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Hello peeps, I am ZeroMajor12. I like video games and anime.

Hello peeps, I am ZeroMajor12. I like video games and anime.

Hey there, cultured weebs. Hope you having a nice day and not doing drugs.

I used to watch anime back when I was a kid, but it always led me to go on and off about watching them, since I was only curious about the popular ones. Frankly, I didn't know any anime to watch back then until 2020 came by, when Re: Zero was returning, but most importantly, my curiosity got the better of me when Rent-a-Girlfriend went through my door. If it weren't for Rent-a-Girlfriend, I never would've imagined how I started my journey to be a painful weeb. So in a way, despite knowing that the manga is horrendous, it became the sole reason I came back and now I'm still here consistent as ever.

I grew up watching One Piece, Slam Dunk and Haikyuu! These were the things that led me here to where I am today.

Hope to have a blasting year with all of you weebs.

My favourite lists are based on order except for the People list. The Character List is limited for one for each show, because it's not fair to take multiple characters in one show and make them your favourite.

Q: You don't read any manga?

A: Yes, I don't. I am an anime-only watcher, so my reaction to it is 100% genuine and not affected by any source of its original material. The only times I would read it is if curiosity got the better of me.

Q: Why do you make reviews?

A: I decided to make a few reviews during Summer 2021, I used to watch a Youtuber known as videogamedunkey, because of his enticing and honest reviews despite only reviewing video games, ironically hates anime as well.

I mostly watch Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Adventure and Action anime. Though, I prefer to watch anything that I see is good.

Rating scale:
My way of rating follows MAL's standards, therefore the score speaks for itself.

200th anime: Wonder Egg Priority.

230th anime: Shadows House.

240th anime: Adachi and Shimamura.

250th anime: Tokyo Revengers - Biggest mind-breaking ending ever seen.

260th anime: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S

270th anime: Higurashi No Naku Koro ni Sotsu

280th anime: Mushoku Tensei Part 2

- The best isekai I've ever watched of all time. I don't think I will ever forget about Mushoku Tensei. May it be years, decades, or my whole lifeline, I will still remember Mushoku Tensei as my most personal favourite. Even to compare to a show far superior in storytelling like Arcane could not heal back the hole that this isekai left in me when it ended. Every show I've watched could never give back the same excitement, the same hope, the same happiness that Mushoku Tensei has offered to me. Until a new season commences, I shall shed endless tears for you.

283rd anime: Violet Evergarden: Why did I binge-watched this?

287th anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: I thought this was a show about cute girls doing magical things.

290th anime: My Senpai is Annoying

295th anime: Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.: Looking forward to next Spring.

300th anime: Scum's Wish: This anime made me suffer too much, it's worth applauding that the author managed to create such a torturous experience for 10 episodes straight. The pain, the embarrassment, the hope turned into despair. It was just horrifying. Scum's Wish truly changes a man. This kind of experience can only be rivalled by Metamorphosis. Thank god, starting from Episode 11 the pain was starting to lessen, solely the reason why it rose to a 2 from a 1. Truly in awe of how the author could produce such a horrible story.

305th anime: 86 Part 2: Not a bad watch, though I can't help but feel oddly indifferent about it. There is some good storytelling but the characters just don't resonate well with me.

310th anime: Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku: Wholesome but somewhat forgettable.

315th anime: Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2: Wait, there's a Part 3?

320th anime: Paripi Koumei: The songs are a real blast.

325th anime: Skeleton Knight in Another World: Konichiwa, Arc desu.

330th anime: Spy x Family: A great comedy-action show. It's rare for an anime to excel in both genres.

350th anime: Reincarnated as a Sword

355th anime: Chainsaw Man: I love this anime.

358th anime: The Eminence in Shadow: Really enjoyable isekai.

360th anime: To Your Eternity S2: I hated it. The emotional impact is gone, leaving only an empty shell of its former prime, trying desperately to evoke any feelings the people had before this season.

Will no longer continue with this. (Will take into consideration of the current numbers but will no longer be shown here due to the word limit. Goodbye...)

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Ionliosite2 Mar 25, 7:24 PM
The chemistry in Otonari no Tenshi-sama is specially painful because Amane and Mahiru are robots trying very hard to talk like humans and they fail even harder, I have seen my fair share of horrible romcoms, so at this point I'm not even surprised.
vNights Mar 25, 7:40 AM
Thanks bro, I liked your review as well. You can definitely beat Amane in a fight, would love to see it
Ionliosite2 Mar 22, 2:51 PM
Well, yeah, I also noticed that the world building was kinda weak in general too, I don't mind the very simplistic magic system, most series just run with "there's some magic elements, use them" and that's it, at least it had some justifications with spirits which is why Anis can't use magic, but not much aside from that. The problem with it indulging in politics is that it was never its stronger point and I wouldn't call it one of its good points either even before indulging completely on it.
Ionliosite2 Mar 22, 9:47 AM
Yeah, my main problems derived from there, the last quarter of the series was pretty weird, specially when it tried to stand on politics which it barely touched before, I don't mind it trying to expand them, but the thing is that it didn't do it. Aside from this I could have probably put it at 6 but alas, the last part is really a let down with what was built before, probably I could be nicer to this series and forgive it a little if I see another series go around the same/similar themes but in a far shittier way or probably I would be more harsh on that other series.

But the comparison with Lycoris Recoil was too real, started good and the last couple of episodes started to throw the script out of the window, who could have thought people were right at the beginning? I heard it is a rushed adaptation from the novel, so maybe that is why it was lacking in details, but I didnt read the novel and have no intention of doing it, so I'll be left with what I saw in the anime.
TenRX Mar 15, 7:57 PM
fk Reiji dude, it's a conman at the same level as Inafune with Mighty Number 9 scam
Mcsuper Mar 12, 6:19 AM
Such a shame, indeed. It had so much more potential than this. Hopefully Season 3 will be better, but I’m not optimistic.
ZNoteTaku Feb 15, 7:05 AM
I mean, you can disagree all you want. The way the show impacts you is different from the way it impacts me, just like it does for every other individual watching. My main goal is not to be "right," but to explain my stance in a way that is clear and doesn't make the viewer feel like they're being chastised or insulted.
ZNoteTaku Feb 15, 6:50 AM
Thank you! I'm glad that something that I wrote was able to connect with you somehow. I don't fault anyone for finding this show funny, but I also have to be honest when I say that the relentless insistence on making similar jokes over and over again left a decidedly-sour taste in my mouth :(
2LongDidntReview Jan 27, 7:37 PM
Like my review says, Miri probably isn't the main issue, but the blonde guy. A story should be entertaining, not annoying to watch.

Miri should make us empathize with the guy. Not hate the whole thing
hanshotfirtst Jan 23, 3:30 AM
as in hes cynical and pessimistic? theres a point to which its alright but they overdid it. he dosent really grow or change throughout the anime. if you were to put the start and the ending together you wouldnt be able to tell the difference.
well thats my issue but then everything is subjective
hanshotfirtst Jan 23, 1:26 AM
dont mind me, i just kinda rant on stuff i dont like. but to answer your question, the characters were rather plain and 1 dimensional. plot and the rest were rather subpar but then thats just my expectations being ruined.
ccaileen Jan 22, 9:54 PM
i enjoy watching others play horror games, not a fan of playing them myself lol
i struggled playing elden ring and resident evil, although i should get back into them, minecraft i play pretty often though
i feel you on the storage lmaoo, i need to rebuild my pc but shits too expensive
ccaileen Jan 18, 6:34 PM
sounds relaxing,, i'm doing alright! just got home from work, watching some youtube before i have to do it all again tmrrw lols
what video games are you into? if you don't mind me askingg
ccaileen Jan 17, 8:00 PM
hihi:) thank you for accepting! how are you?
Rinrinka Jan 16, 6:43 AM

Nice to meet fellow JoJo and Doraemon fan as well ^.^