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Active Change Log
- From now on in group editions that have post limits, the post limit is now based on the number of members that request from every card maker instead of the post number, you'll need to check yourself if someone skipped cards in the post limit though to see if you can still request. E.g. if the limit is 30 members, then only 30 members can request from that card maker. If for example, the 8th person did not request from this card maker, then the 31st person can still request from this card maker.

- Newsletter Sign up (V2.) - You'll need to sign up again.
NEW - Claim a Character has been opened for july!
NEW - Claim a MAL User has been opened for july!

- June 3 - Best Anime 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.
- June 3 - Best Anime Guy 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.
- June 3 - Best Anime Girl 2013 - Round 1 Match 11 and Match 12 are added.

- Monthly Edition - Beach is open for the month July.
NEW - Weekly Edition - Priest is open from July 21 to July 27.

NEW - Since now we got a new club layout with a section of the layout that is for a featured anime video, a thread for nominating a song or video is going to be opened each week and a limited number of videos or songs are going to be posted by the members and staff. Then I'll use to generate a random number (so first video post will be number 1 and 2nd video be number 2 etc.) and whichever video was chosen by the site, I'll use that as the weekly video on the layout.
Each week the type of video that you can post changes, which you can check by the title of an opened thread. The following are the type of videos that are going to be used across the weeks:
- Anime opening or ending songs.
- Anime AMVs.
- Insert songs (songs that were played within some anime episodes or in an anime movie).
- Instrumental OSTs (so any music soundtracks that do not have singing in it).
- Songs from Visual Novels.
- Vocaloid songs.

Nominate an AMV of the week is open. Click here.

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2,943 replies by chaosflame5 »»
4 minutes ago
Sticky: [Staff Only] Staff Chat ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,897 replies by Lyfa »»
1 hour ago
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Club Comments
AceOne | 2 hours ago

*removes all your pics of hot kurumi* :T

ohh i didnt know that~

Athalon-Zero | 5 hours ago
*removes mouth off Ace's emoticon*
I was tired as hell when I travel to Bangkok >.>

AceOne | 6 hours ago
@zero: you didnt reply to my PM ! >#<

chaosflame5 said:
@Ace: Oops, I thought I replied yours but didn't D:

Nice idea xD At least that keeps her quiet.

I see. At least you tried ^^ Though it's stupid that they don't tell you :/

you thought that you did but you DIDN'TTT !! XP

yes, she must be quiet all the time >:T

well its the same with everyone that didnt make it too xD

Lyfa said:
@Acie Sounds like the German word for shit xD

maybe it isssssssss :s

Athalon-Zero | Yesterday, 7:10 PM
*pokes all the emoticons on this page into tmi faces LOL*

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 6:28 PM
@Himi: Good night :) I'm gonna reply tomorrow instead :)

Himikoi | Yesterday, 6:22 PM
I'm going to sleep now. See you later ^^

Himikoi | Yesterday, 6:15 PM
@Chaos well I didn't buy them. My dog was a gift from a friend. She was giving away some little dogs her real pet had so she gave me one. The cat just came with her mom to my house and the mom abandoned it here :( So I guess, if I happen to find another lost pet somewhere I'll keep it ^^
And what did the mod say?
lol yep xD
Kururugi Suzaku is his name. You'll notice the similarities when you watch it ;)

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 5:59 PM
@Himi: Ok :/
At least your cat overcame the loneliness. Maybe you can get another cat or a dog? So the cat won't be lonely. Though I think getting a pet is expensive, right?
Well, sometimes entries can be deleted from the database which is annoying. But mostly commercial entries I guess, or any new anime entries that were replicates. Ghost entries exist for the stats chart on our profiles as a result -.- I had to ask a mod who linked a thread about how to solve this issue, lol.
Yep :P Easy entries :DD
Really? o.o Who??? I thought only in Tsubasa Chronicle has a character that is an alternative version of him o.o

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