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Jan 2, 2019
I'm not sure how much Toei had planned for Pretty Cure, but I really doubt that, at the time of this review, they expected it to be already close to start its 16th entry with Star Twinkle. In my way to watch all the franchise it finally came the time to tackle the original, that I wouldn't recommend as your first Precure, the fantastic main duo makes this anime well worth a watch and did overall did a great job building the foundation for one of the most successful series in Japan.

The premise is pretty simple yet effective: A big baddie wants to take over read more
Dec 11, 2018
After the amazing experience I had with the original Aikatsu, Stars had a big challenge to face trying to live up to its quality, did it succeed? Definitely!

Aikatsu Stars keeps most of what makes the franchise shine with it's wholesomeness, heartwarming moments, and the constant pain in your mouth due to how much you're smiling watching it, but what this entry has is considerably more drama and serious moments through the story attached to the character development of the cast. If you prefer that this is a big bonus towards trying out Stars, while not really being a negative if you liked the original and read more
Dec 8, 2018
This is an anime that I had for a long time as a "I would try it out, but it's so long..." until the day I finally gave it the chance it deserved, and boy I sure didn't expect it to become one of my favorite works.

Aikatsu is a series set in a school that has as objective training idols to make them reach stardom. This includes seeing the characters practice for concerts, facing problems and how they improve thanks to them, and seeing them participate in idol-related activities like TV programs, firming autographs (and all the awesome moments that come from seeing fans interacting read more
Nov 10, 2018
Just as a warning, this is a review of Smile Precure and not from the dubbed version of the same series called Glitter Force, which I haven't watched (and for what I know isn't exactly loved by the fans, in any case I recommend this one).

After having watched and loved some of the more serious Precure when it comes to tone (Heartcatch, Hugtto and Princess) I was curious and somewhat worried about how I would feel for one that goes more for the comedic aspects of the franchise, well, there was nothing to fear because this one delivered hard!

Smile Precure uses the theme of fairy read more
Nov 2, 2018
Time for Smile Precure to tell another fairy tale with its movie, and what an enjoyable one it was!

After a mysterious girl called Nico appeared, the main cast from this entry end up visiting the picture book world, a place where stories like Cinderella or Momotaro can be seen and experienced from the perspective of the characters. However, things start to get weird in their stories, and it's up to the girls to discover why and deal with that.

The main focus of the story is on Nico and the protagonist of Smile, Miyuki, and the connection they have with each other. Even if I think read more
Sep 17, 2018
Dreams are beautiful and worth protecting, something that moves forward people and gives us a goal to reach in our way to happiness. Poor/unappealing execution and disliking the characters aside, the theme of "working hard to reach your dreams" is one of the most compelling ones there is to me, and well, here is an anime where the characters having a dream and the enemy trying to take them away is the main theme! I was already hooked from the start, and the execution couldn't have been better.

“I want to be a princess!” Said our clumsy, but hardworking and absurdly lovable protagonist Haruka when she read more
Sep 11, 2018
After Hugtto Precure convinced me hard to give a chance to the rest of the franchise, I went for the entry that seems to be the most loved and popular (except maybe the original) of the franchise, did it live up to the hype? Well, it sure did in my opinion!

Tsubomi, the protagonist of this story, is a shy girl who definitely didn't fit with what the image of what the standard Precure protagonist looked to me, I think that this is played very nicely through the story and seeing her open up more while keeping what makes her be her was so satisfying to read more
Sep 11, 2018
Perfectly fitting for the 31th of October (the day it started screening), the theme of this movie is pumpkins with a tone of... cute Halloween? As the title indicates, this movie is split into three parts, so let's get into each!

The first is a short animation in CGI where a small version of Cure Flora plays with some ghosts who fake like if they were a reflection of her, up to what I watched of Precure so far I will say that this was the most "fully kid oriented" moment of the series, and... damn it was cute!

The second part is the main bulk of read more
Aug 15, 2018
There is underwatched and then there is Hugtto Precure. I gave a chance to this anime because of the praise the minority watching it were giving to the series and I definitely didn't expect to love it as much as I'm doing, ultimately leading me to start watching other entries from the franchise, I hope this review motivates you to give it a chance as well.

First of all I will start by replying to common reasons why one would avoid this without giving it a chance:

- "This is a kids show", oh boy, there were definitely some scenes so far that made me think "wait, read more
Jul 31, 2018
Just as a reminder, Aikatsu Friends, as the rest of Aikatsu entries, is stand-alone and you can start with this one without worries, which considering the length of the others can be a great idea if you want to see if this anime is for you in order to try out the others as well.

In Aikatsu Friends we follow Aine, a cheerful and kind girl who can quickly make friends with anyone to terrifying levels. One day she meets Mio, a very popular girl from the idol division of their school and they quickly connect, the story focuses in their idol activities together as friends, read more