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thanks for stopping by my profile!

feel free to send me a friend request if you'd like. i accept basically all of them. don't hesitate to start a conversation either. i enjoy talking about interests with people. recommendations are always welcome as well!

i'm not very good at expressing myself in words, so i apologize if a lot of what i say comes off as repetitive or exagerated.

i haven't been watching anime for very long. i started in 2021 and have since fallen into the hole that is anime, and more recently, manga. i've since watched many different shows, but it still feels pretty new to me, haha.

my first anime was seven deadly sins. yeah, i know, probably not the best anime to be my first now that i look back on it, but hey, it caught my attention enough to get me to watch more animes, so i'll take it.

besides anime, i enjoy watching horror/mystery movies and shows. i also enjoy queer romance shows. as for books it's pretty much the same thing. mostly queer romance novels, mystery, and sci-fi.

im not really sure what else to say, so i'll leave it there for now. thanks again for stopping by!

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i rate everything purely based on how well it entertains me and keeps my attention. things like how technically good the writing or animation is don't particularly bother me as long as the show is able to hold my attention. the higher i rate a show, the more i enjoyed and was immersed in the story.

the same applies with mangas. the more entertained i am by the story, the higher my ranking will be.


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_MushiRock11_ Apr 7, 11:24 PM
There is a movie in between S2 and S3 but the rest is pretty straightforward.

Glad we got the sequel instantly :) I was hoping BokuYaba, Undead Unluck and Sousou no Frieren would get the announcements too, but sadly not (yet).

True, I was listening to Florian Bur the other day during one of my study sessions, so that's a welcome change in a while, lol. Usually I'm not picky, it's just I don't get exposure to different types and I normally don't go out of my way to broaden my horizons either.

Yeah, it's been pretty hectic, as you guessed. And thanks! I've been set on Japan even before my Bachelors' but chose not to move there earlier because of lack of funding but I'm back to looking for further study options there now. Career-wise, I'm cool with anything that has some level of social engineering elements. I totally understand that dependency feeling though, it's just I have been living the expatriate life all along so I didn't find it as daunting, lol.

Sorry for the late reply btw, I seem to have missed your message.
JoniGamer1996 Mar 29, 10:38 AM
You're welcome and equally :)
_MushiRock11_ Mar 10, 10:04 PM
Understandable, I need impeding sequels (or clearing my on-hold list) to force me to watch new shows, lately. Hibike! Euphonium is amazing even for non-former band kid like me, so I'd imagine there's a healthy chance you might find it more relatable and, in turn, better experience.

Ah, I've been considering the same, lol. It's been such a delight and I know it's doing well in Japan, so hopefully they announce a sequel in two weeks' time. Light novels generally take a longer time to translate, you're right. I don't know how quick the manga updates are but I've heard that the manga is still a long way ahead.

Oh, that's impressive! I wish I had a music background too but because of my family's religious stance, sadly, I didn't. I did try the drums a bit secretly but realised I've no talent there, lmao. I get new songs from YouTube Music radio playlists so I probably listen to songs that aren't too varied usually. Other than that, I keep an eye on Oricon charts to see if there's something new trending.

Oh no, not at all. That was the only time I did club stuff in my entire Uni life, xD. And I don't think I'll do more since I'll be graduating in 2-ish months. I totally get your feeling though, I wouldn't have done it either if I weren't eyeing to move to Japan honestly.

Ah, it was decent. Cool action scenes but the story was wayward.

Oh thanks, and you too!
_MushiRock11_ Mar 3, 8:50 PM
Most of the shows you've mentioned are on my high-priority plan-to-watch list. Just like to add a few more to it though, i.e., Konosuba S3, Hibike! Euphonium S3, Yuru Camp S3 and Ookami to Koushinryou (or Spice & Wolf) remake.

Oh, no worries, I didn't really mean anything specific, lol. On the topic of manga, I can totally relate, I've phases where I read a bunch of manga for a week and then take a half-year pause. Since I've plenty of well-renowned manga in my on-hold list, I'm hoping to get around to finishing them first before venturing into new ones. Although I've got a feeling a couple from BokuYaba, Kusuriya no Hitorigoto, Sousou no Frieren and Undead Unluck might go straight into my reading with full priority depending on how the shows end, my mood then and if there'll be a sequel announcement.

That's interesting! To be honest, I'm not that familiar with music, I prefer keeping up with Jpop and Jrock instead in my free time. The only time I do care is during study motivation but anime osts seem to work the best for me, so I haven't tried exploring much else lately. I would imagine the results being vastly different with a few trends because music is one of the most subjective pieces of entertainment, especially when it comes to favourite artists and/or album/song choices.

Hey, that sounds cool, congratulations! You're doing better than me, lol. I'm swamped with Uni work right now and I just finished a 9-hour shift at the Japanese Culture Club of my University for their biggest event ever, so I've been getting by at least.

I've started watching a Netflix original Jdrama called House of Ninja but I'm pretty sure I'll binge that tonight and then get back to anime, xD.
abnkira Mar 3, 9:45 AM
The pleasure is all mine, thank you for accepting, have a great afternoon
_MushiRock11_ Feb 29, 9:37 AM
Oh, nice, Yubisaki Renren and 7-kaime Akuyaku Reijou are good calls! We're blessed with good shows and it seems like the next season will be great too :)

Ah, I don't know too much about Ishura either and I've been finding it fine so far but I totally get your point. Same with Bucchigiri, it's been alright. Haven't watched delusional monthly so no clue about that.

Anything besides anime you've been up to these days?
_MushiRock11_ Feb 27, 12:14 AM
Cool, I'll go with Kenna then.

Oh, I feel the same. It's one of the better seasons in recent times, imo.

I'm keeping up with about 30+ shows so there are mixed impressions all round, lol. Some of my favs are Boku no Kokoro Yabai Yatsu S2, Kusuriya Hitorigoto, Sousou no Frieren, Undead Unluck, Akuyaku Reijou Lvl 99 and Solo Levelling. In terms of the bad ones, I think Sasaki to Pii-chan stands out for me, started off very chaotic and interesting but completely lost steam by the midway point.
_MushiRock11_ Feb 25, 11:08 PM
Hey, thanks for the friend request!

I'm Mushfiq (feel free to call me that or Mushi), and it's nice to meet you.

I noticed that you're keeping up with quite a few of the seasonal shows, what has been your impression of the season so far?
D3WoNXtreme Jan 23, 6:40 AM
Hey Kenna, It was great to meet you too.

It has been years since I last watched Barakamon (used to udpate the animes I watched on Notepad XD before I joined MAL) and the relationship dynamic between all the characters and how that subtly that was put forward really touched me.

I would also suggest you to read Yotsuba To (as far as I know It's still has no anime announced) if you liked Barakamon.

kyoumashi Jan 22, 11:01 PM
Thanks for accepting, Link Click is one of my favorite animes and my favorite donghua, glad to see you're a fan too

have a nice day !!
Chickenleg262607 Jan 13, 11:59 PM
No probs
Mr_chad Jan 4, 12:49 AM
np, thanks for acceptin the request :3
cool profile btw
SB75th__ Dec 27, 2023 12:49 PM
Thats good to hear. That sounds very cute, its sounds like a great gift, better that its actually useful aswell though it wouldn't matter since it be a cute piece of deco. You should, hopefully the recipes aren't to complicated otherwise it suck.

Thats so funny, and sad why would you do that :,). I always get yelled at whenever i send sad edits of their fav media, tho its funny we do it too each other. Honestly i dont like watching stuff with others it ruins the mood for me personally so i couldn't care less, i just meant that i find it cute to share a hobby with your parent.

The art style is so blocky and simplistic, so i get why you wouldn't like komi. I do, it just came out i think? saw it on top watched so im not quite sure clearly i dont keep up with new realeases. Harem anime is such a meh genre, i genuinely dont know what to say about it. Really? i didn't know that was the demographic of 100 girlfriends, but either way it just makes me ick. I agree, plus its so unrealistic and like no girl would want a guy like that. Thats really dam weird, anyway it as a whole is entirely fucked. Wait are they all dating the guy? i had no idea that makes it all even weirder. I used to follow an insta acc all about 100 kanjo which is why i knew a bit about it, i unfollowed after knowing what it was.

Yess, They all died except the old dwarf axe guy(not in an offensive tone, i believe he was one tho?) I think i liked the preist the best? he was kinda cool, Himmel was funny especially old him. So do i, seeing the old team in action and them interacting makes me so happy, i love fern and the axe apprentice but the originals beat them out in an instance in terms of enjoyment. Yea, its quite long ive never seen a 28 episode anime, i think the longest i saw was 27 from Gurren Lagaan.

Its the opposite for me, im trying to consume as much as i can before the new year. I met my 300 anime mark so im happy, im going to try reading more manga next year other then manhwa. Plus that still sounds cool, honestly im not too big on genres ill watch whatever, tho i heavily dislike reincarnation, fantasy and harem. Ive seen a few edits online and the art-style is quite beautiful plus yea it doesn't seem like a standard historical anime so yea. Ill probably end up watching near the end of its release.

I am that type exactly mmm, its good to be more carefree like you are, allows you to consume anything without being picky, im envious. That sounds like a cute SOL plotline, ill check it out when i have time but ive added it to my watch list here.

Oh i was right, yay- . Wit studio really, never would i have guessed that, they really are pushing themselves. I actually saw an analyst post about it also stating why its good and bad, but the main point they discussed why theyre doing it is because its gained so much attraction over the past few years of anime becoming more popular that they released a remake. Plus the live action was such a hit and that is heavily rare, i think? Though i understand you anger from the remake. I think they're going to remake the episode though in a newer style, noone would care if its just scenes cut out. That sounds like a decent busniess, just make a patron for it and youve got a stable income maybe.

Theres a lot more LGBTQ+ reads then watches, though i know theres alot of Gay adaptations do thats good, i watched one it was quite nice i forgot the name tho. I first started out watching anime of youtube and that happend to be one of the ones with full screen and not like rigged in multiple parts if you know what i mean, so i watched it. Now im a bit fucked up in the head :,).

Thank you, hope you also enjoy yourself for the new years, send many wishes your way.
SB75th__ Dec 22, 2023 7:38 PM
Dont want to overwhelm you if i do rant, it gets annoying at times epically if its from a complete stranger. Its winter break for me but im loaded with more assignments that it isn't remotely a break. So alright, what about you?

Thats very nice, its good having parents who act normal and behave like a normal citizen, ask her to adopt me. Ah yes, many fall into some sort of related hole before discovering anime, for me i discovered anime then branded off to different sub-genres. Oh thats so sweet, sharing similar interests with those close to your make them feel closer then they already are. I wish i had someone to constantly brag my recommendations about, im glad you have someone to watch them with you, it surely enhances the veiwer experience though i prefre watching things alone. I feel like that goes for all millennials, they all have crippled taste for some reason, i do the same with my cousins, since theyre all older, it fun having movie nights and hearing there critiques on the most masterpiece media out there. Same for my father, tried to watch a silent voice once (it was terrifying) he ended up walking out and sleeping the entire time, which he usually doesn't. I feel that for older folk especially they like things that are interesting and requires less brainpower to consume, so even if you shut-off your brain you can still understand, so try finding shows that aren't analytical, ik AOT is but like you eventually understand.

Thank you so much, my girlfriend keeps telling me im such a red flag that are somehow green? I havent seen Komi, but i primarily like the humor, besides komi's typical self, that honestly hard to watch. THANK YOU, THE ARTSTYLE IS HORRENDUS, i cannot with new-gen romance/ SOL / harem art-styles like that one harem anime that came out with the billion of girls. Actually theres two like that. Honestly i just like the dynamics and happiness of CGDCT and highschool 12/24 ep comedy, they make your less depressed :,). I understand if you find it annoying however.

Yea, wasnt expecting it to be so well written and unique, I really want to see more the old squad, but they're deep dead, and boring now. Mushi-ishi is an anime, its boring dont watch it. Personally i really like the execution of FMA but it didnt flow naturally as much as it could, the manga feels a bit iffy, ive only read a few chapters tho. Thats a great comparison actually, they both are able to create a engaging world and also add a storyline fitting, that flows more naturally then i hve ever witnessed. Not a fan of reincarnation stuff but lord was it well done.

I will, havent done it yet, i havent watched or read anything this week, i took all my time to sleep and rot. I will though i promise during the break i will, and plus dont worry, im the same responding days late. Ill definitely check it out, i have no idea what you mea by that description nor reddit can explain it well so ill go into it blindly, its fine tho.

Romance killer is basically a modern 2012 harem except with the MC being a hs girl. Its also bad. Hopefully i do, i probably will it doesn't seem to be the worst.

The way you explained the show i assumed it was deep and mysterious with probably alot more behind it but its not thats funny. Honestly im not the best with recommendations, so im sorry about that. I have really bad taste so i just sit back and observe sometimes ._.

Any sort of representation for any minority group is well-off. Yesyes, your worded it exactly how i was thinking. I havent read the manga so i would not know weither or not it captured an accurate image of a hard-of-hearing person issues but im assuming it was done without that issue. Yea, theres alot of anticipation for upcoming series in the past few years with popular series getting adapted, im quite excited swell.

Apparently theres making a better paced one piece, i just discovered that a day ago from twitter. Yea though one piece is quite a well known series so i surprised a bit. So was that the one pace thing you were talking about or was it separate? I feel like for older shonen its important to do both, anime is better for intake but manga is better for understanding story and lore. I did both for naruto and i felt complete but i dont have the dam time. Ill probably new end up watching it but ill try.

Finding well represented anime of LGBTQ+ media is near impossible. Theres quite a few book and manga, some without rep but not minority rep too. And for shows it honestly eh. My first LGBTQ+ watch was citrus, so now im really picky with my intake.

Of course, space your out and balance your life balance, its important not to overwork yourself. I will, and am trying but its harder when you get older and accumulate responsibilities. Again dont worry about responding late its fine.
SB75th__ Dec 13, 2023 6:45 PM
Sorry i just realized i sort've ranted there, sorry i left like a really bad impression, i was just really made at the time my bad. Dont worry about replying late, you have a life outside of MAL, as you said when i said that same thing. Its easy to get burnt out so dont worry with responses, im slow aswell.

Most defintley, sometimes i feel as ifmedia may feel the same but the story may be completley different so i often have to watch myself. Yea, i think the reason recomendations just slip through our heads is becuase they seem unapealing with a baltant description and no visual appeal that makes us want to consume the media.

Oh wow, thats cool to be able to watch it with a parent, coming from a child of immigrants thats plain slaughter. Summertime rendering definitely had something going, it was a good watch and also the characters were nice. Oh well, i know we literally just talked about not being interested in random recommendations but ill do it anyway. One thing i do want to say is that Boochi isn't at all like anime like Komi cant communicate, it actually shows the life of someone whos chronically awkward, shy and terrified of socially often overthinking. Alot of the panels or frames are funny. I understand why you would like it but if you like non-cliche CGDCT I would recommend it. Most people like it becuase of the comedy or they heavily relate. Otherwise i wouldn't recommend this.

I watched a few eposides and Frieren definitely lives up to what its heavily praised for. The set-up was perfect aswell as the world-building through and through each epsoides slwoly accumulating but not in an overpowering or boring way. It reminds me a bit of mushi-shi mixed with FMA, anyway yea super good.

Really now? Would have never guessed since usually historical anime tend to be heavy implicated with romance everywhere. Anyway i wouldnt mind romance as long as it done well, it never is. But a traditional historical anime seems nice. Besides it semi-popular right now so maybe ill give the first few episodes a try.

The way you described it was really nice, non-tradtional love stroies are always interesting. However theres always hit or miss, personally wasnt a fan of Romance Killer and that for me was a heavy miss. Haha, yep havent checked it out yet but i will i promise. Honestly im waiting till winter break to do anything, its been so hectic.

Im a big "drama" person ig? but only when it comes to lore or pschyolgical stuff so i was wording it the way i hoped the stroy might be like? But still you went more into it and it does seem interesting. The older brother seems like a complex and intriguing character, rpobably would carry me wanting to watch the show dunno. Ill add it to my list and i could recommend some to you since its really hard to find recs of similiar anime

Honestly me either, it does seems like it sortve be in the shonen grenre which im not a fan off so maybe presume its going to have alot of fights, espically since the artstyle is beautiful but structured. Romance tends to be flowy and over-detailed making everything pretty cute. Oh ok good, I thought I randomly created the despiction of a character in my head and got confused. Theres alot for praised for it. There showcasing a character with a form of disability so hopefuly they can portray it well, i always worry they wont.

One pace? Ive never heard of it, but i do live under a rock so :,). Someone really is doing gods work, ive heard theres alot fo recaps and small extra scenes in one piece so its good someone could do that. Yea i was just about to say that, reading manga is generally faster then watching anime, 10 chapters take an hour which could cover like 7 epsoides, youd be saving like 40 mintues but i have no time to waste. Yea somtimes small segiments get cut off, there important and not important.

Agreed, alot of people are short minded and dont think, kind of angers me but you know everyones different. You worrded it perfectly, its alright to be influenced but not have a set trajectory thats going to lead your thoughts about a specific opinion or medium.

Good, its just sometimes it diffcult to tell, nor do I want to be accused of being a pervert or werid, and yes i do since its so horribly portrayed in media 70% of the time. Yea they defintley sound really werid, Alot of people unknowingly fetishize sometimes and it urkes me but at the same time i dont really know. I just want more wholesome but interesting sotrline with rep yk?

Thank you, you do aswell goodluck and try not to burn yourself out too much.
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