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Girl of the Month Dark Hair: Final Round
45 replies by Dexicon »»
52 minutes ago
GIFs: Boob Jiggle edition
9 replies by Clithzby »»
4 hours ago
Lucy Heartfilia Rare-style member cards (delivery in first post!)
41 replies by Shishio-kun »»
7 hours ago
Sticky: [WIDE OPEN] Member card requests ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
227 replies by Milky_way1886 »»
05-02-15, 10:34 AM
Poll: Double Week Trouble: Senran Kagura
8 replies by zdude18 »»
05-01-15, 9:11 AM

Club Comments
zdude18 | 22 minutes ago
Can't argue with that, Clyde.

Michael909 | 1 hour ago
thx for this list

MantaBaby | 5 hours ago
Sweet! Thanks!

Shishio-kun | 7 hours ago
I've linked a delivery album where you can download requested cards in the Lucy Heartfilia affiliation edition:

Thanks for requesting and the great image selection!

CLYDESDALE | 8 hours ago
@zdude Look, I pretty much said you are a pleb and it makes perfect sense, because it's true, alright? The Chief Justice's ruling is FINAL.

Also, you CAN'T watch them now, because you're away at school, so you can't download them unless you go to some place that has wireless internet that you either have to pay for, is free, yet shitty, a friend's house who happens to live in the local area, or drive back home. There are obviously other ways you could accomplish downloading airing anime, but we all know you aren't going to do any of those, because they would be inconvenient AF.

papaswerve | 10 hours ago
Dark you will not be disappointed this season bruh.. I mean its stacked af. i am atleast watching 15+ anime.

DarkSynopsis | 11 hours ago
I tend to avoid airing also but if its a new season of an Anime I've watched I'll start it up, chances are the last season of whatever show left me wanting more so might as well jump in and endure the week to week.

papaswerve | Yesterday, 8:59 PM
Bruh this new opening for kuroko no basket is fuckinga amazing.

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