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Desolated Jan 25, 9:43 AM
Yooo who tf made this? 😂

Mfw I'm more authoritarian than Ryuk (the old political compass consider conservative=authoritarian instead of "big government" which is why I end up in the green zone using the old one).

Anyways here's me with the new one posted in the now locked thread.
Laurilei Jan 20, 9:28 PM
For sure! You seem like you'd be a fun debate partner. :)
-Sonal- Jan 20, 5:47 AM
Idk which questions you talking about tho?

And no, I don't make any NY resolutions because
a) I'm too lazy for resolutions, and
b) During the rare times I do feel like committing, I'll do it irrespective of the date or time, and see it through.
-Sonal- Jan 19, 10:01 AM
If that's what you think then I'd hate to prove you wrong 😂😂😂
WutIsDis Jan 19, 6:51 AM
Ah I see. I completely forgot that it is not exactly 150 million km. lol.

WutIsDis Jan 19, 6:35 AM

14 + 9 + 5 + 9 + 7 + 8 + 7 + 1

N + I + E + I + G + H + G + A



Seriously tho what does your username mean?
Meusnier Jan 18, 9:55 AM

To be honest, I just wanted to reply "?" to your comment.

It almost makes you wonder how we barely have a tiny fraction of those countries' cases even though we had neither Fauci nor lockdowns, and despite the fact that we have an extremely higher population density and larger population in general. Must be the vaccines, but unfortunately, they came around the same time as Ivermectin, so now we are in some sort of a dilemma. Reuters says it's the former, though, so it must be that. Or maybe it's neither.

The reason behind the low cases of Covid in Japan may simply be that people there know how to use a mask properly (even in pharmacies, I see self-styled professionals with a mask on their chins...), comply with rules (starting by wearing a mask everywhere it is needed) and understand what social distancing means. No need to mention Fauci here, he is just one piece of the (non-masonic!) puzzle.

I am not interested in blaming the Chinese government, though. Mainly because if there was a leak, it is unlikely to be their fault. In fact, they would rather be the perfect scapegoat as they care about their reputation above all else, and people either love them or hate them, so it is a dead-end in any search for the truth. Moreover, even if the regime is to fall, an independent investigation would never take place as, during the last attempt, they sent Peter Daszak to investigate on behalf of "science." That is the very person who taught the virologist of Wuhan how to properly hide genetic editing in viruses and the one who used US taxpayer money to finance the institute. Even more ironically, he worked as an "independent" fact-checker for Facebook during the early stages of the pandemic and labeled the lab leak theory as a conspiracy with an opinion letter in which he openly declared there isn't a conflict of interests (i.e., he lied). Seems like an honest person to me. And after reading Fauci's emails, or well, what I could read since he is not the most transparent person out there, I am almost certain that there is no way any future investigations to be truly independent. At least not with these people having a monopoly on such affairs.

Indeed, why would you release a coronavirus in your own country?! Here, I am really not up to date nor did I read Fauci's emails, so I will not comment on that further.

Fortunately for us, as long as you have sufficient evidence, you might not need hard proof in order to prove something. In fact, most cases in court are never "proven," technically speaking and are concluded based on things such as circumstantial evidence, hearsay, etc.

You are right, but things are a bit different with science as you know.

Which I find rather surprising, to be fair. This isn't news. Not on January 18th, 2022. You obviously read a lot about COVID, so there is zero percent chance you haven't come across this information, unless the one giving you the information doesn't want you to see the full picture, that is. That is why I think it is important to hear what people like Dr. John Campbell have to say. Yes, he is old, he doesn't wear a suit like Fauci and friends, and he does not act authoritative and play ominous music in the background, but he covers almost everything on the topic, and he is not doing it to sell you his miracle cure or for any other sort of profit. By contrast, the information you consume is likely "filtered." It is not necessarily false or censored, but it might be misleading and cherry-picked. Surprisingly enough, it is always information regarding alternative ways of forming immunity that eludes the public the most.

Already covered this part besides Campbell hakase. I do not care that he is old or does not wear a suit by the way. In fact, as I wrote below, I simply will not bother checking very recent updates when the source is either a preprint or something of this calibre.

I am not sure which fact. If it is about the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID, I assume that anything I can present at this point is already deboonked by someone like Mr. Daszak. When it comes to the safety of the drug, however, even they don't have this power since that is indeed an established fact with decades of medical history to prove it. If you have the time, you can look at the "Medical Safety of Ivermectin" paper by Jacques Descotes.

Or you also can watch Dr. Chris Martenson reviewing it on YouTube:

I am glad to have waited since I have already addressed the ivermectin point below. This Descotes mention must be a joke for he wrote a report for the company MedinCell (available on this company's website), not a peer-reviewed article. How is that a trustworthy source?

MedinCell is a French company whose Wikipedia page only exists in French by the way:
Following the reasoning of conspiracy theorists, you cannot trust MediCell because it is trying to make a profit out of selling an ivermectin-based treatment. If you believe in MediCell, you need to believe in Pfizer (and God).

Ah... you have noticed that too. Whose disappearance have you remarked this month? Their reason might simply be that they have enough of posting or want to get rid of their persona and take a fresh start. I do not have the latter issue since I have no persona as it should be clear by now, although I will not mention a few selected topics.
Meusnier Jan 18, 9:24 AM
Looking at those studies, I honestly have no idea how it makes sense to take averages to consider how effective the drug is on Covid-19. The improvement is between -211% and +96%, whilst studies on vaccines consistently show a positive effect (for the prophylaxis). In the low values, I also found the values -152%, -33%, -14%, -4%, +6% and 18%. There are 30 studies, so excluding seven of them would be almost a fourth, which would imply that you would have to discord half of data, the first and last quartiles. A reasonable explanation is that many of those studies are flawed for the variance is just way too high to conclude anything, even excluding a few extreme values as is customary in statistics. Choosing not randomly the study having the highest effectiveness, we find out that the study was carried on 96 patients (I am confident that most of studies feature a similar number of participants).

Interestingly, the first author of the article Carlos Chaccour says himself that the evidence is not enough:

Chaccour and others studying ivermectin say that proof of whether the drug is effective against COVID-19 rests on a handful of large, ongoing studies, including a trial in Brazil with more than 3,500 participants. By the end of 2021, says Zoni, around 33,000 people will have participated in some kind of ivermectin trial.

“I think it is our duty to exhaust all potential benefits,” says Chaccour, especially given that most countries still do not have widespread access to vaccines. “Ultimately if you do a trial and it fails, fine, but at least we tried.”

In other words, the very author of the study does not consider his article to be sufficient proof. That should say enough of those who believe like gospel experiments carried on a sample of size 96.

I hope that you do not expect me to go through each of those studies after having seen the first author not interpreting his work as hard evidence for the effectiveness of ivermectin against Covid.
Meusnier Jan 18, 5:30 AM
Fair enough and thank you for the precisions.
Meusnier Jan 18, 5:27 AM
Why hasn't anyone reported on the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis?!

The title was enough evidence to see that it was false. The abstract was even better: "We prove that any "non-trivial zero"... Using quotation marks for a well-known terminology shows a lack of expertise in the field. Then I open the paper and see that it is seven pages long, and has huge margins. Look no further, this proof is false and I do not even have to read it.

P.S. The real reason why it is worthless is simply that the paper only uses basic complex analysis and is way too short. You would have to prove very delicate estimates for such a proof to work, this is not about finding a clever trick.

P.P.S. The dude has only four other papers on completely unrelated fields...
Meusnier Jan 18, 5:23 AM
Thank you for the link. I will address your first message in more details later on but let me just point out that calling me "desynchronized" on Omicron as a euphemism for "not well-informed" is rather dishonest from yours considering that the only relevant paper on the topic is a preprint (not published and in particular not peer-reviewed) from the 27th of December 2021 (nice date) using a sample of... 33 (!) people! That does not qualify as hard evidence to me, and it is only normal that it does not get reported in the mainstream press that I use to find most sources (the rest is searching for a precise information when I argue on MAL). I find it rather amusing that one could give so much credit to an unpublished article on a very small sample of people and distrust dozens of articles published in Nature Medicine.

The reason why 33 is not a significant sample should be obvious, but I will just point out that it is impossible to get a good age representation within such a small sample and sort

Everyone should know by heart the warning of the front page of medRxiv:

Caution: Preprints are preliminary reports of work that have not been certified by peer review. They should not be relied on to guide clinical practice or health-related behavior and should not be reported in news media as established information.

I had read on Ivermectin more than a year ago and as with hydroxychloroquine, no serious research indicated that it was of any use against Covid. Then I remember about the Hippocrates Oath and wonder why physicians and scientists throughout the world did not recommend to use this drug as treatment (let me also recall that other drugs against Covid have proven efficient and are or will soon be available to treat Covid-19) under a compassionate use.
Meusnier Jan 17, 3:12 PM
? All those allegations of conflicts of interest remain to be proven. In France too, the government said that the masks were useless in the beginning and they fought the pandemic using posters (!) in airports... But the later responses with lockdowns and vaccination campaign had a positive effect. I fail to see how the lockdowns are unnecessary when they are the only measure that permits to make the number of cases drop significantly in uncivilised countries like the U.S.A. or France. Besides, in the US, the Governors are the ones to decide about lockdowns if I am not mistaken, and those who did not do anything suffered the most from the pandemic... I would not want to be assassinated for sure! Yes, officials made mistakes and took some useless measures, but I have yet to find anyway convincing showing that this pile of death is not real and would not have been much worse without lockdowns and vaccines.

I agree that it is important to know what happened, even if the "enlightened" ones will never accept a conclusion that goes against their faith. Anyway, China will never let proper investigations happening since it allows them to keep claiming that the outbreak started in Milano and other nonsense... Fauci is saying that there were no gain-of-function research in Wuhan by the way.

This is not a matter of speculation and this pattern can be observed in many countries. I had not heard about Omicron giving immunity against Delta, but this is quite irrelevant since Omicron is replacing Delta almost entirely and there is very little protection granted from reinfections. I will wait to see the "evidence."

I urge you to provide some concrete evidence about this fact. This is not just about the FDA but about the scientific research of countless teams of scientists.

She deleted her account a long time ago, more than a year ago. It was nice having someone almost normal with a real life here.
Meusnier Jan 16, 2:58 PM
Thank you. It helps me remembering the word, and it is always amusing to use something you have recently learnt as if you has always known about it (something everyone does in mathematics out of snobbery... Because you are supposed to know everything, right?).

I am not especially worried about anything considering that Trump said that the pandemic would be finished by Summer 2020 and that the rest of assertions going against the scientific consensus are at this level.

1) A conclusion about the potential laboratory leak? I do not really care about that, the important point is that China (or another country) did not unleash the virus voluntarily.
2) I saw that too, and good luck deciphering 450,000 pages of documents (55,000 pages a month!). What will happen is that some laymen will find a page or two and make outlandish interpretations of the raw data. Funny that Pfizer only planned to release 500 pages a month, but reading so many pages of a boring report would already be more time than one would normally be willing to spend on such a topic. Link for future reference:
3) The mortality of the Delta variant is about 0.1%, and despite the high number of infections, the fatalities have remained low in many countries (with high vaccination rate though, the situation is not particularly good in the USA for example), so one can indeed predict that the mortality is even lower that Delta, which was confirmed by a Canadian report.
However, new variants may keep appearing (and have already appeared like Deltacron), and those who believe that we are close to the end are deluding themselves.
4) That the majority of unvaccinated people is unvaccinated is a very basic fact. Seven out of ten people who are hospitalised in France are unvaccinated, which is an enormous proportion if you think that 93% of the population is vaccinated!à-l-hôpital-c-est-la-vaccination-et-le-passe-sanitaire-qui-empêchent-la-paralysie
5) I think that I have heard the voice of Fauci (sinister name by the way for the ones obsessed with symbols! Faucille~faux=scythe; this is even a communist symbol, brrr...) for the first time today when he (rightfully!) called a Senator a moron. Imagine MAL debating all day with so-called educated people and in real life? Good that he did not lose his mind. Poor guy! He is a scarecrow but nothing else than a civil servant who was turned into a devil for warning people about the dangerousness of the pandemic... That many conservative Senators still have a reputation to this day is simply hilarious. I will just hope that he does not get assassinated following the famous American tradition. Take Raoult, he has become a ridiculous snail (though I find those animals quite sympathetic) and will stay a gastropod for the rest of his pitiful life.

I am not watching CNN (are you?!), but will wait to see anything concrete in what you have said. If the situation changes (i.e. when the decease becomes endemic), the so-called narrative will also change!

No, I had no idea about it, but it is indeed useless. Giving a useless drug is not called treatment, and hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug. Besides, ivermectin is dangerous when taken in large doses... Or how wasting resources for no good reasons.

Good point, and ysphyr also did not believe in the existence of Covid-19 now that I think about it.
RobertBobert Jan 16, 7:41 AM
I don't expect you to be conservative. Personally, I just can't stand people who pretend to be liberal for their own purposes.
RobertBobert Jan 16, 5:09 AM