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Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
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Ako- Today, 8:16 AM
why do you hate incest so much? I find it as one of the most deepest forms of love and maybe even logical.
growing up together, knowing everything about each other, and loving each other is way better than any relationship that begins as an adult.
In most sibling relationships, trust is there and trust alone could lead to love.
then again the word love is ambiguous, in my opinion.
gghelis Yesterday, 10:25 AM
I see you're watching "Uchuu Kyoudai", that's certainly a good one. I found it very relatable, among other things. A follow-your-dream story of a healthy man, I'd say.
Besides, it has a Russian cosmonaut in it, and guess what his fridge is filled with. How can one not like the series after that?!
Nokanaka Sep 19, 7:23 PM
The most interesting things I've seen in the recent chapters of Berserk were the dick-monsters.
Mamokaru Sep 18, 8:07 AM
That's very nice of you! I really liked Elfen Lied. This show is something unique. And Lucy is one of my favorite characters.

ps I dont like the manga's ending.
captainmorgan Sep 17, 8:19 PM
I meant lately as in something you've seen recently not recently aired.

Old manly anime are awesome. Everyone knows about Hokuto no Ken because of memes, but other movies like Golgo 13 and M.D. Geist were also entertaining.
captainmorgan Sep 17, 7:31 PM
"My "WAIFU" = Priscilla from Dark Souls. " LOL. I killed her every time

See any good action shows lately? I saw Basilisk recently and it made me want more shallow action, so I don't have to think about it. I don't have the heart to watch Berserk s2. The manga deserved better.
Nokanaka Sep 17, 9:52 AM
Lol, I don't remember because I'm not a literature nerd haha. I still need to read more than 30 books, one day maybe.
Nokanaka Sep 17, 12:15 AM
That sounds very personal. I don't sympathize easily, I can watch hours of gore and pure suffering and feel nothing if I'm not fond of the character in question and I'm only fond of characters who sound human to me. It's on my profile's description, it's a very strict and defined taste of mine. I think you write very well literature, you even make the show looks better than it is when I read your thoughts on it. The thing about what you've said however, is that it is too summed up to be comprehensible. I never look to a show like that, because if I did, I could easily forgive a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions in other shows and snowballing into a decay of my standards. I'm on this vibe of playing attention to everything of what I watch and try to find defects or hidden qualities, so even though a generalization or resume of main ideas and themes can be useful in a basic level, I'll stick to the idea that a show must be coherent and not offensive towards my intelligence (taking Lucy/Nyt to the school for some reason ehhhhh) to be good, regardless of what it represents in an overall point of view. I recognize the show's value though, it was the anime that established the current logic of 'maturity' in anime, lol, not gonna say which.
Nokanaka Sep 16, 11:39 PM
Oh, I didn't see your comment on Angel's Egg, lol. I also don't like when producers ask me to interpretate. I don't like interpretations, sounds to religious to me. All I like in the movie and that was enough for me to give it a 8/10 was the beauty and the fact it is kind of an obviously atheistic piece of work, strictly personal of Oshii tbh. So ye, fuck those fans who write a bunch of overthinking bullshit and create dozens of theories, all of which are irrelevant for the creators who are not giving a shit about them.
Nokanaka Sep 16, 11:34 PM
You are right on that. But tho, some people like me just think it's pointless in terms of catharsis. It leads nowhere and the themes are so obscured by idiotic characters and bloodbath that annoyed me while watching it. What you said makes sense, but I think works better for a fan of Berserk 97 and Monster that'll have to admit the flaws of his favorites shows. Since I'm the kind of guy who simply hates "for the evulz" no matter if the show is a critically aclaimed (hell, I hate Kill la Kill so much) or if it's the punchbag of the community, it kind of doesn't work for me tho. So ye, pretty much too flawed for me to be considered good, but it's good to see someone doing differently once in a while.
literaturenerd Sep 16, 11:02 PM
Angel's Egg is certainly a good movie, but isn't necessarily my ideal cup of tea. I do tend to like works both in anime and literature where the author makes a point and tries to defend that worldview over a totally abstract work with a completely neutral author voice.

Angel's Egg is beautiful in its art, has a powerful tone, and can evoke emotions with minimal dialogue. However, the fact it is so completely open to interpretation is a little bit of a "turn off" for me I guess. I personally felt that the girl represented a young religious person, the egg represented her faith, and the boy represented science. The boy begins and ends the movie surrounded by spaceships and technology and is constantly challenging the girl to give up the egg. In the end he destroys the egg and leads her to despair. Even after destroying the egg though, the boy still can't answer the question of who he is and what his purpose is, because science can't answer these philosophical questions.

Of course, my little interpretation is just one of countless others. None are officially correct because Oshii himself has said he has no idea what the film means and it is up to each individual to give it meaning.
Nokanaka Sep 16, 10:49 PM
I see. Ye, it's rare. Most people (including me sometimes) bash Elfen Lied. Anyway, I'm fond of Angel's Egg and as such, wanna now what did you think of it. I personally find it to be better than Lain (not rly fan of the latter). I believe it has more aesthetical value, even though both give margin to overthinking.
Astraea_ Sep 15, 7:20 PM
Hey I see you're a big fan of Higurashi. Just wondering are you ever going to watch the "3rd season"? It's only 5 episodes and I think it's worth a watch
RafaElvisTek Sep 15, 6:44 PM
Tfw to intelligent
Nokanaka Sep 12, 2:51 AM
7 to Bake, ew. Good review on FMAB, the best I've read so far. I hope some day you write one about some Monogatari series' season, even tho in my wet dreams you would be smashing it without mercy xD

PS. Is your favorite anime still elfen lied? It's a quite controversial show.