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Double Decker! Doug & Kirill
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Pokemon Sun & Moon
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Kaleido Star
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Futatsu no Spica
Futatsu no Spica
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Yesterday, 3:41 PM
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AobaSuzukaze 4 hours ago
>I don't remember much of Date a Live outside of the movie that came out later on haha, let's see if S3 keeps me interested to keep going, it was a very early series of mine so no idea if I would like it now.

You won;'t know until you try. Maybe you'll have to listen to one the ops and it'll remind you how fun it was. I had that happen with Cat Planet Cuties. I was so into it when I first watched it, haven't re-watched since the last time I did over 2 years ago, but I listened to the op while walking back from lunch a few months ago (I went into my album of anime ops/eds I originally added when I started youtube converting and stuff. I remembered how much fucking fun it was to watch just by listening to the op, though.

>Sad that you're not enjoying it as much as you want considering that it fits your preferences, I'm curious to see how you would feel if the quality was high, but I don't think we will be able to see that.

I wouldn't say it exactly fits my preferences. I was pretty unsure about it and only watched it because people were trying to say it seemed like it would be another eromanga or really close. I shouldn't have let the comparison sway me, when I was so unsure. At last it is one of my below 7 score shows, though; you need one or two those each season, as long as you're not purposely picking shows you expect to outright hate. (having stupid reasons to watch it like "it being a shot" is ok, though)

>That SAO episode btw, that was hella intense.

Yes! Yes it was! It was so damn good, though. Easily makes it into the top 5 SAO episodes list. For how freaky Laughing coffin could get, the other pking stuff, and the guy who was overly obsessed with Sinon, and even Sugou; SAO took it farther. Attempted rape being shown so aggressively seemed just slightly above what they would show. One of those 2 top students was getting ready to take off his pants and show his fucking dick and all. I almost hate to say it, but it was worse then what Goblin Slayer shows, and they're always talking about how goblins will rape women. It still isn't disturbing, though, or at least not for me.
AobaSuzukaze Yesterday, 4:28 PM
I realized that I meant to reply yesterday when I was off, but I never did. I guess the reminder didn't help me (I actually just had the alarm go off too early in the day).

>> What other show could make you laugh from a dragon being defeated because its feet just totally lose all traction to the ground.

That actually sounds hella funny lmao.

It so was. If you wanted to simply watch that scene and maybe a chunk of the scenes around it, I believe it was in episode 6 of Isekei smartphone.

>NeverTM, I'm thankfully someone who pretty much always enjoys a good amount of the series that come each season, the fun and hype for what will come next season is always there n_n

Wrong!!!!!1 There's always a point where it becomes too many. Leave heathen! lol. There is usually a few shows to pretty excited for, though, even if you should probably re-watch older seasons first to get back in the grind, like with me and date a live before season 3 airs. I honestly don't exactly remember the ending of season 2 (Ik the main part of season 1's ending but not 2).

>Maybe I'm just wrong since I don't have as much info as I wish I had, but I think that this is due to all those series with flashing lights where mostly OVAs and other things that older people watched, so the small amount of possible accidents weren't really mattering much if they happened, but then Pokemon did it... and yeah, like 700 kids were affected by it IIRC, very different type of pressure for companies to stop doing the flashing lights.

You could be right. People do get up in arms when it involves children. I did watch in my 20s after all, and it wouldn't be as damaging at that age. One of my ex friends watched it on YouTube when we were younger, though and he was fine. I think he might've skipped past most of the flashing lights, though for pre-caution, so it doesn't really show much.

>I saw you updating on Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai, how is that going lmao, I have seen some pics of its QUALITY, big shame because even if the setting didn't appeal to me, the design of the girl is crazy good.

It's not going badly. Suzuka is well designed and is really cute, but it's not enough. Her and Double Peace bring out basically all the slight laughter by themselves, but it's nothing of huge impact, and the art can certainly reach almost intolerable levels at times. The bland background art wouldn't be as bad if they at least drew character expressions right, but even in later episodes, enough of the expressions just seems way off and you can clearly notice that something isn't right, even if it's not an insanely obvious unfocused eye or something. I really like Eromanga sensei and that had a really fun op, and you'd think a similar show could hopefully at least have a fun op. Ore doesn't even have that; it's a bit too dull and the only slight redeeming parts are when when Suzuka and Double Peace are on screen.
AobaSuzukaze Dec 5, 3:28 PM
Good enough to me! How it's the Let's go games? I don't have the console so rip, but before release it looked pretty bad to me but I'm hearing quite some love towards it.

You were questioning the game for a different reason. I wasn't initially up for it because I heard it was another Kanto remake. I only got it after my brother got with some friends the one day. It looked like it would be a great game, so I literally placed an order for it the night he brought his home. If there are other games you'd play on the switch and can afford to spend the money, you should go for it.

>I haven't watched both, but I hear even more hate from this one than from Isekai Smartphone which was already considered absolute trash lmao.

I actually really liked Isekei smartphone because of how stupid it could be. It was funnier because the main character so overpowered and using a fucking slip spell was how they defeated a dragon and a powerful familiar (he made slip a continuous loop here). What other show could make you laugh from a dragon being defeated because its feet just totally lose all traction to the ground. It's like standing perfectly fine and randomly toppling over because you lose friction between yourself and the ground. It's just such a ridiculous way to defeat such a powerful creature.

It won't matter that I spoiled it. I doubt you'd watch ti anyway or you would still find it funny if started liking the show.

>Watching Pokemon! My childhood right there, sad that I got too lazy to re-watch it with Twitch, I'm already watching way too much stuff to put daily hours like that on it.

There's a key idea here: "Watch fewer seasonal shows"

>Show by Rock looks cute, I will eventually get to it when searching for more music series.

Honestly, I needed a music series for a watching challenge and it seemed to be really liked by it's niche fans anyway. It was a good excuse to watch a show that's been on my list for a while and it's always better when you end up loving it

>I watched videos of the scene and definitely hurt me less than with other older series that just burn your eyes when using them (Giant Robo comes to mind, I heard one called GaoGaiGar is just absolutely terrible with that, I can't bother to risk my vision with it), but well, after all I'm not someone who suffers from epilepsy so..

Yeah. I don't think I've seen any that would do that, but I remember watch the purely bad ova, "Most Dangerous Gheist" because it would meet an air date requirement for some challenge( Ik it wasn't a monthly challenge; it probably had to be an 1880s air date and pretty all pre-2000s anime). I know that ova had much worse flashing lights than the porygon episode. They should've regulated that much better back then, unless people somehow just didn't have epilepsy so they never knew it was a problem.

>The second of the three is freaking adorable, I also like the third a good amount but the second is better IMO.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with the slightly lewd panty showing one, so it was better to ask when they were many really good options. You made an excellent choice, though. It is way too adorable not to showcase somewhere; it might as well be my profile pic.

>Both are solid, I'm surprisingly enjoying Bloom despite not being a fan of those type of romance shows (not for being yuri, just the pacing and the focus on romance they have... which, well, a lot of yuri series are like that), Sakura Trick is still my favorite shoujo ai because of how funny and cute it was, but this one is still a nice watch.

Irozuku sadly fell a bit off when it comes to expectations after absolutely loving the start, but it's still good and I like the characters, it's just missing the charm and story I loved from other P.A. Works series like Nagi no Asukara or Hanasaku Iroha.

I can agree that they're both solid. They seem to exclude certain developments, though, that they probably shouldn't. Like when Hitomi was about to tell everyone else about not being able to see colors, yet the next episode started like they all accepted it and didn't have questions. It completely skipped over the sinking in phase. Bloom kind of did something similar too when both Yuu and Touko were sitting on the bench near the flowers taking break. We know that Touko is really comfortable around Yuu, but having her fall asleep like that could've led to something. It's like having someone lower their guard and being in a completely comfortable state around the person they love, yet it doesn't lead to much. They could've done something fun with it, rather then almost ignoring that ending and going straight into the sports day.

I actually didn't care for Irozuku from the first episode, but episode 2 was better. I haven't seen nor do I plan to see those other pa works shows you mentioned, so I wouldn't know if it doesn't have the same charm. It does feel like we don't quite know where it's fully going, though.

Sakura trick does look good.

>Sadly I don't really have a Subway nearby (like 27 km away according to google haha) but that sounds tasty!

Rip 100%.

Mat2468xk Dec 4, 9:36 AM
Well, for most of the time the whole "so good, I don't want to finish it" feeling happens because the series is short in a way which I want more episodes of it. I even consider three seasons to be a bit on the short side, depending on the situation. I'm fine with a series ending if it has some sort of story and the final episodes wrap it up well. So yeah.
DeitysDynasty Dec 3, 1:04 PM
Is the manga still on going
DeitysDynasty Dec 3, 10:57 AM
That’d be time efficient thanks
DeitysDynasty Dec 3, 10:38 AM
Lol did you not see it
It has a 10/10 rating on my list
DeitysDynasty Dec 3, 8:37 AM
Is the tanaka manga worth taking up?
Mat2468xk Dec 3, 7:38 AM
GochiUsa's pretty good, but I haven't really finished the 1st season. But I was delighted when I saw an announcement for its 3rd season. So I guess there isn't really any reason to hold back.

This may seem weird, but I kind of don't want to finish some of the series I really like. Like, it's "so good, I don't want to finish it" sort of thing. Mostly with shows that are a bit more on the slice of life side since you can pick up where you've left easily.
Asili Dec 1, 11:13 AM
Thanks, Meta!
Mat2468xk Dec 1, 6:34 AM
Which did you rewatch? Tanaka-kun is pretty good! I like most of the characters there, but Echizen piqued my interest the most. Kiniro Mosaic is pretty good, also. I usually like stuff with yuri undertones. Haven't watched that much of Gabriel DropOut, but I really like the Satania (of course, the fan favourite), Raphi, and Vignette.

Also, I think I've missed this but I see you like GochiUsa as well.
totorosneighbour Dec 1, 3:45 AM
Thanks man!
AobaSuzukaze Nov 30, 12:11 PM
What are your thoughts on Bloom into You and Irozuku/Colors (I always forget the name even though it comes up as the episodes start)? They both seem like shows that I should really like, but Bloom just isn't there and I'm unsure about Colors. They both do a good number of things right compared to similar shows, but Idk.

Ik this is a weird conversation starter and what's even weirder is following unrelated food recommendation.

If you like cheese and garlic and like and have a subway near you; you need to try their limited time cheesy garlic spread. I decided I'd go there while I'm off today, since I had a coupon for free bacon on any sub, saw the sign advertising the spread, tries it, and it was so fucking good. I though it was a different bread at first, but even though it's not, it doesn't change the taste. It was so worth the extra $2. It's like an equivalent of say how New Game! is for cute anime, but for specialty hoagie sauces/spreads.
AobaSuzukaze Nov 29, 6:53 PM
Totally unrelated to our other conversation, but I want an opinion.

Which would make the best profile picture to you?
Current one:

AobaSuzukaze Nov 29, 2:59 PM
Your still good friend. It's definitely my fault this time. I kept seeing this message and kept putting off replying until later every day and later turned into never.

I suppose I haven't really been out much either besides work. I did friends like twice over the past month or so but each time was a week or two apart. Playing Azur Lane and Let's go Eevee doesn't really count as different does it?

My top 2 is Definitely Sao Alicization and Boarding School Juliet (Char=character of the season). My third would either be Ms. Vampire or Slime if it's just seasonals, or Show by Rock if it's everything. It's hard to decide between the two. Vampire is another really good charming cute anime that's so worth waiting for and brightens your day, but slime is also a really well written entertaining isekai and do like my isekais when they're not just purely dumb(ie, Ragnarok from last season); Slime almost seems to be too much world building, though and it introduces so many characters. I've also been watching the original Pokemon series since like the middle of September or so. I've already finished the Indigo league and orange islands seasons; currently in the middle of Johto.

I probably should feel that way about some shows. To bad I didn't really remember much of Yuigioh or Yugioh Gx despite seeing most of them when I was younger, and I know I didn't see much of Pokemon. I know I saw all of Pokemon advanced battle that the cw showed, but I only remember the main crew, the fact that they sued Juan for the water gym rather than Wallace (went the Emerald route), and that's about it.

Not that it matters to you, but surprisingly the Porygon banned episode that they made such a big deal about back then isn't even that good. The flashing lights are nothing compared to what some shows have.

I really need to get back to reading manga/lns again. I've been so bad about consistently reading them basically since I started my final year of college last fall. Been out of college for months now, and the problem still isn't fixed. It's not even like I have a good excuse.