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Sep 26, 2023
Watching The Girl I Like Forgot Glasses is like taking a trip down memory lane, to the days of high school when you first begin your teenage years. Or, if you are currently in high school, the youth experience is about meeting people and making discoveries. Don't believe me? Just ask Kaede Komura.

Despite GoHands' rather rocky reputation in recent years with their mediocre projects, this is one of those shows that worked out in the end with its animation style. The CG artwork feels alive when we see the backgrounds and character emotions. GoHands uses its digital effects that earns both praise and criticism in ...
Sep 24, 2023
There are countless words that can describe the Mushoku Tensei franchise. But perhaps 'controversial' is one of the more fitting ways as Mushoku Tensei has some rather mature themes compared to other modern animated isekai. This isn't breaking news because for fans and the returning audience, this series has been known to take risks. At the center of that is Rudeus, a young man who is self-conscious with a complex moral compass. With a set of 13 episodes, this season is no short of controversy yet is also a colorful addition to its franchise.

First of all, I want to just throw this in and say ...
Sep 21, 2023
If you thought we were short on otome anime this year dealing with villainesses, then think again. When The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen From Villainess to Savior got announced, it became obvious that the otome experiment has been a success and opened up a new realm of possibilities. Based on the web novel of the same name, we are greeted with perhaps a heretical anime that we didn't know we wanted.

The otome fantasy genre has a very familiar formula and that involves some sort of villainess from a video game in the past. Then, a faithful event happens that gives that character a second ...
Sep 20, 2023
Is there such a thing as a "happy marriage"? We should ask ourselves this because even if marriage is not an idea you ever had in mind, what does marriage really bring? Based on the manga of the same name, we are greeted with a show that details what really brings happiness to a person's life.
The MAL synopsis of the show definitely paints a miserable picture into the life of female protagonist Miyo Saimori. What's worse is that her situation is out of her control. The way that she has been mistreated by her current family is a sharp contrast to Miyo's mother. I'll ...
Sep 16, 2023
Out of any JRPG franchise in this generation, the Atelier series has been a bit of a niche title aimed at specific audiences. Despite this, the Atelier Ryza trilogy became one of the most successful collection of games in their franchise history. And no doubt, this anime adaptation was not a matter of if but when. Yet, the anime wore its magic off quickly when we realize it's just a very loose adaptation, one that tries to appeal to the audience, but struggles every step along the way.

First, I want to get the big question out of the way. Do you need to play the ...
Jun 28, 2023
"Oshi no Ko" (Anime) add
For you and me, and everyone, Oshi no Ko has transcended beyond logic this season. You know, before I even added this show to the watchlist, this anime hit a lot of genres and ideas that stunned me in their promotional material. The preview video and theme songs in particular caused an Internet sensation. Plus, this franchise wasn't created by some nobody. It's made by the same author as Kaguya Love is War, the same series that had psychological elements tied with love and war. Watching Oshi no Ko is one of the most stunning experiences I had in recent years.

I kid you not. The ...
Jun 26, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Your eyes are not fooling you if that's the synopsis you just read. It's an all familiar trend we've seen in many anime in recent years - reborn into a fantasy world, a protagonist trying to avoid fate, and isekai tropes that feeds on its modern popularity. Kanojo ga Koushaku-tei ni Itta Riyuu (The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion) is another one of these adaptations that subscribes to the most recent trend, but we have to ask ourselves if this is one was really needed.

To my surprise, the source material actually came from a web novel rather than the typical light ...
Jun 24, 2023
As the brainchild of this franchise, Masakazu Ishiguro created this piece of work that I can easily say is a creative story. Rather than following the recent endless trend of fantasy isekai or romantic comedies, he had a vision for Heavenly Delusions. That vision is to create a postapocalyptic world where we see a dystopia-like environment and how mankind adapts to survive. With two colorful story plot within one setting, Heavenly Delusion is one of the most ambitious shows I've seen in 2023, and that's not an unerstatement.

Unlike his previous work And Yet The Town Moves, this show adapts a much darker tone in storytelling ...
Jun 23, 2023
First of all, I want to say that despite some of the controversies related to Kouji Seo and his works, he has kept up a level of consistency in both the anime and manga industry. His most popular works have received anime adaptations including Suzuka, Kimi no Iru Machi, Fuuka, and now, Megami no Cafe Terrance. The latest one perhaps got the speedrun treatment as it was announced faster than any of this other adaptations. That being said, I confess to say that Megami no Cafe Terrance is nothing short of mediocrity.

Based on his latest work, Seo decided to jump onto the trend of maids. ...
Jun 21, 2023
Perhaps one of the most popcorn comedy worthy franchise of this generation adapted straight out of fantasy novels is the one and only Konosuba. The Konosuba franchise is one that draws on the viewers' laughters, one that loves to make fun of its own cast, and one that plays around with its story. Now, we have a spinoff focused on Megumin, the explosive magician who loves making the world explode.

A big question we may ask of ourselves is if we need to watch the first seasons of Konosuba. As a spinoff standalone, the answer is no so save yourself some time and take this spinoff ...

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