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Days: 120.9
Mean Score: 4.17
  • Total Entries5,382
  • Rewatched10
  • Episodes8,722
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Oct 22, 9:18 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
Oct 12, 5:41 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku
Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku
Jul 29, 12:52 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5


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Bakkame Oct 26, 10:38 AM
Hello~ Just wanted to drop by and thank you for all the things you do in and around MAL! It's all greatly appreciated!
P.S. Your profile pic is super stylish. Kinda reminds me of the characters in Houseki no Kuni for some reason.
JukoLife May 26, 1:54 PM
Yup Apr 16, 2:34 PM
SuperRed Apr 12, 8:17 PM
I don't know of any uncensoring patch for the H-scenes in G-Senjou no Maou.
Sasuke Apr 1, 3:52 PM
Thanks! I love it so much, it's my new phone background.
Sasuke Mar 31, 5:14 PM
the april fools shop was obviously a gag BUT THE FAKE T-SHIRT WITH JUN as your avatar caught me off guard so bad
Paulo27 Feb 27, 7:20 AM
Happy Birthday! o/
haipuu Jan 3, 4:36 PM
Thanks, to you too.
Ye got it, will do so in future, just wanted to make sure.
-Rekha- Dec 10, 2016 8:09 PM
The custom colors on anime stats look so cool :). What anime is that in your profile picture?
Fuchsia Nov 24, 2016 10:46 PM
Do you know where I can read Zaregoto? In english C:
Pullman Nov 21, 2016 12:19 PM
I'm almost finished with last season (summer). Just when I thought I was done I realized there was the Souma sequel I had totally forgotten about. So now this is next on my ptw. Mob Psycho 100 was really, really good btw. Probably my AOTS for summer.

And aside from skype simulwatching some seasonals with a friend (Trickster, Occultic Nine, Flip Flappers) there's only the Planet Survive simulwatch going on, moving ahead at a snail's pace.

It's a decent show, with an interesting setting. Nothing overly ambitious, but always an easy watch for 1-2 episodes. Maybe it'll get more ambitious in the second half, for better or worse. I'll have to see.

I also have to say that dropping seasonals has been a source of much relief for me lately. I finally managed to stop having the 'I need a reason to drop this show' attitude and instead think more along 'I need a reason to continue watching this'. There's this Udon show this season which was pretty cute and nothing wrong with it but I realized I was not looking forward to even simulwatching it so I just dropped it. The 3 remaining shows from this season are all easy to watch, two of them being mystery and one (FlipFlappers) being legitimately good.

I also have my eyes on Girlish Number, Drifters, Yuri on Ice, Fune wa Amu, 3-gastu no Lion, Izetta, All Out and all the sequels (tho I might not watch the Hibike sequel, idk) so I expect to spend most of Spring on winter shows again. I also want to watch the first season of Iron-blooded Orphans now that S2 is airing. I'm afraid I'll never find time to watch completed shows from my ptw anymore, aside from an occasional movie or OVA ^^.
Sonata Nov 20, 2016 6:58 PM
Just wanted to drop you a comment cause I chose you for my anime watching challenge for this year, and damn, I'm glad I did so. Runouni Kenshin OVA was awesome, has become one of my favourite anime and I can't wait to have time to watch the sequel.

So yeah, that was it, you've got some fine taste :D
Pullman Nov 11, 2016 5:56 PM
That is strange, I'm online pretty much every day. Maybe it was just some kind of lag from your skype?

And I've been okay, thanks for asking. Some things in my life are changed and still changing so I'm not that devoted to anime anymore which sometimes makes me antsy when I think of all the titles on my backlog that I always thought I'd eventually get to but now I can barely keep up with seasonals from the previous season. I just can't binge-watch and marathon like I used to :/.

But at the same time I realized that I'll probably never stop watching anime and the amount I'm watching now just seems little compared to how much I used to watch, it's actually still a decent amount xD.

how have things been on your end?
Pullman Nov 11, 2016 1:48 PM
I still do. What makes you say that?