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Jul 3, 2021
We all have dreams about what we want to do or who we want to be when we grow up. In today's modern world, there are limitless possibilities. One dream I'm sure most people don't want to become a reality is being a spider. I mean, who actually wants to be a spider?

Announced back in 2018, there were some concerns about the production schedule of the series. Promotional material surfaced online but they caused some controversy with the amount of CGI content. It also didn't help that studio Millepensee helms the production. It's a studio that have produced mediocre projects and seems to specialize in read more
Jun 28, 2021
Imagine going home one day and see a high school girl at your doorsteps. Now imagine that same girl offering you sex for a place to stay. What would you do? Chances are, you'll have a million thoughts running through your head but would you take or ditch her? Twenty-seven years old Yoshida made a daring choice to take a high school girl into his home and thus begins their bizarre life experience, one that neither of them will ever forget.

Based on the light novel of the same name, Higehiro does indeed sparks certain levels of controversy just by the premise and context alone. The read more
Jun 27, 2021
Anime that mixes science fiction and sports drama together aren't very common these days. When you throw characters into a boxing ring, it becomes more of a sensation because you konw, someone is going to get hurt. No, I don't just mean getting hurt in the fight. I mean, someone is going to risk their pride on the line in front of the world. Megalo Box returns for a surprising sequel in Spring 2021.

Indeed, Megalo Box getting a second season almost feels like a miracle. Joe has been established as a character with integrity but also one we came to understand and relate to. From read more
Jun 26, 2021
The one major attraction of anime medium is that we can explore any idea, in any way possible. Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san (Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro) explores the idea of a fiesty girl who makes it their personal hobby to bully a guy. Just imagine that. We have a show about a girl picking on a guy as a major plot element in 2021.

Watching Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san is the type of rom-com adaptation that you know what you're going to get from day one. The premise speaks for itself as Naoto Hachiouji (better known as Senpai) is teased by Nagatoro every single day. And for read more
Jun 24, 2021
This review contains some spoilers.

If you were around during Anime Expo back in 2018, then you might remember a strange franchise introduced to the world. It's Zombieland Saga, and at the time, most of us didn't know what it was. The producers and staff were very secretive about the project until it's revelation. And that is...Zombieland Saga is comedic horror anime about idols. Flash a year later and we got announcement of the sequel. Now here we are in 2021 with the return of zombie idols who takes...revenge?

No, that's not quite right. If you remember this show for what it was at all, then you'll read more
Jun 23, 2021
There are many anime these days telling stories about self-discoveries. I'm talking about a type of show where a protagonist would undergo a dramatic change after meeting new people, experiencing new events, and changes themselves. Super Cub's main protagonist Koguma is one such character, a lonely girl who takes up a Honda Super Cub and begins her own journey.

Watching Super Cub is much more than just following a girl's life and her bike. Let's remember that Koguma is very lonely and starts out the show friendless with no income, friends, or even a future. A person like this would need to set a serious path read more
Jun 22, 2021
Spinoffs made these days carries a certain level of risk and this is especially true for fans of their favorite franchises. This can apply to any media, whether it's anime, live action movies or TV shows, and even video games. Being loyal to a brand is part of our DNA and although not everyone follows that mindset, spinoffs usually at the very least must fundamentally meet the expectations of the what it tries to sell.

What does that tell you about Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken? Well, it is a spinoff and is based on the TenSura franchise set in the same universe. The read more
Jun 20, 2021
The wonderful thing about the Internet is the amount of freedom we have. And with freedom, we can use our creativity to build worlds, to imagine ourselves in places where we never expected, or meet people from the other side of the globe. What does that tell you about anime? Well, it means writers are able to freely express their thoughts and ideas into their work no matter how ludicrious it is.

Take Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! for example. It's written by Natsume Akatsuki, the same writer who is the brainchild behind the KonoSuba franchise. You remember Konosuba, right? Unless you've been living under a rock, that read more
Jun 19, 2021
86 (Anime) add (All reviews)
The number 86 doesn't sound very special at first glance, until you realize the dark story behind it. Plagued by an ongoing war for 9 years, you can imagine how both Republic of San Magnolia and Empire of Giad's lives have been shattered. War itself lays the foundation of this show and with it, characters comes to understand what it means to live, survive, and fight. Yet, the story of 86 runs far deeper than just a frontline war. Behind the closed doors of their society has unimaginable secrets.

Advertised as a military science fiction, I first want to mention that above all else, the anime read more
Jun 18, 2021
Life is full of opportunities and the teenage years is no exception as the time to experience growth. What does that tell you about Setsu Sawamura? Is he an opportunist seeking glory or trying to find his own purpose in life? You see, if there's anything in life that's difficult, it's to live in it.

Chances are that if you're the average anime viewer following only a few shows every year, this slipped under ther radar. It didn't achieve mainstream popularity even in its own genre. And let's be honest here, judging on the premise itself gives the impression of a niche type of show. Indeed, read more