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Jan 29, 2021
D4DJ is a multimedia project I have been following for a bit less than a year before the TV series started, my excitement towards the anime was huge, and I'm really happy to say that not only it was nice, but it also surpassed my expectations.

This anime follows the cheerful Rinku and her new (and not that new) friends as they form a DJ unit in a school very heavily focused on that activity (the funds spent on that big-ass beautiful building and all the rooms with equipment to do DJ performances must have been crazy). As the episodes pass, they will meet new rivals ...
Jul 17, 2020
Preliminary (25/? chp)
Now this is what I call a blessed manga. Little I expected when I randomly gave this a chance a few months ago that I would be starting a work that is blazing its way into my favorites list with its amazing comedy and a cast that I'm really, really, really, really, really in love with.

Meet Aijou Rentarou, a dude who so far has only met pain and heartbreaks when it comes to romance, but all of this changes when one day, the God of Love (who seems to be a big Ghibli fan) appears and tell him that he will meet not one, ...
Jan 26, 2020
New year, new Precure, Star Twinkle gave us a new entry to this wonderful series that while I personally didn't enjoy as much as others, it's still well worth checking out.

The story starts when Hikaru Hosnina, a cheerful girl who absolutely adores space and stars, one day, to her complete surprise (and excitement, damn she's excited about it!) A rocket suddenly lands close to her, inside is something that will change her life: an alien named Lala together with the two mascots of this entry, Prunce and Fuwa, who are searching for help to save the universe from the villains of this series. Soon after ...
Apr 21, 2019
It's time for the HappinessCharge girls to have a new adventure in a movie pretty similar to the Smile Precure one if you have watched it.

The story is focused on a girl called Tsugumi, who lost her ability to walk and therefore can't dance, the thing she loves the most. This makes her despair as wanted for the villain of this movie, Black Fang. Once the girls go to the Kingdom of Dolls after being invited by her, it's the start of a mix of wanting to have fun there and doubts about the current situation the place is in.

This movie handles pretty nicely the ...
Apr 7, 2019
Mixed Feelings
“It was meh”, that's some words I hoped to not have to say after the amazing experience I had so far going through the franchise, even despite the issues I had with the first season of this entry that were saved more than enough by the positives, but Max Heart in my opinion is a sequel that doesn't provide enough freshness to feel necessary to be there.

The biggest change compared to its prequel is the introduction of Hikari, another girl with powers (but not considered a Precure) that fully focuses on supporting abilities for the girls, not being able to properly fight like Honoka and ...
Mar 30, 2019
A random day back in December 2015 had me giving a chance to at that point very recent manga called Kaguya-sama after the cover grabbed my attention, not too many chapters after I already fell in love with it and it eventually became my favorite work ever and the one that I was waiting like crazy for an adaptation to happen, and when that time came… oh god, they couldn't have delivered harder!

The main duo of this story are Kaguya and Miyuki, the two students at the top of a highly renowned academy and the two most lovable tsunderes out there, consistently trying to outplay ...
Mar 14, 2019
I can't say I'm too big on Max Heart when compared to all the other Precure I have watched so far, but I'm glad to see that I will end this entry in a good note thanks to this good movie that used nicely the element that in my opinion is the strongest part of Futari wa: the friendship between Nagisa and Honoka.

A new mascot character appeared for this movie in the form of Houou, who is in danger due to the attack of a duo of enemies wanting to get rid of her to bring an end to the world, this together with the ...
Feb 2, 2019
It's time to review Fresh Precure! Another fantastic season and the one to praise for introducing a successful formula that most later entries followed in terms of villains and story.

The story this time is set in Clover Town Street, a very cheerful place where the main characters live. After the protagonist of this entry, Love, gets involved in the attack of the enemies from this story during a performance of the unit band Trinity, becoming a Precure in the process, she and her friends will have to fight to save the world from a bad ending.

The cast of Fresh is one of the strongest from ...
Jan 27, 2019
First of all, I really have to say thank you to all the people who were talking nicely about Hugtto, without them I wouldn't have given a chance to a franchise that is now giving me endless hours of fun between all the entries. I hope this review helps other people to do the same.

As I did with the provisional version of this review while the series was airing, I want to tackle some points that people have against giving a chance to Hugtto, or this franchise in general:

- "This is a kids show": Locking yourself to demographics is such a waste, a good ...
Jan 23, 2019
Well, I didn't expect to watch somewhat of a Toy Story movie when I started Fresh, that's for sure.

In the movie of this entry, all the toys are disappearing and our girls have to visit the Kingdom of Toys to face a villain called Toymajin, the one behind all the chaos created.

In all honesty, and despite that I liked it myself, I can perfectly understand anyone who wouldn't like this movie. As it's the case with most of the movies of this type that I have watched, their short run time (and the more or less 10 minutes spent in stock footage of the transformation/movements ...

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