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11-09-14, 11:25 AM

Club Comments
TNGRaw | 3 hours ago
Chloe said:
just doing it for your friend or girlfriend

I have yet to find someone who is open about them watching/liking hentai. Only my group of friends and I talk sometimes about hentai. Why do people think Hentai is "taboo" , I mean it's just another form of entertainment. Im pretty open about my love of Anime, and it's still hard to find a girl who likes anime :/ High School Girls are quite immature, they only care about being "popular". I generally dislike those girls that try to be "popular". Now back to the hentai lol, I generally enjoy watching Incest, Harem, Femdom, Girls in stockings <3, Footjobs while wearing stockings <3333333
and in general Girls with nice sized boobs, I don't discriminate I just prefer them to be a reasonable size.

Chloe-tsundere | 11 hours ago
Fetisj is the same as fetish ^^"
Pretty common therms ..

I know my fetish is bondage and doggy style =P but concerning bondage i prefer not with rape as to me bondage or SM is a matter about trust and roleplay not torture -_-

Tho sometimes i got more

Oh and i like yaoi xD i found it so much fun when my friend came over and he just looked at it with a derpy face hilarious he wasnt bothered at all btw he jpeven laughed at the comedy moments (was at a convention yuri yaoi hr ) i always find it awesome when a guy is willing to watch yaoi. Ofc he doesnt have to be into it but just doing it for your friend or girlfriend is just meaningful. I mean i watch some hentai my love likes but i normally wouldnt watch ( bible black for example or garden the animation ) but i still do it and kind of enjoy it somehow xP

TheErosDeity | Yesterday, 1:48 PM
For a while now I've been wondering what a fetisj was... Well thanks to google I wonder no more. It was kinda pointless to wonder that anyways.

Anyways. That must be a girl thing. I've never experienced boredom midway through. Unless the hentai was genuinely boring. Shame on the other hand I have experienced. Usually when watching/reading NTR.

Like Chloe said. You probably just havent found your fetish yet. Try a variety of hentai.

My personal faves = Mother/Older sister types and vanilla hentai. And doggy FTW!


Chloe-tsundere | Yesterday, 3:12 AM
Shame.. Yeah but i dont lose interest im just ashamed im liking it.. As some are quite extreme

Maybe you havent found the right hentai or porn yet? Like a fetisj or position

TNGRaw | 11-27-14, 11:22 PM
Your Will Is Weak My Friend.

Fedora420 | 11-27-14, 10:57 PM
I've found a strange thing happens whenever I'm watching hentai, or actually porn in general. When I first start a hentai, I'm always filled with this excitement and interest. Then halfway through one of the sex scenes, all of a sudden I get bored, losing all interest completely, with a feeling of shame as well. Anyone experience this?

Fedora420 | 11-27-14, 10:50 PM
Hello fellow perverts!

SAO4LIFE | 11-26-14, 10:20 PM
*whistles idly*

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