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Oct 18, 2017

This is a review I've been planning to write for a long time. I've been putting it off in part because reviews like this are by FAR the hardest to write. Here is what I mean. The easiest reviews to write are bashing bad anime that absolutely nobody cares about. They get quick and easy laughs from readers. Nobody gets angry or offended. You can just say whatever you want with no fear of the consequences.

The second easiest to write are gushing praise onto a universally beloved classic. Have you ever seen an "Anime everyday" review? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm totally read more
Aug 23, 2017


Every now and then an anime arrives that completely changes the medium forever. Angel's Egg helped usher in postmodernism and heavy religeous symbolism to a medium that until then wasn't being taken very seriously. Evangelion forever changed the face of Shonen and anime in general with its character psychology and exploration of human depression and the search for self acceptance. Now in 2017 we have this....MASTERPIECE.

Plot: 10/10

Donald Trump raps in a classroom and teaches us all the brilliance of his political vision. I admit, until now I've always been a tad skeptical of Trump's political competence. I was once a total normie. I seem read more
Jul 4, 2017

It's the 4th of July everybody! As an American, I will celebrate my country with one of our time honored traditions...beating the dog shit out of something weak and defenseless. Everyone is lining up to shit on Eromanga Sensei. Worst animu of the year! Sure that's pretty low hanging fruit, but I'm going even lower. If bashing Eromanga Sensei was the equivalent of America's pummeling and carving up Serbia, picking on poor Berserk 2017 is like the 1983 invasion of Grenada!


Berserk 2017 has 2 clip show episodes in a 12 episode run! That's really all I need to say to illustrate how fucking shit read more
Jun 7, 2017

Since I reviewed a piece of shit last time, I decided to review something highbrow. As you probably remember from High School, William Wordsworth helped usher in the Romantic Period of British poetry with his opus Lyrical Ballads in the late 1790s. Wait...what do you mean this is a 5 episode furry hentai with nothing to do with William Wordsworth?!! GOD DAMN IT!!!!


This piece of shit begins with God himself acting as the narrator. In the beginning, God created the light tribe and shadow tribe. He also created a tablet called "Wordsworth" which will bestow divine understanding on the person able to translate it. However, read more
Jun 1, 2017

Studio Gainax has the highest reputation of any studio on MAL with the possible exception of Madhouse. So...everything they've ever made was gold right? Consider that even Madhouse made Junk Boy and Reign the Conqueror. Gainax it turns out has made some bad anime too and Chocolate Panic Picture Show is perhaps the worst.


The year is 1985. Some of the boys at Gainax just got done watching the 1980 film "The Gods Must Be Crazy" followed by some psychodelic European arthouse cinema. This was when Kamui Fujiwara decided to combine those 2 things and create...this...thing.


There is no plot. This is a 30 minute acid read more
May 9, 2017

Shuffle is an early 2000s Harem anime based on an eroge. I was recommended this title by an offline friend and my initial expectations couldn't possibly be lower. I was expecting "Girls Bravo" or "DearS", or at best something like Monster Musume or Sekirei. Instead I got an anime that while flawed...wasn't actually that bad. Stocks are rated each quarter based on whether or not they met expectations. Shuffle is basically like a small cap stock that wildly surpassed expectations. I kind of have to give it a decent rating!



Shuffle, unlike most harem anime I've seen, actually has multiple characters that are likeable! None read more
Apr 24, 2017

Since I reviewed a children's film last time, I decided to change things up and review something a bit more "edgy". Ichi Episode 0 is a prequel to the cult film Ichi the Killer directed by Takashi Miike. While the film I believe deserves its cult status in the world of gory exploitation movies, this anime...kind of sucks.


While the manga came before both this anime and the film, the anime was ONLY made due to the film's massive success. Takashi Miike started out in the 1990s in Japanese "V-Cinema" which are mostly direct to video porno films and violent exploitation movies. I think the read more
Apr 8, 2017

Studio Ghibli is generally synonymous with quality. Led by Hayao Miyazaki and his lifelong friend Isao Takahata, Ghibli has come closer to batting 1000 then any movie studio I can think of. However, if you delve into the more obscure Ghibli films you can find some that while still good...are a little less than perfection. This is definitely one of those.



The plot of this 1994, Takahata penned Ghibli film is that a community of magical tanuki (raccoon dogs) are being threatened by deforestation and must fight back against the loggers. Basically take the plot of 1992's Ferngully and add massive hairy balls. The tanuki around read more
Apr 2, 2017
One of my older reviews that got removed. Back for your amusement.


Today we look at one of the silliest anime to come out in recent years! Girls und Panzer ist ein anime about frauen zat drive panzers! Each Panzerbesatzung (tank crew) consists of little moe girls that make otaku go "awwww". There is also lots of ww2 tank porn that appeals to armchair army geeks that have played WAY too much World of Tanks and now consider themselves military experts.

Plot: 5/10

The plot is that tank combat between teams is now a sport, and girls rather than guys are the primary participants of this activity. read more
Mar 21, 2017

Kenya Boy, along with being one of the more polite things Trump calls Obama, is also the name of a 1984 kids movie considered "one of the worst ever" by older otaku. The founder of animenewsnetwork listed it among his anime Hall of Shame and that guy has seen about 5,000 anime!


Kenya Boy was based on a 1950s manga that never really gained fame or popularity outside Japan. The manga is basically a Japanese Tarzan ripoff that hasn't aged particularly well. The movie tries to adapt the entire manga and crams WAY too much plot into a 100 minute run time, making the last read more