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Favorite Anime
Claymore add
Tenshi Kinryouku
Tenshi Kinryouku add
Ichigo Mashimaro
Ichigo Mashimaro add
Berserk add
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add

Favorite Manga
Berserk add
Naruto add
Bleach add
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho add
Gantz add

Favorite Characters
Uchiha, Madara
Aensland, Morrigan
Aizen, Sousuke
Shishio, Makoto
Hino, Rei
Kashiwazaki, Sena
Bluesummers, Legato
Knowledge, Patchouli

Favorite People
McConnohie, Michael
McConnohie, Michael
Blum, Steven
Blum, Steven

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9 hours ago
February 15, 2010
2,905 (Find All)
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Re-watching at 58 of 220
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal add
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Time (Days) 114.1
Watching 8
Completed 282
On Hold 62
Dropped 42
Plan to Watch 156
Total Entries 550

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Time (Days) 22.5
Reading 15
Completed 10
On Hold 11
Dropped 4
Plan to Read 13
Total Entries 53

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Anime/Manga List Design Gallery with CSS links
12-17-12, 12:56 AM Edited 05-31-13, 5:12 PM
Past avatar designs gallery
12-17-12, 12:03 PM Edited 12-26-12, 1:28 AM
My Member Card designs gallery
12-16-12, 3:48 PM Edited 12-17-12, 3:42 PM

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modusoperandi7 | 9 hours ago
Thanks Shishio, I've sent you the upload link via private message

Hahaido | 9 hours ago
Maybe we should launch another monthly edition
But are you going to use new silver frame?

Yorium | Yesterday, 3:59 PM
The high res cards i link to you previously is ok or too bad quality ?

modusoperandi7 | 03-26-15, 6:29 PM
Thank you Shishio ;)

GENBrian | 03-26-15, 6:15 PM
Thanks. I also really like the ecchi cards as well. Nice job on those

Satiriques | 03-26-15, 3:07 PM
Thanks for the card, the picture you used is really nice!

GENBrian | 03-25-15, 3:24 PM
Here's my batch of White Day Card
If the customers see any problem, they can message me about it so they don't bother you
Edit: I had to edit some stuff

Yorium | 03-25-15, 8:44 AM
And if you want here my card from my shop in a higher res :

Yorium | 03-25-15, 7:42 AM
Hi, here the 41-50 card fo valentines :)

Sorry for the delay :x

modusoperandi7 | 03-24-15, 8:29 PM
Shishio I'll upload the cards as soon as the requests reach 120, is that okay?

And also, is it possible to get the PSD again? I was messing around with it and saved it by mistake :/ and now I can't go back

Hahaido | 03-24-15, 11:02 AM
All my cards are original size

Oiomi-chan | 03-24-15, 1:05 AM
Thank you :-)

SylakentH | 03-23-15, 7:38 PM
maybe I got it wrong, correct me if I'm wrong.
So I should edit the PSDs of other cards (not mine) so they can be displayed on the front page? My cards (the big size) are mostly made in 850*650 res, for requests I'm resizing them to 450*350 res. Personally I have problems resizing objects to bigger sizes. I dont know any method without losing quality.
dont misunderstand me I would help but I doubt I would be able to resize a 300px card to a 500px card without losing quality. btw if you need any high res pics of layouts I made ask me

mhm, sounds like a lot of work but it would be better when the original designer remakes the card in a bigger resolution, since they have the original images and so on

offtopic: didnt see much of the sailor moon remake but arent the transformation 3DCG remade? this would be horrible....

SylakentH | 03-23-15, 11:40 AM
hm what had you in mind? and what exactly would I need to change?

sounds good, would be nice to have a site like this around. might be problematic to get the people to actually check your site though. Good luck anyway!

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