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Jan 31, 2015
Updated: 13, July 2016

If you are curious as to what happened in twelve episodes of Girlfriend (Kari), simply multiply that number by zero. This adaptation was as flat and uninspiring as anime come, with all characters of significance assigned popular archetypes. Distinctive personalities were nowhere to be found, ignored completely in favor of these simplified archetypes and their associated cliches. I would relate this viewing experience to watching a bird attempt to fly with a broken wing. It truly is a shame, considering the string of accolades and talent decorating this assembly of seiyuu veterans.

Despite the girls being second-rate individually in complexion, their group chemistry read more
Jun 17, 2014
Updated: 13, July 2016

Once again, the momentum of an ambitious premiere is carried straight into a brick wall. Although I reserved my expectations heading into this sequel, I certainly anticipated more than ten episodes of a disgrace. Date A Live II strayed away from the merits which put its prequel on the map, such as the charms of the vivacious heroines or remarkable humor tied to a spectrum of dating simulation choices. It was only yesterday that an udon shop launched an eventful assault on the core group (en route to a local hot spring). It was only yesterday that Shidou matched wits and fists read more
May 29, 2014
Nisekoi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Updated: 13, July 2016

I regret initially writing off Nisekoi as another run-of-the-mill romance-comedy. Though preposterous and frantic at its core, Shaft knew exactly how to exploit the source material using trademark visual and directional cues. The results boast of vivid color and heavenly charm, most evidently in the heat of moments between Raku and Chitoge. Venture beyond the surface of dense personalities and logical fallacies, and what remains to be seen underneath is a love-hate spectacular in its purest state.

Treading back on my mention of density and fallacies, both detriments were loud and clear for much of the run. Ramifications dimmed the lights on read more
Apr 8, 2014
Updated: 13, July 2016

It is only natural to project grand expectations on any anime associated with a renowned classic. Penned by the original creator of Toradora!, the first six episodes had Golden Time primed as the next rom-com sensation out the J.C. Staff house. Unfortunately, the luminous promise soon became a glimmer of an afterthought. Repercussions relative to pacing, characterizations, and key revelations accumulated as the series imploded spectacularly to close out.

SPOILERS onward (based on final impressions).

The root to Golden Time’s problems stems from its peculiar inclusion of a supernatural element. Rather than a visible representation of this “alternate” Banri, an implied presence would read more