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Days: 195.3
Mean Score: 7.08
  • Total Entries700
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  • Episodes11,568
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Yesterday, 10:32 AM
Watching 4/26 · Scored -
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Jul 31, 6:47 AM
Watching 2/13 · Scored 9
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
Jul 31, 5:56 AM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
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Days: 15.9
Mean Score: 7.74
  • Total Entries61
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,867
  • Volumes155
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Jun 7, 2:55 PM
Reading - · Scored -
Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja
Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja
May 27, 2:12 AM
On-Hold - · Scored -
Rengoku no Toshi
Rengoku no Toshi
Apr 16, 3:59 PM
Reading 3/? · Scored 7


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FMmatron Jul 27, 7:29 AM
Finally came to watching all the clips and I'm surprised by how epic this is, especially the soundtrack is lit, generic in a way, but hits the right spot. I would definitely look forward to a whole animated series. I surely won't play the game, tho xD

Well, in the end I don't have that much to say, but the watching took a bit of time( I hope SuperRed won't hate me since I still didn't watch his One Piece review) xD
FMmatron Jul 26, 10:12 AM
You're not alone haha. I was a bit "busy" during the last couple of days and your reply is one of the longest ones and taking the links into account it might end up taking 30 min or so for me to reply, but I will get back to you.
FMmatron Jul 24, 8:07 AM
I didn't know exactly what happened, but this actually gave me chills. Sawashiro Miyuki and Kugimiya Rie are great.
FeministSenpai Jul 24, 2:29 AM
FMmatron Jul 23, 2:26 PM
You're in for a crazy ride with Gankutsuou.

Already at episode two with Uchouten, and later it will be episode 3 :P
Marrnie Jul 23, 7:45 AM
I agree 😭😭 it was Such a beautiful and amazing movie !!
FMmatron Jul 21, 9:02 AM
Considering that he wasn't big, he must have been shredded for real. If you have decent size you can fraud with pump and flexxing after all(like I do)

That's a good height, significantly taller than pretty much everyone wherever you go and without being too handicapped or limited.

It's just a few clicks away._.

Nope and I'm not the type of guy to play games on a computer xD

I hope I can still recommend you a few anime.
FMmatron Jul 20, 12:17 PM
Today I was reminded that it's never enough. Currently training in another Gym because the one I usual go to is still closed and boyo, saw one big ass mf. I'm pretty tall myself, but this guy was probably at least 205cm, jacked and masculine good looking.

I can only hope that curiosity will get the better out of you xD

Ah you know what, fuck it. Do whatever you like, sooner or later you will come to realize what's best for you.

I think I saw it yesterday on Kissanime.

And yeah, I chose both products because they are solid in every are without being as expensive as Apple products 😬

And oh man 😿

You're watching some good stuff right now, I wish I had as many promising shows left. Well, there are still plenty left for me, but I can't but think they wouldn't even last 6 months if I went for all of them immediately.

FMmatron Jul 18, 10:34 AM
I have to, society set the bar too high already.

Hahahaha, shit bro, I actually bursted out laughing.

B-but the list will consume your soul and you become and empty shell, basically an anime zombie.

Do you know when subs will be out? I don't mind watching raws, but only in special cases.

Can't you just browse through the sites? For to go I'm using manga geek.

Yep, on my S10 and as for my notebook, having an Acer Aspire 5.

Btw, if this SAO episode didn't get you then I dunno xD
FMmatron Jul 16, 12:29 PM
I want to maintain single digit bodyfat percentage or at least close to it, but now I'm asking myself if this is really worth it xD

Maybe I should simply start juicing, would make things more uncomfortable.

Give yourself 2or3 days and you will see nothing bad will happen if you skip anime.
FMmatron Jul 16, 11:25 AM
I guess it's hard, I mean I'm struggling with my diet too right now, but you gotta fight xD
FMmatron Jul 16, 9:51 AM
I get it, but this mindset automatically results im stress and after some time burnout.

It's like oh damn, I still got my homework to do. I also want to watch pretty much everything on my PTW and there's still enough time for that.
FMmatron Jul 16, 9:38 AM
You're overthinking this, these are hobbies and you don't have to fulfill a quote. Things should happen spontanously/naturally. This might seem weird coming from me, but it is how it is xD

I'm watching less anime myself, in turn a bit more reading, gaming, live-action.

FMmatron Jul 16, 8:39 AM
Sometimes it's better to play video games, it's not like you have to watch the anime.

It was good and had it's moments, but imo looked better than it was memorable. It was one of these shwos where I was hoping for more.
FMmatron Jul 16, 2:50 AM
Good to see Sakura Quest and City Hunter, but man, aren't you overdoing it, starting all of these at the same time?

And lol, it was surely weird, but now I'm digging it.