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AurafullAlex Yesterday, 4:42 PM
Also a few corrections on Saphees house, first yes it is actually acttached although you can only see from a number of positions and secondly it is not in the middle but it sounds like you did find it, like i said blue door and several trees in the garden (your typical middle class private British house lol). I am glad you liked and agreed with them all too! ^-^
AurafullAlex Yesterday, 3:28 PM
Also I ment Saphree being the words of the colour Saphire and free although it culd also be saph as in Safron which is a spice that is dirived from a flower called Cocrus Sativus but i only looked that 1 uo right now while typing this lol.
AurafullAlex Yesterday, 3:17 PM
Well the clock tower will have the ghost doll pretty much waiting on top of it, but it won't really be an action 1 but more of a story of reviving the lost bond of a voodoo doll (hence being kyoto ani style) but yeah, the market town is definitely one that stand out to me within my city as well as being suitable for the stories purose.

Also maybe one day when I am done making it I can give as an idea to Kyoto ani to implement, though I doubt they'd base it in Yorkshire dispite this famous UK region still not being used for a single anime. =(

Yes, besides the obvious London we have the south west England area of the Cotsworlds for the setting of Kiniro Mosaic, and that Harry potter comedy one Little Witch academia being based also in the south weast of England in a small town called Glastonbury which also holds one of the largest music festivals in the world, but Yorkshire is just as famous (mainly for the city of York in North Yorkshire which recieves over 2 million visotors a year).

Who knows though, maybe they might consider it, if Kyoto ani was to do a story of this type of plot and in the same location and with the same places being used then that won't half make me very happy! There are fanmade stories but I would just want to do the writing part but either way I would love to once this story is finished off post it on here as well as a website called fanfiction which has a very well fanmade writen spirited away sequil.

I hope this ends up comming out good either way and that Yorkshire at least one day can claim it's self a part of the anime world as with so many animes based here they have never picked North Yorkshire as a setting despite it being a major tourist area. (Oh, and my city and story setting is actully West Yorkshire not North Yorkshire).

I'll keep working on it though and see where it goes, at least your location Barcelona is part of the One piece world (even though I am not into it and can't find the comparison but near to the sea ir something and the arches though i am completely unfamilier), and one of the many pokemon movie locations fictional comparison here and the real one here.

Once again I will keep working on the story, though idk if it will turn out well or not but we'll see! Inspiration for story here (only the one called Benette).
AurafullAlex Yesterday, 8:06 AM
Cool thanks! Also the spot on 13 Bridge End which I plan to have the characters standing is on the south side of the multi coloured rail way line and on the right hand side and if that was to be in an anime then yes, you would likely see the rail line as well as many the big building to the huge gms bulding to the west side which is 1 of the largest buildings in the city. Hope you agree with me on the others, look foward to your responce! =3 (Just look at my previous comment for the names and info on the other locations).
AurafullAlex Jul 17, 4:14 PM
Also if you don't mind doing me a favour. There is actually a story (which PS is called A haunted heart) that I am currently working on although only in writing form atm (which needless to say would be a manga if was to be made into one), this will be based on the gen 3 ghost pokemon benette, basically I am aiming to make this like a kyoto ani (light hearted and feels filled) version of story that is about that voodoo ghost doll type of plot. The main male and female character will both be around age 20 (too many teens aged animes these days),

I would like you to go on google map and take a look at the locations that I have choosen for the story and comment or judge on how fitting you think they are for their use and purpose. =)

Currentlly confirmed areas in leeds city centre: Sovereign Street. - This gives a nice view of the formerly largest bulding in this 750 thousand populated city it's self.

13 bridge end. - This is basically a meet up area for the main characters. (You will see what looks to be some multi coloured bridge or rail way line up above facing to the north)

Leeds art gallery on the Headrow road. - This will be just outside the art gallery on the step entrance and is where I plan to have the ghost doll for a scene or 2.

40 park cross street - a stree just off from the Headrow road (a location cross over) this is where I am planning to have something bad happen involving maybe a gang or bully scene going on.

Stock Dales of yorkshire restruant - a traditionally British restruant that is also only 2 streets off from the art gallery location of the city (1 of the most iconic parts of the city) it couldn't be much more perfect and convenient if it tried as well as a great eating place for the main characters as well! The 2 characters will also meet in front of the art gallery before taking the very quick several second long walk into 2 streets to get here as well.

Now for all the locations in Rothwell (the main location and part of the city where the characters will live). Roydes Lane - Basically this is where the main character (who I am naming as Ryan) lives. You will recognise the building as being on the west (right when facing south) side of the road and being the next building going southwards along the street after a green gate, which yes is part of a primary school).

Aberford Road - This will be where the main female character of my story (who I am naming saphree as in the words Saphree and free) will live. Starting at the street you should see a house where a blue door that just as with the main male characters house is not attached to any others. and where a number of trees in around it as well.

Stone Brig Lane - A field where the ghost comes and lets just say causes some super natural ghostly goings on that draws in the locals out of disbelief (basically sturing up a big comotion with the locals)

The Purple vet (rothwell town centre) - This is a building that actually looks like a purple cottagfe making it conveniently very charicteristic and suitable even with it's appearence and is where Saphree is training at (the main female of the story).

Peggottys fish and chips - Situated only 2 shops from from the vet building and on the side side of the road it is a possible location, although not fully decided and definite as of yet.

24 commercial Street - The street where all of shops are in the area of Rothwell. There are also some brown and blue benches which, although not directly outside the vet building are right where the 2 shops are that are between the vets and fish and chips building still placing it in easy viewing discance for any scenes.

Castle lodge avenue - This chosen location is a neighbourhood that nearly ringa around a full circle and has a big clock in the middle that takes the place of what used to be a badly ran mental hospital. (This will also be hinted out in the story as well) This location will be used for that big climactic battle that many action stories have.

Also the lamps that line of the town centre are coloured blue, this is the type of extra characteristic that you'd get in Japan as they seem to for instance have many different looking (and insteresting/cool) street lamps alone. Tjis is very cool since british lampps would usually always be black by default so now I don't have to chance the colour within the story and can keep them the same!

So please be aware that I am putting as much effort into this story as a can to make it as good as possible. It is still very much in the starting stages for now.

So even if you don't know how to judge them, at least take a proper look at them on the street view of the google map and tell me if you agree they do or do not suit or look the part as I am very proud of these location choices, I would love you to see them and it would be very much appeciated.

Thanks in advance! =3
AurafullAlex Jul 17, 9:27 AM
Well imo real food looks tastier simply because it looks real and not like aload of computerised colours. Anyway i found this without actually meaning to, the 3 main voice actors of no game no life and yes they do play some lines later on in the video.
AobaSuzukaze Jul 16, 7:46 PM
For how great the route tracks are, I never thought of putting them in my top favorites (I tend to forget about all the different ones). I finished buying the soundtrack off iTunes a few weeks ago when I was still playing through Pearl again, though, and I've been listening to tracks along with my usual anime music, but I should mix in some route tracks more often.

225 is probably the best route track. I almost forgot about the old chateu track because I've completely forgotten to even visit that spot on my current Pearl to defeat or catch Rotam. It sure one hell of a spooky track; it's likely the best spooky Pokemon can offer. You also chose my favorite Team Galactic piece.

The theme for facing Cyrus is also amazing though, and one of my favorites. I forget how to do the youtube link stuff.

Stark Mountain is also in my top list.

Mt.Coronet is making in too. I was listening to ti again today and it hit me with how good it is.

You cannot forget the "Catastrophe" track or the legendary/mythic fight ones either.

Too many amazing tracks to list them all.

Honestly, I've definitely played through 3rd gen games more and it was my favorite because of Raquaza, who may be my favorite or at least 2nd favorite Pokemon, but I found almost everything to just be so superior in gen 4. I never played competitive battles much (I played online a little on of the gens). I've played through gens 3-5 all quite a bit. I played through white at least 4 or 5 or more times I believe within only a 6 month period or so, if it was even that many months. I personally like the Pearl/Diamond/Platinum story the best too. N is very mysterious, though and that is certainly a huge plus for gen 5, but it's not enough to outtake gen 4 for me. Gen 5 also has weird pixalated looking pokemon on your side during battles because of how much they zoom in it seems. It didn't bother me when I was younger and it's not all that bad. now, but it is slightly annoying; like how the latest yugioh movie had cgi monsters rather than hand drawn.

>And yeah, Garchomp is such an awesome Pokemon, him and Salamence are such amazing pseudo-legendaries.

Let's not forget Aggron, Vaporeon (love Vap so much; I've even had a vap wallet for almost 2 years now), Dragonite, Starapter and a few more her.

I personally didn't worry much about codes. I guess I was kind of worried that if I ever did something more official I'd get some backlash for having code pokemon, but I never cared much and loved codes. I actually have a few of the elite four's and Cynthia's pokemon on my Diamond or Platinum because of a catch trainer pokemon code. The all ball and 100% catch rate was so much fun too. Using a pal park ball to catch a pokemon on the outside was a great experience. So yeah, no need to worry about using codes. Just don't put extremely obvious code pokemon up on the GTS and use them in online battles and such. The run and walk anywhere codes are so amazing too. If you save inside Dawn/Lucas, the fence in Sangem town, and on the water while you were running over it without corrupting your game, you would've beaten me. I swear Nintendo purposely made Pearl and Diamond so code friendly. I know the one all shiny code I had actually caused it to rain in route 213 on my one game, but it went away when I stopped using the code or gave it a pretty long break, anyway (it only made things shiny while the action replay was in anyway so it wasn't a catch shiny code).

Gen 4 just has the best of both worlds, normal play and cheat code play. Just don't use pokemon duplication codes that say they can corrupt and or delete your data if used wrong.
AobaSuzukaze Jul 15, 7:54 PM
>I remember how I used to take the starter Pokemon (or using a Mankey instead in Pokemon Yellow since Pikachu was useless against Brock) and spam them until the end of the game, then deleting the file and starting again to do the same over and over, man I was bored back then xD

My brother and I did that a bit with Blazekin on Ruby and Sapphire and them. We would basically only train the starter and a maybe a breloom or something would end up around 25-30 when it was Emerald because so many trainer fights were turned into double battles and more double battles were added where trainers weren't even necessarily at before.

It's not as bad as using a mega experience game code on Pearl and Diamond, though. I think it fucking gave X 98 xp. I think I only used it for a little bit on one of my play throughs and I had a fucking lv 100 Empoleon either before or slightly after Roark (gym 1).

>I didn't have some special legendaries so I didn't "fully" complete it, but the game still gives the diploma by having the ones usually available.

It still breaks my heart that I never got Darkrai in my hands, I love the design of that Pokemon but I never got the chance to get him, hell, there was an event for him where one had to go to a game shop to get him, guess what, a branch of one of those shops opened in my city... the day after the event finished, they had it all planned q_q

I wouldn't be surprised if the Gamestop near you did plan that. Honestly, they probably would've had to get too many special permissions or a special license/device to even have the event, though, unless it was simply a code. I think you had to do some of those events on their wifi, but you may have just been able to type in a special code and do it on any internet; Idk.

This reminds me when I accidentally scratched off a special on the card slip, though. It was for a Gengar event that they had a few years ago; I forget if it was shiny. I didn't have a coin and decided it was a good idea to use my finger nails to scratch it off; all it did was scratch off the code with the coating so my older brother called the one we went to and the guy just gave him a new code over the phone.

I have the solution to Darkrai, though. Ds action replay. I'm sure the ones you got officially probably had a certain ate tag or something to verify it was official, but the codes still let you catch them in their normal spots. There are codes to get the items and things that let you see Shaymin near the white rock in route 224, you can get to arceus' platform, and go to the island where Darkrai is at. At least they aren't giving you pokemon with weird name tags and letting you catch them randomly in any route like the pokemon codes for Ruby and Sapphire work.

Will edit later. I started replying, had something to do, and then it got a little late.
AobaSuzukaze Jul 14, 6:47 PM
I didn't forget that your reply is here. I just didn't logon my computer until later yesterday and today. I'm hoping to remember to reply tomorrow since i already know some things i want to say.
AobaSuzukaze Jul 12, 7:38 PM
And I thought it was a fluke. Fuck me, right?

>That Pokemon binge! One can TL;DR my childhood saying Pokemon, I'm such a fan of the franchise.
Honestly, same. I started with third gen, but I replayed through those games so much. Between my brother and I restarting his ruby, my emerald, me restarting leafgreen (even if only up to beating the 8th gym a bunch of times), Pearl Diamond, whatever; I've probably easily played through 150-200 different games of Pokemon.

I completed the National Pokedex of Pokemon White just trading stuff from all the other games I had xDDD

I used to do that and my Black is probably really close to it, I think. We never got all the event pokemon, though. When you start taking breaks from playing the games obsessively, you miss out on events. I think my brother only need Melado on his white or Black, though, since we found a code for Keldo.

>Which game did you enjoy the most?

Definitely Pearl. The 4th gen has my favorite Pokemon soundtrack of 1-6 gen, and 2 of my my top 5-10 favorite legendaries. Palkia is definitely my second, if not favorite legendary and dragon type behind or equal with Rayquaza. Team Galactic actually gets shit done too. Blowing up a lake, making several attempts to harness energy in what seemed like much more thought ways than other enemy teams, much better clothing than the other ones (we know how dumb team flare looked; they just wanted to be flaming), and actually making a red chain to drag Palika or Dialga from their dimension. It has a great Dragon type too. Garchomp kicks ass. Haxourous and Druggigon from Black and White were really good too, but not having a dual type hurts them very slightly since they cannot provide another type your team may need, nor easily replace something like Salamance or Dragonite, for examples, could with your flying type. Luxray is an amazing looking electric type too; Go electric cat.
AobaSuzukaze Jul 11, 9:18 PM
It feels weird knowing that I haven't talked to anyone on here in a while. That first 2-3 weeks without all the more basic features really threw me off. I come on to check your profile and see that your restricted your lists. Any good reason for that or were people using the info to make meaningless comments?

Off topic. I've actually been playing a lot of Pokemon lately on a whim. One night my older brother or me (I don't remember who) brought something up, he wanted to play White I believe, and a few days later, we started restarting games. I went through both Pearl and Sapphire again over the past 2 and half weeks.
AurafullAlex Jul 10, 3:12 PM
Thanks =3 it has also introduced pork buns to me and to do a side by side comparison (as well as to get you alot more into the mood with watching the anime) I will show you and compare how they look from kanon. Real life pork buns compared to the pork buns from kanon

with the taiyaki in real life compared to the taiyaki from kanon
AurafullAlex Jul 10, 5:59 AM
Am now done with episode 8 of conon and am not going to stop for today untill i at least make it to episode 12, interesting story going on here, am perparing for those feels as well gosh darn it lol.
AurafullAlex Jul 9, 11:57 AM
Have started watching kanon now and and am past episode 4 since the past 5 hours (have eaten as well, i really can't wait to see how this goes and the characters are a cute as I thought they'd be! X3 Plus this also introduced taikaki to me that fish shaped sweet waffle and cake crossed described snack which in case you forgot looks like this.
AurafullAlex Jul 8, 10:18 AM
Well the same as my page of course lol, but to make it easier for you the 10 I guessed correctly were: Angel Beats, Clannad, K on!, Beyond the boundary, Yuri on ice, Tokyo Ghoul, Charlotte, Guilty Crown, No game no Life and Your lie in April. I did expect you to do alot better since you are such a huge otaku but I guess you need work on the music side of things right lol.