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Digimon Adventure:
Digimon Adventure:
Today, 5:54 AM
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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T
Today, 4:47 AM
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Heya Camp△: Sauna to Gohan to Sanrin Bike
Heya Camp△: Sauna to Gohan to Sanrin Bike
Jul 31, 2:27 PM
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Aug 6, 5:28 PM
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
Toaru Majutsu no Index
Aug 1, 12:42 AM
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Shaman King: The Super Star
Shaman King: The Super Star
Oct 27, 2018 4:46 AM
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3miL Jul 25, 2:58 AM

3miL Jul 23, 12:49 AM
All the way to real independence, eh?

Yeah clubs were awesome, you've got the easily dying editions, the narcissistic, cranky staff

Lol #scavengers

I'm waiting for you to move within the stopped time like Jotaro then hahahaha

3miL Jul 20, 12:43 AM
lol hahahhaa

I actually saw you comment on one mal user (forgot his name but he had shown some photos decribing himself as a photographer) and I thought you were still online or so

after some time I saw that my comment was the latest there and there's little to no updates so I thought you really might be busy and all

and although I made some new friends and enjoy chatting and spamming on the forums, the og friends are still a diff class

so I can't help getting greedy *pun totally intended*

Yeah, well I'm looking forward if you do have the time but yeah life - Good luck on your ventures

3miL Jul 20, 12:13 AM
Yeah, I'm just checking up on ya to see if you wanna chat

or reply to the dying convo

surprised you didn't it?

3miL Jul 19, 6:06 AM
3miL Jun 13, 5:27 AM
I was being sorta sarcastic but if you really needed it...

for our generation, where leaving kin is not a great priority as it is in comparison to being successful in life, what would you say is something someone ought to have to be considered ready?

Considering you were able to leave suge a huge Rank 13 Xyz monster sized message, I think the internet ain't that bad. idk lol

that video was filled with dankness and cancer. I loved it lol

StyleF1re Jun 11, 12:32 AM
All right. About time things are a bit more settled down! Again, excuse me for a fairly late response.

Nah, you'd be surprised how nice of a year it's been for me personally, despite what a crappy year it's been for most on this planet. On unemployment I was able to clean house, go through one cycle of FF7 Remake and still get paid, with much of the money going to the motorcycle I always wanted two Fridays ago. Plus, it's not like that motorcycle pops up in the classified every week or even month! Anyway, I hear in some places the quarantine is allowing for abuses in power. Things are becoming more lax here though, with the gyms and theaters set to open in 8-9 days from this comment. Still, our governor is taking heat for allowing too much time between reopening dates, which killed a lot of local business here and really flipped this tourism-based economy upside down.

Sorry for your brothers and them robbing you of your laptop! But I give you credit for looking out for them and taking a lot of stress off your mother. And yes, it's been weird without some anime airing consistently or on their original schedules. Despite that though, in my book this is still one of the more solid seasons of anime I've watched in quite some time. Possibly years! Good luck with the rental as well. Makes me wonder how screwed I'd be in your shoes, as I've no cooking experience or willingness to cook. Eating out does add up over time, though I've remedied that a bit with my microwave game and what our local Costco has to offer. Maybe if I somehow end up with a girlfriend then things would change, but even that prospect is such a stretch because of my lack of career or financial clarity, and also lockdown focus on motorcycling interests.

I'm personally more used to the English dub here, as most of the main players are males and English male voice acting is rather variable and proficient in my book. Makes me kind of miss playing the TCG as well, which I did between 2002 and 2016. Good game, but a time and money sink that ultimately needed to be put to bed.

Aikatsu's music is nice too, though I'm not keen on keeping tabs there. That's cool that you're really in tune with your Japanese music and more so the people who compose them! But yeah, can't be forgetting about what K-On! had to offer with particularly the ED songs. I wish there was a version of the show with them all older and more mature! haha

That's unfortunate! Yes, that was one of the extra perks of playing the PS4 version. The old PS1 version was just cruel and unrelenting! High Road is pretty difficult, but Stormy Ascent is on a different level of challenge. You should look up both the N Sane and original (not normally accessible) iterations of that level! I think even Sunset Vista was a challenge too. But idk how different it is for the time trials, as some layouts are difficult to speed run as they are. As for Coco, she didn't appear until the second game iirc. I like her more as a laptop geek and smart sister than as the spoiled brat CTR: Nitro-Fueled seems to portray her as.

But yeah, feel free to switch up the style with a new subject here. I'm always game for a new conversation, but am a little backlogged mentally atm. Until next time... or next comment! haha
StyleF1re Jun 8, 11:39 PM
My bad. Been getting caught up in stuff and people wanting to ride motorcycles and whatnot. I'll respond in maybe a day or two when everything settles down more. Good to hear from you again though!
3miL Jun 7, 6:09 AM

Very sad indeed, especially if the convo gets really interesting then that lol, but that's life

The internet gets slow here on rainy days, so I can kinda understand

Since K-On is already ruined, why don't we watch this too?

*catches you and forces you to watch this trailer*

It's actually more epic than it is funny lol. But yes, I guess that too. I watched/read somewhere that the original Yu-Gi-Oh was supposed to be a transforming generic shounen hero. Referenced how he "changes" to Yami when he duels. Also the card game itself was not the original intent, if you've seen season zero. You probably did though lol

Yes, they were wasted. And it's sad that their seiyuus, who are twins ONLY had those roles. Yuri is my fave Yu-boy though. Gotta love a psychopath hahaha

Ruri was initially the prettiest bracelet girl, until they did character development on Serena, everybody else paled in comparison afterwards. Hell, after the d-wheel crash incident with Yuzu, she never "recovered". All she's good for is screaming "Yuya"

Yeah, closest thing they can do is make video games to catch gen z's.

I haven't even started Vrains yet, I saw some clips and saw the Ritual Summoning was a thing there. And also this

So the Vrains MC is a thot slayer lol hahahaha

Yes, in every forum where people talk about things like that. Someone always ends up saying - Watch it and have your own experience. yeah

I remembered being friends with this elitist who's a huge fan of evangelion, he insulted me for liking K-On

Sometime later another friend who likes eva asked me about K-On. I told him not to try it due to the above prejudice and to my surprise he actually liked it. Ritsu is his favorite character

I loved the evolutions and the "pokedex" moments when their skills were being discussed. Also Agumon appeared there, an Agumon though - not Taichi's or Masaru's

Jeri aka Jen in our local dub is a good damsel in distress imo, I was really scared of her depression when I first saw it, but after further analysis (and some commentaries of youtubers) I realized it was beautifully written. Also Lain's main writer had a hand in it

The sexy dynamite scene was not removed in our local dub, I'm lucky lol. Yeah, all three of those definitely shows her tastes

Yeah, I currently have a copy of!_Ultimate_Masters:_World_Championship_Tournament_2006 on my pc and it drains it so easily

That metaphor is so accurate, sad since I love the game but yeah

Wish duel masters had a similar success, that was easier to play imo

What's your username lol? I'll add you

At work? I honestly doubt it, people are complaining all over and they all got legit reasons for doing so

New norm? where'd that come from?

More like a book report lol

Irl though, that spells danger. Like Yuzu, She's 14. Irl she would've broken some bones

The duel between Crow and Yuya though. Flying in motorcycles with monsters, lol

Then there's that last battle with Jack, I loved it when he displayed control over all the dragons but yeah, rushed.
3miL Jun 6, 4:14 AM
I can understand. No wonder the prev dead convos

If we do start with a one liner and it gets interesting it will inevitably be an essay, baka. 😂😂😂
3miL Jun 5, 1:03 AM

What's your job?

Also looking forward to the replies then, baka
3miL Jun 4, 7:17 PM
3miL May 30, 7:33 AM
and I also forgot to mention this special episode I really like

3miL May 30, 6:39 AM
A creepy meme a day keeps the doctor away, also haven't you seen K-on?

that's where it is from

Yep. Btw speaking of tokusatsu and Zexal

You already warned me too late baka, I finished Arc-V last month. It is quite disappointing, there are too many unanswered questions

The heroine on Sevens look quite cute though, but yeah, I watched a vid about Rush duels, this one

and you're right, it is technically a diff game

As for Jojo, I didn't bother to watch it initially because the fandom was just as toxic as Evangelion, which also took me a while but I finished both nonetheless

And what's cute is - Kensho Ono, who voices Yuya, also voices Giorno, the main protagonist of Jojo's Part 5: Golden Wind

that's some coincidence

I prefer it on my phone bec it has a "gaming" feeling to it as opposed to when sitting in front of a pc where I watch anime (which works like a television)

I got interested in downloading after seeing videos like this:

Yes, after watching some vids I learned more about actual tournaments and how big of a deal it is, lucky to hear to avoided that stress

Well just like what is written on my profile, most content on mine is only live action adaptation and tokusatsu and I don't think people will mind (And who's to stop you if you really want to, right?)

Pretty much is like that everywhere, no wonder depression is so rampant

3miL May 27, 5:56 PM
I've always kinda known you were older

I see. I had remembered we used to have wholesome convos regarding 5d's, I almost stopped because Zexal didn't quite cut it for me

but after some time I watched Arc-V and I got the hype back, I'm planning to start Vrains soon alongside Jojo's Part 5

That's interesting, I kinda loved Tri's ending but I wouldn't mind another spin-off like Appli Monsters, all these remakes (Tri and what you mentioned) are all nostalgia fuel and I haved mixed feelings about those

nice, I have a gba emulator and I used to play some pokemon, megaman, duel masters and yugioh due to the anime

I tried to download yugioh duel links and an emulator for psp and nintendo ds a while back to try other games but they all make my phone lag for some reason so I had to uninstall them

Oh yeah, we also used to speak about tokusatsu, I've watched a lot of them from back then too. Do you have a MyDramaList account btw? that's where I record my tokusatsu

Wow, I am 4 years below and I'm also quite bothered by the whole moving thing, I don't even earn enough yet. idk what to do with my life lol