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Club Comments
DarkSynopsis | 20 minutes ago
@Dalphin Been over a year since I've seen Clannad so its not amazingly fresh in my mind but still can't motivate myself to play the VN, I loved the Anime so much when I think about reliving the story I feel like I would rather spend that time re-watching the Anime... Stupid mentality I know but sometimes its the little things that are hard to get over >.< I imagine I would also use a walkthrough the whole "routes" thing in VNs don't hold any interest to me, doesn't it result in trial and error without a walkthrough? I've got no time for that just let me see all the content :P

I do however want to play a "KEY" VN, I currently have Rewrite installed, though if I do get around to a VN I feel like it will be the upcoming Angel Beats one since I enjoyed that series and wish it had more episodes.

@A_Raizan I know I should give Fate/Stay Night a shot but as you said I probably won't... Its in my mind as I want to but I know by now it won't happen unless I just happen to become a VN Addict by some chance at some point in the future.

At the end of the day I feel like I would end up playing a VN more if I had access to them on my tablet... Should I could stream over from my Desktop but then I still have to be in the house thus killing any portability so seems pointless.

I had a thought, do VNs have any "game" elements to them or are they all just click and wait? if so I feel like its possible you could have a website for VNs where you login then your save is just stored online, I imagine it could run on HTML5 resulting in pointing any device to said website and being able to play... Maybe I'm thinking its easier then it sounds but it would remove some of the bullshit of setting your computer to Japanese to install/play some VNs and even English Patching but at the end of the day its all illegal really if you are doing it that way...

Now I'm thinking if I was not always working on various projects I would mess around with the idea assuming its easy enough to rip assets from a VN to recreate faithfully but in the end it would not benefit me at that point I would have to play every inch of some VN thus destroying my need for playing it on a tablet :P

A_Raizan | 22 minutes ago
As right as the last "word" of your comment. But furries sounds nice :P

Update: Black Lagoon: Second Barrage was better than season 1. Looking forward to the wrap up.

YandereTheEmo | 1 hour ago
A shinto god of furries, amiright?

A_Raizan | 1 hour ago
Well, my picture is a wolf and in this case a shinto god. Also, the origin and meaning of my real life name is noble wolf so... yeah.

YandereTheEmo | 1 hour ago
At least he's not a furry boasting pictures of animals on his prof, amiright?

A_Raizan | 2 hours ago
You didn't select what's on your own card? GG.

Rigardo would be the card maker because you have to obey him =D.

captainmorgan | 2 hours ago
because I'm clearly masquerading as a girl, not advertising a club card made by our club card maker.

A_Raizan | 2 hours ago
Said the guy using a girl picture as an avatar.

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