Shishio's Custom Lists & Profiles (with layouts, tutorials, and more!) AUGUST CARD FESTIVAL! PERSONALIZED TCG CARDS ARE BACK!

Welcome! Get started with the links below, but read our club rules before posting. You should also be aware of site problems before starting since MAL doesn't always tell you about them first!

2014 Member Card Contest
highlights and behind-the-scenes!

Click here to view the winner's full list of card entries, plus all the contest highlights. You can see the cards that best meet certain criteria in different areas of card design, and even behind-the-scenes looks at how good the overlays are on some of the popular cards entered (like below with Hahaido's Yato card)!

No effects on the left, his added effects on the right.

August Card Festival

Newcomers have opened up their own card topics! Popular card topics have also been reopened and updated too. Click the cards below to go to their topics.

August Special Edition

August TCG special edition by VeriTi (open/limited)
It's back! Get a TCG-styled member card personalized with your choice of character, quotes and abilities!
Read rules in first post before requesting.

New in SylakentH's cards!

Click the spoiler to see more card topics for August!

Club Affiliates
Here's some clubs for fun, inspiration, or even to further help you customize MAL! I'm not looking for any more affiliates, so don't ask to be an affiliate.


Listas Personalizadas

Is there something missing you wanted? Click here to make a suggestion.

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Club Discussion
ArtistJenny's Card Shop (Open)
1 replies by kawaii-mio »»
7 minutes ago
SylakentH's Card Shop - OPEN - ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
105 replies by ArtistJenny »»
44 minutes ago
Narushisto's card shop - OPEN - ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
107 replies by ArtistJenny »»
49 minutes ago
Hahaido's Member Cards - OPEN - ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
782 replies by ArtistJenny »»
51 minutes ago
TCG-style card shop... I mean, giveaway ( 1 2 )
31 replies by Phraze »»
4 hours ago

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Club Comments
Seiryuu2 | 11 hours ago
Of course i will check, thank you for accepting me xD I just began reading some stuffs

Gastrea | Yesterday, 1:19 PM

SylakentH | Yesterday, 7:27 AM
@Seiryuu2 Welcome :)

Updated my Card shop with new special card!
~ Naho ~ joined the card set, make sure to check.

Seiryuu2 | 08-20-14, 7:02 PM
Requested to join this club for attaining more acknowledge about customizing your profile and be creative about it. Looking forward for your cooperation guys! :D

Shishio-kun | 08-19-14, 11:30 AM
I've updated this request topic a little. In case anyone missed it since it came out there is a topic for requesting new list layouts from TheHolyPotato, but keep in mind he has rules in place you must follow. We don't have these rules to be ogres, they're to keep it a fun experience for the designer and not burn him/her out or waste their time.

@M3/illmadz: Thanks! And yes I agree. I like to think we've set a higher standard for member card designs on MAL. And I hope our cards will stand out nicely in your collections, and I appreciate when people post them on their profiles/avatars. I see this a lot lately!

M3l1nd4 | 08-16-14, 12:31 PM
This club is so amazing! :)

illmadz | 08-16-14, 3:42 AM
Thank you Shishio-kun for creating this awesome club!!

Your club has the best cards ever. and those tutorial thread is very useful! Also I feel so enlighten after watching your youtube video on how to create a profile about me section layout :)

_Kuro_Neko_ | 08-12-14, 9:10 PM
Sometimes you dont need backgrounds you can just use textures, stocks, and stuff like that to make the background :P

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