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Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai.
Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai.
Yesterday, 2:31 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 7
Under Ninja
Under Ninja
Yesterday, 2:31 PM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 6
Dr. Stone: New World Part 2
Dr. Stone: New World Part 2
Yesterday, 2:31 PM
Watching 8/11 · Scored 8
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Nov 13, 1:37 PM
Reading 406/? · Scored 7
Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Nov 12, 3:47 PM
Reading 147/? · Scored 7
Sakamoto Days
Sakamoto Days
Oct 29, 8:40 AM
Reading 141/? · Scored 8

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DeitysDynasty Today, 4:24 AM
wouldve liked to see more of the androids but thats just wishful thinking.
You too believe johan is wanked to death huh? I liked him during munich but i feel he became less and less impactful to the story
Well that and finding the whole kinderheim plot kinda iffy

How are you finding jjk? best boy mahito has been pulling up the last few episodes
Ayu_01 Yesterday, 9:53 AM
Yeah this truly is the year of OP.
I also liked the LA .They did Sanji so much justice with such less screen time and I also liked the few changes they did with plot.
Egghead chapter 1079-1084 was just out of world for me that binge read was something else.Cant wait to see it in anime.
You caught up with Detective Conan?
Mei-o_Scarlett Yesterday, 2:20 AM
juujika author also just died
on perma hiatus cause of health issue
legit everyone just dying
_aLiez_LIN Yesterday, 1:12 AM
Hi, What's your thought on One Piece sales this year? 3rd place :- 7.2 million.
Tbh, a little bit disappointed, it couldn't reach 10 million, considering how much popularity of OP increased this year.
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 29, 7:10 PM
Lol speaking of bc
Niggas already doom posting 🤣🤣
From the manga getting rushed to ending cause of tabata moving to giga
Made them go back and realise bc has no "tension"
Cause no real stakes or death 🤣

Bro why is every shouenn fandom the fcking Sam

Goddamn litterally just bleach final arc moment rn

Just waiting for the series to end and 5 yr ltr
These same fans gaslight others into thinking the series was always goat and they never shat on it
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 29, 5:25 AM
nah i saved it :P
can delete if u want but yea i have ti saved
totally not gay

everythings space tbh
NNT gonna somehow turn to space just watch
black clover maybe will have angels

u take long shits bruh
thats not good for u
muh hemrhoids

grimmjow at home lmao

as a shinsengumi

specfically shinpachi
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 28, 7:34 PM
i had to sit thru it so u do too

granted its someone suffering reacting with us so less painful kek

comments on the og video shows why anime fandom goes to shit tho kek

one of my friend reaction after he saw one of your pics
> Erasmus — Today at 6:22 PM
Pls he looks like a result of Nazi eugenics program

Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 28, 7:13 PM
Yea here renpa adknowledge my boi as better tho

Man the deranged shit dis nigga says
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 28, 6:26 PM
nah trust
imu is the one coruptting them
once hes dead
they turn good

also yea two piece in space
imu and gorosei are only doing this cause theyre escaping from space aliens stronger than them and building up a world that can stand up to them and once we kill imu theyre coming to murder us

but yea saying goroseis are those hate sink villains with no positive quality cause oda cba to do it
dis nigga

who still managed to get a psp game where u can join him to be evil and he turns good
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 28, 4:54 AM
they waiting for one of the old boomer vas that theyll pay to say like 3 lines every ep to voice sakamoto trust

yea basically made another theory related to this
nowadays for alot of animedia
they always default to making ONE person or a group of person as THE hate sink tahts meant to be as unlikeable as possible for the mcs to defeat to save the world and by doing that redeemed everyone else cause turns out most of the villains or wrongwith the world was caused by said hate sink
its why kishi had to end with kaguya
he needed to do it to redeem madara and shit
blaming it all on a natural disaster with no character depth is the way to go

if we look at a small scale
zagris in bc and OFA in bha fits this
tho yea its not like u CANT make them likeable or even charismatic
given my examples do do that

probably not imu but yea goroseis either dying or redeemed

also ye this why im still reading kingdom

my boi
strongest in all of chu
and implictly all of china due to reasons
its just
unlike reebok, ousen and renpa
he does lose so thats why doesnt go down in history as one of the greats
i cri
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 27, 9:56 PM
Man just realise like
I legit still hate the CD and gorosei as a whole less than danzo from Naruto
Even tho I actually get what makes danzo evil while the CD and gorosei are judt pure evil

Yet still hate danzo more

also so yea
technically kuma didnt tailor each SH timeskip to their specialty kek
it JUST so happens
those places are the ones he went to kek
beside luffy
that was still biggest fcking gamble ever
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 27, 4:12 PM
Bro time for csm 2

Mid csm cotr manga adapted by famous studio
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 27, 4:00 PM
Bro pls 🤧🤣
DeitysDynasty Nov 27, 11:44 AM
Yeah im with you with the characters, even though we never met mont blanc, i was upset he was killed off too.
Even felt bad for pluto/sahad himself, everyone felt real and their motivations were layed out well

see i dont like monster, so i was apprehensive about pluto, but i was really happy with the work. was really gripped on the characters and was amazed by the production quality too
Mei-o_Scarlett Nov 27, 5:19 AM
u asked before about dekn and his autism

dude just dropped into my discord dm
dropped like 20 pics of slyphy in full nude, with nips and vags showing
and was like
lol do u not check porn outside
so yes
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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