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viraat_pirate Yesterday, 1:39 PM
yeah it's definitely more interesting for enthusiasts than people who just started the franchise haha!
exactly! oda from the beginning wrote in a way that established the absurdity of everything, and now that absurdity has been cranked up with gear 5 which represents freedom in a way and that's pretty cool.

that's true it'll likely still be confusing haha!
yeah shirou was very much just pushing his ideal the whole time, like he kept talking about being a hero all the time which i doubt he knew what that meant at the beginning. makes sense why archer wanted to kill him lmao! also his dialogue was rough, i am sure you are familiar with "people die when they are killed" meme. archer was great indeed, the "i am the bone of my sword" was a pretty cool moment. yup also i think UBW moves faster than fate zero, like in fate zero we had moments like waver and rider just hanging out where it showed the bond between them, we don't get that much in UBW it focuses more on progressing the story.
fake would be really awesome if they keep the animation quality that high for the series as well. yeah all of them had great designs! i really liked frankenstein's design and her backstory, she was cool. that's true their relationship was great! i am usually not a fan of tsundere characters but i am glad modred had more depth to her character. btw her origin lore that wasn't in the anime/manga is very weird.
yeah waver by himself isn't super interesting, he does have a saber like companion but even then it's nowhere as good as the back and forth with rider.
yup it only took 1 update for FGO to be back on the chart right next to genshin, it's crazy despite being almost a decade old and having a brutal gacha system people still show up whenever there's new content. samurai/remnant is basically a dynasty warriors game but with fate characters and it's actually pretty good from what i've heard:

i am not sure about the copyright thing, pretty sure type moon owns all their IPs. it's very likely that they just don't have a team capable of making that game and gacha is something you need to nail right away because if that initial momentum is gone it would be really difficult to get back up.
there's been some updates but we haven't seen the game in a long time, last we heard about the game they are finishing up the 5th week there's still some stuff left. yeah those are likely the reasons for the delays, it's also a new studio they might be having some issues.
yup they were doing that a lot back then which kinda made me not interested in abyss for a while, it's nice that they are doing a bit more with it now though. yeah newer characters will always have a much easier time in there. exactly it would be a dream come true, it's just frustrating that they have created some fun modes for events like the roguelike one however they just refuse to do anything with it and just shelf until they need an extra mode for an event. it's still crazy to me that during the interview they said they have no plans for endgame even though everyone's been asking for something new for years. yup that really depends on how popular wuwa gets.
ah that's nice! one of my worries after seeing the game was if the combat feels good, it's a flashy devil may cry like action game they are required to have tight controls and satisfying gameplay, so it's good to hear that they nailed it down. oohhh that sounds really convenient! an auto pick up especially would be so helpful. ah gotcha, that game might be in development for a while but i think it could be good.
hmm that's true i didn't consider that, still i think watching kizumono first might be more convenient since it explains everything for bakemono. yeah visually those movies are beautiful and really well animated! ooh i see! looking forward to checking out that season then! i'll get to it soon.

ah thanks! it's finally ready then haha! i'll start working on setting up everything, need to make an avatar for it which shouldn't take too long. will need to find a quote for it as well. now i can fully focus on everything else.
thanks for helping with this banner!
R-unknown May 24, 8:52 PM
maybe because they just give up lol, i mean some users like me like to use signature as whatever they want and mostly wouldnt just single image, also i mean they might have other priority like they havent even fix their bugs, like the quote one

i guess i get what you mean, actually i feel the same too, if i looking at how much eps i have to catch up and see it like about 10 eps i might already feel overwhelmed before even started it lol. yeah exactly we already get used with that classic long introduction about gold roger too, its just they vary the poison so we wouldnt get bored.
yeah it even get worse when they have to sacrifice Ashura just for that drama, or maybe thats indeed just plot device to eliminate Ashura for whatever reasons. man i hope they will still make the serious scene fight, its always feels good like something within us set on fire when we see a character that usually silly become dead serious when its something important for them. yeah i dont get how so many people hyped over the looney toones mode, feels like mostly not really one piece watcher from the start and just following the trend.

i feel like really lucky though compared with my other friends who spend way way more, i feel like the trick is because i got some hiatus then mihoyo try to persuade me with lucky gacha to stay playing the game lol because im very rarely got off banner from special character banner, i dont even have qiqi. agreed about Hutao already perfect but theres still possible improvement, like in this special irl event they got hutao really nice outfit

broooo thats not even a failure for having 3 homas.. i want one more for zhongli or maybe raiden, well homa is very good for anyone, man i got my Homa after 2 Elegys 😭 well because of that Yelan got luxury weapon but the other Elegy basically just useless. yeah Jingliu has the best design there because idk i feel like HSR character mostly have mommy/onee-san/mature woman type of style. whats your HSR team comp you usually use ? i might could copy since i havent take seriously reading every character skill there lol.
viraat_pirate May 24, 3:04 PM
sorry for replying again but i think i may have found the missing piece for the yelan banner, does this look good? i can try to use more adjustments on it as well
viraat_pirate May 24, 2:01 PM
yeah i think that's the best way to describe it, feels like a lot of effort for something that doesn't really matter unless you are really into this franchise.
for sure! i just meant it can difficult to explain to someone new to the story, i also really like how it's the part of the world and we are meant to accept it. not everything needs an explanation and oda somehow makes it believable that it's part of the world.

oh that's a good point i didn't think of that haha! i guess the best way to explain it would be: it's a new story set in the same universe and the characters with minor differences.
yeah she doesn't really get a lot of character development in unlimited blade works iirc, it was more focused on shirou and archer. as for heaven's feel she was alter through most of it who didn't get much dialogue to work with, she was there to be cool that's about it. that's true fate zero gives equal amount of screen time to most characters which makes the audience care more about them, like i remember the masters in fate zero really well unlike the main routes where it takes me a bit to remember who was in it, like i forgot about shinji haha! but yeah it's very much focused on shirou and characters around him depending on the route.
ah nice! strange fake was really good, can't wait to see more of this version of jack the ripper since he doesn't have a physical form despite being a berserker, will be interesting to see how he will fight in the series. also this new saber looks pretty cool. apocrypha was really interesting since it wasn't connected any other series similar to strange fake, aside from a different shirou being there and modred's backstory. waifus were great indeed! i finally understood why people liked jeanne and alstofo.
that's understandable waver isn't as interesting by himself. yeah! redline's definitely worth giving a shot. yup i am pretty sure it only took one saber banner to fund fate samurai/remnant lmao. a genshin like fate game would be perfect, instead of a team game something like a tag game could interesting like how zenless zone zero does it. i mean they could just do the grand order thing except it's a whole different universe or something, there's definitely ways to work around it and i doubt people would mind a haphazardly thrown explanation if they get to pull and play as musashi, gilgamesh etc. the problem is that there's no studio like mihoyo who can pull this off and most successful ones already have their own gacha so unless they can find that right studio they might not try doing this. also still waiting on the fate extra remake it was announced 3-4 years ago and there haven't been many updates.
not sure how the abyss has been lately but last when i was actively playing the game they were just making enemy's health pool bigger instead of making fights different which was really annoying. but yeah newer characters will always have an easier time since those abyss are specifically designed around them. i wish there were more game modes that weren't just timed damage checks. ah gotcha, though that's kinda how some turned based games can be unfortunately, ah i've heard of wuthering waves, how are you liking it so far? i'll likely wait for the console release for it. hmm i see, you might not like arknights as much then but still i think it's worth a shot. btw have you seen arknights endfield? it's a 3d rpg game that they are making, it gives genshin vibes.
that's true however kizumono adds so much more context to the story, i remember watch bakemono first and being really confused haha! i feel like kizumono made me care about about everything that happened in bakemono. ah i've seen up until the end of nisemono so i've got a lot to catch up on haha! my favorite is probably kizumono movies so far, which season is your favorite? yeah i saw the trailer, it looked pretty good!

hmm i see! i'll see what element/text might work there, gotcha i will not adjust the render then. i've mostly recovered from the cold so i'll be able to get back to working on these now.

ad0rablegoat May 24, 4:10 AM
(Lol this gave me a good chuckle, so thank you for that)
Also the goats are on their way to free you from all this wrong doing you had to experience!:p

Work smarter not harder right? ^~^
Hehe maybe next time show a picture of not 1 but 2 goats, double as effective (I hope) :D

Yes honestly if they were smart they would admit their defeat and let the goats and us rule the world. It’s gonna be for the better anyways ^~^

20 years really is crazy, they have my uttermost respect how they are taking care of the animals without asking anything back for it.
My native language is Dutch so we are practically neighbours I suppose :p
I have to say, I would’ve never guessed English isn’t your first language (that’s a compliment haha)

Good point! Imagine everyone hopping around like those cuties >.< Gosh I want to see that now haha. I’ve just decided not to follow their diet though, doesn’t sound very tasty (sorry for saying that out loud, please Goat maffia let me live)

You have a good point! It’s just the key not taking such things too far (which I’m learning because life is no competition)
Aww I get that to be honest, I have 2 older half brothers and the age gap is too big as well. So I totally get that :)
Besides that I have one younger sister, she’s my only sibling with the same dad xD We definitely had our ups and downs together. But I think it was just purely healthy sister issues. Like I can remember coming home smelling my perfume very strongly AGAIN. I tried hiding it so hard in my room because she would just use that whole damn thing. And yes like you could guess it, she did use it haha. That stupid kid would usually go “shopping” in my room. I literally hated her for that back then, but nowadays I realised that she just looked up to me. (Sounds weird to say out loud but I definitely feel honoured!)
Yea nowadays my little sister is my everything. I can’t wait until she turns 18 next month and she can finally make more of her own decisions.

You get me!!! Delulu for life <3 ^~^

Haha I’ve heard that before about Germany >.< But is it really true?! Or is it just a stereotype? :p

I think I am pretty much born this way, but it did got so much less already. I just can’t expect myself to completely change overnight. In the meantime I’ve been actively only interacting with people that not constantly pull down my mood. I don’t know if you ever knew/know people like that but they way they view life is just very negative. Never seeing the “happy” in things. I had a lot of that sort of people. Why? You may ask. Well I just feel really bad seeing people deal with issues no matter what kind of issues. So before I knew, I had a whole day chore trying to help people make feel better. But it eventually it ended up to a point where I just got “sucked” into their darkness. I am a really positive person really even when I feel bad. But eventually I simply couldn’t anymore because all I was surrounded with was negativity. So even though it was really painful, I said goodbye to all of them. I’ve felt so much better ever since, of course I feel sad I can’t be there for them anymore. But I always lived my life for others. I just want to live life for myself I guess? It feels egoistical, but I don’t have time to think about such things. It’s not like you get a second or third chance in life. That one time I got reincarnated as goat haha

Totally agreed! I love how no one knows how I look or where I live for example. Definitely makes things a lot easier!

That sounds amazing! I am happy to hear that ^~^
Thank you I’m doing a lot better again so yay!! We actually had quite some rainy days last few days but today is nice so far.
Oh and happy early weekend! Hope it will be amazing for you >.<

Agreed, I wouldn’t mind having kids if it would mean a kid like Anya~ ^~^

viraat_pirate May 22, 3:33 PM
yup it can be confusing as well, i can see people getting annoyed at how over convoluted the wiki is haha!
explaining how milk can regenerate teeth or how enel can just float to the moon will be difficult to explain lol.

ah i see, must've been confusing to see why they are called routes and not sequels haha! i remember wondering why it was like that until someone pointed out to me it's like a VN then it made sense. yup fate zero also gets you to care about characters that'll be important for the main routes, like how saber had doubts about being king and the lancealot storyline really builds up her character for the main routes. yeah the openings are really good as well!
oh nice! there's some good alternate timeline fate like have you seen fate strange fake? there's only a prologue out for it currently but it's pretty good and the series is slated to release sometime this year, then there's fate apocrypha which apparently is better in manga from what i've been told, but the anime has great animation so i would recommend looking up the fights later, there's also the The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi it's a series focused on waver from fate zero when he becomes the head of the mage association, and of course there's redline which i would recommend it the most out of these. haha you should rewatch them! they are always fun to go back to. FGO is like right behind genshin in terms of how much money the gacha generates despite all the issues, that's how they pay for other fate games lmao! just having a saber banner is guaranteed money for them. though i really wish they made a game similar to genshin for fate that would be really cool, it could be named fate beyond/horizons or something. the thing is ever since i've beaten spiral abyss i've lost the sense of progression, it feels like i've done everything even though i still have all the new areas to explore and characters to build, but since i don't have that urgency anymore i just end up being lazy and putting it off haha! it's not with arle i've been playing on and off like this since furina's patch. maybe the resin increase might bring me back to the game. ah that's understandable star rail's combat is pretty restrictive and repetitive compared to genshin, i grew up with turn based games so i don't mind it but yeah the game doesn't have many mechanics that aren't attached to characters to keep things fresh. as for the powercreep yeah every new support destroys the previous one in terms of utility/support they offer. ah if you plan to use an emulator i recommend using LDplayer it has better performance and easy to setup compared to bluestacks from my experience. also about arknights, do you like tower defense games? it's basically that so if you are into that genre you'd likely enjoy it.
yup exactly! which is why i watch something like the monogatari series in chronological order, i tried to watch it with release order and i was too confused lol!

ah gotcha i'll make that a bit brighter. hmm a big POWER as in text or another render? text could be cool, though i need to figure out what other elements i should add here.

yeah i basically used an explosion png and adjusted it to pink and gave the edges a more red'ish shade to make it look like the blood spear a bit. the render blended in really nicely, it kinda looks like the manga volume cover now haha! though the main render feels out of place now, should i adjust it or stick with this? yeah i am wondering whether i should go for a monochrome theme where the grey background is or i could add more stuff to the explosion and maybe have some textures in the background? will need to test that.
R-unknown May 22, 5:30 AM
i kinda guess the reason is maybe mal planning to make a user interface for phone which can still show user's avatar and signature. thats way they make that limitation so it wont ruin the layout, or it might also related with mal phone app but idk since i never installed it myself.

not just that, theres also onepunch man one, which have cursed art like its the sketch version of the proper one, sometimes i check on that when i was impatient to know what happen next lol. i stopped because of the same reason with the onepunch man manga, and i guess i was quite busy stressing with other stuff haha, but tbh i feel like its better to hold for few episodes and watch it at once, like one episode per week which have story dont progress much is kind of annoying lol, and even right now one piece use few minutes at the end of episode for spitting some info which we wouldnt even care to watch... they always have trick to lessen the show time. yeah the animation effect getting better ngl but man i dont like when theres too much exaggerating drama scene like how Kanjuro back to life and pretend as Oden and these samurai still buy it.. but well i guess i should just read the manga if im so impatient haha. what do you think about luffy gear 5 though ? tbh for me it make luffy fight become not serious while i like it more when hes serious, and its way too abstract because with his power he basically can do everything with everything around him like its a cheat way to not using logic on the fight. man why am i complaining so much lol.

its okay bruh just spit it, it means that you support mihoyo to get better with the game 😏 well i used to be f2p but not anymore like quite recently before i did my previous hiatus since i bought few welkin, i might buy more to get the genesis enough if they ever released Hutao skin. yeah that weapon banner was so tempting because both weapon have crit sub stat, wait wait how many Homa do you have ? did you steal Hutao's homa just for Arle ?? did i just see some betrayal here 😱. yeah im not sure either if HSR indeed more generous or its just (for me) since im new player i got the primos more easily there. whatever they give i will still pull for her, and the least thing i know Firefly would be dps so thats enough, forgot to mention i also pull for Jingliu so my current 5* dps is only Jingliu and Dr Ratio, i still need moar. yeah grinding relic is more stressful than genshin artifact because we cant have off piece for a set in HSR *sigh*.
Precedex May 21, 3:50 PM
my bad on the late reply dude, I was out on vacation until yesterday B)

damn you're a jack of all trades haha do you plan on specializing in one of those in the future or joining a bigger group? I have no idea how the industry works tbh, I imagine there's a lot of competition amongst developers and funds for marketing and stuff??

tough question because work is more enjoyable but also more stressful haha. as a trainee I was shielded from certain things because when/if something goes wrong, it's always my attending who takes responsibility for it lmao. now that I'm the attending, I've started taking responsibility for my trainees too so that can be stressful, although thankfully I have not had anything happen on my watch.. yet :') but I enjoy working with trainees and it feels super rewarding to teach the next generation of my profession so I do find work to still be a lot of fun.

do you play on at all? we can play some daily time-control games or something if you have an account on there! B)
ad0rablegoat May 21, 7:24 AM
Dear stranger, did the FBI get you?!
Please use the colour red in your next message if you need help!! ;p

Why wouldn’t they be happy?! I bet they are more than grateful to get rid of their winter coat with these hot weathers hehe! But yes of course it’s *all* about love, I wouldn’t dare have another reasoning for doing so! I am not heartless duh!!^~^
True, they are innocence themselves. The dictionary definition for innocence says: Other word for, Goats and Sheep :))

I see, I see. Always good to come prepared and be ready for your next move. How else are we gonna rule the world and force everyone to use the right emoji?! ^~^

Honestly, it’s mostly there for historical reasons I think? Almost 100 years ago it started out as a deer park (which has been pretty common here in my country since the 17th century) basically the government has been trying to protect deer parks as much as they can since it’s a part of our history and a lot of them have disappeared over the years due to lack of money or because there was place needed to build houses and so on. I have no clue when it turned from a deer park to a whole petting zoo. But I know they are well loved and cared for by 2 people that been doing it for over 20+ years, besides some students from the farmer school that help them out with the teeny bit “tougher” jobs like cutting the hooves and so on.
Hope I explained that all well lol (welp don’t judge me English isn’t my native >.<)

Right?! They are so so cute!!! And gosh oh so goofy and stubborn, especially around this age I feel like. Jumping around the pasture giving zero fucks. We all need a little bit of that mindset and happiness ^~^

Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot ^~^

Lol I admit, that does sound like me a bit xD And yea I think it’s definitely not uncommon to give up before you even got the hang of it. All because we want to be just as good or preferably even better at it than the person/people you have as examples (Or at least in my case since I loveeeee comparing myself to others haha and I know that’s not really a good trait to have. I’m not a bitch tho, like I wouldn’t talk someone else down don’t get me wrong. It’s purely to be critical on myself not on others)
Do you get along well with your sister? I feel like it’s such a blessing to have a good relationship with your sibling(s) if possible ^~^

Where can I sign up?! I am in dire need for friends that are just as sane as me so I can continue being delusional and thinking the whole world is just as crazy as I am~

Very true, not only do we humans live longer on average compared to like what? 100 years ago, most countries also have a lot more human rights. Like 95+ years ago female weren’t even allowed to vote(at least in my country here idk how it was in other countries obviously) If you look at it like that, a lot of things improved. It’s just that we people always like to complain about something I suppose >.<

Yes, I do not only feel a lot of feelings. I’m also a person with a lot of empathy and even though that got a lot less over the years, it’s still so much to the point that it can affect my day to day life a lot. I actually kinda envy you for being able to stay neutral in such things. There’s been so many times where my feelings or empathy towards others would totally overflow and I would end up making decisions I totally regret >:(
I am pretty self aware of my actions, so I’m sure I will be fine. It just takes some effort and lots of self reflection to get where I want to be I suppose! :D

Good point! Definitely makes things a lot easier, not to forget that you can simply text from the own comfort of your own house which I feel like makes things feel “safer” too

Yay!! I am so happy to hear that!! ^~^ I hope you enjoyed your free Monday just as much as the rest of your weekend and thank you so much for the get better wishes. I’ve been feeling a lot better today so also yay to that! Being sick truly sucks!! Especially when the weather is so nice >:(

(You’re welcome, it’s my honour to deliver such big happiness only legends like Anya can offer)

viraat_pirate May 20, 3:12 PM
yeah you need to read the wiki to understand this mess haha! ah one piece isn't anywhere near as complicated as fate, i just meant that it can be kinda confusing to explain it to someone who might not be super familiar with the series.

yup it's never explained in the anime, so unless the person know that these are adapted from a VN which has multiple routes they would just think it's a sequel or are connected in some way. yeah i've seen many discussions over the watch order of fate which usually ends up with the purists fighting fate zero fans, personally i'd rather have someone who's new to fate watch fate zero, it has spoilers for the main 3 routes yes but it offers everything that makes fate cool i think. also as you mentioned the original stay night is not great so there's not much point to start with it. yeah FGO just focusing on movies is pretty annoying since they can feel pretty rushed like how the first order movie was, thankfully Babylonia was a series rather than a movie, i've been meaning to watch it but haven't gotten around to it yet. yeah it's so brutal haha! for some reason they haven't changed it, also i don't know if there's a pity carry over system either it seemed that it resets every banner. yup that's just how fate gacha tends to be haha. yeah i play genshin (though i haven't opened it since i pulled arle lol) and i play star rail which is currently my main gacha game right now. i also played arknights for a bit which was fun, however i couldn't find a character that i really liked so i ended up losing interesting in the game. yeah it can be really cool if executed well but in garden of sinner it was more confusing than anything.

ah i see! yeah reusing the ones you like is a good idea. yup it definitely helps with confidence, it's a good reminder for when you are stuck on something and start to doubt the design choices haha.
yeah i am focusing resting and getting better first. though i did work on the banner yesterday, i couldn't get the render behind her because of the outline so i went with luminosity mode and put it on the pink background. later i'll add the shapes and the dots but not sure what else i can add there, will need to think about it.

i also got this idea while i was working on it, not sure where i should go from this point but i think it looked interesting
sullix May 20, 2:55 PM
knock knock, it's me again! sorry for replying late, i'm not making too good of an impression
committing to my intention of trying to be more active here, huhu.
i'm taking communications, and yourself? i never thought to ask before, but i'm genuinely curious.
ahh, so you took a rest from mal too. was it burnout or you were just busy?

yes! yes! you should check out ACCA: 13! the synopsis will tell you it's heavily political, but oh boy,
underneath the uniform, the series is a feel-good sol comfort show with pastries, cigarettes, jazz, traveling - did i mention pastry - and visual candy presentation. there's a lot of yapping though since there's a coup d'état mystery and royal conspiracy brewing behind the curtains, but i absolutely loved it overall. you should try taking a first bite out of its OP, for starters.

R-unknown May 19, 11:18 PM
yeah i can still get about the file size limit, so the forum page could be loaded faster but dimension limit is just unnecessary.

oh right i think i remember theres like 2 version ways how they count the chapter, thats really weird. yeah me too, usually i will just bookmark the latest chapter i read and dont update the mal list. i actually stopped watching one piece back then at around after Luffy got one punched by Kaido, but then i caught up, and i noticed theres so much of scenes that they use excessively many times.. like when they cook Oden, when the wano people dancing for the festival, and a lot of trick they use to stretching the show 😔 like how they split the crew then while switching each scene they did some little flash back.. well all the fight scenes was good and make it worth it though and the fight was quite unpredictable like Law can beat Big mom and Zoro vs the birb man was really nice one. but really overall one piece anime quite annoying ever since the dressrosa arc on how they dragging the show a bit too much.

why i have the feeling that youre quite a whale in the game 😱 bet you bought the Klee skin. i didnt pull for Arle.. she got all the perfect gimmick on her like scythe, one winged, badass design, but.. shes a pyro, i dont want to replace my Hutao as my main pyro dps 😔 and well im preparing for Furina rerun anyway, did you also pull her weapon though ?. i think im also quite lucky with star rail for some reason, got Sparkle normally iirc around 50 pulls, got robin in 10 pulls, and somehow i got Yanqing in standard banner then 2 pull after i got Bronya haha. i will pull for Firefly later, but tbh i still dont get how to build team composition properly lol i currently just collecting character first while grinding relic and ornament from their recommended set.
ad0rablegoat May 18, 6:56 PM
WHAAAAAAAAATTT?!?! They don’t?! You have a scoop right here!!! Call the newspapers, corruption on it’s finest! How dare they not accept the superior goats!
You are right, plus their coats can keep us warm so we better keep them our friends lol! I like my cozy sweaters way too much >.< (or am I biased for the wrong reasons now? Hmmm)

Anyways… no matter my reasoning. I agree with you! They are innocent until.. HA HA HA who am I kidding >:) they never will be guilty, precious lil babies must be protected at all costs!!

We just have to brainwash all the people that don’t believe in the right emoji superiority!!! ^~^

I actually live super close to like kinda a petting zoo, maybe like 250 meters from my home? The animals can roam around on a part of the park they are in. Nothing too big, just small and cute. A lot of people love them here and they have an amazing place to stay at with even a little pond for them too! :) oh and they have a little like house they can seek shelter at which is great too! Honestly I pass them almost daily on my walk from the train station to my home so it’s hard to just ignore those cute little creatures. Which we have quite the variety of too actually! Chickens, Bunnies, Deer, Goats, Sheep, Alpacas and I honestly probably forgot some more too >.< but overall they just seem very happy and well taken care of by volunteers ^~^

I did make a picture today actually, this time I was thankfully not too melted to make a picture lol. Especially because I saw not one, but two with their mama too cute ^~^

But yes, definitely not complaining about all the cuteness I get to see :3

That makes me happy to hear! I feel like being grateful for (certain) things is such a helpful step for yourself to be more happy/ be more positive on the long term. You seem like a very nice guy so from one stranger to another I wish you nothing but happiness :D

I can imagine being annoyed by not having the patience tho! I kinda have the same thing when I’m trying new unfamiliar things or want to learn/ pick up a new hobby. I just want to be good at whatever I’m doing immediately (super unrealistic I know) so I can only empathise with those annoyed feelings of yours even though it’s not exactly the same :)

Lol trueee, and nothing wrong with being crazy too yk?! “Normal” is already so boring ;p

Also true sadly! And yea who knows, I bet they didn’t predict 50 years ago the world would turn out to be the way it is today either. So I’m more than convinced that the future will surprise us in one way or another.
I tend to be so sad about things I can’t even change like this subject as great example lol.
I’ve decided recently that instead I want to look things in a more positive way (for my own sanity obviously, because I would never ignore the issues we have in the world) It’s just that I want to focus on the positive things in life as well. There’s so many beautiful things in the world, it’s not like issues are being demised at the moment you acknowledge the good things life has to offer.

Yay ^~^ I can ramble sometimes (which is honestly crazy considering I’m super shy irl haha), but I promise I can listen just as well as I can talk xD just wanted to mention that real quick >.<

That sounds like a great weekend to me, enjoy your well needed sleep! <3 I hope you are able to catch up with all the missed sleep ^~^
Actually my weekend is looking pretty similar actually, I have been feeling a bit sick since earlier this week so I’m just relaxing where I can so I feel fully well asap :D
Thankfully I have a long weekend due to a holiday here so yay:D

Also I’m not regretting one bit spamming you with Anya gifs… Her face expressions makes anyone’s day better so you’re welcome :))

viraat_pirate May 18, 10:54 AM
i am pretty sure it was an official thing from the start, unless it was something about the original joke comic that i missed. yup there's so many fate timelines lmao! and that's excluding grand order which needs it's own timeline chart. fate timelines/lore are indeed confusing but somehow it kinda makes sense. just like with one piece i look like the always sunny meme trying to understand/explain the lore haha!

yeah i get you, fate is can be pretty daunting to get into especially if you didn't know about the routes/timelines thing, like from an outsider's perspective it just look like this 1 fate series has multiple sequels that are connected to one another, fate does a terrible job at explaining that too. there's also the whole watch order which i think people take too seriously, in my opinion zero > unlimited bladeworks > heaven's feel movies after that you can watch anything you like except for grand order stuff which has own thing going on. from what i've heard the original stay night is a weird mish mash of all 3 routes so there's not much incentive to watch it, hopefully someday they'll remake it to wrap this trilogy up. i wouldn't say FGO is p2w you can get through the story with the units that are given to you, however it's the gacha that can be a scam, you are familiar with genshin's gacha system right? think of FGO as a way worse version of that, basically there's no 50/50 and you need to do 300 pulls to fully guarantee a character. the fate lore person i mentioned before did like 300 pulls on nobunaga over the course of multiple banners and still didn't get her, meanwhile i got her in 20 pulls lol! fate's cruel when it's about our favorite characters haha! ah gotcha, i am hoping that they'll get ufotable to adapt tsukihime someday as well since the original anime was rough. yeah garden of sinner movies are great! though they can be kinda confusing since they are structured out of order. fun fact: did you know at the end of the heavens feel rin and sakura went to meet the person who made shiki's puppet body/arm to get shirou's soul (which was in a bird) into a body. yeah having a bigger threat in middle of the story kinda takes me out of it as well.

yeah it's good to have a place for them since a lot of work/time goes into the edits to only be used once and i tend to not reuse stuff so having an archive like this is the next best thing. also it's cool to see how much progress we've made since our first set.
yeah i think going this direction might work well with this render! i could use the dot pattern in the corners, maybe have the crosses/lines in there as well.
yup it happens sometimes ideas just don't translate super well on canvas, i also haven't used that tool before so it'll take a bit to wrap my head around it.
yeah i'll switch the shade of the pink to make it stand out less and add the white background on the right side. i found this render that i think would work well in the background:

though yeah it depends on the implementation whether it'll blend in or not. i'll test it out soon once i can starting focusing again, my brain is all over the place during colds haha! ah thank you!

yeah maybe some idea might pop up that might make it whole, if not then i'll just finalize it and focus on other projects.

oh gotcha! thanks it'll make zooming in much easier!
R-unknown May 17, 7:40 PM
on the good side, your signature might way too eye-catching that make their eyes locked on it and then while they admiring it they suddenly get angy when they found out that it violate the rules D:< but did you know at least for the new rules the dimension wouldnt be an issue anymore, only the file size though some people dont really care with it that much from what i see

also manga is harder to track, so when we took a break for a while and forgot to update the list, it kinda pain to find where we left at. when i check the one punch man manga before i kinda want to back to it again, but man i havent even watched one piece 1104, my source of entertainment currently is just wandering around here or just watching videos on youtube 😔. Tatsumaki is gorgeous just her body a bit too small that feels like something is wrong if we make her waifu.
thats fine enough tbh, adobe stuff can already cover everything anyway, i try to get used with Illustrator but something that i can do in corel in few minutes would take me hours on Illustrator make me give up for now.

nah im glad i didnt get Klee, Klee too cursed shes too clumsy for dps and cant even use her as support too because her burst need her to stay as active character, i was just hyped because i got to see her adorable gifs lol. yeah i co-op usually just for stealing asking for level up materials or just help or get helped for mission and thing which actually take more time than it supposed to be if i co-op haha, but still without friends its not that fun, like imagine we pull a character with only 10 pulls but no one to flex 😔 or you know that beautiful scream when they got keqing for 5th times, thats the reason we play, right 😔. i just focus doing the main mission so havent really explored Sumeru so much, the forest is beautiful and lot of new stuff but the dessert kinda boring and tbh genshin map become more and more annoying with the hills 😔. wait did you pull for Arle ?. well Sparkle surely cutepie but theres still much starrail character to pull, do you pull for Robin ? and what about later for Firefly ?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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