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Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Yesterday, 10:19 PM
On-Hold 16/39 · Scored -
Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Apr 5, 5:04 PM
Completed 28/28 · Scored 6
Metallic Rouge
Metallic Rouge
Feb 12, 8:34 PM
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Zombieland Saga
Zombieland Saga
Jan 3, 9:31 PM
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traed Apr 19, 4:24 PM
Payback is a hiss lol
traed Apr 19, 2:59 PM
Does it ever end? T_T

bevarnow Apr 9, 10:25 PM
traed Apr 5, 6:36 PM
Seems ASL is just used in the US and Canada. The UK, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia all have their own sign languages.

It's easier to remember something if you understand what the gesture represents I think Or if it's a gesture that made it's way into common American body language.

I can see why they teach letters first not just because you can finger spell but apparently the hand shapes are same in different signs so it helps them show you what hand position to make which i wasnt quite previously conscious of.

"Yes" is super easy because it's just a head nod but not your head instead with your fist "S" handshape (thumb in front of fingers) making like a kitty paw. Though I assume it wouldnt be unusual someone also use their head while doing it but im not sure since head gestures and facial expressions are part of ASL.

"No" is palm out taking your index and middle fingers raised and thumb forward and close it down tapping the fingers together once or twice depending on context as if it's sort of like when you say "no" with a lot of emphasis the way your lips perch so the gesture is like you're closing lips shutting someone down is how i interpret it.

"Thank you" is like when someone is shocked and touched their chin with a flat open hand with mouth open but you keep your mouth shut instead though I guess it would mean same if you were legit surprised and had it open but idk lol then you move it outward as if gesturing to them. It's like saying you're moved with gratitude.

"Sorry" helps if you know what sorry really means. In English and in French sorry basically means "I feel sorrow" and the sign is a "A" handshape (thumb to side kinda loose( against the chest circling clockwise like you have an emotional pain in your heart. Although seems the use is more casual than that deeper sorrow unless done a certain way since apparently it has variations if you check the page on "apology" as well.

But yeah I remember these without ever using them if it's simple like that.
traed Apr 3, 10:07 PM
Im not sure which is more annoying
traed Apr 2, 5:01 PM
Ahh I see. Only ASL I know by memory is "yes", "no" and one of the versions of "I love you" which is combining I L Y finger spelling together forming 🤟🏻 (Apparently this sign is used in several countries which is how it made it into the emoji characters). I sort of considered learning but problem is how it's all different languages so like if I moved it becomes even less relevant. Seems unfortunate there is no universal or at least near universal sign language, there is "international" but that is only used in certain European countries and they still have their own native sign languages. Feels like a waste just I picked up some JSL from watching Yubisaki to Renren and I will likely never get to use any lol
bevarnow Apr 2, 3:47 PM
traed Apr 1, 10:25 PM
Why did you pick up learning sign language?
deg Mar 27, 6:24 PM
im no good too kaykimi have warned me a lot of times already im gonna get banned soon at this point so not fit for mod lol
deg Mar 26, 10:30 PM
i will support you and traed for new mods instead lol
BigBoyAdvance Mar 20, 5:38 PM
wdym by affectionist
traed Mar 14, 2:26 PM
I must be delirious from lack of sleep since kinda liked that one
traed Mar 6, 8:50 PM
I said what I said, I just had to heavily rephrase it. I had commented on deg's profile then it instantly banned me. There wasnt even any curse words or anything so it was weird some mod thought it would be good to add something like that to the blacklist meant for spambots.
traed Mar 6, 6:02 PM
If I said it id just get banned again. I cant recall my exact phrasing but it was just asking pertaining to thread that had been removed and who did it. No links or anything. Like how you got banned for posting an emoji.
traed Mar 5, 12:19 AM
It was the blacklist auto ban. I was inquiring about someone else's thread disappearance.
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