Jun 17, 2014
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Updated: 13, July 2016

Once again, the momentum of an ambitious premiere is carried straight into a brick wall. Although I reserved my expectations heading into this sequel, I certainly anticipated more than ten episodes of a disgrace. Date A Live II strayed away from the merits which put its prequel on the map, such as the charms of the vivacious heroines or remarkable humor tied to a spectrum of dating simulation choices. It was only yesterday that an udon shop launched an eventful assault on the core group (en route to a local hot spring). It was only yesterday that Shidou matched wits and fists against true adversity, juggling a batch of pressing demands with everything on the line. It was only yesterday that players were ripe with presence and not confined to restrictions of a dismal cause.

While Date A Live's strengths permeated well through a lively bunch headlining season one, there was no vibrancy to replicate that success in this second act. The Berserk twins were pure lighter fluid to one of the most staggering time sinks I have witnessed in this genre. Was it really too much to ask for with yin-yang personalities serving no purpose other than to get Shidou hot? And as for the Diva, I hated to see her unique sexual preference and tastes overshadowed by her foully variable and one-dimensional personality.

The premise for this sequel was collectively lacking in soul and impact. Most of, if not all the battles, were saturated with cheap chatter among combatants stirred together with a high concentration of pretentious drama. The most obvious misunderstandings were blown well out of proportion while new rivals and antagonist powerhouses seemingly made their appearances out of thin air. The more easygoing school events and concerts did little to support the effort or lighten the atmosphere.

It would be great if the upcoming movies, OVAs, and/or TV sequels can rebound and inject Live-liness back into this series. Nonetheless, the signature trademark of the glasses schoolgirl accurately sums up this installment. It really was that lame!