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Apr 12, 2018
I might not be a fan of Gintama, but I would be lying if I said that this season wasn't pretty damn good.

This first part of the Silver Soul arc has been a big improvement in both the serious parts and especially the comedic ones. Excluding some parts that were the standard "too gross for my preference" of Gintama, I found myself laughing a lot nearly each episode, all while also delivering impactful and badass scenes nearly at the same time, the switch from comedy to serious back to comedy worked so well, and the pacing of this season was very good.

This season brings back read more
Apr 12, 2018
There are few series where the first episode gives me the feeling of “boy I'm going to love this”, and Gakuen Babysitters was definitely one of them.

After a plane crash took away the life of the parents of our protagonist Ryuuichi and his brother Kotarou, leaving them behind, they ended up living in an academy thanks to the offer of the chairwoman with the condition of Ryuuichi becoming a babysitter of the school. This anime nailed the emotional impact of that tragedy and quickly made me root to these two characters in their new home.

And that's definitely not the only time where this anime gave read more
Apr 10, 2018
Aggresive Retsuko manages to be hilarious with just a single minute per episode.

The story is simple, Retsuko has to deal with way too relatable stressful situations during her everyday life, and when she can't handle what happens in that episode anymore, she goes crazy and starts singing death metal music, the way it's done makes the series really fun because you totally emphatize with the protagonist and her reactions are just priceless.

The character designs are simple but charming, the music is mostly 2-3 songs and that's all which is fine considering its duration, and there is always Retsuko giving some lyrics in her rage attacks read more
Apr 3, 2018
This is a review of the movie that happens after the events of episode 112, I wouldn't recommend to watch this as the first thing you see of the series since you will miss all the attachment to the cast, but I can't recommend enough to try out the main series, the total amount of episodes might look intimidating but now that I reached the point of the movie I'm sad of being so relatively close to the end. The characters are so absurdly lovable and following them in their steps through the idol world and all the events that happen along the way is read more
Mar 29, 2018
The season passed and this anime sadly got no hype whatsoever at any point, but damn I would be lying if I said I didn't love it! The easiest way to describe Miira no Kaikata is “diabetes bomb” and it's definitely one of the shows that made me smile the most of just how freaking adorable it can get.

This anime starts with Sora, a boy who already got used to get dangerous things from his adventurer dad, and the shock that his next surprise is not a mortal monster that should have been kept sealed instead of sent as a present to his read more
Mar 24, 2018
Funnily enough considering the title of this anime, Slow Start went from an entertaining but mostly just good watch to one of my favorite series of this winter 2018 season as it progressed.

This story is focused on Hana, a shy girl who easily gets worried that she is a year behind the rest after not being able to do the exams for high school. That affected her and she couldn't handle thinking about what everyone else would think of her, so she ended up leaving her house and went to live in the apartment of her cousin Shion to start a fresh life where read more
Dec 23, 2017
Absolutely beautiful, Houseki no Kuni sadly flew under the radar of a lot of people due to the lack of initial hype, but I hope this changes over time because this anime really deserves a lot of love.

The setting is so interesting and full of mysteries and unknowns to discover, what happened to the world to become like this? Who are the gems, or the moon people that seem to be after them? Houseki knows how to make the events ocurring hooking to watch and it's such an enjoyable experience from start to end.

Along with the intriguing story we also have a fantastic cast read more
Dec 8, 2017
After many years of stressful and unfulfilling work, Moriko decided to quit her job and is now a NEET playing a MMO game, what awaits her (and us, the viewers) is a fantastic experience totally worth watching.

Net-juu no Susume is in my opinion one of the most solid executions of the romance genre and a very interesting take of the game one. The ingame world is well developed and has a good number of scenes that really showed the feelings that provide playing this type of games, like trying out clothes and how they looked depending on the character, the “wtf dude” moment when someone read more
Sep 26, 2017
New Game is back better than ever with this second season, which in my opinion was a solid improvement of the first.

One of the strongest points of this sequel is that it found the right balance between the cute and funny parts, and the more serious, work related moments. In the end, New Game is about these lovable girls working hard to achieve their dreams in the videogame industry, all while becoming closer to the others and having fantastic experiences, and the viewers can definitely see both things, sharing their feelings and cheering for their success.

Talking about the characters, god, I love everyone! New Game read more
Sep 23, 2017
Do you like videogames? These girls sure as hell do! Welcome to New Game, a 4-koma where you will follow the lovable Aoba Suzukaze in her adventures in the videogame industry.

New Game does a great job in providing scenes typical of the cute girls genre while keeping a plot with development and some more serious moments, always keeping a lighthearted tone. It never gets stale because things are always in motion, and you can see the characters working hard to achieve their objectives while having fun moments and getting closer to the others.

This manga features a very likeable cast of characters with their ways to read more