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Siphlorus Nov 28, 11:57 AM
you've gone silent as it seems, or perhaps you've gotten tired and are uncomfortable with me :(
subahokke2 Nov 27, 1:47 PM
HRLP </3 NO ONE TOUCH ME, we should expand the family tbh where are the subahokkinators =f'dfsmo YO YOU DRAW? CAN ISEE? (ITS ALRIGHT IF YOU DONT WANT TO BTW I DONT WANNA MAKE YOU UNCOMFY!!!) and yes i agree and everyone is quiet cuz for some reason people get sad when it's raining i guess kifhfsor and it's so comforting :( AND I DO YES i'm taking visual arts I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THAT'S THE TERM IN ENGLISH BUT YEAH i basically have to draw or else say goodbye to my grades 💀 THEN LET'S SWITCH "! I ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE SNOW i think i was going on a trip to a place where it snows in my country but i'm not sure anymore bOO. PLS I WENT TO PULL ON THAT BANNER AND DID SINGLE PULLS YA SEE . THE. FUCKING FIRST. PULL. I B A R A JHDGVHPODRGR i also got hinata in case you were wondering. lucky.. i pulled for makoto and he didn't......................................... come............... keito better do tho...
Siphlorus Nov 27, 11:11 AM
nah, not weird, this is discord, wait, oh, it isn't, ok, anyways... no, it is not the least bit weird, why wouldn't i read the comments on someone's profile that i find amusing, and i was gonna send it to your friend as a message but he has his uhhh comments locked and only available to his friends, so yes, i took the initiative and sent him a friend request, so it is not really a pm, i just attached a message to my friend request that was sent to him, and i only said what i thought of him (entertaining, funny, cute, xd...etc), so yes, that's my point (what point (shut (ok))), and yeah, do not accuse me of being a pedophile >:(, not xd at all (or maybe... (shut, there is no place for talk here (what if there was (i said shut (ok fine (cleanics (what (shut (ok)))))))))
Siphlorus Nov 27, 11:03 AM
what, bro, false accusations, not xd at all, i am not the least bit interested in children, just because i consider or find someone cute that doesn't mean i am a pedophile >:(
Siphlorus Nov 27, 10:56 AM
yes, interesting. too bad, now you do. it was a joke (maybe it was (no, it wasn't (yes it was (no (yes (sry i have schizophrenia (no i don't (shut (ok)))))))), but i am wondering, in what way is it weird, and how is it weird. na man, i did it once, can't do it twice, and that is why, i refuse to not do it again because i can't even if i wanted.
subahokke2 Nov 27, 8:21 AM
intriguing.... do you like my....... HELPMER NO STOP she was mean and it was one of those super cheesy shows where they tell a bunch of lies and ppl buy them things :skull: THATS SO SAD rain is neat especially when you're listening to music or studying or drawing idk what you like to do HELPSN KJGRBO OMG IT SNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE i've never seen snow irl 🥺 but yess it rains a lot here i bet its going to rain like there's no tomorrow in december HEHE. man my ... friend just got hinata's fuckiung annikevrrsary cardc i m gonna cry. forget it this is me a minute later and she got everyone but ibara from the banner 😈 karma
gyanburubii Nov 27, 2:08 AM
It's a shame to hear about Blue Period, but to be honest that's kind of what I was expecting. They're constantly delaying the global release of the episodes as well, I'm glad I started with the manga.

Oh, you've READ Usagi Drop? My condolences, we shall not talk about the conclusion... In my case curiosity really killed the cat: all the "guys don't read the manga" talk made me eventually Google how it ended and it's safe to say I was pretty disturbed.

Dr. Stone S2 was defintely not as good as the first one, I hope S3 will pick up the pace again. I sadly have to agree that anime has suffered an overall quality drop recently: there are not nearly as many interesting seasonals as there used to be. It could be due to the pandemic or just a personal lack of interest. Regardless it's disheartening to see this medium lowkey lose it's momentum, I don't want to lose faith in it just yet :(

Great taste, I have almost the exact same favourites! Fuutarō was my "best girl" at the beginning, but I warmed up to Miku the dandere™ real soon, I knew she'd end up being my favourite out of the Nakanos. I also like Yotsuba especially for the fact that she wasn't mean to Fuutarō when they first met – I'm not a fan of unnecessary hostility in most cases. Itsuki can also be pretty cute! I'm not too fond of the two eldest sisters besides their designs.

I already know who wins though, so I probably won't watch the movie. The 2nd season was already a bit of a chore to get through for me since it was more focused on the drama – my attention span probably couldn't handle a movie. Also I was super bothered by the fact that Tezuka Productions basically reinvented Fuutarō's entire color palette. Like damn, dude collapsed once and changed eye color??

My boy Gen deserves better, he WON the most recent popularity poll and we still don't have a proper backstory for him!! I remember Inagaki saying in an interview that they won't drag the series on for longer than it needs to, apparently they didn't consider the opposite could happen as well. At this point I just want them to end the series' suffering asap though.

Congrats, I'm so happy for you!! My friend also pulled for Mayoi a couple weeks ago in box A (we were in class hahah) and got him first try! I just scouted for Rinne this morning and got him on my 2nd pull <3 I'm actually replying late partly because I didn't want to jinx not getting his card, haha. Coming for that full album one day I hope! Besides his Ariadne 3* that'll get revived eventually, I'm missing his feature scout 4* and both of his gacha 5* – only RNG can save me now. I don't have a whole lot of dia left, but I might try to go for Kuro&Souma or more copies of Keito in the Rhythm Link boxes... Or maybe just save for Keito FS/Hiiro event/new Rinne 5* that will all be happening eventually. Not a moment's rest for a gacha addict.

I heard about the project, but I'm so confused about it. It just seems so... random? Based on the poster it doesn't look like the main cast is going to feature any of my favourites, but I'll still watch it! I hope Rinne will appear so we can finally get him in MAL's database, haha. A second season would be nice now that I'm neck-deep in the franchise again, I'd probably end up bawling my eyes out at any Alkakurei angst though. And don't even get me started on if they'd end up giving Rinne the Adam treatment: so many characters, particularly the ones with antagonist tendencies, were portrayed poorly and one-dimensionally in the first season.

I've said this before, but I'll mention it again 'cause it's relevant: I'd love to read more stories, but some of them are just too painful. Literally anything sad with the Amagi brothers makes my guts strangle. They're too dear to me, I can't handle their pain! :( Though I also love to see how much the big city has changed them both, they're very interesting characters.

You read Onanie Master Kurosawa!! It's one of my all-time favourites. Something about it is just so brutally real, every plot twist in the story hit like a truck when I was reading it. Even though it's absurd, it's one of the most entertaining, emotional and relatable coming-of-age stories I've come into contact with. Many people would probably pass it due to the dirty synopsis, but it's so much more than an edgy story for horny teenagers. How did you feel about it? I want to reread it so bad.
Siphlorus Nov 27, 2:04 AM
the people commenting on your profile are amsuing ngl
subahokke2 Nov 26, 9:33 AM
DO NOT ENCOURAGE ME CUZ IF YOU DO I'LL ACTUALLY PUT THAT USERNAME 💀💀 i mean i get it we had the quarantine so they didn't really sell that much last year,, or maybe they did idk people are crazy.. my classmate was on tv yesterday to get her dad new teeth 🥺🥺 YEAH AND BIGGER YOU CAN BARELY SPOT THEM!11!!!1 IT'S THE SECOND RAINBOW I'VE SEEN THIS MONTH LAST TIME IT WAS A DOUBLE RAINBOW. honestly.. same.. every text seems so dry without them 😥
subahokke2 Nov 25, 3:07 PM
frrrr it is, can i be subahokke2 plsplspls🥺🥺 i'm glad you're okay bUT IT'S THURSDAY, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY YOU SHOULD BE JUMPING AND DOING CARTWHEELS WHILE CRYING YOUR HEART OUT AND SCREAMING "I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE" unless you're buying anything tmr :skull: i'm okay too :D ALSO THERE WAS A RAINBOW TODAY i love it when light strikes water droplets 😁 STOOOPPP THE FK EMOJSI GDFHI
subahokke2 Nov 25, 2:33 PM
YOU.. YOOOOU... YOUR USERNAME. HLREPME THANK YOU FOR THE FR!! HOW ARE YOU? sorry for the caps im feelingso many emotiosn right niw
gyanburubii Nov 20, 7:24 AM
Oh, good luck in advance! I have a feeling I'm seriously going to flunk this time, but I don't have that many important subjects this semester so whatever.

Yeah... I'm planning to binge Blue Period once all the episodes have aired, but I doubt the adaptation will do the amazing source complete justice. It's tough, because I want more people to read the manga and discover its true greatness but I also don't, because the more fans a manga has, the harder it'll be to collect it! Ah, first world problems.

I see you watched Usagi Drop, I remember quite liking it back in my caretaker+kid phase, hahah. I don't know if I'd enjoy it as much if I saw it now, but it was a quality down-to-earth anime for sure. I've also seen Fragtime, but that was average at best: so unsatisfying and clichey. I feel like anime doesn't really do wlw justice, it's either the representation is really poor or the work itself is really boring – in most cases it's both... The only thing I've watched that I've liked even remotely was Asagao to Kase-san. What did you think about those two? And how was Kokkuri-san? I haven't seen that one, but based on the synopsis it seems pretty fun. Would you recommend it?

Besides the two I mentioned, I'm looking forward to Chainsaw Man (the manga didn't really do much for me, but the trailer looked stunning), Sasaki to Miyano, Kaguya S3, Honzuki S3, Vinland Saga S2, Hataraku Maou-Sama! S2, Aggretsuko S4 and of course Dr. Stone S3 – the treasure island arc is one of my faves!! I've got kind of mixed feelings about some of them though, I have a feeling that especially some returning series will probably be letdowns. Who's your favourite Nakano quint btw?

I know right, one doesn't even have time to internalize what is happening in a chapter, the pace is ridiculous!! About the only thing I liked recently was chapter 207 with Ryusui's family backstory (and Gen being an absolute MVP in it). I don't know if you're that far yet, but that was a really sweet chapter. I wonder why they're in such a hurry to finish. Are they planning a new project or have the overall sales just gone down?
bell-mere Nov 18, 11:04 AM
nice profile pic. chifuyu is great
gyanburubii Nov 18, 10:14 AM
Hello, I hope you're doing well! This time it's my turn to apologize for the late reply, life's been hauling my ass a little. But exams are starting next week and once they're over I should be able to take it easy for a while :D

The event was a success! I got 2 copies just in time and dia farming is going steadily now. I'm no masochist, but the satisfaction of being devoted to your best boy and ranking high in the event was actually pretty nice, haha.

The Emerald Planet Special... Well I tried, but I gave up midway. What the hell is that?!? The notes that pause are a nightmare! And some of it goes BACKWARDS, what do y'all mean it's only level 29? Happyele loves to see us suffer ;__;

Thanks! The glitch was finally fixed in the latest update – I'll never complain about work being boring again. The chibis give me so much joy <3 Be sure to update me when you end up redecorating, I'd love to take a look at your office as well!

Speaking of Cloverworks: it was recently revealed that they will be partly in charge of the upcoming adaptation of Spy x Family. It's a bit intimidating to have them handle one of my favourites, but since it's a collab with WIT studio, I'm hoping CW will mainly be in charge of the aesthetics and such. Fugō Keiji has a very similar vibe to Spy x Family, perhaps the art style could follow in its footsteps? The cast is looking packed as well, I'm keeping my expectations moderate yet hyped.

Overall I've been living a pretty quiet life when it comes to animanga (burned out...), but I'm excited for 2022: the year has got some real great adaptations in store. Though the one I'm most excited for is Mob Psycho 100 S3! Is there anything you're looking forward to in the 2022 anime lineup?

Sounds good! Next series on my wishlist is the Fullmetal Alchemist hardcover edition, but the first books are constantly out-of-stock. It's such a pain to hunt for missing volumes, so for now I'm just waiting for restocks/trying to catch a good deal.

I'm also bothered by the fact that besides Suika they haven't bothered to redesign anyone despite legit years having passed in the span of less than 25 chapters! This is a pretty common complaint in the community. I guess they can just bullshit their way out of it by using the pertification effects as an excuse... It's such a shame seeing one of my favourite series fall apart at the last stretch :(
gyanburubii Nov 5, 1:06 PM
I'd love to get 3 copies for the homescreen SCR, but I don't have enough dia saved up for that :( 6th anniversary lims ate all my savings: it took 5 pulls for Keito to come home. I didn't think that could be possible with a single 4*, it was so stressful!!! I spent a whole day farming for the final pull, but the payoff was worth it in the end. But the fact that Keito was the last one to come home breaks my heart a bit <\3 At least he was in the same box with Rinne, so I didn't have to worry about that.

Fallin' Love Mitsuru is cute~ I love how the event theme sorta deviated from the usual soft Ra*bits aesthetic, I'm a big fan of anything gap moe honestly.

I'd say I'm better than average, but not a master by any means. I can perfect combo expert songs up to lvl 28, but it doesn't happen very regularly. I'm also totally lost with the special difficulty songs. I really wish Enstars would make more use of its profile feature soon, the illustrations are a lot of fun. Stats are a great idea!! :O

Speaking of Enstars features, I actually just redecorated my ES office today!
I finally got it to work properly after changing my system language. A square-shaped room like this is so hard to make look good – I always have trouble with the part that has no wall, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. I'm glad I can watch the chibi idol shenanigans again, they're so adorable!! Have you been having problems with the system glitch?

I don't get why they did that either?? I guess CloverWorks just can't go one anime without ruining it in some way. They have so much potential as a studio, but their stuff always falls flat by no later than midway... For example I really liked the first couple episodes of Fugō Keiji, but as soon as they started trying to change the structure of the show by throwing in a consistent plotline instead of the episodic goofing, the show lost a lot of its magic.

Don't worry, I always start from the beginning when reading manga! Makes me feel like a cheater if I don't, even if the adaptation is thoroughly faithful.

I'm actually a fan of larger collections myself. I'm in the process of getting a bigger one as I've only been actively collecting since of July this year (some of my stuff is from 2019-2020 though). Dr. Stone is a nice manga, though this ongoing moon mission arc feels a bit rushed to me... Way too much timeskipping – they're not taking enough time with the things that made the manga fun in the first place. I still love it nonetheless, it's got a large yet likeable cast and a refreshing approach to shounen sci-fi. It will forever have a soft spot in my heart <3