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Days: 149.0
Mean Score: 7.04
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Oct 6, 6:06 PM
Watching 15/26 · Scored 8
Aggressive Retsuko
Aggressive Retsuko
Oct 6, 6:06 PM
Watching 10/100 · Scored -
Godzilla 1: Kaijuu Wakusei
Godzilla 1: Kaijuu Wakusei
Sep 29, 9:04 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
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Days: 36.5
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Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Sep 29, 12:28 PM
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Reimei no Arcana
Reimei no Arcana
Sep 15, 1:59 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Koukaku Kidoutai: The Ghost in the Shell
Koukaku Kidoutai: The Ghost in the Shell
Sep 7, 8:22 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Username Oct 12, 9:26 PM
Grex11 Oct 1, 6:15 AM
I really thought it was quite stellar. I liked the somewhat grittier world and fight scenes, the show was visually tremendous on the whole, and the clash between Lupin's old-school thievery versus modern technology felt like a very relevant conflict that came to a satisfying conclusion. It was also neat how much the part referenced earlier series and movies.
batsling1234 Sep 30, 4:43 PM
I'm doin pretty good, I did though this was the first lupin I watched. I now, I know, I should watch the others before this one, but I started with this cuz people said it was cool, and I loved it. The characters were great, and it was fun to watch.

tbh I don't know much of lupin stuff, but my buddy Zainou does. If u wanna talk to him u can join my discord and @zainou. He LOVES Lupin

also it's a lot eaier to talk over discord than it is in comments
Grex11 Sep 30, 6:49 AM
batsling1234 Sep 29, 11:34 PM
Primrose Sep 14, 8:04 PM
Lol what a random vid to send me wtf
Primrose Sep 12, 11:33 AM
It's ok. I understand. When MAL was down, I tried to find a replacement site for the meantime. I disliked all the ones I tried, so I waited for MAL to return.

I love your choices. I'm a big fan of Ai Yazawa and Akiko Higashimura too. As well as Yoshihiro Togashi (Hunter x Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho), Rei Touma (Reimei no Arcana), Fuyumi Souryo (ES: Eternal Sabbath), and Yoko Kamio (Cat Street).
Primrose Aug 21, 8:56 PM
That's great :) who's your favorite mangaka?
Primrose Aug 20, 10:24 PM
Probably Sailor Moon. I grew up watching it. What about you?
Primrose Aug 20, 2:22 PM
I like your anime taste
Miki-Samusu Mar 19, 3:33 AM
no prob. whenever you can :) Thanks
Miki-Samusu Feb 26, 6:48 AM
Thanx again for recommending Princess Jellyfish to me. I just finished the anime and its so funny, bright and lovable characters and the main character is actually suffering from realistic issues. I love it so much and reading the manga now. Thanx a bunch! Do you by chance have another anime in mind that you personally think is awesome when it comes to fashion, comedy, drama, slice of life, whatever ?
Miki-Samusu Feb 20, 3:38 AM
Wow, Made in Abyss has really good ratings and reviews. I may need to check it out myself. You have good picks so far. Ajin is amazing. So is the manga. Golden Time is one of my top favs. That anime is the shit. And Mob Psycho, I haven't really watched it but my bf loves it and says its the shit too. So you got some really good picks where you shouldn't be disappointed. Also, Golden Time is on the romance side but, the main character goes through a lot of personal things and battling himself. So, yes its romance but its not too much of it for you to not enjoy or get into the full story of it so its great.

I like the message and or theme for Honkai and I think I can relate to most of the characters so maybe that's why I love it so much. It's just different characters experiencing love and what it means to be alone. What they do to cope with loneliness etc. But your right, you do have to be in the mood to watch a romance genre or any genre otherwise you won't like it.

Now, I love Paradise Kiss. I love anything of Yazawa Ai's work. I love Paradise Kiss, NANA, Neighborhood Story.. All her stuff has to do with fashion and love between people and careers. She is my inspiration. But I have not seen or heard of Princess Jellyfish. I will look it up now. And Oh! DevilMan Crybaby took my breath away. Mainly because, it was pure hell and it didn't lighten up at all. They stuck with it till the end. And! The end when Satan finally....FINALLY understands what love really is when the main character died (forgot his name) That was the icing on the cake! I should've written a review for that anime. It was that awesome. I heard the manga is great too and that the anime went by it the whole time. It's a really really old manga though.
Miki-Samusu Feb 17, 3:27 AM
Interesting. I just said how I am into arts and fashion anime and you are reading a manga that focuses on art ! Kumanishi Bijutsubu Rough Sketch-senpai.. I am going to read this soon as well. The one review on it seemed that it has potential. I can't wait to read :)
Miki-Samusu Feb 17, 3:22 AM
You are absolutely right about all of that ! lol I love the music, that it's based in Brazil and the characters are just perfect. Next on my list is Fancy LaLa. I am starting to watch a bunch of older anime's. They give off a different feel than modern anime. It's about a girl who lives in her imagination all the time and then she was given the power to make herself into an adult and somewhere down the line she becomes a model and singer. I heard it has a twist in the end so I want to finish it. I like competitive arts and fashion anime. Games too, I can relate to them as well as the other anime I watch.

I just finished Kuzu no Honkai manga and anime. It was awesome. At first, I didn't like the manga. I was going to drop it after reading the first chapter. Didn't like the art. Until I found out the anime adaptation came out so I thought well maybe the manga is good. I love it ! I love the theme of the manga, I love what all the characters go through and the ending isn't bad Thank God lol

What about you? What are currently watching or planning to watch next?