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If you liked
Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven
...then you might like
Guilty Crown

Both the male leads, Renton Thurston and Ouma Shuu, meet a beautiful stranger girl, Eureka and Inori Yuziriha, out of the blue and this paves their entry into a rebellion organization, the Gekkostate in Eureka Seven and Funeral Parlor in Guilty Crown Similarly, in both the series, a corrupted government rules after an event which lays out the basis for the series, such as the 'Lost Christmas' in Guilty Crown. Both the female leads have had harsh pasts, Eureka in particular. Holland Novak is very similar to Gai Tsutsugami, especially in creating an uneasy environment for the male leads, and are in fact the leaders of their respective organizations. Both the series involve Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi. Eureka Seven is more of a mecha anime though whereas Guilty Crown involves Supernatural genre. A secondary relationship between other major characters is built up as the series goes on, though Eureka Seven clearly is the better among the two in this. Lastly,in both the series, the animation and music are top notch! Guaranteed!