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Club Discussion
[Open] Hanyuu LE
36 replies by Tigervu »»
2 hours ago
[OPEN] Alice Margatroid Edition
46 replies by akoya »»
2 hours ago
[Game] Count down from 9999 [V2] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
4,778 replies by DarkVocaloid »»
4 hours ago
[Game] Count up until infinity~~ [Part 2] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
4,236 replies by DarkVocaloid »»
4 hours ago
Sticky: [Open] Official Member Cards V4. ( 1 2 3 4 )
178 replies by yenten »»
4 hours ago

Club Comments
Athalon-Zero | 4 hours ago
@ Zero: really not much development >.> she came back as support for Shido just to save Tohka and her boobies >.>

But all I care is Hot Kurumi sooo >////////////////////////////////>

chaosflame5 | 7 hours ago
@elken: You're welcome ^^ Enjoy if you like it, or just resist the pain if you hating it.

@Zero: If only hot Kurumi then sounds like no character progression and development eh...???

@Lyfa: Why can't I?! O__O" I FEEL LIKE IT!! >:D
Hmm...another one on my PTW perhaps o.o Angels might be corrupt, lol. In many fictional works, I always hear how angels are arrogant and such, and of course, fallen angels. If angels can become fallen, then arrogance and being evil are still possibilities, so they've a lust for war is no surprising then o.o
Lawl xD Disapparance of Yuki Nagato, F/SN UBW 2nd cour, Digimon Tri will be my top priority :D
Just finished Tsukimonogatari few hours ago, now I'm sad again for having no Monogatari anime for a while :'(

Lyfa | 8 hours ago
@Elken :) haha xD well there might be allot guys but it's definitly not a BL or even slighty considered one xD.

elkensteyin | 8 hours ago
@Lyfa - If you're calling it a masterpiece, then I definitely need to check it out. I'll temporarily ignore the fact that you seem to also be a huge BL fan ^_^

Athalon-Zero | 8 hours ago
*pokes emoticons again LOL*

Lyfa | 9 hours ago
@Atha that's the Atha I know who pokes all emoticons ;D

@Elken no problem :) glad you like them ^^ and this is an anime that I'd never had imagined to be a masterpiece, but it truly is a masterpiece :x

@Chaos OIOI no leeking allowed tonight!!:>>>>
It's a very unique plot with an unique setting, but it was the second best anime of the winter season in my opinion, thought I have yet to understand the angels, they loved war or something >_<
APRIL ANIME ARE COMING, APRIL ANIME ARE COMING *hyper*, you can't imagine how happy I am that the winter season is over xD

Athalon-Zero | 9 hours ago
@ chaos: only more Hot Kurumi >////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////>
*pokes emoticons and removes mouths*

elkensteyin | 9 hours ago
@Zero/Chaos - thanks, I'll check it out when i can

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