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Problems with Dropbox links: missing covers/topbars
and dead layout links, broken lists and more

Update 8-31: Its been confirmed the hacker has returned to MAL, and he is probably the source of all these recent problems. As long as the attacks continue, this may extend the time I can fix things back to normal. It will also probably extend and the time before our dropbox links (the imports that make many layouts and covers work- see below) will be back online. But the solutions below are still valid!

Update 8-30: Another Dropbox has crashed, this time U531355's containing the Square layout and an alternate cover code. So Square layouts will be broken until his is restored soon. His Fellow Writer program is down too because of this afaik.
This dropbox is restored, for now.

Update 8-27: Unfortunately yesterday (August 26) something caused the hits to at least one of my Dropbox accounts to increase 10 times more than normal, thus many public files in that account have been shut down temporarily (hopefully). This will change things on your list - suddenly missing covers, topbar etc- if you're using certain imports in your CSS. Its probably due to bots on this site which was suggested to me by a MAL admin when this happened in January.

When will they be fixed back?
Because of new light on the situation, it will be longer before things will be fixed back to normal, and you will probably have to generate your own covers as long as attacks continue and make our dropbox accounts crash. Check below for quick fixes! You can use them if the problems continue and after they end. Any new updates or fixes in the meantime will be posted here too. Click the spoilers below to find solutions to this problem.

Fixes for covers

Fix hovering tags (mini-reviews) and remove non-functional #more button

New! Fix for Pyscho Pass style layout

Fix for Mahou Magica style layout

The fix is for this Magica layout seen above. You might have a different wallpaper. Errors on the left (fix in spoiler above).

Fix for Poster-style layout

This layout I made in the visual example above. The fix is in the spoiler above.

Fix for black icon style toolbar

Other topbars and dead layout link problems

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Club Comments
TheHolyPotato | 9 hours ago
Y do u do this 2 us hacker ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ

Monad | Yesterday, 7:46 AM
The java tag search faction i found was from here.

Monad | Yesterday, 7:43 AM
Ok sorry forry the trouble, i found the problem and the reason i get it only is because of the extra tag search faction. I put yesterday a java extra little thing that allows me to search with tags on my list and it seems that it makes the "currently watching" button become a tag button when Completed or Drobbed etc are clicked. So it's kind of my fault. When i click "Plan to watch" or "on-Hold" this problem doesn't appear.

Do you know any solution because i really need a search tag choice since my list is big and is very useful and unfortunately MAL is suppose to fix the tag search problem in the year 2786 like most things that is suppose to fix..

I wonder what is it in the code that doesn't create conflict when i click the "ON-Hold" and "Plan to watch" options. Maybe there is a secret somewhere there that could solve my problem but i lack the ability to find it.

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 7:17 AM
Doesn't happen for me. When I click on a category link it goes to the category I clicked and that button I clicked highlights after the page loads. It indicates what category page you're on. Currently watching link doesn't stay highlighted unless I'm on that page, as its supposed to.

The only thing I can think to suggest is to mess around with the currently button's not-selected settings. If this is a new problem you could reinstall the original base CSS and then recustomize it and see if it fixes it (save old CSS).

Monad | Yesterday, 5:15 AM
I noticed a small problem with my layout. I use the phycho-pass layout and i noticed that when i click on the Completed, Dropped and all titles the "currently watching" still stays lighted.

Is there any way to fix this?

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 4:22 AM
Yeah I have a lot of Google Image tricks to find things like that and also ways to find what movie a pic or screenshot comes from or what the name of a character in an unknown pic is. I would like to write a topic on it sometime

clone4 | 08-31-14, 8:58 PM
@Shishio-kun: Thank you for getting the picture, I'm using this process now and it's awesome.

Shishio-kun | 08-31-14, 8:08 PM
@clone: Save the image on Imgur, then drag the image into Google Images, then search for the largest sizes. This is the biggest size online according to that:

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