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Active Change Log
- From now on in group editions that have post limits, the post limit is now based on the number of members that request from every card maker instead of the post number, you'll need to check yourself if someone skipped cards in the post limit though to see if you can still request. E.g. if the limit is 30 members, then only 30 members can request from that card maker. If for example, the 8th person did not request from this card maker, then the 31st person can still request from this card maker.

- Newsletter Sign up (V2.) - You'll need to sign up again.
NEW - Claim a Character has been opened for july!
NEW - Claim a MAL User has been opened for july!

- June 3 - Best Anime 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.
- June 3 - Best Anime Guy 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.
- June 3 - Best Anime Girl 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.

- Monthly Edition - Beach is open for the month July.
NEW - Weekly Edition - Gun Girls is open from July 28 to August 4.

NEW - Since now we got a new club layout with a section of the layout that is for a featured anime video, a thread for nominating a song or video is going to be opened each week and a limited number of videos or songs are going to be posted by the members and staff. Then I'll use to generate a random number (so first video post will be number 1 and 2nd video be number 2 etc.) and whichever video was chosen by the site, I'll use that as the weekly video on the layout.
Each week the type of video that you can post changes, which you can check by the title of an opened thread. The following are the type of videos that are going to be used across the weeks:
- Anime opening or ending songs.
- Anime AMVs.
- Insert songs (songs that were played within some anime episodes or in an anime movie).
- Instrumental OSTs (so any music soundtracks that do not have singing in it).
- Songs from Visual Novels.
- Vocaloid songs.

Nominate an anime insert song of the week is open, click here.

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2 minutes ago
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Club Comments
Lyfa | 7 hours ago
@Acie that's obvious! because it smells :P

AceOne | Yesterday, 3:39 PM
chaosflame5 said:
@Ace: Sowwy :'( I'm blind sometimesh, boohooo!

I wish my brother is quiet <_< But never is. He gets grumpy like hell whenever he loses in a game =_=

Damn :/ So when would there be the next competition? What do you win anyway if you won?

and very anti-enthusiastic i see :s

haha well just hope he'll grow up quickly

umm there were some technical prizes but they didnt really show much so idk


do you know why poop is called poop ? :T

btw what anime is that pic from ?

Lyfa | Yesterday, 3:35 PM
@Chaos Thanks :) today had a break... because well... ppl need breaks sometimes :x
Lols no... the girl told him that, he said "I don't want to be called master" and then she suggests all that, I died laughing xD
My mainreason for using that gif, there is no logic xD

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 3:00 PM
@Lyfa: Good luck :3
You mean all those were the guy's thoughts?
Lol xD How can a chibi has such huge boobs :O

Lyfa | Yesterday, 9:32 AM
@Chaos Naming... probarly... soon... or not :33
She started with master, then father, then Onii-chan in the end it's Kamito thought xD
Yeah XD.....

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 9:29 AM
@Lyfa: At least you are finished....finished what? Naming or delivering?
Lol at those pics xD
Is that her boobs bouncing in the gif of the week? :O

Lyfa | Yesterday, 7:27 AM
To good lols

Lyfa | Yesterday, 7:25 AM
Yeah it's Seikon no Qwaser, I know it's not approciate however... I could not resist after seeing this gif, it seriously made me think "wow anime... just wow XD"

@Chaos 200 users!, you know I'm looking forward to delivering more then continue naming, but I'm nearly finished I think... today didn't bother doing anything, ppl need a break sometimes :/

Lyfa said:
@Acie Sounds like the German word for shit xD

maybe it isssssssss :s

It is now isn't it... *stares*?

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