Misuzu Kamio

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Misuzu Kamio (神尾観鈴)

Age: 15-16
Birthday: July 23
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 46 kg
BWH: 83-55-82
Relations: Haruko Kamio (aunt, foster mother then adopted) and Kannabi no Mikoto/Kanna (incarnation)
Favorite animal: dinosaur
Favorite phrase: "Gao" (noise of a dinosaur)
Favorite drink: peach pulp juice

Misuzu Kamio is a slightly strange girl that is first introduced when she meets Yukito Kunisaki. With an obsession with dinosaurs (which goes back to her childhood), she finds it difficult to make friends and is constantly left alone. Because of Misuzu's fondness of dinosaurs, she uses the word "Gao" frequently, which is the noise she thought dinosaurs made when she was young. Even though Misuzu's foster mother scolds her whenever she utters it, Misuzu constantly disregards the warning and continues using it in her everyday speech.

(Source: MAL Rewrite)

Voice Actors
Kawakami, Tomoko
Rial, Monica
Park, Seon Yeong