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Hello peeps, I am ZeroMajor12. I like video games and anime. I sometimes write reviews for anime.

Hello peeps, I am ZeroMajor12. I like video games and anime. I sometimes write reviews for anime.

When I watch anime, the most important aspect has always been the characters. If the characters are likable and charming, that's a good anime. The characters are the fuel that drives the story forward. A story is nothing without its characters to push the narrative. You can make the most original premise all you want, the most unique power system all you want, or even the most badass moves all you want. If you try to pour diesel (I mean the characters) onto the most advanced car, the car is not going to run at all.

Note: The logic that an anime is bad because it has a morally disgusting main character is idiotic. If such logic exists, then anime like Death Note, GTO, Chainsaw Man, Attack on Titan, or HxH wouldn't even pass the 7.00 average score. Only the so-called 'holier-than-thou' use this argument when they can't find anything to argue about the anime like bad production value, badly written characters, or a boring story. Just because the character does not have a moral compass does not make them a badly written character.

Flaws I'm okay within an anime:

1. I'm okay with an anime with mediocre visuals as long as they can keep that consistent animation throughout the whole series. I hate it when they give an outstanding first impression only to disappoint with the stiffest animation you'll find.

2. An anime that is set in a School or Slice of Life does not mean the anime is boring. Of course, it's still predictable with your casual exams, coming late to school, and being subjected to your usual tropes in anime, as long the writers know how to properly execute the characters with that trope. If an anime needs to always have an interesting or original premise all the time, then any slice-of-life or comedy anime should never get high ratings.

3. Any anime that has corny (or more accurately, cringe) lines or cheesy moments can be objectively bad but that does not mean the anime is not fun to watch. Enjoyability and immersion also play a huge role in watching anime, and if you're not having fun with it or keep getting distracted by stupid things that happen in the anime, then it's justifiable to say that the anime is bad.

Flaws I'm not okay within an anime:

1. If an anime is not funny, it's usually because they screwed up the characters or pacing. You can make a pervert funny if the writers know how to make them funny like GTO. It also means that the characters are not likable enough or too bland to watch.

2. Building up forever to make a crucial climax only to lazily make up plot fallacies within the anime. The character is cynical and doesn't have hope in themselves? Well, wait until they magically make this character stand up for themselves without any subtle change in perspective that may be significant to the character.

3. No character development. Stop making characters suffer through the most tragic fates, only for them to react to it for 5 seconds and then resume as the same person as before. Treat them like a real person. If you keep making douchebags characters that just want to bring misery to the main characters nonstop without any sort of redemption or charm from the main characters, all I feel is literally nothing from them. A bad character is someone who lacks any meaningful development or unrealistically gains development without going through conflict or obstacles.

These are what I value in an anime. If the anime has good characters, any moments that defy logic or reality are instantly justifiable, no matter how stupid it is.

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Hotpedasgila54 Jun 5, 12:59 AM
kendrick kendrick, do you have ligma cus when I hear yo disses I'm like watesigma
SB75th__ May 27, 11:15 PM
Happy Birthday, hope you can enjoy yourself on such a joyous occasion. Best wishes :)
jahver Apr 1, 6:22 AM
Thank you! And I don't mind if you like it.
Mcsuper Mar 30, 10:24 AM
It was definitely an oddity to start, but it has a unique identity to it, with excellent execution for sure, and the music and directing really help with that. It doesn’t have any annoying tropes or drag things out, and the cast is funny and relatable too. The characters aren’t one-note, and go through very noticeable development. It will be one of those romances that will stick with me, and in such an over saturated genre, I’m very glad it stands out the way it does.

Great review as well! Glad you enjoyed the show so much!
ShadowReacts Mar 24, 10:39 AM
sure agree to disagree
ShadowReacts Mar 24, 10:11 AM
And I disagree. I think she put plenty of effort into the relationship and they equally contributed to it.
ShadowReacts Mar 24, 9:03 AM
dont agree with your sign of affection review, by far the best new show of winter 2024
TheRealist68 Mar 24, 1:54 AM
Yeah I totally agree, even though I didn't quite like Chained Soldier, I still decided to stick it out. Part of that is for the sake of grounding my perspective in content good, bad, and in-between, which allows me to really appreciate the greatness anime has to offer. Recently, I've tried to become more open to taking flyers on new shows to accomplish that.
Mcsuper Dec 31, 2023 10:58 PM
Same to you! Happy new year!
LordSozin Dec 31, 2023 8:53 PM
Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well and I hope you're doing great!

As always, it's always exciting to watch anime regardless of how long it has been.
Ryuseishun Dec 31, 2023 7:27 PM
Landonime Oct 23, 2023 10:08 PM
No problem. Nice too meet you friend. I too call out when a show is pure unbridled dog shit
Landonime Oct 23, 2023 9:53 PM
Thanks for agreeing with all of my issues with girl I like forgot her glasses or whatever the fuck it's called. Total waste of my time lmao. Good review
Mcsuper Oct 17, 2023 12:20 AM
Yeah, Shy might be a bit childish, but I’m enjoying it a lot nonetheless. I love the directing, even though the animation isn’t too special. I do have a soft spot for shy protagonists (when they’re done well). Interested to see where it will go.

Hyaakano is a strange, but really entertaining. Sure it might be a bit polarizing, but seeing a male MC actually seem like he deserves all this love is kinda cool, instead of the doormat harem protagonists we see all the time. Quite refreshing honestly. That and Kanojo mo Kanojo S2 have been making me laugh nonstop.
Mcsuper Oct 14, 2023 11:59 PM
Nice to hear from you again. Gurren Lagann has been an interesting ride so far, Episode 8 was very impactful for sure, though the first 6 episodes were a bit boring at times. It's gotten better though.

Shangri-La Frontier is definitely a solid MMORPG anime, I haven't watched a whole lot of video game anime in general but I can tell this one is good. No isekai aspects, no overpowered nonsense. It's an interesting take on the genre because the MC has played a lot of trash games and finally gets to experience something good. Regardless of how it goes from here, it should be entertaining at the very least. I would like to see both the MC's experiences in the game, and hopefully a bit more in his real life as well, with a good balance as well.
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