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Black Magic M-66
Black Magic M-66
May 25, 4:32 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
May 13, 11:27 PM
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Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-MIND
Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-MIND
May 13, 10:17 PM
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Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
May 2, 2016 2:04 PM
Completed - · Scored 4
Jan 14, 2016 10:49 AM
Reading 320/? · Scored 9
Sep 26, 2015 3:12 PM
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phs_togusa 4 hours ago
I firmly maintain that anyone who unironically likes the Monogatari series is a fucking retard who needs to get beaten with 30 shoes for their insolence. The reviews here on MAL that actually praise Bakemonogatari as a deep work are so hilariously terrible, honestly. If you sincerely believe that an anime that flashes tits and ass shots at you every 20 seconds while two people are talking is a legitimately good show, you're just lying through your teeth to justify shitty masturbation material.

Seriously, you'd be better off rubbing one out to the scene in Sweet Movie where Carole Laure is masturbating into a chocolate bath; at least Sweet Movie had /some/ artistic merit because it was an avant garde art film part of the Yugoslav Black Wave of cinema.

Bakemonogatari legitimately gave me a migraine when I was watching it just because of the flashing text and shit. I also have VERY little patience for subtitles as it is (unless it's JoJo), and Bakemonogatari involved WAY more reading than I would actually care for in a programme I'm watching.
M0chi 5 hours ago
Hey man! It's been a bit.

So apparently I've just passed the legal age to watch Akira here in Australia, but I'm still a little hesitant since I heard it's basically a movie with violence upon violence and pretty much the worst that humanity can bestow upon us.

I don't exactly have a iron stomach, but given that I've heard that it's an instant classic which inspired Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix (both personal favourites on mine), I do wonder if I'll enjoy it. Plot-wise, at least.

What do you think?
phs_togusa May 25, 10:42 PM
How's Bakemonogatari treating you? It's fucking garbage, isn't it?
Flower_Hana7788 May 24, 4:15 PM
I see...
that's nice job...
well...if you have interest in pharmacist...u should go and take pharmacy course...^_^
it's a good job...^_^
Flower_Hana7788 May 24, 4:10 PM
Oh...that's nice...
well...u hv a good life then...
Pharm tech? what is it actually do?
Flower_Hana7788 May 24, 4:17 AM
It's been awhile not chatting with u...
how's ur life going?
KingRequiem May 23, 3:20 PM
I think I've experienced that feeling of groundedness and connection with the world before, when life is going perfectly and I've got my shit figured both internally and externally usually. I guess you could say I experience it like an upward river flow of energy, taking source from the solar plexus and fueling my mind, and then my entire body with serene confidence. *shrugs*

Hmm I believe you can say that they're disposed to internalize a state of mind/opinion and apply all their drive to it, for better or worse. I like the fact that you're bringing up my boy Oberstein, he's an excellent example of the archetypal INTJ. In a less favorable light (morally speaking anyway), Gendo Ikari fits perfectly too. The idea that all INTJs are like Light Yagami (which they're often anything but, beyond brains and a predisposition for planning) is doing a disservice to everyone.
I personally consider objectivism to have as much depth as a Curious George episode, but I won't deny that Ayn Rand was a great mind. I just wish it would have been applied to something better.
TheEvilSalaryman May 18, 2:17 AM
Hello, nice profile! I really enjoy reading your reviews. :)

I‘m not such an avid reader, but I‘m a fan of crime and mystery fiction and I like "Les Misérables" a lot. Have you read any books by Stefan Zweig? His novella "Schachnovelle" ("The Royal Game") is one of my favourite pieces of writing.
pondipat May 17, 11:12 PM
By the way I'm currently reading Shikibu's Tale of Gengi. I see your admiration for Dostoievski, feel it the same way.
Have you read Camus? in particular the Stranger?
Noxus_Senpai May 15, 7:11 PM
Thx for the accept. You have good taste.
pondipat May 15, 11:46 AM
I'm here just because Goodreads. You have some good reads - Well done.

Try some portuguese authors : José Saramago or Eça de Queiroz.

Greetings from Portugal.

In2TheBlu May 13, 2:17 PM
I love Bebop. I'll start Ergo Proxy next week. It's been pretty hyped among reviewers. It must be really good. Thanks mate!
In2TheBlu May 13, 10:38 AM
What are your favorite 'original' animes? (Ones not adapted from another medium.)
LIQfilms May 13, 8:31 AM
Your review for Kenya Boy is hilarious; the films sounds insane, so much so, that I want to watch it for myself now just to satisfy my curiosity
Shiranuma May 11, 8:21 PM
I'm talking about Nichijou. But I wanted to know if you could imagine yourself scoring a anime 3/10 with those fact I said before, without giving a specific anime. I totally agree that Nichijou is not the funniest anime of all and I even approuve that nichijou has quite a lot of bad jokes. (that was your main point in your review).

However, what distinct Nichijou for the is the surrounding of it! Nichijou as the best surrounding that any anime could dream. It all a surprise, The ending theme change every episode with a different tones(the second one) and the narrator is a new seiyuu every episode . More than that the cut between chapter and add are random and allway different and again sometime with a different tone. This were Nichijou strike the best, the unpredictability.

Anyway, my point was that just the fact that nichijou has 16 endings for 26 episodes + a new narrator each episode, makes it deserve more than 3. It's one of the best adaptation.