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Member card design contest!

Grand finals (top 2)
First to 3 wins test skill to the utmost, upcoming!

Finals (top 8)
Everyone here has won at least twice. They'll soon be joined by our top 3 from round 3, who will also have won twice after completing the death match! Current finalists:
Nakummi, RulenneClarissa, SylakentH, Veriti, SilentAirwalk

Round 3, top 16 elimination round:
Death Matches (upcoming)!

All the people who lost twice or were disqualified have been eliminated from the contest. But now, we have 5 ppl who won twice (and never lost) and 11 ppl who lost once and won once. To narrow down things quickly to top 8 and avoid doing 20+ brackets over several days, I've decided to put the bottom 11 into a "death matches" (ala DragonBall). You'll have to pick one card to compete against everyone else in your block (see below). Users will be able to vote for up to 2 cards in each block. All ties between top-ranks will have to decided by a quick sudden death bracket. The top 3 scoring card makers will have two wins under their belts, and move on to finals!

Blocks have been set up so the least possible ppl don't play against someone else they had before!
update: I might also move users with new cards to brackets that only are using previous round's cards, in order to keep things balanced and interesting.

Death match block 1:
YamamatoSensei, TheHolyPotato, Phraze, Mika

Death match block 2:
Katedadevil, Kawaii-mio, Mercuria, Icegum

Death match block 3:
Hahaido, Narushisto, Ranoom

Round 2 (results here!)
Narrowing down to the top 16!

Winner's bracket (click any bracket)
YamamatoSensei *VS* Nakumii
Winner: Nakumii
RulenneClarissa *VS* Kawaii-mio
Winner: RulenneClarissa
Icegum *VS* SylakentH
Winner: SylakentH
Mercuria *VS* Veriti
Winner: Veriti
Accelorder *VS* Silentairwalk
Winner: SilentAirwalk
Katedadevil (W)*VS* Mika (L)
Winner: Mika

Loser's bracket (click any bracket)
Dzikibambus *VS* Phraze
Winner: Phraze
Theholypotato*VS* Kuronekodesu
Winner: HolyPotato
Mystix *VS* Hahaido
Winner: Hahaido
Ranoom *VS* Timetorepent
Winner: Ranoom
Narushisto *VS* ArtistJenny
Winner: Narushisto

Round 1 brackets results!
Narushisto20 *VS* Nakumii
Winner: Nakumii
Hahaido *VS* Kawaii-mio
Winner: Kawaii-mio
Katedadevil *VS* Ranoom
Winner: Katedadevil
Phraze *VS* IceGum
Winner: Icegum
Mystix *VS* RulenneClarissa
Winner: RulenneClarissa
TimetoRepent *VS* YamamatoSensei
Winner: YamamatoSensei
Kuronekodesu *VS* SylakentH
Winner: SylakentH
Veriti *VS* Mika
Winner: Veriti
Mercuria *VS* HolyPotato
Winner: Mercuria
Dzikibambus *VS* AccelOrder
Winner: AccelOrder
ArtistJenny *VS* SilentAirwalk
Winner: SilentAirwalk

Preliminary (before Round 1) results

New LE Tomoko Kuroki card for July!

By Hahaido! You can request it from our LE card topic here:

See how its made here!

Updating covers is easier than ever!
New cover generators with detailed simple instructions!
Default manga cover imports updated and working again!
New topics for adding and updating covers easily!

Its now much, much easier than ever to update your covers on your anime and manga list with our many updates and new programs by Veriti and U53155- try them out and get perfect fast-loading covers
on your layout of choice!

Click below
How to fill in your missing covers on any layout
New simplified cover Generator Blink! for all layouts
New cover generator Fellow Writer for Square and #more style layouts
New cover directory shows all cover styles and ways to update your covers

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Club Discussion
MAL #more CSS generator by u531355 ( 1 2 )
39 replies by naruutto »»
9 hours ago
Sticky: Member card design contest 2014 ( 1 2 3 4 )
71 replies by Mercuria »»
10 hours ago
Limited Edition Member Cards - WataMote card for July - OPEN - ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
843 replies by Hahaido »»
Today, 6:16 AM
Suggest themes and styles for future layouts ( 1 2 3 )
45 replies by TheHolyPotato »»
Yesterday, 3:46 PM
Another DvdCover Layout V3 ( 1 2 3 )
41 replies by Toxicwolf »»
Yesterday, 1:23 PM

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Club Comments
Mladen | Today, 4:49 AM
I have some weird problem with covers, that I have no idea how to fix. I really suck at CSS and have no idea what I'm doing or what most of it means. Just saying that before someone starts throwing some complicated terms at me...

Since the imported ones that I have don't show most new covers (example: I tried to import ones from my friends list, just to see if it would show them for me, since I noticed that he has the ones I was missing.

When I did that, it screwed up my flower thing that is supposed to show covers only when you hover over. And it shows part of the cover instead of it (example: but when I hover over it, it still doesn't show full cover anyway (example:

I didn't change anything about flower part at all. I just replaced import link. I don't know why it interfered with that or what I did wrong. If anyone can fix it, I'll be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

blob | Yesterday, 8:21 AM
Oh, damn. Alright, thanks. Guess it's just me then. XD

SylakentH_ | Yesterday, 6:55 AM
@Holy yeah I remember it working in chrome but somehow is firefox more comfortable to me

@Rulenne Yeah I really think this contest was a good idea. Many people actually found their "hidden-talent".

SylakentH_ | Yesterday, 6:48 AM
@Shishio oh man, well if you can change the code that way then it's bearable but still annoying in contrast to how we could edit the code comfortably in the past. I will see if this works for me.

Shishio-kun | Yesterday, 6:14 AM
@rulenne: Yes its bringing out many ppl's creativity!

@blob: I don't see the same problem

@Sy: They changed Firebug alot, you now have to manually click live edit or source edit near the top of the CSS to make changes like that. Its complicated but I hope that clears it up.

RulenneClarissa | Yesterday, 12:26 AM
To make a new card in the same style, to make a new card in a different style, or to keep the same card... This is the first time I take part in a contest where we can swap our entries, I keep getting stuck at the extra decision! I still think it's a great idea and keeps people practicing X3

blob | 07-28-14, 4:45 PM
Hello! For my manga list, I seem to have difficulties keeping the gifs animated! Is it just me?
The page fully loads, but as soon as I scroll down what seems to be ~1.5 page, my gifs become nonfunctional! Is there a way to fix this?

TheHolyPotato | 07-28-14, 12:39 PM
Well I know what you're saying like, I cant put the url of a background and it live changes, so I do that in the actual box. But the positioning works for me in live mode and I'm using chrome so maybe that's why?

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