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Chikan Otoko
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partypanda223 Jan 5, 12:49 PM
dab on em lol
_MushiRock11_ Jan 1, 10:04 AM
Right lol, sorry but I’m still very bad at Chinese in all regards, both Pinyin(and writing) and Speaking.
I do indeed live in China, too. By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, are you by any chance Chinese or are you just really good at it?
0207xander Dec 31, 2018 7:32 PM
Haha thank you very much! Not sure how you even found that, considering it has only 15 votes on it. Either way, I wish I could write it now because I would be able to better explain why I love it so much than 15-year-old me was able to. Either way, thank you very much!
_MushiRock11_ Dec 31, 2018 3:17 PM
Hey, thanks for the friend request!
I hope we can get along as fellow avid anime fans!

By the way, I can hardly speak Chinese so I have no idea what you said earlier. ;-;
Jyzal Dec 9, 2018 8:01 PM
Thanks xD I'll try to update often.
Estherella Nov 13, 2018 5:14 AM
Ya think so? :P
b-okiya Nov 8, 2018 12:53 PM
Fair enough I guess XD
b-okiya Nov 8, 2018 12:38 PM
I have. Haha it's true that I marked this as dropped but the truth is I've downloaded the episode and scrammed through it to see how it went, and it was horrible imo
TheFlamingHitman Nov 8, 2018 12:14 PM
well clearly you handle a lot of bullshit rating things 10 basically calling it perfect when clearly it can't be, but maybe for your retard brain it might be
b-okiya Nov 8, 2018 11:46 AM
You probably haven't read the manga dude. They pretty much removed everything it's insane
b-okiya Nov 8, 2018 11:38 AM
What's exactly good about squeezing 20 chapters into 20 mins? XD
Kyougi Nov 3, 2018 4:53 PM
pls your affinity is also high lol
Play2X Nov 2, 2018 5:45 AM
I regretted the "I probably did more sports than you will in your entire life" one, shortly after I sent my reply, since I pointed you out for doing it. Therefore, I'm sorry. That was stupid. As for high level, yes, I certainly didn't play Bundesliga or NBA, obviously, I think only an elite few are good enough for that. However, I did play most of the mentioned sports in a competetive environment, especially soccer, and if you want to call it a sport, E-Sports as well. So I think I am more familiar with the feelings of professional sportlers than most.
Also, yes, I never said that Kuroko had fleshed out characters, far from it, if you have to go so far as to name your main characters after colors, and make their hair-, eye- and even friggin kit-colour the same as that name, than whow, you're deep in trouble. However, like I said, Kuroko showed in those (admittedly) very few moments, that it CAN be good, that it HAS potential.
Back to Ping Pong now, of course I am aware that those exaggerations are metaphors. However, I find them to be unappealing, and quite honestly distracting. Yes, that endboss guy sure is powerful, if he gets drawn like 7 times the size of the guy he plays against. Or, you go about it like Haikyu, where you have Oikawas famous serve ace, with subtle nuances of exaggeration, but an overall realistic slow motion depiction of that serve. In response to that OST part, it brilliantly depicts what I dislike about Ping Pongs soundtrack. First of all, it starts off with no BGM whatsoever, but instead uses the Sound of the Ball as Beat. The rest are just two instruments, with one playing the same two notes, and the second one going just the harmonic four notes up. Its really simple, its fleeting, and I don't find it to be catchy at all. It doesn't give me the kick, that better soundtracks did. Also, if I remember correctly, Ping Pong has lots of times scarce or no BGM at all. One of the advantages anime has over manga is next to animation obviously the existence of BGM, OST and VO. I feel like Ping Pong doesn't bother to use those to its best extend. (But then again, its been god knows how long since I last watched Ping Pong, the last two times when I wrote that review.)
By the way, since you mentioned him, I found Wenge (that chinese guy) to be the only halfway relatable one of the cast.
Play2X Nov 1, 2018 10:29 AM
Sorry to disappoint you, but on my reportoire there are 3 years of japanese Jiu-Jitsu, 5 years of Soccer, 1 year of Kendo (which I still practice in my freetime, but since I couldn't afford the armor, I quit the team practice) and for the last 2 years I played actual basket ball. During my schooltime I also took a look into volleyball (which is really fun, but we don't have any volleyball clubs near my place) and tennis. So, first of all, I probably did more sports than you will in your entire life. Strike One.
Secondly, yes, Kuroko no Basket as well as Haikyu suffer from the same problem. Every sports anime suffers from this problem in my experience, with the exception of Hajime no Ippo, because while it starts in High School, it never really influences the show in a major way. Come to think of it, Baby Steps is kinda unique in that regard, too. But back to the topic. While Haikyu and Kuroko both suffer from this shonen cliché, they score in different areas. Haikyu for example is really good at making its whole cast shine, with everybody, both the main team but also their rivals, being fleshed out and having their moments. Also, in terms of sound and visuals Haikyu really scores, with the one downside that they started recycle their animations at one point. Kuroko... well, the first and the last episode of the season always seem to be the highlight budgetwise, with parts mediocre animations and recyclings mid season. But they always have that one episode, that really drives home why this show is actually good. They can't keep that pace over the whole season unfortunately, but well, I don't really care.
Now, Slam Dunk and Ping Pong. Do they have production values in terms of good sounds or visuals? Nope. Do they have interesting, fleshed out characters? Nope. Wait, there was this one chinese guy, and that endboss guy with his facemelt animation. So, I can remember some characters, but for the wrong reasons. If you remember characters by a trope or, even worse, a production screw up, thats never a good sign. Lastly, did the story something new, interesting or innovative which you couldn't see coming? Nah. Strike two.
Finally, I think we both know that you write in a rather provocative way, which makes you A.) look like an internet troll, and B.) devalues everything you say from the get-go. Also, you shouldn't assume other peoples experiences, just because they dislike an anime that you might like. I'm really happy for you, that you like Ping Pong and Slam Dunk. I couldn't, and I wrote it down (in case of Ping Pong), because you always should look at both sides of the medal. Strike Three. Out!
_MushiRock11_ Apr 28, 2018 9:03 PM
Well, thanks!
Congrats of finishing a 100 anime shows by the way!