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Sep 20, 2017
P.A. Works has been experimenting with a lot of ideas in recent years. Shows that focuses on coming of age storytelling, collaboration projects that adds a touch of fantasy to its world setting, and even mecha from their recent 15th anniversary project. Advertised as an anime about a “working series” involving people and jobs, one can’t help but relate to their previous works such as Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako. However, Sakura Quest is also very distinguishable on its own.

As an original anime running for a span of 25 consecutive episodes, Sakura Quest has plenty to offer despite the simple premise. The idea of taking read more
Sep 19, 2017
“I love you” is perhaps one of the most complex combination of words in the human language. It holds a special meaning for people of any age and for teenagers, that’s no overstatement. Tsurezure Children takes the idea of romance and brings it out like skits of human stories. It’s a definitely a series that I found charming and doesn’t even to be full length to show that.

As a fan of the manga, I originally had mixed expectations for this adaptation. The manga has over 140 chapters and ongoing. Each chapter is only a few pages long and it would feel like the show may read more
Sep 18, 2017
The isekai genre is really becoming a hot new trend of recent years. From RPG game settings to being reborn into a fantasy world, it’s a genre that has attracted a lot of attention. One of the biggest shows from last year, Re:Zero really took that to a darker side. It seems these days, isekai focuses too much on fantasy adventures – the typical story involving survival, battling monsters, or forming guilds. Any fan of open world and MMORPG games knows these formulas as they make up a good deal of the gaming market as well. Then, there’s Isekai Shokudou, a show that takes on read more
Sep 18, 2017
Drama series with love as a central theme tends to draw a variety of audiences. When I seek one of these shows, relationship dynamics is something I trust for the series to capitalize. Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) is one of those series that define love more than just holding hands, dating, or kissing. It’s an anime that dances around the idea of love and drawing the audience into a world of drama.

Getting into this show was actually quite easy. The premise is simple to understand and as a manga reader, I went into this show with tolerable expectations. The first few episodes easily read more
Sep 16, 2017
Oh boy, Re:Creators. It’s a modern example of how a show that could have been a big hit of the year that ultimately translated into a messy series that self-destructed. It’s not just a flop but serves as a metaphor for how original series struggles to keep ideas effective. Don’t get me wrong. The series’ premise about story worlds clashing with sci-fi and fantasy elements sounds very intriguing. Yet somehow, it found many ways to ultimately make this look like an attempt at easy crash grab for the unexpected.

At first glance, this series sounds really interesting. As an original anime, the creators seems to have read more
Sep 13, 2017
Watching Hajimete no Gal is like consuming junk food of the worst kind. From the food fast menu, there’s McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, etc. Even among junks, there are sometimes decent ones that can be a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, Hajimete no Gal is none of that and instead appeals as nothing short than garbage. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can safely say that upon finishing this series, it’s garbage behind comprehension.

First, let’s get to the more obvious. The show itself is based on a manga that hasn’t been out too long. (only 2 years in fact) It read more
Jun 27, 2017
When you see a title this long, it really raises the question if the creator put as much as creativity into his work as they did into the title. The original light novel is 5 volumes long while the anime adaptation is 12 episodes. So in essence, it shouldn’t be hard to adapt this into something fans can accept right? Well, that’s not entirely easy to answer as this show isn’t so easily recommendable to anyone. I will say this though, SukaSuka isn’t your typical fantasy thriller that just jumps right into the action. In fact, it’s far more than that as this series attempts read more
Jun 26, 2017
Like many shows relating to fantasy, magic, and witchcraft, I can’t say that Zero kara hajimeru Mahou no Sho looks any unique compared to the rest at first glance. I mean, if you look at it carefully, the show’s premise is pretty standard that involves a conflict between human and witches. The additional aspect of beastfallen (cursed humans with animalistic appearances) adds some slight intrigue to the story. But is this show really worth investing time in? Or is it just a show that panders to fans that wants a dose of fantasy in their life?

Adapting the light novel of the same name, Zero kara read more
Jun 25, 2017
A magical world in Little Witch Academia is one I can describe as imaginatively beautiful. Beauty is expressed there not just by world fiction but by the context of its creativity. I don’t mean just the world either but the show itself is filled with characters, themes, and storytelling that make you want to go back and watch it all over again.

Little Witch Academia is perhaps unique with the fact that it’s an adaptation of a successful film. The first film originated in 2012 as part of the Young Animator Training Project and spawned a sequel titled Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade. Now, read more
Jun 25, 2017
In today’s world, we don’t have supernatural abilities. Imagine if we did though…the things we can make history from, the tasks we can accomplish, or change the world altogether. Sure, we have technology but that’s nothing compared to powers that can make anything out of nothing. In the world of Alice to Zouroku, that’s another story. It’s a story where supernatural abilities exist and it all begins one day when we meet the girl named Sana Kashimura.

Based on the manga of the same name, Alice to Zouroku takes an interesting approach at modern fantasy. The first episode shows Sana escaping from a facility and eventually, read more