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Lucky | 6 hours ago
sorry I didn't quite understand, all I wanted was to put the Code with the spoiler, but when I try to looks like this:

Shishio-kun | 6 hours ago
@boyscouts1: Actually I meant "seems fine" as in: your list layout is fine and you don't have hentai covers, but you have no covers since that cover url is dead

@lucky: Well the code tag is used to show how BBcode looks when it's just text. So as far as I know you can't show spoilers in code "boxes" since they'd turn the spoilers into text. If you know someone who has such a trick on their profile layout tho, it can be ripped from there.

You can use [quote] tag for boxes instead of [code]

Lucky | 7 hours ago
@Shishio-kun I want the Spoiler "inside" the code as in the image, I just used the image as an example.

Shishio-kun | 7 hours ago
@boyscouts1: Your list seems fine now. Is that the CSS you were using when you came home?

@lucky: Not sure what you're asking about. You want:
Image in Spoiler in Code?

Lucky | 7 hours ago
Hello @Shishio-kun, I have a small doubt, how do I use the Spoiler with the Code as well as the Image ?

BoyScouts1 | Yesterday, 1:41 PM
I come home and see that my css coding if f***ed beyond belief and see the images of the anime replaced with random manga... so of which include hentai...

What is going on...

Syaoran3 | Yesterday, 4:27 AM
@DragonTamer1 You could also try Mal Gen

@Shishio-kun Yeah it works now.

nymphiae | Sep 29, 9:08 PM
the #more for classic preset (so the very first one) should work on your list, if you have trouble setting it up, you can always come back and ask for help :)

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