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gyanburubii Aug 21, 5:27 AM
Happy birthday!! I hope the day has been as great as its hero.
(/^-^(^ ^*)/ As a present, the great gambling bee has crawled from matriculation exam prep hell to bless you with a long-due reply.

Haha, what?! I swear Karens love bringing up the most irrelevant merits. Still, without retail workers we wouldn't have anyone to share stories precisely like this one, thus I thank you for your service. (人 –ᴗ–) Speaking of Karens, what's it with people coming to pick fights on your MAL profile??? I was about to question if these people really have nothing better to use their time on but then I realized just from whose perspective I'd be saying this from – yours truly has been going to sleep early for the past week because he hasn't had anything else to do... (ー_ー゛)

Oh, sounds good! For a long time, I used to think about getting into something visual as well but I've come to realize that it'd be too demanding of a job for me. I have really long and draining art blocks, I'm immensely self-critical and I'm not passionate enough to survive on the field. Besides, I don't feel like I have enough unique insight to offer: I'd just end up comparing myself to others and burning out before long. (。•́﹏•̀。) As for what I do want to do, it has to do with text and language for sure! I feel like it's the logical career path for me to take; it's a happy medium between passion and routine. I've always enjoyed writing, but unlike drawing or visual arts in general, if it ends up growing stale or difficult over time, I can still continue it because the action comes to me so naturally. Right now, I'm thinking of majoring in English (as a foreign language) and branching off to become a translator. It's the easy route – if my matriculation exams happen to go poorly, I'm confident I can get into the program through the entrance exams – but it's my best bet for now. Though, I'd also like a social work environment because as I mentioned before, I'll literally go insane if I can't interact with people on the daily??

I think you're right about that. Even with the amount of stress having responsibilities causes me, I don't think I could live life without any? Having a lot of free time brings forth a different kind of discomfort: I think about all the things I could be doing, get overwhelmed and proceed to do nothing. Humans are accustomed to having a purpose, so it's easy to lose sight of everything once you don't... (*﹏*;) The existential crisis is strong in this one – currently feeling like the distressed Chika meme.

Drinking in general is pretty ingrained in our culture. Underage drinking is not as common as it used to be but it still has that social status boost factor to it. I've actually been curious about weed but given how I don't really react to alcohol, I figure drugs would be the same: blatant disappointment and a headache... Weed doesn't even have that pleasant taste a good alcopop does?? The funniest thing I remember doing while drunk was going on a rant about how the Enstars Fandom Wiki predisposes certain characters to mischaracterization, which led to a mutual, slightly weepy oshi gushing session together with the friend I was drinking with. Although, I can see myself doing the exact same thing while sober, haha.

I see! Why did you start school earlier? :0 In fact, skipping a grade was planned for me as well but we never ended up going through with it and honestly, the me of today is pretty grateful about that. In Finland, schooling starts at the age of 6 in pre-school after which comprehensive education is split into two parts: primary school (ages 7–12) and higher comprehensive school (ages 13–15). From then on you can generally choose between two kinds of secondary education: a vocational school, which is a more practical kind of training for a specific job, or an upper secondary school, which is more focused studying, theory and accumulating general knowledge over all kinds of areas. I'm currently on my third year at an arts-oriented upper secondary school; it would normally be one's final year, leading to graduation in June 2023, but since I applied for half a year extra, I'll graduate in December of next year instead. Secondary education is the last mandatory form of schooling in Finland. It used to be only up until the end of comprehensive school, but our government recently passed a law in which the age of compulsory school attendance was changed from 16 to 18 – I'm part of the last bunch of students for whom secondary education isn't mandatory. Higher education (18+, precise starting age varies) after that is optional but many people seek out to continue their studies in either college or a university of applied sciences. It's kind of convenient you made me explain this as our English matriculation exam prep course just covered education-related vocabulary, haha.

True! It's kind of amusing as well how light novels require more reading and tend to have longer titles whereas manga, which can legitmately be consumed like "pretty panels go brr" if you're lazy enough, get the short and catchy ones. It's interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was there before it became big in the west. I actually watched the first season of the anime just by chance: I had nothing to watch that summer, so I just picked up every anime with the ecchi tag out of curiosity towards the genre, haha. Oh god, yet another story gone to shit to add to the subahokke suffering collection. How do you even manage at this point?? ( ToT) I don't think I have any personal examples. My taste is very mainstream; I dislike lots of popular shows but my own favourites aren't anything underground either.

That makes sense if you're a design major, haha! By the way, what are your thoughts on Enstars character designs? I often see people memeing them up like "these guys look like they were made in a random generator lol" and I honestly think it's kind of accurate, especially when it comes to color palettes. Why do so many of them have purple eyes??? Of course, it varies: there are designs which are unique, visually pleasing and instantly recognizable (e.g. Mayoi, Kanata) and then characters like Hinata and Tsukasa whose lookalikes you can find from every other game in existence.

FELT— I've forced myself to finish so many shows sped up just to be able to say I've watched them. I'm left with no memories of the show yet I wasted a ton of time pseudo-watching it: why can't I just say I dropped something because it wasn't to my liking?! ლ(ಠ﹏ಠლ) I just emptied out my drop list to see whether it'll make it easier to leave shows unfinished. Likewise, I stopped watching the second season of McDonalds Isekai™ because I got left behind and couldn't bring myself to catch up... I don't really like Emi and it's clearly sliding further down the romcom route. My favourite anime from summer 2022 is probably Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru and it absolutely is because of my Azakami bias. He's doing an amazing job as always!! I feel everything Urushi feels. Please give this man more main roles, I'll watch them all!? (ʃƪ ♡﹏♡) Then, I'm not entirely sure what I think of its story yet but Yofukashi no Uta is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me want to sneak out at night myself! I can also relate to some of the things Yamori talks about. The sexual tension is off the charts though – only the strongest of the strong will be able to walk out having finished this show without a vampire fetish. Any seasonals you've been into?

I know right?! I'm not ashamed to admit it but despite it having played such a big role in my life back then, I had genuinely forgotten the show even existed before you mentioned it. Is this some trauma-coping mechanism at play?? lmaooo

I'm in the kind of school where liking animanga is a norm rather than an exception, so it's not uncommon to see people playing rhythm games or watching anime in the hallways. Still, I've had to be way more wary whenever I bring Enstars up at school lately... Now I'm kind of intrigued to see how much I'd be able to come up with when I'm not being limited at all??

Way to go!! I've wanted to learn an Enstars dance for a long time as well but whenever I try to learn a choreography or just dance in general, I get super embarrassed. (´-﹏-`;) Are you a good dancer? I kind of agree: it's been growing on me after playing it a couple times but U.S.A. set a high standard to beat. Though, I'm glad the Hamtato cover exists for the meme value – the speech-aligned notes at the start are so cursed. I am envisioning Hiiro with wolf ears and little fangs... tiny bat wings on the back of his costume... Happyele take notes. I don't really have a specific event theme in mind besides the retro one but what I do have is a ton of ideas for what kinds of cards I'd like for Rinne to have! One was in fact a summer card with an open hawaiian shirt and since Chiaki just got one... I edited him on it myself. My other big wishes include a card of him playing poker in either a fancy suit or a deep V-neckline dress shirt and one where he's interacting with a cat, maybe like squatting to swing around one of those catch-and-release cat toys?? (◍´ ᵕ `◍)♡ The latter one is partly inspired by this 4-koma.

I'm thrilled to hear you like it yet another person successfully converted by the ultimate Mob Psycho 100 hypeman! The second season really picks up on the heavier themes and Mob's internal development plus it has a Reigen-centered arc so I figured it might be even more to your liking. Buuut I notice you've already finished it, so what did you think? (人 •͈▽•͈)
galvaodepenado Aug 21, 1:38 AM
HI LEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you are now one year older >:) 18 i'm assuming? hope i'm not wrong, that would be awkward. anyways hope happyele blessed you yesterday with some hiiros and hokkes cause you deserve it and hope you have a great day today that i would be more than happy to hear about if you wanna share it. by the way the chrome on my phone still thinks i'm subahokke2, i let it slide cause i wouldn't wish to be anyone else's minion. let's go subahokke army, we will rule the world!!11!

it makes sense and i think you have a big brain. it's messed up that you're being forced, but if you have no choice other than going to college, might as well pursue something you're familiar with. let's hope you have fun at the very least, i mean, graphic design doesn't look boring at all so i guess you'll be fine. i wonder what kind of stuff you'll be doing?

HE LOOKS SO HAPPY IN BOTH THE BLOOMED AND UNBLOOMED VERSION my finger starts shaking whenever i see that banner.. but i'm a strong guy i won't give in... fr i have to admit, the cards did look a little weird, i personally don't like them cause i think they're uglyKJHSODIHS BUT MY POINT IS the people who were actively flaming them are the problem not the cards ;w; i don't know why they're still thinking about it when yuuki makoto is literally there AND wearing a cheerleader outfit?!?!? he's worthy of attention. sora too but YUUKI MAKOTO. hey, it's okay, nothing can hurt us not even a scrumptious 5* of our favorites cause they will come on one single pull.

YOU HAVE A FIGURE COLLECTION? that's such a cool hobby sob, what kind of figures do you collect? i am feeling valkyrie, they've been awfully quiet lately... if it's valkyrie and akatsuki we are officially geniuses.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you were right on time don't worry ^^ wait how old do you think i am KJHDOIHAOFIH i always wanted to ask this to someone.... actually yeah! i had such a fun day! i had lunch with some friends and watched super pets as well! i honestly walked into the cinema with zero expectations because it was a kids movie- the only reason we chose that movie was because of the ongoing gag my friendgroup has but i almost cried while watching it fureal fureal. okay!! i'm gonna keep that in mind thank you for telling me, and i go by he/him pronouns >:]

bonding through mal comment sections is the future of our generation. that's good to know, the man behind the slaughter and galvaodepenado are a match. i should let you know since we're on topic, you just said that a dick joke fits akito's card. ANYWAY YEAH I LOVE THIS AKITO CARD HE LOOKS BADASS and there's green. i am obsessed with the color green. i never got to say this but your pfp is also chefskiss, the serotonin living on the edge aira brings me is inexplicable.
MadanielFL Aug 20, 1:51 PM
MadanielFL Aug 20, 1:40 PM
I'm free to state my opinion.

You don't need to agree with me or anything like that, you can ignore me if my opinion is not of interest for you.
MadanielFL Aug 20, 12:13 PM
Well it's just my opinion, but if the author was actually committing crimes and abusing people irl, I wouldn't want to continue reading their work.
But that's just me.
MadanielFL Aug 20, 10:55 AM
Ehh that's fine I guess.

As long as the author is not committing any crimes or abusing anyone, which she clearly isn't.
MadanielFL Aug 20, 9:59 AM
Author of Blue Period is a shotacon lol
galvaodepenado Aug 13, 10:57 AM
sounds like a pain in the ass but it's probably for the best right? is it okay to ask what's your major? i know right? good thing you're here to entertain me.

i know we were having a little ibara appreciation moment that happens once in a millennium and that's beautiful but, hello?! chiaki?! i just know they noticed people were giving the Side Eye™ to aira and tomoya's cards and went BANG!!!!!!1 here you go, 3a trio matching beach chiaki card as a bribe for you all to shut up. i'm utterly shocked yet intrigued. anyways please cancel that summoning festival cause i'm holding on to dear life with my 197 dias... i love playing with fire.

horrible, that card was so cute i hope you can get it eventually. as always, the gacha system is ass but then again it's our own fault for liking this diabolic game. i bet both of their animations will be really cute but let us think happy thoughts like who do you think will have a cover song next?

YESSS i am aging every year ... mal opened the doors for all august bday havers to engage in bonding time. i've talked with at least three people who share a birthday with me in this website sigh i'm not special anymore... that's very true but have you ever considered that subahokke birthday = worldwide celebration? also this reminds me.............. once again i've forgotten to ask the important things right off the bat my apologies but i will need you to hand over your name and pronouns in exactly five seconds or else the world will explode.
gyanburubii Aug 10, 8:58 AM
I feel like it's common to take retail workers for granted. Some people are living such entitled lives they either don't realize or don't care that the person on the other side of the register is also a human being. What kind of a job do you see yourself doing in the future, anything in mind? I'm also curious whether you have any stance on the concept of working to begin with; would you like to live in a society where work isn't a necessity? My feelings are kind of mixed: life without work or school would presumably be quite empty, like an eternal summer break, but on the other hand, the thought of ending up slaving yourself away doing something you don't even enjoy, merely to keep yourself afloat to live another day of that life, sounds miserable. ( ・ั﹏・ั)

It was definitely more fun that what I would've had if I had stayed cooped up inside! Though, I am now convinced that alcohol literally does not affect my system?? I've drank a couple times before (mild drinks and in moderation, so maybe it's just that) but I've never felt particularly different – the only thing I get from the experience is the hangover afterwards... I've always lived life harboring the false belief that alcohol is some magical fluid that'll make everything fun and enjoyable but I think I would've enjoyed myself just as much as if I hadn't drank at all.

Oh, really? I'm taking that as a compliment, I actually thought you were older than me! It's probably due to the differences in school systems: here in Finland, the earliest age people get into college is around 19–20 years old, so I subconsciously assumed you'd have to be around your twenties.

Now that you mention it, you're right. There was no one to root for because there weren't many likeable characters to begin with! Every time the manga introduced someone new, I quickly ended up either disliking or just not caring for them. Still, Kobeni is one of those characters who I'll never understand the hype for... How does she have over 2000 favorites on MAL?! (ಠ_ಠ)>⌐■-■

It would be so cool to see all those clever battles in action, both for Sakamoto Days and Dandadan!! ୧(☆`0ˊ☆)૭ Still, I understand that an adaptation of a manga with such intricate art has intimidatingly big boots to fill – especially with the latter one I mentioned. That reminds me, is it just me or is it lowkey hilarious how simple-minded some shōnen manga names have gotten lately? There's stuff like Dandadan, Doron Dororon, PPPPPP... basically just a bunch of onomatopoeia, haha. I don't necessarily think it's a bad way to name your series, vice versa it's memorable, but it's just kind of amusing to see these kinds of names pop up more often. What do you think about Rent-a-Girlfriend? It's received such a meme status in the community. How did you originally end up getting into it?

I'd say my favorite from Dandadan is probably Jin? He gets introduced later on in the manga but he's a really sweet and wholesome character with a visually pleasing design.
(人*´∀`)。*゚+ Momo's grandma is also badass!! The only character I don't particularly fancy is Aira Shiratori yes, that is her actual, full name; everywhere I go I see Ensemble Stars sob sob – she's just a stuck-up, unnecessary love triangle/catfight enabler... For Sakamoto Days, I have a slightly clearer answer: Heisuke! The cast has a lot of likeable characters and especially Shin's recent development has been hype as hell to follow, but Heisuke just speaks to a special something in my heart even when he's a pretty minor character. However, Sakamoto Days is one of those mangas with such a huge cast that I literally have a hard time keeping up with who's with which organization and simple basics like that. I could really use a recap chapter, why aren't those a thing?

I'm not one of those people who can be satisfied by just good animation: if the rest of it is meaningless, it wont be enough to keep me interested! Though, I often end up finishing shows like that just to get on top of the hype... (٥↼_↼) Keeping track of the anime I watch has lowkey made the hobby feel almost like a competition against myself and others yet I enjoy it more knowing I have a place to return to if I want to look back on what I've watched and how I've liked it. However, I don't like seeing my dropped list grow, which is why I often force myself through shows – can't even call that watching anymore. This has made it hard for me to start anything in the first place: the hurdle is enormous. Fortunately, I'm starting to get over that mindset (at the cost of... watching anime besides seasonals once in a blue moon) but it's still boggling to think about how much time I've wasted on shows I didn't enjoy – I barely even remember some of the things I have on my list! You don't have anything on your dropped list, are you the same or do you just not list the things you've dropped?

I had the exact same experience with Spy × Family! The adaptation rumors had been running around for quite a while but the actual announcement came after I had already caught up to it.

Anyone who experienced the downfall of Voltron is instantly a soul sibling of mine: that's another one of those stories that just fell apart the further it progressed... No wonder we seem to agree on a lot of things – I used to be so into Voltron and specifically Klance, it's not even funny!!! However, everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong; the management behind that show is literally a whole ass iceberg?! Here's a long but entertaining video essay delving into the series' production issues in case you're interested.

Boichi caved back in to his true calling: anime titties. Let's just collectively pretend Terraforming doesn't exist and that Senkuu and Gen kept their ambiguously homosexual status until the end of time!!

Oh god, that was so painful to watch... I actually went back to school today and I kid you not: the first thing I witnessed after getting out of homeroom was some first-year students playing Engstars in the hallway after-hours... (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) I don't want to live in this timeline. Can you imagine the sheer horror I felt, just minding my business, catching up with friends I hadn't seen all summer and suddenly realizing those familiar clicks aren't just a hallucination of mine?! I absolutely agree with you, don't worry!!! Tiktok users (derogatory). It's actually refreshing to be able to complain about this so openly, haha. As a RinneP nothing infuriates me more than the people who objectify him and see him as nothing more than a horny gambling asshole??? Does THIS look like the face of an asshole to you?! The sexualizers are even more annoying than the ones who just straight up hate him without knowing anything about his character, motivations and growth how dare you percieve my oshi differently than I do syndrome. I get that the franchise has a lot of characters and few people have the energy to get to know them all thoroughly, I am not one of those people either, but wasting your energy on trashing a fictional character without even knowing their full story is immature as hell. Being a RinneP is quite literally a gamble in itself: whenever I interact with another Enstars fan, it's like spinning a roulette over how they're going to treat me. It's genuinely exhausting which is exactly why I just stay away from the fandom altogether nowadays. Though, when I do meet those people that don't joke about deleting Rinne from the game, don't water him down to a manic thot or demand an eight-page essay on why I like him as a character although, I'm pretty sure I'd be capable of writing one, it feels like a treasure! (◍◜ᴗ◝◍)✧*。the bar is so low help

I know right!! I don't get why they inflated the prizes in the split release: it used to be 135 dia for one 10-pull in !-era.

By the way, I've been meaning to ask: what do you think of the Enstars cover songs so far? I swear I'm not even biased when I say that the U.S.A. cover is one of my favorite songs from the entire franchise to date. It's illegally catchy!!! Also, the MV is my guilty pleasure – Rinne is rocking that stanky leg. Now I'm just craving for more synth-infused songs Crazy:B 80's to 90's inspired event Happyele hear my plea. Do you have any specific themes in mind you'd like to see for an event?
galvaodepenado Aug 10, 12:11 AM
welcome back the beloved! hold on school already? holy crap good luck you can get through that hell one more time i believe in your potential. i'm alright as well. it's still summer break over here- until september actually so i'll have to suffer for one more month. i'm pretty bored... specially since everyone i know is busy with travelling or working ; ;

i knew it would happen, my right knee (the homophobic one) started hurting a few weeks ago it was predicting the gays... also i could just let this slide but i won't since i'm her #1 fan, 𝒽𝑜𝓌 𝒹𝒶𝓇𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒾𝑔𝓃𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓀𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓈. i'm not much of an ibara enjoyer myself but i have to admit that he looks amazing! i'm obsessed with the colors and the outfit!11! ibaraPs are winning! i didn't think we'd ever see him wearing something like that but i guess happyele decided to feed us.. oh and the animation is also nice ~ can't wait to see keito the sploinkliereerosper getting one of those >>>>:::::)))))
galvaodepenado Aug 8, 9:09 AM
omg is this the real subahokke?!?!?!?! it's okay, i'm happy to hear from you again ^^ i wonder how user subahokke is doing in this exuberant monday afternoon...............

not really, i'm fighting for my life at the moment actually...... my eyes need the shut. however i can sacrifice a few minutes of sleep to ask you this. thoughts on the new mv? hiyori lookin really cute in there <3
gyanburubii Aug 7, 4:24 PM
Distress isn't a competition! The fact that another person may have it worse is no reason to belittle someone else's issues: I've always hated the hardship one-upper culture that's present in society nowadays. Besides, a friend of mine has been working as a grocery store cashier this summer and based on their experiences, I'm going to co-stand behind the statement that any kind of customer service is hell. I'm an extroverted person who enjoys coming across all kinds of people, yet I don't think I could ever stand a job where I'd have to deal with so much bullshit every day.

Thank you, you're on time!! Unfortunately, it was the least special birthday ever – it barely felt like one since I just worked on my novel all day. I just turned 18 and I'm already so adult, spending the entire special day on responsibilities, haha... ( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ) I have plans to go out with some friends tomorrow though, so I've just gotten myself through the day by thinking that the real celebration is yet to come.

I see. I don't remember liking anyone specifically but what I do remember is that I wanted to punch Kobeni in the face so bad. Her car was literally a more tolerable character than she was, lmao. Not going to lie, one of the funniest things in the manga was the popularity poll where the car scored like 6th out of the entire cast. Oh yeah like what happened with Kimetsu no Yaiba, I can already smell the "chAiNsAW mAn iS pEaK fiCTiOn" junklords coming to bomb the ratings with 10s, they're the exact reason behind my prediction. Still, the anime and the manga are going to be separate products and I hope my negative bias towards the manga doesn't meddle with my enjoyment too much. ┐(´ー`)┌

We've been getting a ton of exciting and some not-so exciting adaptations announced lately – I still have my fingers crossed for Sakamoto Days or/and Dandadan 2023!! They're both Shōnen Jump titles I've been enjoying quite a bit. I actually found Sakamoto Days by chance quite early (around 25 chapters) in its release: I was looking for another manga with a similar name on the MAL database but that one popped up instead and thought it sounded interesting. So, I started reading it and ended up vibing with it a lot. Though, the problem with catching up on multiple weekly releases is never being able to remember what the hell is going on, haha.

I never ended up watching the anime myself but I've seen short clips of it; Blue Period is one of those mangas that just gets lost in translation when it's on screen. It's not surprising that a story about art works best drawn out in still images, where each panel can be used as a canvas to convey something and the reader can fill in the blanks. When art like that is put in motion, it actually ends up looking more static than the original work because the importance of those little details has to be overlooked. When I was reading the manga, there were moments where I was left to admire a particular settlement in the composition of a page or a complex perspective used in a certain panel – you don't have time for things like that while watching an anime where the pace is pre-determined.

I'm glad to be of assistance. Be sure to tell me once you get started on it and keep me updated on your thoughts!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I agree with you – the first cour of Spy × Family lived up to it's hype! I expected nothing less from a collaboration between two killer studios though. The technical side of things has been refined to perfection, the comedic timing of the jokes is superb and story-wise, the show brings new, subtle things to enjoy for those who have already read the manga without deviating from the original narrative in the process which gives a fair and cohesive experience for the first-time viewers as well.

Suika was one of my favorite characters, she got done so dirty. </3 Wow I can't believe we're on the same page here?! I'm no longer too keen on shipping but to be honest, I was always quite a Sengen enjoyer myself... It's literally like the only non-canon ship I've actively been into in the past 5 years. Fellas, is it gay to get flustered over hearing another dude call for you? Friendship with canon ended, making shit up is now my best friend.

I know right!! One of the last posts I remember sealing the deal for me was someone on Reddit bringing up that scene from the early main story where Aira asks if he can touch Hiiro's muscles. The poster said something along the lines of "Omg, why is no one talking about this?" Maybe because we have talked about it already, dozens of times?! This game has existed for years!!! ლ(ಠДಠ ლ) The JP server of Enstars is ran by a different branch of Happyelements, which is probably why we get all the cronyism collabs, lmao.

My condolences for your wallet... </3 I swear the RNG gods are testing us. I would've literally been happy with any duplicate, a new card from either of the Amagi brothers or a card from someone I don't have a 5* of, yet the game still managed to give me something I don't want or need?! I am literally quitting this game I am not, I have a crippling gacha addiction. I hope your hunch is right! Though, the more time it takes for him to show up, the more time I'll have for accumulating my war chest. I can easily get a copy or two with my current resources but I want to aim for at least three to get the home screen SCR as well!! But the 2nd set of lims is coming in October, and Rinne is going to be in it... I may have mentioned this before, but they're the most stressful cards to pull for: there are no 2nd chances!! The war flashbacks of having to pull 6 times, all 10-pulls, for Keito's 6th anniversary 4* are still living in my brain as vivid as ever.
gyanburubii Aug 6, 11:42 AM
Oh damn, I'm sending you lots of luck and power to cope with everything!! ( ˃͈ _ ˂͈ 人) Peer support is literally the only way I personally get through anything unpleasant. What do you do for work? If you don't mind me asking, of course.

I'm glad to hear it managed to pique your interest, I'll be looking forward to your feedback! (人 ˊᗜˋ) ♪ While we're still on the topic... It's sort of funny how I came up with the franchise name "Kira-Kira Party" on a whim, yet now that I've been working with it for so long, I've come to realize just how much it sounds like a wordplay on "Ensemble Stars". "Ensemble" and "party" are synonymous words used to describe a large group of people whereas stars are objects that shine (キラキラ/kirakira) – "Kira-Kira Party" is merely a more cutesy way of saying "Stars' Ensemble". I can never escape the shackle hold this game has on me.

According to what I've heard, the trailer isn't pre-animated! I have a feeling this'll become one of the top-rated anime on the site in no time – regardless of whether the story itself is deserving of that. Though, I suppose seeing it in a new light after already knowing how the first part ended could be a good thing. As I was experiencing CSM for the first time, something about it just always felt a little... artificial? I wasn't able to get attached to any of the characters, which is not only an important aspect for my enjoyment, but also crucial for an impulsive work like Chainsaw Man. Obviously, there's also the fact that I completely lost the red string of it all around chapter 60 but I doubt the adaptation will get that far based on the length standards of today's industry. Still, depending on whether the anime will be able to fix these issues for me or not is about to make the rating process really tough for me. 「(ーヘー;) You gave the manga an 8, what was it that clicked for you?

Yeah, I know right?! This is literally the same thing that happened to me with Blue Period – Yatora being voiced by Junya Enoki will forever be canon in my head. Speaking of, I finally caught up on the volumes my local retailer has available and finished the exam arc a couple months ago!! Yatora's constant and authentic development as a person who's both confident yet insecure, arrogant yet selfless and sociable yet awkward never ceases to amaze me. Also, ending the whole arc with a clear parallel to the scene in the very first chapter where Yatora falls in love with art upon seeing Mori's angel painting but with the roles reversed has got to be one of the most impactful scenes... ever. Based on the portion that I've read so far, Blue Period is literally the only manga that I can wholeheartedly refer to as a masterpiece.

Definitely! I'm so hyped for the final season of Mob Psycho 100 that I might explode at any moment!?! ─=≡Σ(╯✧Д✧)╯︵┻━┻ I recently rewatched the first two seasons and was once again reminded of why it's one of my all-time favorites: it's the easiest 10/10 I've ever given. It tells a heartwarming, impactful story and maintains a healthy balance between humorous scenes and character growth – all that while utilizing the medium of animation to its absolute peak. I can't recommend it enough!! Though, I'm probably going to wait until the season has fully aired and binge it as soon as it's done. I plan to watch a lot of other shows as well, including everything you mentioned besides Bleach, but there's nothing I'd be looking forward to nearly as much, haha! I assume you were happy with the first cour of Spy × Family? ( ꈍ▽ꈍ)

Chore is the perfect word to explain my experience as well – I relate to that so hard it's not even funny! The exact reason I enjoyed Dr. Stone was because it wasn't like that. It had a refreshing lack of useless, forced romantic subplot Taiju and Yuzuriha were cute as hell together so they get a pass; besides, they weren't useless. It was a shōnen manga for the new generation, literally!! It was a story showcasing the journey and pursuit of an interestingly one-of-a-kind, sort of morally grey protagonist, trying to restore modern civilization with the skills he'd acquired through his passion for science. Then came the dilemma they introduced with Tsukasa and the different possibilities of starting the world anew, bringing in a new kind of scenario that actually makes the reader want to think about things for themselves... (ಥ _ ಥ) I can't pinpoint the exact chapter their ship started to steer off-course, but comparing the early days of the manga to how anticlimactically it ended just feels like Dr. Stone started as a passion project of which both Inagaki and Boichi either eventually got bored of or had a hard time planning out.

I didn't end up playing on the English server either. In fact, I've had to restrain myself from any kind of interactions with the general fanbase: I don't want to sound like a gatekeeper, but as someone who's been playing for nearly six years I can't imagine myself having a comfortable conversation with someone whose only source of the franchise is the English server. ( ・ั﹏・ั) I felt genuinely uneasy playing it... Obviously, part of it was the lacking translation: the localized honorifics were horrible but what honestly bothered me even more was the lack of slang and originality! I'm taking Rinne as an example because his character is familiar to me. Whenever I write him myself, I tend to change "you" to "ya", shorten words that end in -ing (ex. feelin', startin'), and use fusion words like "woulda (would have)". He's also got a vivid vocabulary and a tendency of speaking almost poetically at times, if you get what I mean?? His way of talking is fairly vulgar but at the same time, he uses elaborate expressions and imaginative language to convey his thoughts; the way he expresses himself is one of my favorite things about him. Yet none of that comes through properly in the translated version – precisely because the translation compromises creativity for the sake of making it more marketable to a larger audience!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ Still, the poor translations weren't the only reason why I dropped the English release: I just don't have the energy to start from square one again, only to wade through endless recycled content.

As for the Japanese server, I'm still playing as obsessively as always unfortunately... I just pulled on the producer birthday box and got FS Subaru – I literally do not need it, I have his campaign 5* maxed out already!! ლ(ಥ╭╮ಥ ლ) Anyway, back to gathering resources like a madman as I wait for the Rinne 5* event to drop. Can you imagine that it's been literally half a year since we last talked and the 3* card Rinne had just had back then was his latest event card altogether?? Not to mention his only event 5* so far was way over 2 years ago; it's been even longer since Hiiro's!! (╥_╥) Happyele stop neglecting the Amagi brothers challenge. At least we got the Keito lecture gacha along with canon megane Hiiro #blessed.
gyanburubii Aug 5, 2:46 PM
Don't worry about it, I understand. I'm glad to hear from you again!! (^▽^)づ What are you up to nowadays?

I don't know how fun I'd call struggling with constant deadlines and last-minute pressure, but I suppose one thing that's worth mentioning is the fact that I took on a challenge towards a long-time dream of mine and started writing my first cohesive novel! It's actually ending soon – I'm both proud and slightly surprised I managed to commit to it and come this far. Feel free to take a look from the link in my bio if you have enough time and interest: I'm sure it'll speak to you as a fellow 2D idol enjoyer! ୧(。•̀ڡ-)☆

Also, I just saw the new Chainsaw Man trailer and DAMN, does it look hype?! ୧(☆∆☆)୨ Even I, someone who didn't manage to get behind the utter chaos of the original work, can't help but look forward to seeing it animated. Knowing how much I loved the visuals in Jujutsu Kaisen, which is still one of my all-time favorite directions, I'm sure I'll enjoy this one as well – if not as a story then at the very least as an eye-candy of a production. Though, the casting for Makima's was certainly... a choice?
(・ิ_ˇ•) I always imagined her voice to be way more mature-sounding. Is there anything you're looking forward to in the fall 2022 anime season?

Speaking of Shōnen Jump, what did you think of Dr. Stone's ending? As for me, I liked the ambiguous way they handled the origin of Why-man: it's very fitting for the series to imply that there are many questions related to the universe yet to be answered, because science is an endless journey! However, I have to regretfully admit that it was about the only solution I was satisfied with... It was my first time witnessing a beloved ongoing manga crash and burn: seeing the story that once meant so much to me gradually turn into yet another shallow product for the masses was downright painful. Though, the absolute worst thing for me was the special chapter. I'm not sure if you've read it but basically, the only purpose of it is to implify that Senku and Kohaku got together. WHAT?! They have no romantic chemistry whatsoever?!? (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ The fact that they made a special chapter just for that annoys me even more: they're obviously catering to the target audience that wanted a by-the-book heterosexual end game. Shōnen manga shipping culture is wack.
freshtang Aug 1, 11:37 PM
The moderator's reason for removal was based on the length of my review, even though I met the minimum character requirement... I think someone just got butthurt.

As if i've got time like these other degenerates to write an essay on why this show sucks balls. "Anime reviewers" take themselves way too seriously