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Sep 17, 2018
Dreams are beautiful and worth protecting, something that moves forward people and gives us a goal to reach in our way to happiness. Poor/unappealing execution and disliking the characters aside, the theme of "working hard to reach your dreams" is one of the most compelling ones there is to me, and well, here is an anime where the characters having a dream and the enemy trying to take them away is the main theme! I was already hooked from the start, and the execution couldn't have been better.

“I want to be a princess!” Said our clumsy, but hardworking and absurdly lovable protagonist Haruka when she read more
Sep 11, 2018
After Hugtto Precure convinced me hard to give a chance to the rest of the franchise, I went for the entry that seems to be the most loved and popular (except maybe the original) of the franchise, did it live up to the hype? Well, it sure did in my opinion!

Tsubomi, the protagonist of this story, is a shy girl who definitely didn't fit with what the image of what the standard Precure protagonist looked to me, I think that this is played very nicely through the story and seeing her open up more while keeping what makes her be her was so satisfying to read more
Sep 11, 2018
Perfectly fitting for the 31th of October (the day it started screening), the theme of this movie is pumpkins with a tone of... cute Halloween? As the title indicates, this movie is split into three parts, so let's get into each!

The first is a short animation in CGI where a small version of Cure Flora plays with some ghosts who fake like if they were a reflection of her, up to what I watched of Precure so far I will say that this was the most "fully kid oriented" moment of the series, and... damn it was cute!

The second part is the main bulk of read more
Aug 15, 2018
There is underwatched and then there is Hugtto Precure. I gave a chance to this anime because of the praise the minority watching it were giving to the series and I definitely didn't expect to love it as much as I'm doing, ultimately leading me to start watching other entries from the franchise, I hope this review motivates you to give it a chance as well.

First of all I will start by replying to common reasons why one would avoid this without giving it a chance:

- "This is a kids show", oh boy, there were definitely some scenes so far that made me think "wait, read more
Jul 31, 2018
Just as a reminder, Aikatsu Friends, as the rest of Aikatsu entries, is stand-alone and you can start with this one without worries, which considering the length of the others can be a great idea if you want to see if this anime is for you in order to try out the others as well.

In Aikatsu Friends we follow Aine, a cheerful and kind girl who can quickly make friends with anyone to terrifying levels. One day she meets Mio, a very popular girl from the idol division of their school and they quickly connect, the story focuses in their idol activities together as friends, read more
Jul 30, 2018
Fantastic and touching movie that only makes but improve the Heartcatch Precure series, as a warning, this has to be watched after at least episode 37 of the TV anime or you will be missing out in who are the Precures and the development they went through the series up to that point.

Our girls visit France in preparation for a fashion show organized by Erika's mother, and what is supposed to be just a fun time visiting Paris changes once Tsubomi meets Loup-garou, a boy who's being chased by enemies and proceeds to help him.

The story of this movie focuses on him and Salamander, a read more
Jul 1, 2018
Saiki's adventures continue for 24 more episodes, and they are somehow even better than before. I will keep this review short since I already have one posted here for the first season discussing the strengths of the series, which definitely stay relevant in this sequel.

This second season adds more spice to the comedy with the introduction of new characters, that as expected from the series are really fun to watch, likeable, and lead to new character interactions that never fail to make the viewer laugh, this can easily be seen in shorts where Saiki is mostly just hiding around and one still loses it by read more
Jun 21, 2018
The cute girls genre recieves a fantastic addition with Comic Girls, an anime I definitely didn't expect to be as good as it ended up being.

This story is focused on a group of girls who love manga and either draw one professionally, or are trying to get a series published. This proves to be difficult for our lovable protagonist, Kaos, who honestly is just awful at it, and goes to live in a dormitory for female manga artists where she meets the other main characters of the series, hopefully getting inspiration from them.

Comic Girls uses the setting really well to provide a fantastic comedy both read more
Apr 12, 2018
I might not be a fan of Gintama, but I would be lying if I said that this season wasn't pretty damn good.

This first part of the Silver Soul arc has been a big improvement in both the serious parts and especially the comedic ones. Excluding some parts that were the standard "too gross for my preference" of Gintama, I found myself laughing a lot nearly each episode, all while also delivering impactful and badass scenes nearly at the same time, the switch from comedy to serious back to comedy worked so well, and the pacing of this season was very good.

This season brings back read more
Apr 12, 2018
There are few series where the first episode gives me the feeling of “boy I'm going to love this”, and Gakuen Babysitters was definitely one of them.

After a plane crash took away the life of the parents of our protagonist Ryuuichi and his brother Kotarou, leaving them behind, they ended up living in an academy thanks to the offer of the chairwoman with the condition of Ryuuichi becoming a babysitter of the school. This anime nailed the emotional impact of that tragedy and quickly made me root to these two characters in their new home.

And that's definitely not the only time where this anime gave read more