Kanbe, Mamoru

Given name:
Family name: 神戸
Birthday: 1962
Member Favorites: 113
Birth place: Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Mamoru Kanbe is most known for directing Elfen Lied.

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Interview: 'Yakusoku no Neverland' Team Discuss Their Winter 2019 Success

Interview: 'Yakusoku no Neverland' Team Discuss Their Winter 2019 Success

Released in Winter 2019, studio CloverWorks' TV adaptation of the dark fantasy manga, Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland), currently sits as MyAnime...read more

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hypergoob | Aug 11, 8:55 PM
Directed the best episodes of So Ra No Wo To.

PowZeta-kun | Jun 24, 12:44 PM
Gustav Klimt OP guy

yasser_sama | Apr 14, 1:44 PM
Not too much

GreatestSaltboy | Mar 27, 5:01 AM
Adapt something faithfully for once

kitaikira | Mar 13, 1:48 AM
his face in his profile picture describes the second half of tpn manga as a whole

Marc_----- | Nov 24, 2021 10:12 AM
Y'all niggas should watch Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san

HBVO2 | Jul 25, 2021 5:39 AM
Found this on Shirai, Kaiu's comment section - https://myanimelist.net/news/57682518 (credit to Surf_rock)
The direction of season 2 for anime only watchers of The Promised Neverland was alright from, again, the standpoint of anime only watchers. Honestly though, as an adaptation, it was terrible from ep 5 onward. The scene where Emma makes a deal with what is basically god of the world was 8 seconds long... what? The anime cut Goldy Pond and Yuugo which added the most character development and world building the entire series offered. Most hate isn't just because an entire arc was cut, though, it was because of how randomly everything seemed to happen. It felt like an any% speedrun to finish the series off without giving real context to how things happened nor why. All my opinion of course but still, if an anime deviates from the original work you can't say it's anyone's fault other than the directors... right? Especially if that deviation makes it worse and generates so much hate for such a previously loved adaptation.

wachi | Jul 24, 2021 10:00 PM
to me it felt like the direction of the show was actually quite decent but the story/writing he is adapting was absurdly stupid. don't know if the fault was of the original author, writer, or higher-ups (maybe including the director). but knowing he did so good with season 1 it's hard to believe he would mess up season 2 like that.

Anyways this is just what I felt while watching the show the real story behind it could be entirely different so please take this with a grain of salt

haydenluvsanime | Jun 30, 2021 8:05 PM

Minwu | Jun 29, 2021 11:02 AM
how is it the authors fault, was it really like this in the manga

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