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Hentai titles never get high scores?
14 replies by elementkg »»
2 hours ago
Sticky: The Ecchi/Hentai Anime Identifications Thread [18+] ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
591 replies by tforoforp »»
Yesterday, 9:05 PM
Story behind your usernames?
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Yesterday, 12:59 PM
Hentai Artists & Manga Recommendations
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02-27-15, 8:49 AM
Sticky: Upcoming Hentai Releases
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02-22-15, 4:01 PM

Club Comments
edup_2004 | 3 hours ago
ok to change the topic, let's talk about ecchi/hentai

So I haven't seen yet a thread to talk about ongoing ecchi and hentai. Or even old ones.

So what would you think about creating 2 threads.

1) Poll of ecchi anime (5 max) and pick one to watch and talk about. It's a copy of a thread of another club but it's pretty fun. So i don't see why not copy good stuff.

2) A thread to talk about this season anime, specially ecchi and possibly hentai releases (not identification, there's a thread for that).

Let me know your thoughts and if some are ok I'll go for it.

We need more movement around here.

edup_2004 | 5 hours ago
Oh and about the monitor.... well too many options...

i've seen some ultra wide monitores 27" cheaper than the regular 27". Would it be a good idea to get an ultra wide? speacially if i plan to get another one later.

And also would a 23-25" would be enough for gaming? or i should totally get a 27" (which i can afford but i would be at my limit)

Chloe-tsundere | 6 hours ago
Just buy an MSI. Really pretty much the best stuff. We got a gaming laptop there. I believe it was GX70 not sure as im not at home

edup_2004 | 7 hours ago
Since i have already a MSI video card i wanted a MSI mother board too. Don't know if the MSI software to easily overcloak works with another mother board brand. If it does it would be an ASUS. Probably a MAXIMUS VII FORMULA(or HERO).

I want a x99s but that's for another processor. a 2011-v3 and i have a LGA 1150. Gonna try to change it for a newer one and pay the difference and get a better mother board.

And about the monitor I'm not sure if a 27" would be too much, since I pretend to buy 2 monitors. One now and the other in a couple of months. So 27 (really expensive like $390-350) or a 23 (not sure but i guess 350-280).

Oh and also I've seen some LG curved monitors. Is a curved monitor good for gaming??? haven't seen it, only now they have it.

elkensteyin | Yesterday, 12:58 PM
@edup - go with an ASUS Motherboard - best in the market. You'll need to get one that is compatible with an Intel 87 or 97 chipset (Z, H, or Q) - click here

Once you get that, look at the MoBo spec, and I recommend just maxing it out for RAM, power, etc.

As for Monitor - doesn't mater - go to Best Buy and find a good name brand on sale. I'd recommend one that had an HDMI interface, however.

edup_2004 | Yesterday, 12:02 PM
Well to get back on the PC topic. I need some suggestions.
I'm building a PC. I have already buy the following items:
Intel 4790k
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
So now I need to buy the mother board, RAM, cooler, power supply, and a monitor (not sure which size since i'm planning on buying another one in a couple of months).

Chloe-tsundere | 03-02-15, 11:22 AM
Thanks :) that will help a lot :D i hope we can let it be fixed for a small price as it prob isnt something big.. Just cooling pasta damaged or something as the xbox is overheated

elkensteyin | 03-02-15, 11:07 AM
@Chloe - try this

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