Tomo "Dead Blue, The Blue Savant, Tyrant" Kunagisa

Tomo Kunagisa

Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregotozukai
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Seishun Kijinden! Nishio Gakuen
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Tomo Kunagisa (玖渚 友)

Due to the recessive genes, she has an unusual appearance consisting blue eyes and blue hair, but still a beauty. 19 years-old.

Tomo is Ii-chan's closest friend. She is a genius in the field of computer engineering with a very eccentric personality. While Ii-chan was in Houston, she led a group of notorious computer hacker consisting nine people including herself.

Tomo is crazy about the color white. She considers herself the self-satisfied type, and that she is the only person in the world that lives without suffering. Tomo is a diagnosed savant.

Tomo is socially stunted; she is generally cheerful, but has a tendency not to listen when people are speaking to her, and focuses solely on the object at hand. She lacks manners and various other social graces. A fun-loving girl, she dislikes situations that are not fun. She is unable to use stairs unless escorted, usually by I.

Voice Actors
Yuuki, Aoi