didn’t :’D. I mean, I guess you do have a say since you could block me hahaha. Aww…. what got you so down about birthdays? I mean if it makes you feel older and whatnot, sure, but hey it’s still a counting of how long you’ve been alive and all the experiences you’ve had! I don’t think they are necessarily bad things! You can make it private though I’m pretty sure! My day was pretty good! Saw a lot of my friends (including some of the ones I’ve talked about) good times! :)

Yeah, this music anime marathon has been fun! It got me into a lot of anime that I’ve been happy to have seen (such as Tari Tari and White Album 2, two anime I probably would never have watched if it weren’t for it). Yeah having knowledge about a lot of different kinds of anime that belong to a group even the unpopular and not well-liked ones can be fun! The main problem has been determining whether I can count it as a music anime. Like the Macross series and RahXephon are tagged with the “music” genre though I’m not sure if they are actually music anime, or if they are space battle anime and some of the characters happen to be idols…
I’ve been doing the obligation thing with series from P.A works shows as well! I’ve been regretting not picking up Nagi-Asu or Shirobako. I actually almost picked up Nagi-Asu when it was airing since its score was really high at that time though I had to watch 12 episodes to do so, and I already had to watch that much of Log Horizon and Kill la Kill. Now whenever one airs I always watch it! Of course doing this has mostly rewarded me with Glasslip and Haruchika (well, Haruchika wasn’t that bad) :/. Oh well at least with Glasslip gone I got the worst out of the way :D.

Eh, Idolm@ster doesn’t remind me too much of K-on (I guess it sometimes has similarities). It reminds me more of Hanasaku Iroha with its variety of comedy episodes, dramatic episodes and character focused episodes. Idolm@ster is much more fun than K-on, I liked it a lot! ^_^.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to lend you any of my anime friends. A lot of them do have MAL accounts though (and are on my friends list)! Chibicardcaptor7 would be my friend that I’m watching Romeo x Juliet and Bakuman, iolyte17 would be the one I watched Haikyuu and Ergo Proxy with! I guess you could message them though it might not be a good idea. My female friend knows who you are (because of Natsume’s Book of Friends) though she’d probably panic and message me XD, my other would probably ignore you…
I think she’ll love Yona! Yeah she’ll join the second season awaiting with us soon enough XD.

Yeah I guess 1 or 2 months is a good estimate! We are looking forward to it!

Lol pantyshots. For 4 year olds? This isn’t Kodomo no Jikan we are talking about here XD! Teenage girl doesn’t get any either lol.

It was the first opening like this one that we listened on repeat nonstop! I can’t remember if we listened to a 10 hours version or just had it on repeat all the time.

I will be sure to let you know how Sweetness and Lightning goes! Hope you continue to watch amazing things as well. And don’t worry too much about the waiting thing, especially since our conversation started because I posted a reply to a post that you made 2 months after you posted it XD. It’s like our things now you can say!
Lotta-love Jul 17, 2016 4:05 AM
Sankyu :D !
justinspatz Jul 12, 2016 11:25 AM
Hahahahaha! Thank you very much for the birthday wish! :D
I guess you were stalking my profile sometime in July and saw it was coming up :P thanks a lot!
It seems that your birthday is sometime in September according to MAL though it doesn’t say when. Eh, no bother, I’ll just send you a private message everyday in September wishing you a “possible birthday” until I get it right! XD It’ll work eventually!

Yeah it was a bit too repetitive for me. I think the main reason I sat through it was for my music anime marathon where I must get through everything as long as it’s a music anime no matter how good or bad it is (except with idol anime, when I only contracted myself to Idolm@ster, Love Live and one male idol anime) so I was bound to finish it! I have heard that the 2nd season of K-on drifts a bit more away from the first season in being more similar to the kind of slice of life that I like (Tari Tari, Hanasaku Iroha) than the ones I don’t like (Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri) so I hope I can look forward to that :)

Yeah it might be a while before I can get into the “asian live action” genre, when I do, I’ll be sure to give you a call though :D.

Yeah the adding all those penalties and bets are a lot of fun. Especially when you are so sure that you will win, but then certain events happen that change it and you’re like “shit I might lose, shit I might have to do that penalty nooo…” Harsher penalties are much more fun of course, the first bet I did with the other friend it was for me to finish Free (well only if he didn’t lose as well which he did), and I was like “Nooooooooo!” XD. This time around though it was much more minor…
Yeah in terms of the bet on one hand, Yona is much better than the Digimon movie is so in terms of comparing on a qualitative level, I had the worse deal, though on the plus side for me, I only had to commit 2 hours to it, compared to her when she has to commit 10 hours! Also the fact that she had to watch it immediately without watching anything in between! She even watched the first episode of Baccano and has to postpone it for this hahaha, compared to me where I could watch the movie whenever the hell I wanted without any conditions to it!
My friend is a HUGE fan of the original Digimon Adventure (one of her favourite anime, nostalgia of course plays a big part, though obviously if an anime for kids works for a kid then it must be great!) though I don’t think she was a big fan of the movie (which is probably why it was my punishment, also it was pretty random/funny).

As for Romeo X Juliet, we have 7 episodes left. We usually watch 2 episodes per sitting though for the end we’ll probably watch the 3 episodes to finish it so most likely 3 sittings left. Though I guess we don’t always watch Romeo X Juliet each sitting (we didn’t last sitting which also means that we are for sure watching it next sitting). So it kind of depends on my schedule and her schedule though we should have it done by the end of the month, I hope!

For Sweetness and Lighting, by “service” free I assume you are referring to fanservice? Uhh… I think the biggest fanservice it has is probably the food porn (detailed viewing of food). You’ll basically never see any of the characters half-naked. They do go to the pool once in the manga, but I think that’s it. It has a lot of moments of “these children are adorable” service that Usagi Drop probably has. Basically there shouldn’t be any more fanservice than Usagi Drop has.

Ah! You finished Non Non Biyori! Congratulations! Nyan-passu! Did you finish both seasons or only the first? Haha that link you sent me is pretty funny! Even great that it incorporates Renge’s recorder playing! That reminds me of a time when I was helping one of my friends set up for their party (one of my friends that don’t have a MAL), and the music for setting up was the Attack on Titan first opening theme 10 hour version! XD. We just had it on repeat for a while and I think we even managed to get through about 3-4 hours of it hahaha! It took us quite a while to get sick of it hahaha!

Hope you continue having fun in “dramaland” :D

Thank you once again for the wishes! I hope you have a great week as well!
(I surprisingly responded to you on the same day. What a surprise! :O)
justinspatz Jul 9, 2016 9:43 PM
Business is a bit tough, though I would say there are certainly harder courses. Even though you didn’t finish university, it seems that you still found employment and don’t seem too miserable with it, so it seems everything worked out for you! :)

K-On has been a weird bag for me as of this message… So I watched the first season and did not like it. Basically it seems that all it was was just them repeating the same jokes over and over again and just changing the theme of the episode (beach episode, pool episode, Christmas episode) so basically just got “Mio is afraid of things”, “Yui is an airhead”, “No one feels like practicing and some of the characters are annoyed by this” repeated at least 3048 times…. Though then I watched the OVA which I thought was considerably better in a lot of ways… so I don’t know. I guess I need to see what the second season brings….. I’m not sure how to describe the humour… It’s been a while since I’ve seen those 3 episodes of Free… though it seemed as a lot of the jokes were really obvious…

That first Korean drama that you sent me reminded me of a scene from the manga “Black Jack” where sometimes he treats mafia bosses and I think there was a scene once where they didn’t think he was trying to cure him so they attacked him and he beat them (both the girl and Black Jack seem to have the same “he is my patient so everyone who is not leave” mentality too :P). Both videos were pretty funny, though I had trouble following the second one.

Does Ergo Proxy have romance in it? Uhh…. that’s a good question and I’m not really sure what the answer to that is. I believe if you are going in, it shouldn’t be for the romance though…

Hurray for Kalafina! Haha

Since I don’t really have much to say to respond to other things I thought I would tell you a recent story. So me and one of my friends (the one I’m watching Romeo X Juliet with right now) were talking about how many more episode we though were left of the Phoenix Wright anime after 7 had already aired and it was on the final arc, so I thought it would be 4 (11 episode anime) and she thought 5 (12 episode anime) so I decided that we should make a bet on it (I had made a previous bet before with a different friend which we both lost so we both watched the Sword Art Online recap movie where the female cast spend most of it in swimsuits), we didn’t want it to be too bad though (she didn’t really want to torture me) so pretty much the stipulations revolved around one of us choosing what the other must watch. So she decided if I lost that I would watch the Digimon movie and that if she lost I decided to force her to watch Yona of the Dawn (since I’ve wanted her to watch if for a long time since I thought she would love it and she seemed to have no interest to watch it anytime soon), that’s hardly a punishment (as you probably know XD) so added that she couldn’t watch an episode of any other anime (except anime she was watching with me of course) until she finishes it (and she’s forced to finish it even if she doesn’t like it). So the anime ended up being 2 cour though the arc ended up being 6 episode (13 episode total for first game) so we both lost so we both had to execute our “punishment”. Well, I watched Digimon movie. It wasn’t really that bad, though I watched the dub and I was very astonished and impressed with how many corny and cringy lines they could write so I couldn’t hate it. And my friends seems to really love Yona so far, so I’m happy :).

Also, the first episode of Sweetness and Lightning aired the other day and I watched it. The people who made it didn’t fuck it up so I am very pleased :D.

You have a great weekend and have fun with your conversations! (it seems this will always be our closing hahaha)
justinspatz Jun 20, 2016 10:09 PM
Shit sorry for not getting back to you soon. Things have been pretty hectic for me, almost forgot about you :(

Thank you very much for the congratulations! :) I studied business (mostly the logistic and operation side). I’m going to try to find work, though probably won’t be able to easily so I guess you could say I’m taking a bit of a vacation!

Ha ha Stresemann looks so strange. I hope the live-action version didn’t try to pass him off as “German” or anything that would’ve been pretty silly.

Ermm… well I’ve seen all of Haikyuu and I dropped Free after 3 episodes so I’m not the best person to ask to compare them. I found the characters in Free to be quite annoying and the humour to be oftentimes cringey (I had the same problems with a lot of Kyoani shows like K-on and Amagi Brilliant Park though so I guess it’s a personal thing). In terms of comparing them… uhh… I guess they are both about characters and their relationship with their respective sports and their relationship with each other (well, I assume Free explores that). Free’s sense of humour goes for more homoerotic (usually involves the characters taking off their shirts and one of the girls feeling like they are in heaven) while Haikyuu’s is a bit more dorky (character misses ball and gets yelled at by team mate) and more character-oriented. They are both anime of my favourite sports though (volleyball and swimming) though that’s not really a comparison XD.

Yeah with Ergo Proxy, maybe it pretended to be more intelligent than it actually was, I don’t know, I didn’t really go in to the show with that kind of mindset (thinking it would be a very intelligent show). I guess I can understand why people say that though, they probably expected a lot from it (I guess I did too and was a bit disappointed), but what was given wasn’t too bad!

My sister has seen both Avatar and Korra and is a big fan of both of them. I have a feeling I would love Avatar a lot, though I still haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not sure I’m ready for its amazingness yet XD.

I haven’t listened to any of their work in Garden of Sinners since I haven’t seen any of the movies yet. Those two songs are really good (especially the second one that you linked me). I have a feeling I shouldn’t watch all of that AMV that you sent me because of spoilers… (just in case anyways) watched a bit of it though!

Thank you! Hope you have a good week too! :D
8oomer Jun 7, 2016 1:02 PM
I remember seeing commercials for it years ago but IIRC I've never seen it (the remake that is. I did see the originals). I mean, if I did see the remake just the fact that I can't remember if I did or not means that it couldn't have been something worth remembering.

Kinda reminds me of some computer game franchises like Civilization, The Sims, Simcity, Railway Tycoon and the Paradox titles like Europa Universalis, Victoria, Heart of Iron, etc. I spent the most time on the earliest iterations and while I followed up with next versions the number of hours went down each time. Man, the first Civilization almost wrecked my college marks it was so addictive.

Zoltor did get back to me on Condor Hero. You can scroll down a bit on my profile comments to read it. Apparantly the project is back up and running but no word on urgency or ETA.

Since I'm here I found another hmmm hmmm last night:

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku, ep, 9, 12:30 mark.