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7 Seeds
7 Seeds
Oct 17, 8:21 PM
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Oct 17, 8:21 PM
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Yume Miru Koneko
Yume Miru Koneko
Oct 17, 8:16 PM
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Arslan Senki
Arslan Senki
Oct 8, 6:37 PM
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Oct 8, 6:34 PM
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Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride
Sep 11, 6:27 AM
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ksmNA 4 hours ago
hmm I'll give a shot to Lovely Complex, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo or Golden Time...
idk why I like these cute anime stuff lol
Klefki_of_Awsome 4 hours ago
I see, well my mom and youngest brother as well as sometimes my dad complain how its too warm inside despite the fact it's usually a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius inside these days..:d

Oh yeah, well that would also make you weaker too I guess..=v='
And You Welcome~^^>

Omg, so many nostalgic titles there, I also read some of the 39 cues book (I have the first and second ones from the second series), as well as Geronimo (I've lost track of how many I have of those, too many to count, lol~^^'>)~!X3
Other then those I also read the Mr./Ms. Books when I was younger too~^^
Oh, I see..:o>

So it's a technical school then?:o>

Well, just my usual year end shopping after Christmas. As for the day of, I think our family should gather this year, though I'm not sure if we will or not this year, because of COVID..:d

I see..:o

Lol, though Umaru herself never really puts in any work, haha~x'D

Yup, and yes I do too~^^b

No, it's the biggest Club on MAL but it's invitation only, since it's private~^^'>
alicexwvnderland 5 hours ago
Yes but it can be very fun
Kunii 7 hours ago
Yea, thought overall I still enjoyed that movie, just seeing people comparing it to Kimi ni Na Wa during that time
ksmNA 7 hours ago
I have no idea, but if there's more material about Ami post-Toradora(even if it's a novel) I'd read it.
As you like Toradora, could you recomend some Romance anime for? kinda runin low on 'em

alicexwvnderland 7 hours ago
well yes it probably is. Sometimes when you playing with stranger they speaking another language.
alz- Yesterday, 12:45 PM
Thank you for adding me! x)
YoukaiFox Yesterday, 1:47 AM
Ah i see.I wouldn't want to touch them either.

Yes true~

Yep.Its so noisy most of the time lol.Same!!! My li bro gets away with everything...
I m Asian too and i totally agree with u there.I haven't seen a lot of stuff about the Try guys tho.Altho I know for a fact that Asian parents r stricter with their daughters..and i hate that so much...

Ah i see.I m not sure wut sort of drugs ppl used in my school and I don't want to know either.
Yes i agree...Y do kids do this..ruining their health like that..

Yep!!! In the parody ,Nagisa is actually a thug with a deep voice who just got released from prison lol.He even has a tattoo which says THUG SEME.I love that show~

Oh aside from dental check ups I don't usually go to the clinic either.

Ah i see.,Makes sense then ~

Yep i agree.Ah i see.Glad that u r sleeping well :)

Yep lol.Social distancing is d best~

Ah i see.My bad...

Yep i agree!! I just don't like either of them tho.

Reaction humor is basically when some chara (take gintama or daily life for ex) acts /does something dumb and another guy points that out in a humorous way,Basically the funny man and straight man gig.The funny man does something dumb and the straight man points that out~

Well I just checked the genres of Saiki and IT IS SOL.Yep...I would like a sequel too:)

Ayy nice!! Hope u enjoy it :)

Yes!!! Then u will certainly enjoy Osomatsu :)
Klefki_of_Awsome Oct 18, 5:06 PM
Ah, yeah, I get youu~^o^'>
I always complain to my dad to put the heater o when it gets lower then 20 inside too~^^'>
Yes, indeed..>:o>

Hmm, when your brain's not working well it probably means you need to eat something, especially something sweet, to make that blood flow going!:O>

Oh, OK~^^'
Yes, the poster for the movie had the kid riding is bike in front of the moon, with ET in the basket, lol~^^>
And woah, The Magic Tree House! Now that brings me back!! I used to read the books when I was a child!:D
What book was your favorite? I think mine was either the one when they go to Ireland and meet a leprechaun or the one with the dolphins in it~!X3

Hmm, what does FASET stand for?:>

I see, that's good to hear~^^
Doing anything special for Christmas (if you celebrate it, that is)?:3

Ah, same here, for people that are unsure about the path they want to take once they graduate, I think that's a very good thing to have in place, not that it concerns me though, tbh~^^'>

Yeah, it is, and yup, both are very enjoyable watch!XD

I actually go quite often, but all I do is listen to music or watch cat videos and anime PVs there, lol~^^'>

Yep, Monia Cafe even has a dedicated thread for that OP meme, tbh, lol~xD
alicexwvnderland Oct 18, 4:52 PM
Yes, it is pretty fun. I sometimes play with strangers also.
Kunii Oct 18, 4:28 PM
I enjoyed Koe no Katachi, tho i did heard about some plots being left out from some of the readers as well
SweetKiichigo Oct 18, 4:05 PM
Hi hi ^^
ksmNA Oct 18, 3:55 PM
ohh I was team Ami all the way

ksmNA Oct 18, 12:59 PM
I'm watching like 30+ seasonal shows, but besides that Cowboy Bebop, Gintama, Highschool DxD (lol) and kill me baby. Cowboy Bebop seems pretty solid so far it has great OST and animation (even though it's from 1998).
As for reading I'm reading Komi-san and Nagatoro atm both good mainly komi-san wich is one that I'm enjoying a lot.

Also love Toradora though would rather have the protagonist ending with another one of the girls.

YoukaiFox Oct 17, 11:31 PM
Ah i see.That's fine then.I agree~

Ayy thanks!! i appreciate it :)

Wow.She is 6 years older than u huh? Nice.My youngest sibling and i r 13 years apart.Makes sense.
Ah Nice!! The youngest in my family usually gets super spoilt by everyone.

Yes i agree.

Yep!!! I have 9 bathrooms in my house.1 extra bathroom for guests~

I see.Even minor fighting would have gotten ppl punished back in my hs.There r no fights at all in my hs but unfortunately a lot of kids did other nasty things drugs and smoking..

Yes!! I loved the series~ Especially Thugisa lol.,My fav chara from 50% off :)

Oh wow.I usually take leaves cuz my parents drag me to pilgrimages so i would never get exempted from exams lol.I have never taken any health leave for the past 6 years tho.
U should have argued then ! U wouldn't have to write exams.

Ah i see.Idon't have insomnia but I still stay up till 2 cuz I m gaming with my wonder I m barely awake during my classes..
I agree.I usually wake up at 9 on holidays even without an alarm .Yes!!! I feel that I got deprived of my sleep whenever that happens.


Ah i see.I stay 7 kms apart from any romance anime so i don't know anything a lot about it.
No I thought that it was a part of tamako love story so ..I think I mixed them up.I dunno wut genre Tamako market is.
Ah i see.I don't like either and I find pure romance boring too.

Yes~ U should!! Both of them r excellent :)
I actually really liked it ! It has a lot of reaction humor and i personally like that sort of comedy :)
Yes i have!! 1 of the best slice of life (kinda?) comedies out there imo!! I have seen all the seasons and read the manga too.

Well I have seen 7 eps of it and I can confirm that its good.Well Jujutsu is 1 of the best airing shows atm.I love it and I highly rec that u check it out!!! It only has 3 eps so far.
Osomatsu ? I have seen the first 2 seasons and it has a lot of black comedy in it.If u like that sort of thing then I think u will like Osomatsu :)