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Kuroko no Basket: Last Game
Kuroko no Basket: Last Game
Yesterday, 6:37 PM
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Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
Sep 19, 5:46 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
Sep 17, 6:53 AM
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Feb 26, 9:41 AM
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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator
Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator
Feb 22, 5:30 PM
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Tadashikunai Renai no Susume
Tadashikunai Renai no Susume
Feb 22, 4:44 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 9


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Gator 7 hours ago
I would say they were quite hot yes, the witch always readjusted her boobs and for one photo she even pushed them up a bit and made a naughty face :>

Nah, I wasn't really interested in those places where you could game. Didn't want to waste a lot of money there, just watched some people play. And I did talk to some Japanese people, but didn't really try to get to know them better or anything. After all I was just on vacation there :3
Gator Yesterday, 7:05 AM
1000 yen is not all that much and at least in the monster cafe you had a small show as well to watch so I would say that was worth it. The cat cafe on the other hand not so much xD

What did you assume would be my highlight? Something anime-related? :3
MasterRoshi88 Sep 19, 8:01 PM
I been meaning too but I haven't gotten around to it....right now I got 27 anime going on at once other then my watching list of over 200.

I would have got on to answer sooner but my job kinda takes my time until the weekend
Gator Sep 19, 6:49 AM
I only visited a cat cafe and the kawaii monster cafe in Tokyo.

The cat cafe was... kinda boring, at least for someone like me who has cats around him pretty much every day at home ^^ I think it was 1000 yen which is 8 euro.

The monster cafe was a bit cringey, there were three girls cosplaying as a nekogirl, vampire and witch. They acted all cute and also had a dancing show for the customers. The food was good, but it was still very weird in there. I think it was 1000 yen entry fee as well.

I originally planned to also visit a maid cafe, but they were pretty expensive and after the monster cafe I didn't want to cringe even more xD

The highlight of my trip... hmm that's hard to say. There were many cool things in Kyoto and Nara was also a highlight with the deer running around all over the park :3
Gator Sep 19, 12:21 AM
Oh I see, you meant in the club... yeah after being inactive for two weeks I felt like I had to do that xD

Mostly sightseeing. Temples, gardens, temples, parks, temples, buildings and more temples ^^
Visited some odd places like a cat cafe and the kawaii monster cafe in Tokyo as well and of course Akihabara :3
Gator Sep 18, 6:16 AM
Let's stay I could've done without the last two days in Tokyo, but else I didn't get bored on my trip :3
Wait, was that actually what you asked? xD
Gator Sep 18, 1:01 AM
Thanks, I did. Was a great trip into a very different culture. Though I recognized some things from anime like the beverage machines and the weird sounding crickets ^^
Naru1 Sep 17, 8:30 PM
Hahaha maybe i would like it? Who knows ^_^ Let's see about that.
I haven't seen that episode yet. :o
Yeah got point DBZ was way much cooler :p
I guess that's good i guess?
So what do you usually do in your free time?
Naru1 Sep 17, 8:05 PM
Okay that's great i should get started on watching this series from next weekend and will totallyw watch Sunabouzu too,thanks for telling me.
Yeah Clannad can be pretty depressing i actually shut myself out from the world for atleast one week after watching it. xD
Yay you like Gintama that makes me happy mate ^_^
Well i like everything about naruto except it's annoying filler episodes which seriously i don't get why the heck are they even there??
I like Sasuke and Itachi the most,tbh Itachi is like the best character i have seen in such a long time oh oh and also Obito.
Yeah i'm watching Boruto but it doesn't intrigue me the way Naruto did,i guess original animes are the best then their sequels.
I'm watching it but slowly not with the latest episode yet. ^_^
So have you watched naruto till the end?
Naru1 Sep 17, 7:28 PM
Okay yeah you got a good point Yuno's childhood was way worse. ._.
I haven't seen this series like i couldn't understand which part to start from? >.<
I think i will have a go on Sunabouzu someday :D
Hahaha really?
Well my favorite romantic anime would be clanned it's so sad but at the same time epic,my favourite funny would be definitely gintama.It definitely has one of the best comedy but like at first it isn't that good but it starts to get good after one season.
My one of the best favorite would be NARUTO ^_^
On the other hand my favorite manga would be The Gamer.
Naru1 Sep 17, 6:59 PM
Well you could say that,but Mikasa is still the very best for me as her childhood story goes it's sad.
Yeah i totally agree on that his hair were much cooler back.
Well he did save Mikasa when they were young,like when the bandits came to kill them and stuff remember? :D
But i would like to watch him save Mikasa now in his titan form ^-^
So what's your fav anime or even manga? :D
Naru1 Sep 17, 6:38 PM
Yeah yuno is the best because of her love :')
Good point but i really like his crazy hair xD
Eren at first used to be a weakling in my sense,but now that he knows how to control his power i think he can be pretty useful in future and like how cute is mikasa and his love for eren everytime she tries to save him it's so cute! XD
Naru1 Sep 17, 5:51 PM
Hahaha it's crazy but it was really addicting for me.
Yeah bakugo is soo cool like the way he uses his powers is awesome.
Me too! I just love AoT but i just can't wait for season 3,i've been tempted to read the manga many times but i stop myself because then it just ruins all the fun when i watch the episodes.Levi is like love! :D He is soo freaking cool,it was so sad in season 1 when all his teamates had died >.< i cried at that part.
Naru1 Sep 17, 5:11 PM
Oh that's great lucky you :D
Boku no hero academia and Mirai Nikki. ^_^
Have you watched attack on titan?(also known as shingeki no kyojin)
Naru1 Sep 17, 4:57 PM
That's just mean like the professors should have helped you guys out.
Like if we now have any problems in coding we have tons of websites on which we could post our coding problems and it's usually solved.
What do you mean any favorite anime or manga? :o