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Gator 5 hours ago
I see, I don't really need to relate to the MC that much. I just wanna see an interesting character in an interesting story I guess.The hooking up part is really just the wish for a happy end we don't have in real life I guess haha. Well it's the same thing for Bleach, so many hot girls but only a few fanservice scenes, what a waste. Ah yeah, I remember that cop, though they never really did anything interesting in the story, so I wasn't that interested.

Well from my current anime-only point of view I think that Denji is also only helping other devil hunters because he tries to impress Makima. So in that case I still see a similarity to Power, in addition to the other things you mentioned. When it comes to Denji helping Power and forgiving her, I feel like it might be my personal bias why I think that wasn't a good thing, because that was a really awful plan by Power, which made me dislike her. Interesting, did she do something in the manga to make you feel more negative about her or did another better female character appear?

Ah, Astraea you mean, right? I loved her fanservice scenes, hot af. Did not expect you to forget about the sister, I'm sure we'd both "sacrifice" ourselves and marry her haha. Yukino was alright, didn't hate her, but definitely not one of my favorites either. Louise from ZnT though... probably the worst female character ever. I see, guess I just forgot about him then, since I wasn't that much into the show in general. I have to say that Issei's pervert level is enough for me, not enough perverted MCs exist in general though haha.

I don't know Baki, so I can't say. Alright, seems like we won't be able to agree on a definition for ecchi then, there's no way I'd describe Bleach as an ecchi anime ^^; I'm pretty sure Nami being naked in the bath was supposed to turn the viewer on, so I'm not sure why by your definition that would not be ecchi. I mean comedy is subjective, so the guys peeking on her isn't really funny to me. Is there even a fanservice scene in Fairy Tail that is not trying to be funny? The Makime boob scene isn't even that bad in my opinion, I mean without context that could be a bonding scene between lovers.Luckily I never met people who think anime is just porn, even not interested people would just go "Oh okay" if I told them about me liking anime haha.
Gator Yesterday, 1:30 AM
I feel like that's true for a lot of shows though, one of the reasons why I usually rate 2nd seasons lower than 1st seasons.

I think there are some dudes who dislike shows or games with a female protagonist, but I don't mind. I wouldn't say I dislike Accelerator, I just don't like him as much as the fandom in general I suppose. Ah you mean Kanzaki, yeah she and Orianna were pretty damn hot. Not much fanservice in that show unfortunately though.

Guess we at least can agree on his circumstances in the past then, he could've ended up a very different person had he grown up a "normal" way. I think Power is just very similar to Denji, that's why they get along so well. So I wouldn't really say Denji is a good person because he likes an awful person like Power haha. Makima is definitely the most interesting and badass character in the show so far. Before I started watching it, I was kinda prepared to hate her because people were acting like she was the antagonist or something. Surprisingly enough so far she seems quite decent. Clearly has an agenda, but is keen on doing good so far.

I can kinda picture Rias like Gamma from Kagejitsu, like she could trip occasionally or something. I think being kind of a klutz at times would be kinda funny as well with a high-ranking demon like Rias haha. DxD and TLR crossover would be ecchi overload, but I'd definitely watch that. Hmmm I'm not sure about Yukino's sister, she was kinda annoying at times. I think I prefer Yui overall... or the teacher xD
Is he? I don't remember much about Maken-ki's MC tbh, I thought he was a pretty standard harem protagonist overall. Remember a few ecchi scenes from the anime and thought he behaved like a goody-two-shoes, but maybe I'm wrong about that. I guess the anime didn't leave a huge impression on me.

I think by that definition there would be a lot of anime that should be tagged ecchi though. Ghost in the Shell, at least the series, for example. There were multiple occasions where Kusanagi or another girl tried to seduce someone. I'm pretty sure Attack on Titan had such a scene as well, also definitely One Piece and Naruto. Rangiku from Bleach also was quite seductive at times. But I'd call all of that rather fanservice than ecchi, meaning it's just an occasional scene in a "normal" show, instead of labeling the whole show as an ecchi anime.
Gator Dec 4, 12:40 AM
Guess we have the same feelings about it then, always feel like they assume that fans of the first season watch it anyway so they don't really put much money into it...

I agree that the specials were probably the best part about the franchise... and Orianna Thompson lol. Kazuma is still the real OG when it comes to gender quality though. Yeah I'm really not a fan of Touma, biggest reason why I rated the show so low and Railgun not as bad.

That's a good point, might be worth it for a M like me haha

Well it's a term which doesn't have a German translation I believe, so I wouldn't use it anyway. I'll just take it as something negative and that should be good enough for me ^^
Of course not, I'd argue that for a protagonist Denji is quite selfish though. I don't see much compassion in him for other people, aside from Makima really.
I don't think you can argue that he wants to do cute things with a girlfriend, even the most evil people can fall asleep hugging their girlfriend or wife, but still do the most atrocious things to others afterwards. I mean Denji was dealing with the mafia for a while, of course he wouldn't learn the most chivalrous things from those people. In another environment I'm sure Denji would've been a nice guy, but I just don't see it in him after dealing with mostly horrible people so far.

Hmm I guess they cater to different people, just like Momo and Lala do. Akeno and Momo are more sexy, while Rias and Lala are or become more lovable. While Hachiman is one of my favorite characters, somehow the show did not become one of my favorites. I also prefer Yui to Yukino, but I was fine with his decision. I don't think Yukino's sister was ever an option, though I liked her as well. Oh, I'd definitely watch another season of ToLoveRu as well, though it feels like I barely know anything about it anymore after all this time. Was never a big fan of Maken-ki, though season 1 was better than season 2. But I think that's mostly because I don't like Xebec's artstyle that much.

Yeah but I mean those are like two fanservice scenes in 12 episodes, I would not consider that to be an ecchi anime. I mean Winry in FMA can be seen from behind while undressing, is that anime now also ecchi? Or does the show have to have at least two scenes to be one? Naruto has someone running head-first into Tsunade's boobs and Ino jiggling her goods, but it's not an ecchi anime. I think your definition is a bit too wide imo.
Randyboyjr32 Dec 3, 4:57 AM
Gator Dec 1, 4:32 AM
The 2nd season of Devil is a Part-Timer was definitely unexpected after all this time. Unfortunately it was not really good, bad animation and the story was also kinda meh. Will probably still watch 3rd season though haha

Sounds a lot like Superman, who is also the most boring superhero ever. So while it explains things, it doesn't really improve my opinion of Toma overall.

Oh I fully agree with you there, Lala would be a great wife. Though she's a bit... naive so Momo might be the "more fun" girlfriend.

I mean yeah the dude didn't die, but that could've easily gone wrong. I don't even blame Denji for caring more about his own life than the lives of others. But I also don't think a morally perfect person would've used an innocent person like Denji did. In that case... isn't he kind of a fuccboi? xD Though urbandictionary disagress with you on that one.
I've actually never met people who try to act cool around women like that, but I can imagine such people existing. Unfortunately I don't read manga, so I'll have to wait until 2nd season. I mean such a popular show should get a 2nd season at the very least.

I think Akeno just is sexier, she just has that onee-san vibe to her after all. I thought ToLove-Ru season 1 was weaker than it's sequels. Also Oregairu 2nd season was better than the first one, though that was probably mostly because of the art.

What? You have to watch Ishuzoku Reviewers, it's such a great ecchi anime. Of course I've seen Tsukimichi, a really funny show. I wouldn't really call it ecchi though, was there any fanservice apart from that bed scene?
Gator Nov 30, 12:50 AM
Oh, I don't think that she likes Denji, as in romantically. I think she just wanted to do him because she's horny for new guys... and drunk. And she probably wanted to mess with Makima's new "toy", iirc she was kinda annoyed that he talked about Makima so much.

I couldn't say, only watched the old anime and that one was... okay. Expected more from an adaption of one of the top rated manga of all time. That's why I think a reboot could be worth it, since the source material seems to be quite good.

And his Imagine Breaker helps him hitting people? I mean from what we know he never fought anyone before his first fight against an esper and he just... knows how to fight like a professional for some reason. That always bugged me about him.

Haha irl it's pretty easy. Lala would be my favorite according to my real life preferences, but as a fictional character I prefer Momo. Wouldn't even say it's because of the better body, but rather because of personality. Though Momo can also be quite sweet I guess.

Well yeah he fused with a dog, but it's now like he's howling at the moon or something. He still behaves like a human 99% of the time, so I expect him so be able to control himself. That's one of the problems in anime, 16 year olds sometimes act like kids and sometimes act like veterans, but 90% of the time they look like 30 year olds lol. Didn't he throw a car with somebody inside towards a devil in one of his fights? And he didn't even get a reward for doing that, just seemed like he did it because it was convenient. Well Aki and Power have their own problems, I like Denji more than them tbh. Aki attacked him for no reason on their first mission and Power tried to sacrifice him after he just tried to help her. I don't even know the definition of fuccboi tbh lol. I just don't see many redeeming qualities in him, but I don't hate him.

Well Akeno certainly enjoyed giving that foot massage to the dude who seemed to be in pain and pleasure at the same time, I guess that was a clear hint of sadism... and one of her best scenes overall. Though I don't think most teasing scenes of Rias and Akeno were that different, mostly just seducing Issei by being sexy. But I can see why people like season 1 best, that's the case for most shows really.

And then there's stuff like Ishuzoku Reviewers, which keeps the comedy but still goes all the way... at least as far as an ecchi show can go without becoming hentai. I wish there were more shows like these. I mean Peter Grill tries, but it's just... not very good story- and production-wise. But I also became more interested in hentai manga, there is a lot of femdom stuff to choose from which I prefer.
Gator Nov 28, 12:56 PM
I don't think nudity = ecchi though, Elfen Lied has lots of nudity, but I would never call that an ecchi show. There are enough ecchi shows where you don't see nipples and stuff but which are still quite sexy. I don't know, I thought all of those scenes you describe were quite hot, but maybe I'm just weird haha. Goblin Slayer turned me on less than Chainsaw Man did. I would say Himeno was definitely sexually interested in Denji, but not romantically. I don't think people would think either is an ecchi, in Goblin Slayer usually the group wears just normal clothes for their classes as well.

Ah, I thought so, that's why I don't remember them. Wasn't a huge fan of the anime, I wish they would reboot that one with a good studio.

Even in an epic battle he is quite annoying, I never understood why he can just punch people who were fighting their whole life into unconsciousness, he doesn't even do sports.

Preach it, preach it, I prefer the big ones as well. But personality plays a big part in that as well and Momo is just sexier than Lala.

No biggie, I take it you heard the other opinion quite a lot in the past. I don't know, he seemed to really enjoy following Makima's order whatever it is. Though I have to give him kudos for standing up for his team in the hotel, when he jumped into the devil's mouth. I don't think I'd compare Denji to a child, the older a character is, the harder it becomes to defend his actions imo. He really should know better by now, but he's just pretty selfish in my opinion.

Hmm maybe it was just different for me then, it was never really about Rias' mystery for me. I mean her being a demon was revealed pretty fast, it was just her circumstances. I would argue that Akeno wasn't fully revealed, but later on we pretty much know everything about her as well, but she still remained interesting to me.

Well I'm not against those threads, it's just that I don't keep up with seasonals. But I get why they are more interesting, recent stuff is always more popular. There are a few harem shows still on my list, simply because I saw some nice ecchi GIFs from those shows. Ecchi and harem still go hand-in-hand most of the time, so I can't really avoid it haha
Gator Nov 27, 12:33 AM
Hmm tbh if Goblin Slayer is ecchi, then Chainsaw Man has to be ecchi as well. Makima is obviously there to turn the maso-men on (and for me it works), Power had her toilette scene and Himeno openly tried to seduce Denji ahd have sex with him. I think it's more sexual than Goblin Slayer in that aspect.

Don't know about any of the others, did they appear in the anime? I only remember Guts going along with the mercenary group or running around solo, don't remember a young witch in his group. But it's been a while since I watched it, I almost failed to remember the name of Griffith haha

Not a huge fan of Accelerator either, but definitely better than Touma. I can look past bad animation if the show is funny. I read all books and watched all movies, so I would consider myself a fan. I too prefer Lord of the Rings as well though, but I'm just a fantasy nerd ^^

Lala is cool, but can be boring at times. Momo is always fun and I mostly go for the girls who try to seduce the protagonist, even better if they are antagonists themselves :>

I don't think he's a scumbag because he wants to touch boobs and I never said that he tried to rape anyone. It's more about how he treats others at times. Like he would definitely betray people if Makima would give him a reward for doing it afterwards. His morals seem to be very flawed and focused on his own well-being with not much consideration for others. Though that might also come from him being not the smartest dude around.

I agree with your definition, that's why I made that distinction. I'm surprised you think that Rias lost her charm after season 1 though. I mean yeah, Akeno is sexier. But Rias is not far behind for me, she still is seducing Issei after season 1, she just shows more serious affection and love for him, which is not a bad thing in my book.

Well at least it worked out for you for a while, I don't see why you can't do it again for a longer time.

Yeah, everybody has their own way of not-voting pretty much. Speaking of that, I can't vote in the newest poll either because my PTW list is still stuck in last year, so I haven't even watched one harem of 2023 like you have haha
Gator Nov 25, 4:29 AM
Tbh I don't think there is a consens on what ecchi is in general, I'll link you a poll about which anime /r/anime sees as ecchi and surprise surprise, DxD is at the top ^^

Oh I see, I guess those other women did not appear in the anime then? Only remember that hot demon chick, but I think she only appeared in the last episode.

I do remember seeing some hype for Black Clover, but it died out pretty quickly tbh haha. Not using magic but still being the strongest reminds me of Toaru series with Touma, though I really dislike Touma. Mashle actually got recommended by a good friend, I heard Harry Potter fans like me will like it.

True, I loved Lala... up to the point when Momo appeared, rarely best girl got replaced faster than in that episode. I'm actually glad there wasn't much drama in DxD overall, probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed the show that much. Just all around a good anime.

Haha I guess it's easy to identify with him, though I hope you're not as much of a scumbag as Denji is sometimes. Not into ASMR in general, but she definitely did a great job with Makima.

Most attractive = sexiest or most beautiful? Sexiest I'd agree, most beautfiul I think there are others I prefer.

Nice, a pity you didn't get to keep her. Hope you'll find someone like her again.

I feel like my vote loses all purpose if I don't decide for someone though, so I see no difference in not voting tbh. But I saw that others are happy about those options, so that 's nice.
Aangkun Nov 25, 4:22 AM
No, Eren and Mikasa would like to
Aangkun Nov 24, 11:58 PM
I really liked her, and I would so like to have Eren and Mikasa
Aangkun Nov 24, 12:59 PM
Gator Nov 24, 12:25 AM
Though I've seen a discussion on reddit about the definition of ecchi and there were a few cases where I wondered. Like Goblin Slayer, there are certainly fanservice scenes, but the focus on the show is more on the action part. Not sure if I'd call this ecchi.

Don't know enough about Berserk to say if it's harem or not, I only remember Casca as love interest.

I don't think I could stand Asta, I hate overly loud protagonists like that. Why was it still worth it for you?

That really depends on the anime. If I'm pretty bored after 4 episodes but don't wanna stop watching, I usually just pick up one of my guitars and play a bit while watching xD
Yeah, luckily not much drama going on in To Love-Ru, which I appreciated. Meanwhile with DxD you get the full package with action and a good story as well.

I'm sorry, I knew you wouldn't like that wording haha. But I was actually pretty hyped for it, but after watching it it was "just" good for me. For what it's worth, Denji's life goal was pretty relatable to me, so that's not something I criticized. My biggest problem was, that no one of the characters really clicked with me, even though I enjoyed seeing Makima do literally anything.

Yeah, it sure was one of the funniest anime I've watched. The pervy humor was exactly to my taste, even though I usually don't like sci-fi settings all that much. I think it was the first time I saw an anime girl trying to seduce the protagonist and to this day I still love those occasions haha.

Xenovia is great indeed, I'd only put Rias and Akeno above her. Lucky you I guess, bet you got a lot of action in those days ^^

Ah, so all for the sake of GOTM, that's true determination. I don't always know the characters and do indeed just vote for the more attractive one in that case. But I have to admit that there were some instances where I was just not interested enough in either girl to vote.
Gator Nov 22, 2:23 PM
I see, I guess our definition of harem is the same then. At first I thought I disagree with you somehow haha. As someone who tried to learn Japanese two times before, of course I already knew where the term ecchi came from. Though MAL uses it weirdly some times as well, I'm watching Fuukoi currently and I have no idea why this did not deserve the ecchi tag.

Shield Hero? Well I haven't watched season 3 yet, but I only remember Raphtalia as possible love interest. Goblin Slayer though you have a point, there are multiple women who might be interested in him, haven't thought about that.

I watched this screaming compilation of the protagonist, that was enough to put me off lol

I was mostly bored watching Gintama, but I managed to finish it by watching it while eating.
I feel like To Love Ru is something most people watch as one of their first ecchi anime and it's a good place to start really.
Chainsaw man was good, but I feel like it was a bit overhyped. Desert Punk was amazing though, Junko is still one of the sexiest characters out there.

At some point I read that the plan was to adapt DxD completely, but that was befoer covid so the plans might've changed. Definitely would deserve it though, it has become pretty much the definition of an ecchi anime. Asia is supposed to be the cute and insecure girl, so that's to be expected. Girls like Xenovia, who just pull a condom out of their pocket, are just better unfortunately xD

I think I changed the info of a character's page like 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years and that was also for some pretty unknown character. Didn't really bother me that it took a while though, but I guess connections help if you want it done fast.
Gator Nov 21, 12:25 AM
Isn't a harem anime where the protagonist has more than two love interests? I thought just following him around wouldn't already call as harem. Which anime of the current season would you label as harem which aren't already labeled as?
Ah yes, the short "ecchi" shows which very appearing every season for a while. I never liked those tbh, always felt too much like hentai. Ecchi has a different bigger appeal to me somehow, characters are sexier if we actually get to know them instead of them just doing the deed.
I actually have not watched Black Clover, looked similar to Naruto and after finishing Shippuuden I was kinda burnt out on that whole concept.

I finished Gintama simply because it was hyped to be such a great comedy anime, but in the end it was pretty mid. I can understand someone not being able to finish it, it's way too long haha
When I started watching To Love Ru I was still quite inexperienced with anime and I'm pretty sure I'd rate the first season lower if I'd watch it again today. I actually watched Chainsaw Man because of all the hype around it. And then it got over 1 million members on MAL and I read about dommy mommy Makima, so there was no way I wasn't watching that. Was good.
Just skimmed through your PTW and there are a bunch of mid and bad shows on there imo, but Senran Kagura was very good, I can recommend that to an ecchi lover.

I don't remember her being that annoying, but she's kind of the boring girl in a group of much sexier options. Still waiting for another season of DxD...

I donated money to Ukraine last year, but that's about it. Ardanaz was one of my first friends on MAL and he became a mod later on, so I guess I do have a connection haha. Though we don't talk a lot anymore, mostly because of my inactivity. In general I was quite statisfied with mods on MAL, most of the time when I reported some bot or troll, there was a quick response from the team.
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