Maeda, Jun

Given name:
Family name: 麻枝
Birthday: Jan 3, 1975
Website: http://key.visualarts.g...
Member Favorites: 7,447
One of the founding members of the software company Key. Original creator and main composer of most of Key's visual novels.

Notable works:
- Kanon (Mai & Makoto routes)
- Air
- Clannad + After Story
- Angel Beats!
- Tomoyo After
- Little Busters! + Refrain!
- Charlotte

Before forming Key, Maeda worked for the company Tactics where he had a hand in the creation of two games for that company
- Moon.
- One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e

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syngyel | Jun 25, 12:28 PM
you are a genius in writing, your works really moved me a lot.

yasser_sama | Jun 20, 6:47 PM
Not bad

Leanworld | Jun 8, 7:11 PM
Maede has made the best music in all of anime no questions.

Illeea | Jun 4, 2:10 PM
i hate the fact that jun maeda might not make another anime. clannad, angel beats and charlotte are some of my favourite animes. ive never managed to finish clannad but i love it just the same. angel beats is just amazing. i found and watched clannad, angel beats, charlotte and the day i became god before i ever heard of him. the day i became god isnt that good unfortunately. i just really wanna see him make another anime as well as tell him personally that hes incredible. episode 3 and 13 of angel beats and episode 13 of charlotte are the only things i have watched in the past 11 years that has made me personally cry. he has a gift for character creation. even in the day i became god the characters are fantastic. i want him to create new characters, new stories. im scared that he wont. i believe he can create something brand new thats just as good as his previous works. one hiccup along the way isnt the end of everything for him. i really really want to see him do something else.

Just4FunAcc | May 30, 9:21 PM
Those who watch Anime only and never play the VNs this guy made, pls just stfu u literally know nothing

naveenb2004 | May 30, 9:14 AM
Love your works! Keep it up!

BlueWolfyYT | May 29, 5:14 PM
A prime example of why we don't deserve nice things

KevinzMal | May 22, 6:16 AM
Ppl who's watching anime never understand how good this guy at writing Visual Novel.

puffybuffy | May 9, 9:02 PM
Twitter is toxic, Sir Jun wrote some good stuff.
Not everything you do can be golden piece of work, in person life if even 1 such a thing happens it's an major achivement.
This guy got couple. that's amazing!

Thanks for all the work you done for benefit of us, reader!

morgan_spurlock | May 8, 6:13 PM
What the hell happened to this guy? everyone is saying he got death threats and retired and shit, but I can't find anything about it online?

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