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May 20, 2018

Yeah, I know I'm WAY late to this party. A friend requested a review though, so why not? Eromanga Sensei made quite the splash online as THE bad anime of 2017. Gigguk hyped it up famously as "The perfect bad anime" and "The ULTIMATE bad anime". He made it seem like it's so bad it's amazing and hysterical. Sadly, I must disagree. Eromanga Sensei is NOT "The Room" of anime. It isn't uniquely bad or uniquely depraved. It's just an amalgamation of the shittiest cliches and tropes from other bad echii anime.


Art in general is highly subjective, but what qualifies as "So bad it's read more
May 2, 2018

Good Ol' Kazuki Nakashima. This is the madman that wrote Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill. Now he has returned to tackle the DC comics universe and have his own run on Batman. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Batman were as gloriously stupid and over the top as TTGL? Your wish has been granted!


Gorilla Grodd has invented a time machine and ends up sending the Batman Family and several of the Dark Knight's rogues' gallery back to feudal Japan. Why Nakashima went with Grodd when he is supposed to be a Flash villain, I honestly have no idea. Batman read more
Apr 27, 2018

Like last time, I've once again chosen to cover an anime that had TONS of potential and then blew it. Harlock Saga is a loose retelling of Wagner's Ring Cycle using Captain Harlock and the other Leiji Matsumoto characters to try get young audiences into opera. Hell, if Princess Tutu could get anime fans into classical ballet, this should be easy. As Bubsy the Bobcat would say "What could possibly go wrong?".


An evil being called Alberich has stolen the Rhinegold from a planet at the center of the universe and has forged a ring of power to try conquer the universe. Harlock and his crew read more
Apr 23, 2018

A Silent Voice is a VERY popular anime and I can see its appeal. This is an anime that is beautifully animated by the much beloved Studio Kyoto. It has a soundtrack featuring The Who! It promised to actually address the issue of bullying far better than previous anime and give it the serious look it deserves. It promised to be a beautiful redemption tale and love story all in one. This anime SHOULD have been amazing. Sadly, I was really not a fan of this film and was badly disappointed to say the least. I'm not trolling. I'm not being contrarian for the lulz. read more
Apr 12, 2018
Author's note: Please don't take this review too seriously. This is merely describing my own painful experience with this show. I'm not personally attacking Monogatari fans! Thank you.


Bakemonogatari is generally hailed as a masterpiece for being bold, innovative, challenging, and overall an unforgettably unique experience. While all of these things are certainly true, it is only a partial truth. Those above listed traits would all describe Tatami Galaxy and Mushishi, but Bakemonogatari is QUITE different from those series. Tatami's philosophy, comedy, and characters can transcend the language boundary. This is also true for Mushishi with its amazing visuals and atmosphere. Bakemonogatari though, is a series read more
Mar 30, 2018

Sometimes while searching through the septic tank of ancient anime I uncover a nugget of gold. This is one of those times! This is a shitty echii dubbed by early ADV and translated in the style of Ghost Stories and Samurai Pizza Cats by Matt Greenfield. It also features the talents of certain voice actor that take this piece of shit from merely amusing to absolutely amazing!


Dragon Knight is the story of a wandering hero who gets caught trying to steal food from a royal palace. In order to escape punishment, he must go on a quest to rescue a harem of beautiful women being read more
Mar 23, 2018

This is is what it would look like if you took all the cutaway gags from Family Guy and just stitched them together. That's the whole show. I at least chuckled a couple times, so I've seen worse comedy anime. This is still pretty damn bad!


The plot is that random pop culture references happen. Oh look they referenced Skyrim! Oh look they referenced Dark Souls...and that's the joke. They referenced something. At least in Kobayashi's Dragon Maid when they parody Dark Souls, the joke is that a 5,000 year old, all powerful dragon is becoming addicted to a video game and acting like an otaku. read more
Mar 19, 2018
"Of course you are excited by battle! We all love violence! We all love getting drunk! We all love sleeping with women! Some of us even enjoy sleeping with men! The point is that we are MANLY men and that is nothing to be ashamed of! Now lets go kill some fucking demons and celebrate with some fucking beer!"- Robert Sturgeon from Ninja Gaiden: The anime


So besides having one of the greatest speeches in anime history, why should you watch Ninja Gaiden? It is a fun, old school, schlock anime that knows exactly who its audience is and what it wants to be. If you read more
Mar 6, 2018

This might be without exaggeration, the worst anime I've ever seen. I rated this a 1 because MAL won't allow me to use negative numbers.

This is a 5 minute anime short that is supposed to be about "cute girls doing cute things". I'm not going to describe what happens, because that would spoil the fun. Just know that the plot is something that would etched onto the walls of an insane asylum in an HP Lovecraft story. This anime is considered torture in over 200 nations and screening it is banned by the Geneva convention. It's only 5 minutes and I read more
Mar 5, 2018

Wings of Honneamise is a great film, but it also has some serious flaws. For me though, an anime can do lots of things wrong if it also does some things really well. Wings is a loveable underdog story. It's an anti-war film. It's a coming of age movie. It's a steampunk, alternate history retelling of the early Space Race from the POV of the Soviet Union. It also has at least 2 plainly stupid scenes that detract from the film and have no business being there. It can be more than a little sappy and it is happy to trade realism for emotion, which read more