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TOGHOST Apr 21, 3:25 AM
Ah... sorry for the late reply, it's been months since the last time i logged in.
I've read your whole review, i understood what you're saying, and i don't hate you, i think you should read my comment one more time... i just hate your review on the 1st and 2nd season. For the third season we pretty much had the same opinion.
I realized that Haikyuu!! has flaws, but i got triggered by reading your review about the 1st and 2nd season, maybe it's because i'm a die hard fan of Haikyuu!!
AyameTenshi Mar 24, 10:16 AM
Oh, thanks! I watched it quite a long time ago and did not remember this scene! I'll probably watch it again.
Avalynch Mar 24, 1:32 AM
Nice Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu review.
AyameTenshi Mar 24, 1:17 AM
Hey! Just wanted to say I loved your review for Shouwa Genroku Rakugou Shinjuu!
Also where's the gif with the girl/doll from? Looks familiar but I've no clue what it might be.
xX228Xx Mar 19, 7:44 AM
Thanks for your reply.

I just thought I'd provide what people with no volleyball experience like me would probably think when watching the show since you were providing your viewpoints as an expert, some of which I thought were a bit too critical, but I understand now.

I was actually also around 15-16 when I watched the first season, but it wasn't too bad since I didn't know much about the sport. It certainly was amazing at creating the hype and atmosphere in my opinion. I think I might be too used to the usual anime amount of talking that as long as they weren't really intolerable, I wouldn't notice. Though recently, I noticed I've been skipping some of the talking-during-battles-and-repeated-flashbacks that state the obvious of quite a few new anime.

I've seen some episodes of Ping Pong, but I really couldn't bear some characters' personalities so I dropped it. (I forgot who)

I guess Kageyama's spinning setting was too exaggerated after all then...

I sort of based what I think was the level of high school volleyball on the volleyball team of my school, even though it was only mid prefecture level, through my friend, who was the captain of the girl's team.
Question: Are girl's and boy's volleyball levels really different? I never thought about that. Stupid me.

I still have doubts about the heights. I think 180-190 would already be exceptionally tall in Japan, as I've almost never seen a guy over 175 on the streets, but in the show, many teams have more than 3 members over 190.

Really enjoyed having this little opinion exchange.
xX228Xx Mar 18, 5:15 AM
I read all your reviews about Haikyuu after I just finished binge watching S2 and S3. I had watched S1 when it aired before as well.

As someone with no experience in volleyball except basic knowledge from PE class, I have to say I really enjoyed the explanations in contrast to your opinion on how they were overly clear. I've watched national highschool volleyball or even Olympic matches on TV, and I couldn't understand the commentators explanations very much. (They basically just say "that hit was strong" or "that was a clean shot", like how am I supposed to know or feel anything if they did this in the show?) If the show were like that, most people, without experience, would be left with no clue to what's happening on screen. We don't know what to look at, we aren't exactly clear of all the rules, and much less the strategies they sometimes come up with. Wouldn't it also be extremely boring if they were silent most of the time and just show them playing? Can't really blame them for explaining.

Like you mentioned many times, it is a shonen show, where shonen in japanese is what you call a boy ranging between older children to adolescents, and it is adapted from a manga. A shonen manga is naturally exaggerating and sometimes really dramatic to make viewers feel excited and engaged in the story, it isn't what you watch expecting something intelligent and subtle. I appreciate your criticism on volleyball techniques, but not so much on the general show.
What I'm saying is that it's a bit illogical that you would criticize the show for not being subtle and realistic (again, if it's all chaos like real matches, how would an anime be able to portray that, when not even a movie could. It's obviously meant to be choreographed and exciting) when you aren't supposed to expect that, knowing the show you're watching. It's like an action movie with protagonists dodging bullets and aiming perfectly like god. You didn't think it would be that way in real life, did you?

Now about Kageyama's spinning setting. I don't how it's done, but I'm pretty sure the author meant Kageyama did it without any weird handling, as part of "exaggerating" how genius he is, even if it's not realistically do-able. The author played volleyball during high school and was a middle blocker, he/she would've definitely known something so basic.

Pretty sure you noticed how the teams used more strategies in the later episodes as they improved. It was probably needed for pacing in a show, since the author couldn't have the team know everything in the beginning or there would be no room for "big and dramatic" improvement.

Not sure about the US, but volleyball isn't a huge sport in Japan (I live in Japan), that's probably why you felt like they couldn't do "jump floaters" and all those moves. Also Japanese play styles in any sport is generally really focused on team play and team spirit, so that might be the reason to more blockers, if they really practiced that? (I have no proof, though) You also can't ignore how Japanese people are mostly short and lack power compared to western people, in fact, I think the most unrealistic part was the height of their opponents = = You honestly hardly see any guys taller than 170cm on the streets.
Lol maybe people who play volleyball are taller but I doubt everyone's in the 190's.

Finally I also dislike the abnormal strength of Ushijima and weird quirks added to his teammates.... Though it was tolerable, it kind of ruined the average realism of the anime.

Somehow I ended up typing this huge and messy reply to your reviews. They're opinions that I just felt like I had to say it, feel free to reply back.
AX3M Mar 13, 3:23 AM
Oh your mother is a papa wow!
AX3M Mar 12, 11:28 AM
What? I appreciate the gratitude. But why "papa" ?
prosit Mar 5, 12:40 PM
Thank you for the explanation! So if the setter touches the ball twice while setting, it can cause too much spin? I'm a little disappointed that the author would make such a big deal out of Hinata's and Kageyama's quick attacks if it's illegal :l I'm watching Haikyuu more for the atmosphere than the realism, but still...
prosit Mar 5, 7:07 AM
Hi! I just read through your Haikyuu reviews, and I was just wondering if you could explain why Kageyama's and Hinata's quicks are illegal in actual volleyball? I don't play, so it's a bit difficult for me to understand why it's so different from normal sets. Nice reviews, btw!
AX3M Feb 18, 12:22 PM
I liked every word you said above. Sooo funny but true!!
Moogle-Magic Feb 8, 4:10 AM
Thanks a lot.
Moogle-Magic Feb 6, 2:22 PM
Happy Birthday!
wb1 Jan 3, 7:02 AM
Love your Haikyuu review!
A part of me was wondering if the new crazy quick was actually possible IRL till I read your review.
Infact, I was a tad disappointed when I learnt that it was illegal.
Personally, I'd prefer more realism than "shounen-coolness" in sports anime.
It would have been perfect if the author could have made the new quick an actually realizable technique.

From your experience, how would you have designed the new special move instead?
What do you think of the other techniques the team picked up during their camp?

Hope more reviewers can provide insights from actual practice, it helps us appreciate the show more.
Noctur Dec 25, 2016 6:35 AM
Hmmm, maybe I wasn't paying too much attention then.
I viewed it as an underdog story at first with some low self-esteem kid trying to gain his confidence and those elements were present throughout the main narrative but then it sort of changed into a yaoi love story as well and I wasn't entirely sure what the show was trying to be/focus on.
Whether these two elements were incorporated well into the story to create a strong narrative I haven't decided yet.

Music was brilliant and animation was fine though I agree the repetition did get frustrating at points.

I think characters+story(not entirely decided about story) is what I had an issue with. I felt Yuri K was a pretty generic MC until the romance elements started playing in, but even then his character just felt sort of bland and not that memorable. The secondary characters I think suffered from this as well. Surprisingly I liked a few of them and they each had distinct personalities but for the large amount that appear I mostly found them uninteresting and forgettable .

I think that the show was just not meant for me and I was forcing myself to watch it rather than actually wanting to watch it.

Thanks for replying! Hope to see more of your reviews :)