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Rang Wo Men Shao Ba
Rang Wo Men Shao Ba
10 hours ago
Watching 1/? · Scored 5
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Toutsuki Ressha-hen
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Toutsuki Ressha-hen
Yesterday, 1:56 PM
Watching 7/? · Scored 8
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (TV)
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby (TV)
Yesterday, 9:23 AM
Watching 9/? · Scored 9
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Days: 6.2
Mean Score: 7.70
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chaosflame5 Yesterday, 2:16 PM
Once again you're a life saver! xD I really ran out of ideas for a gif lol. Thanks!
Kitsu-nee Yesterday, 11:17 AM
Hi, sure thing :D It's Chocola from NekoPara, the exact same character I have on my profile pic.

Here's the full image:
Ardanaz Yesterday, 10:15 AM
Hey elk :)

I agree :P
Eunice_11 May 16, 4:28 AM
i just accepted your friend request. sorry im bit working too much on painting (so when the page will expire and cover up for next layout?)
3xplicit May 9, 6:11 PM
Gladly! I'd be happy to talk to you about any you have a question about. I have friends that watch anime, but I'm a guy, so they all watch their action/fantasy, vs me, the romance fanatic, so I tend to talk to them about those lol. Ask away through a message or comment! Have a nice day!
SweetKiichigo May 9, 8:23 AM
Oh I see you're watching Wotaku?
I actually haven't had the chance to fully watch it. I finished ep 1 and tbh it's a lovely show. Now I think you mentioned liking Sukite quite a lot, it'll be interesting if it manages to really flourish and reach a high rating.~
Aura- Apr 29, 2:50 PM
Awesome that you figured it out elk!
chaosflame5 Apr 25, 10:17 AM
Thanks for the gif! I was actually running out of ideas for next week lol xD Perfect timing! Though what anime is that?
CLYDESDALE Apr 20, 12:44 PM
Oh really? Interesting. They must get pretty bored, I guess.

Monster Musume is really funny. The MC is pretty OP when he is protecting the girls too, which you would probably like. It also has pretty much every type of girl, but they're all monsters(sans one). You know, I was actually going to reference Pupa in my last message, but I decided against it. I found Pupa interesting, TBH. It was a huge break from the norm, I guess. There was only one episode I didn't enjoy, which compromised of the MC letting his little sister eat parts of him. Literally, that was the whole episode.

I guess I can see how something like PRC would be beneficial, but I'm glad that shit would never fly in my club. XD
Back during the first or second year of E/H, we had an extremely active Skype group... Like, people would chat in there all day and night. They used to watch anime at the same time while in Skype calls and some of them were ridiculous. I distinctly remember they marathoned this reverse harem anime that was supposedly terrible(this was back when Yandere was really active and I'm pretty sure it was his idea). Not sure why they finished it, TBH. I never took part in that stuff.

I just think Kaname Chidori is hot and cool. I guess you could call her lukewarm. XD XD XD
Well, if you do watch any more of the arc, you can skip the filler one. It's 100% filler from what I remember, and most of the time the MC is wearing one of those dumb mascot costumes and speaks like "Umu umu umu!". Surprisingly enough, only the female MC can understand what the fuck he is saying.

I was thinking about dropping Darling in the Franxx, but the last couple of episode were interesting, IMO. There were some things that they seemed to pull out of their asses, but it all kind of made sense. I can also kind of relate to some of the shit the MC goes through during the anime. I knew exactly how he was supposed to feel at the end of the last episode. Those two adults are very odd, truth be told. They are radically different from the other "adults" you see everywhere else, if you think about it.

Yeah, I'm watching it. That's one of my favorite series... I might add it to my favorites. I like to cook and I'm pretty good at it, if you can believe that. My mom is very skilled and I've learned a lot from her over the years, plus I've done my own research and Shokugeki has had a mild influence over me getting more into it as of late. As soon as my shrimp is done thawing, I'm going to be making some garlic shrimp linguine and it's going to be bomb AF.

CLYDESDALE Apr 19, 12:48 PM
It's a boxing anime, huh? I might have to check it out, then.

Papaswerve is in the Discord channel? Which one? I'm not going to join in, but I'm just curious. Anyway, episode 0 of DxD was fucking terrible. I was honestly surprised that the real first episode was actually OK, entertainment-wise.

Yes, I already know about Alice or Alice. You filled me in already and that's why I mentioned it. What the fuck is a PRC? Sounds pretty lame if you're forced to do something, but OK. That's borderline masochistic, just Saiyan.

I take offense to that centaur comment. Centorea best girl!

TBH, I hated Full Metal Panic. I'm really not sure why I decided to finish the first three seasons. It's just another example of some OP MC that's so focused on revenge that he doesn't notice all the poon that's being thrown at him. Fun fact: I actually accidentally watch FMP in the wrong order, haha. I watched the first season, then followed up with s3 totally by mistake and finished it. There's no real mention of anything being out of order either, as it still felt right, but I guess there were a few hints here and there from what I remember. Plus, I think s3 was just major filler anyway.

I'm surprised you are still watching Darling in the Franxx. It doesn't seem Vanilla enough for you, haha.

Well, I'm currently on vacation(have been all week) and I've been getting pretty bored since I just decided to stay home. I might check out a few new anime, since I'm basically just watching sequels this season, along with already airing anime. I guarantee you that I will not be watching the horse girl anime, though.

CLYDESDALE Apr 19, 4:30 AM
Know anyone watching Megalo Box? It looks interesting, but I'm frightened by the fact it has the SoL genre... :/

Not sure if you're checking out DxD Hero, but it honestly seems like they are taking it too far this time. The animation looks like a crazy Hentai and it seems to me so far like they are looking for every opportunity to throw in some dumb tit joke or force a battle. I mean, I'm totally fine with that, but its previous seasons seemed to have smoother transitions, IMO.

So far Alice or Alice is your anime of the season????
Aura- Apr 18, 8:27 PM
Hey elk! lol true, it's been awhile.

Thank you! I'm sorry I have no idea haha. I kinda wish I knew, too.
paguiomcee Apr 8, 8:16 AM
No, I'm not. Lol.
If you had to define how that makes you feel, would it be akin to hypeslaveishness?
Fuckin' fanbois... SMH. Haha! :P

I just started rewatching the first season of Overlord since you piqued my interest and it seems a little better than when I first saw it. I guess I really didn't pay attention to a lot of stuff. It might just be a series that's better to marathon.