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Days: 288.0
Mean Score: 6.34
  • Total Entries1,256
  • Rewatched57
  • Episodes18,883
Anime History Last Anime Updates
One Piece
One Piece
Sep 17, 6:20 AM
Watching 805/? · Scored 7
Ballroom e Youkoso
Ballroom e Youkoso
Sep 16, 1:12 PM
Watching 11/24 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 377.7
Mean Score: 6.07
  • Total Entries2,350
  • Reread57
  • Chapters45,910
  • Volumes7,149
Manga History Last Manga Updates
To Find My Brother Ara
To Find My Brother Ara
11 hours ago
Completed 47/47 · Scored 6
Sep 20, 7:05 AM
Reading 364/? · Scored 9
Sep 20, 6:53 AM
Reading 476/? · Scored 9


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Alfyan 10 hours ago

Ohhh thanks *sips*

Maffy so kind!
OblivionXKnight Yesterday, 12:51 AM
Hello Maffy (^__^) Would You Like This Child 2 Rule MyAnimeList? ;) Haha

Alfyan Sep 20, 3:32 PM
Hmm, you left your orange juice behind.

I'll pour you another one in MAL

*Pours Orange Juice*
OblivionXKnight Sep 20, 9:15 AM
Hello Maffy (^__^) I Don't Feel Very Well :( I Got A Cold, Sore Throat And A Headache :( Can I Please Have A Hug Please? :) I Truly Hope I'll Be Well Enough 2 Go 2 College On Friday :( And I Got Day Centre Tomorrow :( But My Mammy Said I Can't Go If I'm Not Well :( Also YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST MYANIMELIST STAFF MEMBER EVER ^o^ YAY

Also Which Anime Character Is Most Like You? ^o^ For Me It's Definitely Either Fuka Ibuki From Clannad/Clannad After Story Or Yachiru From Bleach Or Naruto Uzumak From Naruto :P Is There Any Anime Cgaracter Personality That Is Most Like You? ;) YAY

, *Best Friends Forever Hug Of Magical Kindness And Lovely Blessings*
OblivionXKnight Sep 20, 6:36 AM
Hello Maffy (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Gentle Day 2 You :D

(T^T) Please Forgive Me? (T^T) =

Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* I AM SO SCARED (O.O) *Bubblegum/Sorry Hug* I Know I Shouldn't Send You 2 Many Private Messages :( But Yesterday I Accidentally Sent My Unfinished Private Message 6 Times :( It So Wasn't On Purpose :C SORRY/BUBBLEGUM

Anyway ^^ What Do You Think Of My Other Private Message About My Great Grandmother Who Died 6 Years Before I Was Born? (^__^) I'm Kinda Obsessed With Her :P Because My Entire Family (On My Mothers Side) Makes Her Out 2 Be Someone Truly Special (^__^) And SHE LOVED KIDS (^__^) Also When She Was About 16 Years Old In About The Year 1926 She Almost Got Kidnapped :( Until She Bit The Evil Man's Finger And Ran Away (^__^) YAY :D My Family Calls Her The Wisest Lady They've Ever Known :P I Hope I Can Love Children Like She Did :) I Hope So (^__^) YAY

Also Could I Please Create A MyAnimeList Club Called The Oblivion X Friends Forever Club? Just For All My Super Special Online Friends? (^__^) Please? (^.^) And Then In The Club Discussions All My AMAZING Online Friends Can Post Things Just Like A MyAnimeList Forum Post (^__^) Please Join? (^.^) Please? :D YAY YAY YAY *HAPPIEST GREATEST ONLINE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER HUG*

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :)))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Sep 19, 12:00 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^) Sorry/Bubblegum But I Accidentally Sent My Reply Of My Private Message 2 Early :( It Wasn't Finished :P Haha ^^ *BEST FRIENDS FOREVER HUG* Was My Recommendation Good? :P Also I Don't Mind If You Want 2 Delete It :D YAY :D
OblivionXKnight Sep 18, 2:25 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Lovely Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Wonderful ^o^

Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* Hi :D I Just Made Another Recommendation (^__^) Mostly Because If You Have 2 Delete It You'll Reply Quicker :P *Super Villain Laugh* Hahahahahahahaha ;) Anyway I Honestly Don't Mind If You Want 2 Delete It (^__^) (But I Will Be Slightly Upset If Someone I Don't Know Deletes It :P Just You, Ardy, Kineta, Luna, Cyrus Or Snakes Are Allowed 2 Delete It :P *Serious Super Villain Face* :P) *Best Friends Forever Hug* But Please Don't Be 2 Strict Or Mad (^__^) Please Be Gentle Again? :) Please? :) Also The 2 Anime's That I Done A Recommendation For Are Clannad After Story And Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters (^__^) Because Both Are The Only 2 Shows Ever In The Whole World 2 Ever Make Me Cry :P Here You Go ^^


*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Sep 18, 1:37 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Fun Day 2 You :D

^o^ You Are Fantastic ^o^

Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* I AM TOTALLY MISSING YOU (^__^) Hi :D I Had A Super Lovely Time Buying Some New Anime DVD's With My Support Worker Ashley (^__^) I Bought Bleach Season 15 ^^ Bleach Season 16 ^^ My Neighbour Totoro ^^ And When Marnie Was There (^__^) Yay Yay Yay *Happiest Friendship Hug*

I Now Got Every Single Bleach Episode On DVD (^__^) Also Since 52 Episodes Of Naruto Shippuden Come Out On DVD A Year Where I Live I Have 2 Wait Until 2020 At Least 2 Have Every Single Naruto Shippuden Episode On DVD :P Haha ^^

Also I've Got Something 2 Tell You :P Starting This Friday (Once A Week On Fridays) I'm Going Back 2 College (^__^) I Used 2 Be In The Special Needs In College Because I Am Autistic ^o^ And I Started Going 2 Day Centre In 2013 (^__^) Well, I'm Definitely Still Going 2 Day Centre On A Monday And Thursday ^o^ And Last Week My Old College Teachers Phoned My Mammy And They Said That They Are Asking Old Special Needs Students Back For A Special Needs Friday Course In The College (^__^) YAY YAY YAY :D *HAPPIEST HUG*

Also 3 Of My Other Friends From My Day Centre Are Going Back 2 College On A Friday In My Class Too (^__^) So It's Not Just Me :P Also I've Never Been In Mainstream College Before ^^ I've Only Ever Been In The Special Needs Part Of The College ^o^ The Special Needs Part Of College Is For Students With Learning Difficulties Or Learning Disabilities (Like Me Because I'm Autistic) ^o^ And The Main Stream Part Of The College Is For Everyone Else ^o^ In Mainstream College There Are About 30 Students In A Classroom ^^ That's Kinda Scary (O.O) And In The Special Needs Part Of The College There Are Only About 8 Students In A Classroom With One 2 One Staff Members 2 Help Us And Look After Us (^__^)

Well, The Special Needs Courses In The College Are About Learning Life Skills ^o^ So We Did Cooking Class ^^ And We Did Sport Class Where We Played Base Ball And Basket Ball ^^ And We Did Swimming Class Where We Went Swimming ^^ And We Did Art And Craft Class Where We Did Drawing And Painting ^^ And We Did Community Class Where We Went Out Places Like Shopping Or Treasure Hunting Or Park Exploring Or Going On The Swings At A Playground ^^ And We Did English Class ^^ And Maths Class ^^ And Drama Class ^^ And They Took Us On Lots Of Fun Trips On A Mini Bus ^^ And We Had Super Fun Party's Just For The Special Needs Students (Mainstream Students Have There Own College Party's) (^__^) YAY

Also The Teachers In The Special Needs Part Of The College Are Much Much Nicer And Less Strict Than The Mainstream Teachers Are ^o^ And They Give Us Hugs (^.^) My Favourite College Teacher Rhiannon Hugged Me Everyday In College (^__^) And I Had A Super AMAZING FRIEND And One 2 One Named Rhys Who Looked After Me In College (^.^) And He Was In Charge Of Me (^__^) *Happy College Hug*

Well, Rhys Was Actually In School With Me ^^ He Is Only 2 Years Older Than Me (^__^) He Works In The College As A One 2 One Support Staff Member For Disabled Students In The Special Needs (^__^) And I Was His Very First One 2 One ^o^ And He Already Knew Me Because He Used 2 Stick Up For Me When I Was Getting Bullied In School (^__^) Rhys Use 2 Help Me When I Was Getting Bullied Before I Went 2 College So He Already Knew Me (^__^) Well, On A Friday Rhys Is Going 2 Be My One 2 One again (^__^) We Used 2 Talk About Cartoons And He Would Hug Me and Pick Me Up For Fun (^__^)

Well, I'm Going Back 2 College On A Friday For A One Year Course In The Special Needs (^__^) They Said They Even Bought PlayStation's For Us ;) Also When I Used 2 Be In College I Use 2 Play With The Rock Star Students In Mainstream Dinner Time Because They Liked Anime (^__^) And Nobody Really Bullied Me In College Like They Did At School :D Well, That's Not Completely True :( Some College Kids Laughed At Me Because I'm ALWAYS Jumping And Skipping And Hugging The Teachers And Shouting "Hello" In Excitement (^__^) But I Wasn't Bullied Anywhere Near As Bad As I Was In School :P But My Teachers Didn't Like Me Bothering With The Mainstream Students Much :( But The Rock Star Students Studying Music Used 2 REALLY Like Me (^__^) Most Of Them Had Long Hair Or They Dressed In Black :P

Also Special Needs College Students Have Longer Dinner Time (^__^) So I Used 2 Skip Around Reception And The Canteen Hugging My Teachers Until The Rock Star Students Came 2 See Me (^__^) They Was So Nice (^__^) Haha ^^

I'm Only Going 2 College On A Friday (^__^) It's Right By My House ^^ But I Can't Go There On My Own Because I'm Strictly Not Allowed Outside On My Own ^^ So My Mammy Is Going 2 Walk Me 2 College (^__^) YAY YAY YAY

All Of My Old College Teachers Gave Me A Big Hug When My Support Worker Ashley And My Mammy Took Me There Last Tuesday 2 See Them Again (^__^) **SUPER EXCITED HUG*

Also I Have A Question (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happy Hug*

Question 1 ^_^


*Happiest Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)

sevenPocky Sep 14, 7:14 AM
Weasel Sep 12, 10:55 AM
Ahhh right I know her!

And okay, sucks to hear :/
Weasel Sep 7, 11:59 AM
May I have the source? :O
Also do you play games on Steam and stuff?
OblivionXKnight Sep 6, 1:54 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^) THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING REPLY (^__^) You Made Me So Totally Happy ^o^ Also Ardy Is An Amazing Friend Too :D I Absolutely Love All MyAnimeList Staff Members Especially You (^__^) *Best Friends Forever Hug* Please Remember YOU ARE SPECIAL :)

OblivionXKnight Sep 5, 4:03 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^) If My Recommendation Of The First 2 Pokemon Movies Wasn't Very Good Then I Don't Mind If You Want 2 Delete Them (^__^) But Please Don't Be 2 Strict About Them :( Because Then I Get Scared :( And We Are Both Best Online Friends Right? (^__^) *Best Friends Forever Hug* So If You Do Delete Them Please Be Gentle (^__^) *Gentle Kiss On Your Cheek*
OblivionXKnight Sep 5, 3:48 PM
Hello Maffy (^__^)
It's Your Friend Nathan :D
Fun Day 2 You :D

^o^ Please Reply In 2 Days ^o^

Hello :D *Best Friends Hug* MAFFY :D I REALLY LIKE YOU (^__^) I Just Written A MyAnimeList Recommendation For The First 2 Pokemon Movies (^__^) Can I Please Show You Please? (^__^) Here You Go ^^ *Happy Hug*

Do You Like It? Is It Good? (^__^) *Happy Hug* I Might Do Recommendations For All The Pokemon Movies (^__^) I Absolutely Love The Pokemon Anime ^o^ Yay Yay Yay

Please Please Please Reply Before Saturday? (^__^) I Totally Miss You :)

*Happy Best Friends Forever Hug* From Daisy Froggy Kiss And Me (^__^)

Have An Adventure :D *Best Friends Forever Hug*
Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))))))))) :D ^o^ :P (^__^)
OblivionXKnight Sep 4, 2:15 PM

Please Reply Before Friday Night/Saturday Morning? (^__^) *BEST FRIENDS FOREVER HUG*b And Please Please Please Tell Ardy I'm Sorry? :( I'm A Terrible Person :( *STARTS 2 CRY*