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Since now we got a new club layout with a section of the layout that is for a featured anime video, a thread for nominating a song or video is going to be opened each week and a limited number of videos or songs are going to be posted by the members and staff. Then I'll use to generate a random number (so first video post will be number 1 and 2nd video be number 2 etc.) and whichever video was chosen by the site, I'll use that as the weekly video on the layout.
Each week the type of video that you can post changes, which you can check by the title of an opened thread. The following are the type of videos that are going to be used across the weeks:
- Anime opening or ending songs.
- Anime AMVs.
- Insert songs (songs that were played within some anime episodes or in an anime movie).
- Instrumental OSTs (so any music soundtracks that do not have singing in it).
- Songs from Visual Novels.
- Vocaloid songs.

Nominate an anime instrumental OST of the week is open, click here.

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[OPEN] Komori Yui ~ Solo Edition
14 replies by kleenex4u »»
2 minutes ago
Sticky: [Staff Only] Staff Chat ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
3,188 replies by Lyfa »»
4 minutes ago
[Game] Count up until infinity~~ [Part 2] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,752 replies by prez-anna »»
1 hour ago
[Game] Count down from 9999 [V2] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,839 replies by prez-anna »»
1 hour ago
[CLOSED] - Medusa Rare Edition - ( 1 2 )
21 replies by Lady-Michaelis »»
2 hours ago

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Club Comments
Lyfa | 7 minutes ago
@Atha it's cute xD *puts it as image here for clubfun*

@Aguileitus well for only this thread I want everyone to request from every single cardmaker, for other threads I don't rlly care but this one... I might be a lil bitch in xD haha....

Aguileitus | 1 hour ago
What rule?
Ty ~

Athalon-Zero | 3 hours ago

all about Leafa >.>

*removes Lyfa's emoticon mouth and flips eyes horizontally*

Lyfa | 3 hours ago
@Haxx Just Atha xD

@Sipi no no no it's all Atha's fault, I see her as more then just boobs... thought they kept going everywhere during eps....

@Atha no!XD

@Aguiletus I deliver once a month so prob next month from me but pls edit your post I can't accept it like this as it doesn't validate 1 rule :/
Also for claiming a char just link your request link and it'll be acepted xD

Lady-Michaelis | 5 hours ago
Medusa RE Now Open

Aguileitus | 6 hours ago
When will you do the member cards for the newbies as me?
I want to claim a character ;_;

Athalon-Zero | Yesterday, 11:30 PM
lol isn't that what she's about?

Sipi | Yesterday, 11:03 PM
Lyfa that must be it then :P

...boobs... That's all I registered from your convo about Leafa :D

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