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Subenu - Jun 22, 2014
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Apr 26, 10:31 PM
Would you date this monster girl? ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
dcw2021 - Mar 13, 2015
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Apr 26, 8:39 PM
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dcw2021 | Apr 26, 10:31 PM
Finally finished this chapter

dcw2021 | Apr 25, 6:56 PM

Name: Chirp
Species: Harpy
Personality: Timid
Likes: Dancing, the morning sun, rice
Dislikes: Fighting, competing with other harpies
Favorite Techniques: Cowgirl
Series: Monster Girl Quest Paradox

Our next contestant... come on now, don't be shy... you look fine... look lady, I haven't got all day do you want a date or not... Well then get out here... sorry about that folks, our next contestant is very shy. With most of her slender form hidden by her tribe's traditional outfit, she feels that she is not attractive enough to attract attention. Already timid and lacking in confidence she has trouble competing with the more colorful and way more forward of the harpies. She needs a loving and, more importantly, loyal partner that can resist the advances of the other harpies and love her for who she is even if she does not have confidence in herself. Stick with her and show her you are there for her and she will be shedding more than just tears of joy.

So, would you date this monster girl?

dcw2021 | Apr 19, 8:12 PM

Name: Honey
Species: Honey Bee
Personality: Mild Mannered
Likes: Honey, Flowers, Sweets
Dislikes: Grizzlies, Hornets, Fighting
Favorite Techniques: Licking
Series: Monster Girl Quest/Monster Girl Quest Paradox

Are you ready for some sweet sweet loving? Well it will have to wait because this busy bee spend her day skipping through fields of flowers on bright sunny days to smell the roses (And alraune) and taste their sweet nectar. Sound like the perfect job? Well it's not! It is a dangerous mission fraught with peril! The alraune tend to resist stealing their nectar and the grizzlies are constantly attacking her to take her own sweet honey. The more honey she has the bigger target she is and the harder it is to fly away! She needs someone strong, someone willing to trow themselves at the grizzlies to buy her time to get away, she does not care how you manage it. So what is your sweet reward for your hard work? Why to be covered in the honey she gathered through the day as she licks it all off inch by inch with her long tongue, slowly and carefully licking the most sensitive places.

So, would you date this monster girl?

dcw2021 | Apr 18, 8:56 PM
Hi, welcome

_ViVi_ | Apr 18, 8:41 PM

Clarus_Nox | Apr 14, 4:05 PM
elo welcome to the club

Stand_Alone_Void | Apr 14, 1:02 PM
Hello everyone
I'm new

_ViVi_ | Apr 12, 2:07 PM

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