Kintarou "Golden Boy" Ooe

Kintarou Ooe

Golden Boy
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Golden Boy
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Golden Boy II: Sasurai no Obenkyou Yarou Geinoukai Ooabare-hen
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Kintarou Ooe (大江 錦太郎)

Age: 25
Birthday: May 5, 1967 (Taurus)
Blood type: A

Kintaro "The Golden Boy" Oe is the 25-year-old protagonist of the anime, manga, and OVA series "Golden Boy." As a "Tokyo University Department of Law" dropout, he is studying the way of life by traveling with his bike through Japan. Although he dropped out, he mastered the entire curriculum. This fact combined with his knowledge of the human behavior and psyche lets one assume that he is indeed quite intelligent. He goes from place to place, applying for whatever job he can, instead of sticking to one occupation.

Voice Actors
Smith, Doug
Iwata, Mitsuo
Niesner, Timmo
Lepore, Davide
De Porrata, Nacho
Korol, Olivier

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