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[Game] Count up until infinity~~ ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
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[Game] Female vs. Male 5 (Read Rules Before Playing) ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
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[Open] Best Anime Girl 2013 - Round 1 - Match 8 ( 1 2 )
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[Open] Weekly Edition - Bunny ( 1 2 3 4 )
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Club Comments
AceOne | 8 hours ago

oh, well idk how to explain it to u, its like...junk store~!? xP

reminds me of farcry...oh how i miss that game :I


u lost me :I

for real real~

DOES TOO TIMES 10 !! i used cas AND math..overkill :p

oki, wait till i burn the whole house~

Shizora | 10 hours ago
Hello, Happy Easter.^^

Lyfa | Today, 4:09 AM
Easter SE is open now!

Lyfa | Yesterday, 2:05 PM
@Chaos thanks, I love this one to as the black and white fit the DP position of MAL so well <33 just that his hair was dyed blond for disguising purposes in my picture...
xD buhh .........

Hmm well about that, it's the opposite my doggy thinks he's the ruler in the house not only over the older dog but over us to xD
Not only greyhound, but they're used often in dogfights so I get why you call them as an example...

I see, seems odd honestly... as ppl like to make others suffer... but China is insane, I wonder why thought... and parents sounds like they torture em even harder... pfft......
Hmm, well I dunno xD I dunno at all lols....... at that time I didn't even realised it that the courses never got finished xD
Haha depends depends..... I will probarly sooner or later (few years) move out of my country anyways... can't stand this gouverment >_>"

Exactly this, well GWII is a odd but rlly well made game, you don't need to party up with ppl to get credit for quests or events either, and killing a mob and hitting it even once while others kill it credit for you as well.... and for dungeons there's an autoparty feature, I love this game's engine....
Only if the other partie takes screenshots and send em in, not that I know if I was banned dind't played for a while xP

Dunno... but what does it rlly matter anyways xD the real problem for you will be in the middle somewhere where the scans are almost unreadable X-x
I was rlly surprised thought as I didn't plan it out beforehand xD I wish it was summer alrdy I need to know how Hamatora continues, the ended it at a cliffhanger and if I don't like it I'LL FCKING DROP IT...
Buhh alright, right now I'm watching ultra comedy my tummy hurts from laughing xD

@Atha *sees you rolling*... I APPROVE! <3

@Acie boney?... rather muscles right?

You cute?.... for real?

DOES NOT!, I used caps so I win buwhahahaha <3

Yes! So hurry up Acie and create my cookie empire alrdy xD

Athalon-Zero | Yesterday, 1:08 PM
@ Chaos: I always like poking emoticons, they are soo pokable

chaosflame5 | Yesterday, 12:34 PM
@Lyfa: Btw, nice new DP, who is that guy?
And I replied to the staff chat. We've so many chats all of a sudden, lol.

Ahh so that's why...It makes sense now. But...that's a huge age gap o_o 10 months and an 11 year old dog :O Do they usually get along? Sometimes old dogs tend to bully the young ones I think...
I feel sorry for those dogs too if anything happened to them~ Those greyhound races always have some dark background, where the losers were tortured or killed before got investigated...

Maybe people here care about freedom of children and make them to have less sufferings. In China it's like a death camp, from 7:50 am starts the first lesson, then finishes at around 4:10 pm, so kids were like fucking zombies afterwards and still got homework to do. Then in secondary school was like 12 to 13 hours long and then their parents might send them to after school extra tuitions. Then they got homework to do. So they're restless. And as for not finishing stuff, in here despite the short hours, teachers still cannot finish the course sometimrs <_< Or during the last two weeks or something which won't have enough time to revise the whole course -__- But still, you might as well move to Ireland! xDDD And we might meet each other if you moved to the city I live in xD

Nice :> Oh I see, so basically you can join this anytime and still win things? Normally games tend to start after gathered enough participants and then stops from further people joining. So this is odd...
Aww poor you. Hope that troll that irritated you will be gone forever :) How can they detect if you took screenshots or not?? o.o I never heard of a game where screenshots can be detected...

Yeah ^^ Though some scans use the edited English cover "Rave Master" instead of the Japanese "Groove Adventure Rave". So I don't know if the scans were really fan scanlated or lazily took out from Tokyopop's version of the manga...
No surprise there xD But glad they made 2nd seasons of many shows :)
I'm still in no sports mood .__. So I'll still wait :/

@Ace: Yeah true.
And the question from my previous reply Crappy place? What kind?

Yep yep, something like that .___.

@Zero: Poking emoticons again eh?? You always done that in many clubs xD

Athalon-Zero | Yesterday, 11:36 AM
@ Lyfa: I shall roll in here then LOL
*pokes Ace's emoticons LOL*

AceOne | Yesterday, 11:34 AM

OHHHH is it the BONEY condition ure talkin about ?

of course u wouldnt, i'm just too cute for that :p

does too !!

and they're queen shall be u ! xP


i wouldnt even bother spending money on them, they have no value to me myself~

haha waking up is like loging off just in time when some lion attacks u~

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