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Golden Kamuy 3rd Season
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Arakawa Under the Bridge
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Kagerou Daze
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Geshtinanna Sep 18, 7:27 AM
Hey, if you prefer the remake films of Evangelion then I would be a lot more open minded as to giving them a go. I get the impression that there are a few different movies in the series so what is the watching order that you would recommend, or the right watching order? Wow, I didn't know that you considered the LOGH remake as being nearly on a par with the original. I'd be more likely to give the remake a go, I think. Those square screens and old fashioned visuals and voice acting is a barrier to enjoyment that I just can't surmount.

OK, I understand my last socio-political comment was quite long, and you might have a lot to respond to it. In your own time then. I don't think Britain has done nearly so much 'experimentation' on the population as you say the US has. I think most developed countries have done something not 100% safe and correct on their population, or other nations populations, at some time through the course of history. I'd guess that the worlds 'superpowers' were the most guilty though - that being China, The US, and Russia/The Soviet Union. I get that impression from what I've read, anyway.
Geshtinanna Sep 11, 7:09 AM
I'm sorry for overreacting. I know you like to joke around a lot in our communications. I probably went a bit over the top with my little rant lol. About different musical artists and genres...I'm sure you'll go in and out of different phases throughout your lifetime. Just follow your heart and what you can't help enjoying, and try to be true to yourself. I'll still be happy to share things with you anytime, so don't worry about that! If/when you get around to Airbender in the future, do try to give The Legend of Korra a go afterwards, as well, because although it's unfairly derided by some, I have a feeling that you'll end up liking it. I probably will give Evangelion and Berzerk (the originals, not the remakes) a go in the future despite the square screen lol. I might be able to stretch out the square screen with one of the media players I have though, so if that worked out it would make a massive difference. Is the LOGH remake any good? I've heard the Berserk one pales in comparison to original, but what's your take on it? Like what Leorio says about the inhabitants of Meteor City, the same with us Golden Kamuy fans...we share a special bond, that's thicker than blood...and all misunderstandings are forgiven if we remain loyal and true to the goddess Asirpa :)

Dr. Stone is 10 billion per cent cool. That's his little catchphrase, remember ;)

OK, I can accept that. I should have said the English language is one of the most useful for commerce, technology, academia, and entertainment. Regarding colonialism and genocide though, that's a very different matter. Regarding genocide, within the last 100 years the primary guilty parties (responsible for the most deaths) were the Nazi Germans, (Russian) Soviets, Turks, Pakistanis, Indonesians, and Rwandans, and not any English speaking country. Also, regarding colonialism, these things certainly aren't good or nice viewed from the perspective of a modern, well educated, liberal, pacifist, but it has gone on since time immemorial, I'm sad to say. From the ancient Persians and Greeks, through to the Romans, the Arabs, the Vikings, the Mongolians, then the various European nations (Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Russia etc) in the America's, Africa, and Asia, the Ottoman Turks, the Japanese (in the far East), etc. In ancient Mesopotamia 4500BC the city states of Babylonia (Uruk, Ur) dominated and colonised the surrounding areas. It's something that is inextricably linked with human 'civilisation', I'm sad to say. The same as eating mammals, I'm also sad to say. Do you eat mammals yourself Cork? I eat fish and chicken, myself. It doesn't seem fair what's happening to the Mongolians right now, but it was only 800 years ago that they were responsible for the death of 16 million people across Eurasia in the time of Genghis Khan, so it shows how much human history, geography, and sociology, can change, and turn around completely, much like the change of the weather or the change of the seasons. The same is happening to the Muslim Turkic Uighurs. They are trying to be converted to using the Mandarin language instead of Uighur, and they are put into 're-education camps where they are prevented from learning about Islam and are instead taught Mandarin, and are also indoctrinated into the state ideology. Oh, one more thing to add. Spanish could be seen as a worldwide rival to English because of it's widespread use, and popularity, but it is also connected to a history of genocide and colonialism in Central and South America. As was the aforementioned Mongolian language. In the past, it had a lot to do with genocide and colonialism. Just saying.

Yep, of course there are other countries (than English speaking ones) with freedom of choice and expression, but a lot of countries do not, like, China, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia etc, and these are just the largest ones. The majority of African and Asian countries have some type of oppression, persecution, or restriction, of either ethnic or religious minorities, different tribal or political affiliations, women, or LGBT. Probably more than half of the worlds population belong in this category. None of the English speaking countries do, though.

Here's a little song for you! I like the melodies and the vocals. The words are a bit cliché but aren't too bad.

Geshtinanna Sep 7, 7:00 AM
I don't think that finding fault with outdated visuals (and a square picture on my laptop screen with 40% of the screen as black borders) and subpar English dubbed voice acting (yes, that's the medium that I choose to watch the majority of my anime in) is an arbitrary reason for wanting to avoid 80s and 90s anime lol. What you're saying about totally excluding British literature, in favour of American literature, is much more akin to you excluding ALL American animated series from your viewing experience, than me excluding a certain era of Japanese anime. Your analogy would be valid if I said I wanted to exclude or avoid ALL Japanese animated series, but this is not the case. What I 'm saying and doing is not that much different than you choosing to exclude the majority of the worlds composers, musicians, singers, producers, and musical genres, in favour of K-Pop, which you admitted to listening to for at least 80% of your total music listening time. As K-Pop is a contemporary genre you are also excluding the music of previous decades and even centuries. Do you listen to South Korean pop music from the 1980s, or traditional Korean music from 200 years ago (it could have been written down 200 years ago and preformed and recorded anytime since the invention of the gramophone)? The Beetles and Mozart are seminal musicians and composers in the opinions of many (they're even mentioned in Dr. Stone lol), but it's not the law that you CorkMars have to listen to them, like them, or buy their records or downloads. 80s and 90s anime is just something that I don't like the look of personally, and it's my freedom of choice to pick and choose what I want to watch, stream, or purchase. FYI - in English speaking countries people still have the freedom of choice and the freedom of expression. I think you've become so besotted with your Far Eastern 'interests' that it's turning into subjective bias and perhaps you're imagining yourself as a spokesperson or an agent of an oppressive autocratic totalitarian regime (China or North Korea) in assuming that everyone has to think the same as you, and it's against the rules or the law to think or behave in an individual way. You've got all worked up and bent out of shape because I'm not interested in some of your fave anime series like Berserk and the original Galactic Heroes, which were from the era that I precluded. You're coming across as very Mars dominated in how you're reasoning. I think that the cork has popped out of the bottle! What you said about Eastern foods is a fair point but the same could be said about many things. You could say that people who avoid trying Northern European foods are missing out on an 'experience', as well. Even if it was to be a negative experience, it's still an experience at the end of the day lol. It's funny that you should use Eastern foods as an example of missing out on something good as opposed to Western or Northern foods. It's highly indicative of your bias and particular angle or way of seeing the world. I think you're certainly as guilty as I am (perhaps even more so) for precluding certainly things and favouring others. I tell you what, when you watch Avatar: The Last Airbender I'll watch Berserk. When you start listening to Heavy Metal music I'll watch the original Galactic Heroes. When you watch She-Ra and the Princesses of Power I'll watch Serial Experiments Lain. When you start listening to European Classical music I'll watch Evangelion. I can't say fairer that. Oh, one more point, I do have knowledge and experience of watching Western animations and cartoons from the 80s and 90s because (I'm 15 years older than you) they were on the telly (TV) when I was a kid. I still remember the original She-Ra lol, as well as some deeper, 'heavier' things like City of Gold. So I haven't really precluded any specific era's of animated programming, just 80s and 90s Japanese animated programming. I remember you saying before that you couldn't get into right mindset or state of mind to enjoy Heavy Metal music and likewise, I don't think that I'm able to get into the right state of mind to enjoy 80s anime. Crazy talk? There's nothing crazy about freedom or choice and freedom of expression. I'm still rocking in the free world ;)

I'm glad you had fun with Dr. Stone. I thought it was really entertaining myself, and Senkuu was incredibly charismatic and came across as a really cool guy. The supporting characters were original and interesting too, like Asagiri The Mentalist, Chrome The Village Sorcerer/Scientist, the old, incredibly buff crafting guy, Tsukasa and his Marxist/Nietzschean ideological Empire of Purity, Strength, and Equality, and of course, the kid with the watermelon on their head. I thought Kohaku was a good lead heroine as well, and it was nice to see a female character as the strongest/best fighter/gorilla lol. It's just my opinion, but I'd say that Senkuu was the most intelligent protagonist that I've ever come across in an anime, and creating a cellular phone from scratch in the Stone Age after completing like 20 separate individual scientific processes was astonishing. Much like you, I thought it was a decent, fun, series the first time around, but it really came alive in the rewatch, for some reason. Maybe I've changed as a person during the last year, or the experience is different when you can watch a couple of episodes per day, as opposed to waiting for one new instalment each week. I eagerly await the next chapter, The Stone Wars :)

Regarding the whole English language being the best thing...well I do have an inherent bias, of course. It is my main language, after all, and I don't know many others very well. I only know a little bit of Welsh and German from when I was at school. I'd take a guess that if someone were 100% Welsh by blood and upbringing, and spoke Welsh as their first language, they'd be quite likely to say that Welsh was the best language in the world, and put forward some arguments for it, like it's uniqueness, how it's the language of the indigenous inhabitants of Britain, and the lyrical way it sounds. I had a Brazilian friend on here who was vehemently opposed to English language dubs, because he liked to be faithful to the source material, but had a popular Brazilian Portuguese voice actor in his top 5 people, so go figure! I think it would be likely that you'd find a lot of people on this site who were deeply swayed by personal bias, and I'm no different at the end of the day. I would say that English was a popular language, being official languages in USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and it's also widely spoken in South Africa and former British commonwealth countries like India and Pakistan. Put them all together, and you have a fairly large amount of people there, plus a lot of people from a lot of other countries have at least some knowledge of English. It could be argued that it is the most Universal, or widely known language, and it's even used predominantly on this site for fans of anime, from all over the world, to communicate and interact with each other. It's actually in the MAL constitution/rules lol, that you MUST use English in ALL forum discussions. Also, on the subject of anime, I would say that English also gives you access to a wide range of viewing platforms, as well as a large selection of dubbed and subbed anime. I don't know this for a fact, but I think it could well have the largest amount of dubbed and subbed anime titles, in any language after Japanese. What's not to love about that!
BabyGirl06301 Sep 6, 12:02 PM
thank you!
Geshtinanna Sep 2, 5:44 AM
There is something about 80s and 90s anime that I just find unappealing lol. Even if the content of Galactic Zeroes is decent, I might not like the visuals or the voices. I think Voltron: Legendary Defender is the only intergalactic space odyssey that I really need in my life, at the moment.

It makes sense that Kiba would look cheesy. He's like the cheesy character in the franchise IMO. Imagine, his ultimate Jutsu technique is basically just his dog urinating on the opponent lol.

Dr. Stone is ten billion per cent good. I couldn't recommend it more. It's my fave series at the moment. The English dub was so funny and entertaining, and the content was original, thought-provoking, and very clever. Check it out, if you're ever at a loss of what to watch.

Good luck with grad school. Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday, too :)
watermagejuvia1 Aug 31, 1:25 PM
ahah that's nice :p I'm really enjoying it
watermagejuvia1 Aug 30, 4:22 PM
ohh thx :)) I rly loved Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, so maybe ill watch ping pong animation then :P ! now I'm watching naruto xD ye.. a long journey inc ...
Height Aug 30, 3:23 PM
Alright, added!
watermagejuvia1 Aug 30, 7:29 AM
thx for accepting, I really liked your Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru review ^^
Height Aug 29, 1:56 PM
I could recommend practically anything that's a 7 or higher on my list! Do you have discord? I might be able to recommend more there.
Height Aug 29, 1:36 PM
Awe, I try to be! <3
I hope you had a fantastic day!
sunynwa Aug 28, 6:21 PM
happy birthday :)
Royal-Guard-Reli Aug 28, 6:03 PM
Happy birthday dude! :D
Height Aug 28, 9:53 AM
Happy birthday to ya
Geshtinanna Aug 18, 7:12 PM
Maybe you're right. There are a lot of Russians in the US but there are quite a lot of Ukrainians, Belarussians, and Armenians, as well. I'd have thought that an Armenian would say they were an Armenian rather than a Russian, but with Ukrainians and Belarussians, you never know. Maybe some of the Russians you've met or spoken to were from either of those two backgrounds. Yeah, Askenazi Jews started off in Germany and France and then drifted off into Eastern Europe to escape persecution in the middle-ages. Yes, geography and history are indeed very fascinating. I was just reading about the difference between Ashkenazy, Sephardic, and Mizrahi Jews.

I've heard about that myself. There's a lot of uncertainty about whether AOT will appear in October or not. They did the same thing with season two of Ghost in the Shell 2045 (lol) - they kept taking it off and putting it back on the MAL database. I was saying to a friend yesterday that MAPPA is simultaneously working on another big shounen project - some Japanese title I can't remember now. Sawano is still doing the music though, which is a great relief regarding the continuity. I got the impression when the trailer was first released that a new composer would be at the helm. I've heard so many people say they hope MAPPA won't drop the ball. All they need to do is to get the ball over the line. It's not a race, as long as they just get it safely over the line, that's all that matters. I'd prefer that they delayed it if it means we'll be getting a higher quality production. We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

I remember that naked sumo wrestling between the Golden Kamuy beefcakes. They all got turned on by the aphrodisiac properties of the otter meat they were cooking and consuming. It was quite an unforgettable scene.

Now, did I ever happen to mention Ghost in the Shell 2045 to you? Lmao. I may have mentioned it a couple of times in passing. You're not much though, better Mr. Legend of The Galactic Heroes lol. Yeah, Netflix is giving me a free subscription as a reward for my unceasing promotion :)

Oh, so you've seen some Boruto? What can I say, sometimes people get uglier when they get older lol. I dunno, I quite like how grown-up Naruto and Hinata look, and the wonderful voices from the Naruto and Shippuden dub have returned. Hinata's voice is very beautiful and Naruto, well, he comes across as such a nice and loveable person, as always. Real beauty is found on the inside ;)