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Girl of the Month: Final Round
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7 hours ago
If you had a harem: One Piece (v42)
captainmorgan - Feb 3
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10 hours ago
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Clithzby - May 22, 2014
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Sticky: Recommendation Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
captainmorgan - Apr 1, 2014
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captainmorgan - Oct 16, 2013
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Yesterday, 7:14 AM

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Club Comments
Shishio-kun | 6 hours ago
'Marge you can sit there complaining, or you can knit me some seatbelts!"

I wonder, whats the funniest thing you guys ever did to troll someone in an online game?

CLYDESDALE | 8 hours ago
The best that I've remembered today, actually, was when he has no car and just puts 4 tires on a mattress, then Marge comes into the garage and has to ask him if he really think it's going to work... Haha!

Shishio-kun | 9 hours ago
Yes he did, that's a great episode. It also has the classic "I wash myself with a rag on a stick!"

captainmorgan | 9 hours ago
Didn't Homer reach 300 or 400 lbs to become a disabled person in that episode?

That's definitely not true anymore...

elkensteyin | 9 hours ago
Homer know best

CLYDESDALE | 9 hours ago
You know... I thought about that too, but then I realized there was a caps lock key. It was like everything was revealed to me in the universe... Just like in Highlander.

elkensteyin | 9 hours ago

So I guess people yell at you all the time when calling your name ^^

Oh, I know it is, but I'm too lazy to hold the shift key down for more than the first character of a word

CLYDESDALE | 9 hours ago
I feel the same way about you, because it's CLYDE, not "Clyde".

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