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Dec 23, 2017
Absolutely beautiful, Houseki no Kuni sadly flew under the radar of a lot of people due to the lack of initial hype, but I hope this changes over time because this anime really deserves a lot of love.

The setting is so interesting and full of mysteries and unknowns to discover, what happened to the world to become like this? Who are the gems, or the moon people that seem to be after them? Houseki knows how to make the events ocurring hooking to watch and it's such an enjoyable experience from start to end.

Along with the intriguing story we also have a fantastic cast read more
Dec 8, 2017
After many years of stressful and unfulfilling work, Moriko decided to quit her job and is now a NEET playing a MMO game, what awaits her (and us, the viewers) is a fantastic experience totally worth watching.

Net-juu no Susume is in my opinion one of the most solid executions of the romance genre and a very interesting take of the game one. The ingame world is well developed and has a good number of scenes that really showed the feelings that provide playing this type of games, like trying out clothes and how they looked depending on the character, the “wtf dude” moment when someone read more
Sep 26, 2017
New Game is back better than ever with this second season, which in my opinion was a solid improvement of the first.

One of the strongest points of this sequel is that it found the right balance between the cute and funny parts, and the more serious, work related moments. In the end, New Game is about these lovable girls working hard to achieve their dreams in the videogame industry, all while becoming closer to the others and having fantastic experiences, and the viewers can definitely see both things, sharing their feelings and cheering for their success.

Talking about the characters, god, I love everyone! New Game read more
Sep 23, 2017
Do you like videogames? These girls sure as hell do! Welcome to New Game, a 4-koma where you will follow the lovable Aoba Suzukaze in her adventures in the videogame industry.

New Game does a great job in providing scenes typical of the cute girls genre while keeping a plot with development and some more serious moments, always keeping a lighthearted tone. It never gets stale because things are always in motion, and you can see the characters working hard to achieve their objectives while having fun moments and getting closer to the others.

This manga features a very likeable cast of characters with their ways to read more
Aug 19, 2017
Sheriff Evans' Lies is an hilarious romantic comedy set in the Wild West where we follow Elmore Evans, a sheriff who everyones loves and respects, the terror of the criminals... and that only became a sheriff because that supposedly would make him become popular with the girls.

Very soon we get introduced to Oakley, the main girl and romantic interest of the story. She's a bounty hunter too pure for this world who likes Evans (a feeling he shares for her), but since they are considered rivals by the other, and most importantly, both are completely clueless about love, they just fail hard in their romantic read more
Jul 15, 2017
There is something about the Yuuki Yuuna franchise that makes me love it so much, and it's how it makes me love the characters and connect with them to the point where any scene, be either the fun interactions or the heartbreaking sad moments, makes me feel like I'm there, connected with them.

This final entry of the Washio Sumi trilogy proved that again with the end of this prequel. Following the events from the second movies, it provides the final hit in the feels to the viewers before leading to the events of the main series.

As a source reader I have to say that this read more
May 27, 2017
Gabriel DropOut reaches its end (hopefully just for now) with these two specials that as a fan of the series left me very satisfied. I won't go over the characters since I already have the review of the TV version for that, so I will comment what you will find in these two specials.

The first one is the obligatory onsen/hot springs episode, with more fanservice than the one from the main series... at least as much as the divine protection allows it. Fun episode with the typical character interactions but in that setting.

The second one caught me completely by surprise since it went for a read more
Apr 5, 2017
Honestly, I’m not a fan of writing negative reviews since I prefer to use them to recommend series that I enjoyed, but as a fan of both comedy and the “cute girls doing cute things” genre I felt disappointed with Maid Dragon, that was the anime I was looking forward the most for this Winter 2017 season. I know that comedy is a very subjective genre, so I can see why other people would like it, so in this review I will talk about what I liked and what I didn't from this anime, while trying to keep it as a recommendation to give it read more
Mar 27, 2017
If I learned something from watching Gabriel DropOut, is that going to hell is definitely the superior option. Get ready for this hilarious comedy that reverses the roles of angels and demons!

The story is simple but interesting due to the comedic setting it creates: our protagonist, Gabriel, was a kind, top tier angel who always helped others. However, after coming to Earth she developed an addiction to online videogames and became incredibly lazy. From there we meet other angels and demon with personalities that don't fit the standards we give to them, creating lots of great comedic situations playing around that. Going back to Gabriel, read more
Mar 15, 2017
KonoSuba’s second season is here and it’s a fantastic follow up to last year’s fantasy/comedy series which deservedly became a massive hit among the anime community.

One of the strongest points of this series is the characters and their interactions, Kazuma is one of the weird cases where I find the protagonist to be the best character of a comedy anime, he’s just such a lovable troll that has to deal with the weirdos around him, the first of them being Aqua, a cute but useless crybaby that has a godlike talent for performing party tricks. However, outside of that she lacks any other abilities read more