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Club Comments
chaosflame5 | 4 minutes ago
@Tsubro: I see, I haven't see those yet xD I know she composed OSTs for Madoka Magica, SAO, and Kara no Kyoukai movies.
Hehe, I like both ^^ Too much cool OSTs to post more though .__.
And this one is weak too .__. Dunno why :x

@Himi: Phew xD Thanks :D Though there is a % cap .__. No matter what I get, a repeat exam only gives me
40% after counting the scores =.=
Wish that's the case, but more likely it's not gonna pass -.-"
Lol xD See? You feel old too now xD
I'll see :) I can always move my bday to another day c:

Himikoi | 36 minutes ago
@Chaos *releases Chaos a bit and grins* Oh good luck with those exams! Since you started studying now, I'm sure you'll do great in August >:D
Ohh that's not good, don't worry about it until they give you back the exam *^* It may have been better than you expected!
Oh yes, it does fly! This club already has two years wow. We're getting old ;-;
Oh it's always good to buy a cake, even if it's a weekday :D Hope you have a good one ^^

@tsubasa ohh i see o.o I should read more about it. I'm quite ignorant in that respect. Thank you thank you. I'll do my best!

tsubasa_ | 1 hour ago
@Himi: yes ^^ it is it all started during the Meiji Period xD really? it's nice and cool but also very demanding ^^
that's an interesting theme :D that's true xD I know you'll make it :D
@ChaosBro: oh I know her because of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Pandora Hearts xD
oh I like them expecially the 2nd :D
I thought so haha xD

chaosflame5 | 1 hour ago
@TsuBro: Oh well xD I'll find out myself ^^
The composer is Yuki Kajiura, she's one of the best composers I've ever came across in anime OSTs *__* Here is another one from Fate/Zero:
And this one is from the new Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works route adaptation, different composer, but this one is one of the best ones so far even though other ones are kinda forgettable.
That OST you posted isn't bad, but somehow kinda weak for me xD

@Himi: Can't....breeze....K___O xD I'm ok...studying for my repeat exams for August. Finished my exam from 2nd semester last week but I think I failed that one too -__- Things didn't go as thought it to be...
Awww same here :') I still remember our first encounter in Tamayura club xD Time flies right? Dx Wish time slows down a little bit x'D When this club is on its 2nd anniversary, I already felt time just goes in full speed .__.
My bday is on a weekday where my parents are they would be too tired to celebrate xD But maybe a simple cake will do xD I'm not making a big deal about birthdays anymore lol xD

Himikoi | 1 hour ago
Education reforms in Japan o.o that's quite interesting. I've also heard of someone else who wanted to study Japanology, it must be pretty nice :)

Mine is about life in the 18th Century England x_x also quite nice, imo, but not when I'm running out of time hehe

tsubasa_ | 1 hour ago
I had to summarize the past few lessons on what we did in my course about the 1st and 2nd Education Reform in Japan. I'm studying Japanology at uni ^^
what's your essay about? :o

Himikoi | 2 hours ago
oh what was it about o:

tsubasa_ | 2 hours ago
glad too hear/read that ^^oh I see good luck on that! I had to write an report yesterday took me a few hours and I made some handwritten notes but I couldn't read it anymore lol

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