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New posts and signatures with IMG or YT BBcode tags don't work since Crave disabled them,
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scriptpage link:
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Here's the topic on it if you have questions or need instructions:

Fix for the missing/broken overlay when you try to
edit anime/manga on your list

It was broken recently and is supposed to be fixed soon, here are fixes for the meantime:

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Club Discussion
Limited Edition Member Cards - Stylish Inori for April - OPEN! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
493 replies by legendz7 »»
8 hours ago
Sao Layout Lineage Style
0 replies by SylakentH_ »»
Yesterday, 6:29 PM
Sticky: Script to easily fix IMG and YT BBcode tags (for your posts and signatures!)
2 replies by Shishio-kun »»
Yesterday, 5:56 AM
Sticky: Ask all questions here! (please read top of first post before posting) FAQ available too! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
1,916 replies by Shishio-kun »»
04-22-14, 1:48 PM
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai themed layout with DVD cover display! ( 1 2 )
29 replies by Shishio-kun »»
04-21-14, 8:54 AM

Club Comments
VeriTi | Yesterday, 9:02 PM
There is nothing difficult, it's just adding few more CSS selectors.

Disgaea | Yesterday, 5:03 PM
i hate this security check thing that MAL is doing, and considering these turn of events I'm starting to think there might be some serious updates that this site will go through

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 4:12 PM
@Veriti: thats awesome of you! but maybe you should wait and see if there's any progress on MAL by lets say, Saturday.

I say that cuz it looks like they're making a lot of changes atm, and who knows when it will be finished- it might be really soon or it might take two weeks like the overlay. if so, it'd be nice for those ppl who recently lost their profiles to get their images back in the meantime. but I don't want you to waste your time in case they fix it tomorrow or Friday morning (I think they take weekends off). They maybe could make additional changes in the next couple days you'd have to re-account for too? Not sure if thats how it works. But if you're eager to start now, thats still good in case they don't fix them back soon! And a lot of ppl will be grateful, this really pissed ppl off lol

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 3:42 PM
Looks like bbcode should be back very soon. Even more people are seeing images on the forum.

Disgaea | Yesterday, 3:34 PM
thanks for the info, i was wondering why all the image tags i put up for the return of the BBcode where suddenly vanishing

VeriTi | Yesterday, 12:03 PM
So should I add about me's / club info into The Script?

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 5:31 AM

MAL has two new glitches. If you edit your About Me or your club information, the BBcode will scramble into an HTML mess. You can unscramble it through my post here:

There's one more glitch. Even if you unscramble your code, images won't show up from then on even if the IMG BBcode is correct. So no newly edited clubs or About Me's show images.


They also fixed the overlay (pop-up) glitch, which appears when you try to login or edit/update your list

IceGum | 04-22-14, 8:44 PM
Actually i fixed it on my own i just had to look for it XD... My bad ;p Sorry for bothering and Thanks for trying to help Vyra Appreciate it = )

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