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Dec 5, 2023
Karate Master: The Hunt for the Lost Classic. The Missing Link of Battle Shonen

Remember the ancient days of early MAL? It was mostly just some European guys acting snobby and dunking on Americans for having not seen all these “essential classics” that got widely released in Europe, but not in the US. We Americans had honestly never heard of Galactic Heroes, Rose of Versailles, Ashita no Joe, and a lot of beloved anime of the 1970s and 80s. We got so thoroughly embarrassed that it helped kickstart the trend of toxic elitism that was the scourge of the online anime community for several years. Of ...
Aug 31, 2023
Cool Headed Hoozuki came out almost 10 years ago and to this day remains one of the most underrated comedy anime outside of Japan. The basic premise is that Buddhist Hell is an incompetently run bureaucracy and is only kept operational due to the incredible micro-managing and organizational skills of a single ogre named Hoozuki. Reception in the United States was mixed at best with many critics calling the series inexcusably boring, dry, and even "A Japanese Dilbert that requires a PhD in Japanese cultural studies to get any of the jokes. The series was licensed in the US and quietly given a physical release, ...
Jul 24, 2023
Astroganger (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Since there's a new Indiana Jones movie out, I figure now is the perfect time to do some anime archeology! Today, we're going to be examining the very first giant Super Robot anime that was produced in full color. Astroganger the anime was released in October of 1972 and beat Mazinger Z's anime adaptation to Japanese television screens by 2 months. The first super robot anime was Tetsujin 28 but that was in black and white like most all anime from the 1960s.

Astroganger was produced by Studio Knack, who is mostly remembered today for their less than stellar anime projects. The same writer, director, animators, ...
Jul 8, 2023
It’s become a cliché at this point to say just how powerful nostalgia is, but it’s all true. Once you get into your 30s, 40s, and beyond, you start to feel this longing for the things of your youth. Not just the most beloved things, but anything from your youth. My fellow boomers and I will dance to shit we HATED back in the 90s just because it’s from the 90s. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs will set off an explosion of nostalgia for anyone who grew up watching shitty harem anime. This was made in 2018 but feels exactly like something that would ...
Jun 29, 2023
Warning! This review will include spoilers. I really can't talk about this heavily plot-driven series in the way I want to without getting into spoiler territory.

Heavenly Delusion is the big budget, Post-apocalyptic survival sci-fi extravaganza that anime fans have been waiting for! Ok, besides Attack on Titan of course. Production IG have come to the rescue! The narrative in Heavenly Delusion swaps back and forth between these mutant children with superpowers living in a facility (The Heaven Arc) and 2 children on an epic journey through the wasteland of what was once Japan (The Hell Arc). Much like Baccano or Odd Taxi, the story is ...
Mar 26, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Studio Orange director: “Man, I was watching this piece of trash Boomer anime the other day and all my buddies around me were laughing at it. Then it suddenly struck me. This is an absolute tragedy! This old piece of trash actually has all the elements there to be a masterpiece and it’s simply being handcuffed by all this hackneyed anime bullshit! Imagine if it cut out the stupid comedy, extra characters, pointless romance sub-plot, pointless fanservice, and just really doubled down on the psychological drama and grimdark elements. Those Zoomers who laugh at this shit right now and dismiss it will have their minds ...
Jan 23, 2023
Preliminary (10/20 eps)
It's not often that I review anime that I drop. Typically, I wait until I finish a series to review it. However, this is a frustrating series that I feel I need to review but I also have zero desire to actually suffer through 10 more episodes. A friend of mine recommended this series after the Youtuber Mother's Basement hyped it up as a subversive dark comedy and brilliant parody of shitty, isekai power fantasies. Eminence in Shadow or "ES" as I'll refer to it from now on uses a lot of tired tropes and cliches. It's fully aware that it's doing so and intends ...
Dec 26, 2022
Mad★Bull 34 (Anime) add
I knew I had to review at least one anime over the holiday season. Maybe I could review Tokyo Godfathers, the best Christmas movie ever made? Nah. Maybe I could review Akiba Maid War…but it’s just so hard to talk about that show without spoiling the fun. So, I decided to do something completely different and just re-review my favorite “So bad it’s awesome” anime of all time. I wrote a quick, shitty review back in 2014 or 2015 but I did NOT do this series justice. Now it’s time that I fully commit to spreading the gospel of the Mad Bull!

It's difficult to talk ...
Nov 1, 2022
Mixed Feelings
When I heard that Cyberpunk was getting an anime produced by CD Projekt Red, I thought it was April Fool's prank. Why would they make an anime for a game that was financially a massive failure for them? That would be like Bethesda shelling out money for Fallout 76 the anime! So, the anime came out and I didn't watch it. Then I checked the rating one day and saw it's now considered one of the best anime of all time on MAL and Anilist. After seeing how critically acclaimed it was, I decided to check it out for myself and found an anime that's ...
Oct 4, 2022
Since I just reviewed an anime that started out weak and got way better, this week I'll be looking at an anime that started really strong and ended by being the most infuriating anime I've seen in years. Ranking of Kings is an absolutely GORGEOUS anime that uses a style inspired by Ghibli but also by American cartoons such as Adventure Time and Stephen Universe. The animation by Studio Wit is spectacular. The fight choreography, especially in the first half, is jaw dropping. I think this had the budget of about 5 normal anime because some person at Kadokawa REALLY wanted to bet on this ...

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