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❓ Ask for help here + See Frequently Asked Questions ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Shishio-kun - Apr 15, 2010
7,812 repliesby mtsRhea »»
9 hours ago
[CSS- MODERN] ⭐ Minimal Dashboard layout by 5cm ~ Compact and convenient! ( 1 2 3 )
Shishio-kun - Sep 4, 2020
121 repliesby Pokitaru »»
11 hours ago
[CSS-MODERN] Change list text/font colors on any list layout
Shishio-kun - May 4, 2021
3 repliesby hideso »»
Yesterday, 4:33 PM
[CSS] [VIDEO GUIDE] ⭐️ How to change fonts on a list layout
Shishio-kun - Jul 15, 2019
17 repliesby hideso »»
Yesterday, 4:03 PM
[CSS][Modern] ☀️ Endless Summer Layout by Cateinya ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Cateinya - Aug 18, 2016
309 repliesby hideso »»
Yesterday, 3:56 PM

Club Comments
hideso | Yesterday, 7:28 PM
@RackOrRuin Welcome to the club!

@Luffie00 You can ask for help here >>
Alternatively, for Azur Blur layout, you may post a question here >>

Luffie00 | Apr 19, 12:19 PM
hi guys, can someone help me with a change in the azur blur layout?

RackOrRuin | Apr 18, 10:34 AM
Hello everyone 😚😙😗

takkun_ | Apr 16, 11:33 PM
Hi everyone, I've been looking around at different list designs, but I'm trying to find the best design for covers/mini-reviews. I currently use the Shinobu theme. I really like large cover images with an emphasis on mini-reviews. Is there a recommended design for something like this? Or is the Shinobu design the best option for this kind of look? I also like to customize my list with my own images, designs, etc. of course.

Any help would be appreciated!

Shishio-kun | Feb 16, 8:47 PM
@Asilva awesome!

I thought "house division" could have been an anime or new genre I didnt know about 😫

Asilva | Feb 16, 3:20 PM
@Shishio-kun thank for point about that, i kinda wrote that as a joke but i kinda saw now how that might not be good.

Also by "Anime house division" it is exactly as you described so thanks for the fancaps and danbooru site.

Shishio-kun | Feb 16, 2:03 PM
@Asilva what's "anime House division"? I don't really know what you're even asking for, if you need screenshots of any anime rooms just search scenery or 'no_humans' with 'bedroom' or ''kitchen' on Danbooru, also

I'd recommend to never put "I'm too lazy to..." in a question or request. ppl see this and will automatically ignore you when they read this, as they may interpret it as you weren't willing to put in any effort and expect others to do it for you.

Asilva | Feb 16, 11:37 AM
Hi guys quick question, does anyone have any screenshots of anime House division, whatever they may be from rooms, kitchen even if it is fantasy rooms with lots of decorations or training rooms with weapon racks and training dummys.

I am asking this cuz i am taking a 3D modulation class and my teacher kinda wants us students to do this type of 3D modulation - - with a theme of our choice and since anime as lots of ideas, but i'm kinda lazy to go back and search through all the ones I've already watched/read i tought of asking someone :)

In case no one has no problems it was worth a shot, im gonna start watching "eminence of shadow" and finished "faraway paladin", gonna see if there is anything worthy on those shows.

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