Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles: End-of-Summer List Layout Contest!


Registration extended to September 5th!

We're finishing summer with another list contest! Can you make the best layout based on a summer theme? As in the past, we make it easy for even newbies to enter and do well. The skill is already in you, you just may need some help to bring it out. Many categories have been added to award the diversity of talents out there, and you can enter up to two lists!

Banner and Menu by Hahaido. Affiliate banners by Narushisto20, with additions by Shishio-kun and Hahaido.

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SamPolus22 | 2 hours ago
And for your question about the gaps, you can decrease the gap between grand totals and category total, and the gap between copyright and grand totals by putting this code in the part you want to move. I don't know ho to decrease the gap between the category title and category totals.
the code:

SamPolus22 | 2 hours ago
For your 3rd question, I think you can't do that ( I'm not really sure). You can put a left and top border for (#), a top border for (anime title) and (score), and a right and top border for (progress)

Doomcat55 | 4 hours ago
More questions! Is it possible to: 1. add a border to only the first title of each category's row, and/or 2. add a border surrounding only the titles (excluding the table headers and without the borders in between the individual titles), and/or 3. add an unbroken border around the titles/table header (using the .table_header creates separate borders for each cell)?

Doomcat55 | 5 hours ago
Is there a way to close the gap between the categories (when showing all anime) and above the grand totals/copyright so that the list looks like one long block?

Shishio-kun | 8 hours ago
Looking at your CSS, its shows you didn't add the code. So make sure you save it and are actually using the same Easy List styler customizable on this page

You may also have to set it to "(your username's)'s Style" on this page as well. Its vital you save it here too with the blue button

Kuroi-Akuma | 8 hours ago
It didnt work :/

Shishio-kun | 8 hours ago
Well you can't add a code the usual way, but you can go to the box after "background-color", delete everything in it, and then paste this in it

;background-size: cover;

This should fit the wallpaper to your screen size

Kuroi-Akuma | 8 hours ago
Im using the easy list design :c

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