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Claymore add
Tenshi Kinryouku
Tenshi Kinryouku add
Ichigo Mashimaro
Ichigo Mashimaro add
Berserk add
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add

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Berserk add
Naruto add
Bleach add
Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho add
Gantz add

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Uchiha, Madara
Aensland, Morrigan
Aizen, Sousuke
Shishio, Makoto
Hino, Rei
Kashiwazaki, Sena
Bluesummers, Legato
Knowledge, Patchouli

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McConnohie, Michael
McConnohie, Michael
Blum, Steven
Blum, Steven

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u531355 | Yesterday, 12:51 PM
Arigato gozaimasu Shishio-kun :)

Le-Epic | Yesterday, 2:22 AM
Hey Shishio lately i'm really hyped about one game that's coming out. Its survival based game.. With freaking DINOSAURS!!! Its called Ark Survival Evolved and it seems amazing. If you're into survival games or searching something to get hyped and grind on here's a game you can try :p It has amazing construction system.. Leveling... grinding ... apparently you can craft amazing weapons too they'll add crafting to your own dinosaurs which you can obtain .. Just amazing :p
I would highly recommend it to you if you're interested in such games or just overall to try something new ^^!

Satiriques | 05-23-15, 10:11 AM
That's really nice, thanks man!

CLYDESDALE | 05-21-15, 12:52 AM
Let me know when you find that alternate site. I'm interested in seeing it, Shishio. It's a really intriguing idea.

Shangetsu | 05-20-15, 7:08 PM
"Don't bother asking me questions about CSS"

I can relate to this so much I just had to come and say hi.

Le-Epic | 05-19-15, 12:40 AM
Nah i've never played Halo.. wasnt really into different FPS other than CS... back when i was gaming the only games i played was WoW and CS 1.6 :D and yeah basically .. warcraft dota... etc... But i'm guessing i know what you mean since i've played games with sticky grenades and its super fun :p

Darkeella | 05-18-15, 1:28 PM
Bots in bgs are so horrible! Especially the ones that perma cc you, it's so annoying I can't do anything. With my guild once decided to run some rated bgs. Never again. While it was fun we just got rekt lol

Oh I see. I've played some HotS with friends a couple of times and I can't seem to like playing it if I'm alone. I don't feel motivated to play alone, not that I ever play LoL alone but whatever. I'm really not suited for mobas I suppose.

Since you like PvP do you even play Arena? Or only the bgs?
Children's week was fun! Didn't get all the pes though cause I forgot the event ended on 10am and left some for the last minute as always. I envy you! That achievement would be so much easier if I wasn't a priest, but I do have to say shields and stuff saved my butt a couple of times.

Math exams are a nightmare! I wouldn't have passed if I didn't tell my prof that I am willing to make a 50page essay on whatever math subject he wanted just so I could barely pass the class. Well it did help that I was an undergraduate so he just ended my eternal math suffering lol
I do know what you mean though. I had a prof who would do something similar but managed to pass the class cause my semester project was really unique and he liked it so he took notice of me.

Which spot in Pandaria? I do something similar with the Draenor pet masters, I have two op pets do the job and just get the low lvl out to get hit and then get all the lvls.
Right now I'm lvling up the pets I'll need for the celestial tournament and I will borow some from my friend to have them double just in case. I found a guide in Wowhead that sets the whole tournament step by step.

Pets do sell for alot usually so it's good to sell them.
Used to get lots of gold from farming old raid content for mounts and stuff. Especially Cataclysm 25H just the boss kill would give you around 150g each. And then vendor everything else. But they nerfed the gold you could get from vednoring items so it's not worth it with the really old raids and in general it's time consuming.
All the gold I get right now is from garisson missions. Get a lvl 3 Tavern and like 5-6 followers with a variety of abilities but must have the treasure hunter trait (increase gold gained from missions by 100%) and you are set. You can recruit treasure hunters from the tavern (only problem is you actually have to lvl them up) or just reroll the traits from the useless followers you already have. I get like 1-2k daily on one character and I have like two. Well I suppose they are going to nerf this but until then I've gotten over 70k gold so worth.

What black bikini? This sounds as the best transmog ever xD
I don't have boots for transmog. They are always covered so I don't even bother. May start collecting for my dk though.
CUSTOM MADE BACKS OMG THAT SHOULD BE A THING! I'm gonna mail blizzard right now!

Clithzby | 05-17-15, 1:42 PM
Thank you so much

Hahaido | 05-17-15, 9:48 AM
I made a newer version of animated Suigintou. You can use the link I gave you earlier

Hahaido | 05-17-15, 8:27 AM
I think, my example shows the maximum we can approach using CSS only. Here is another way

but I only use GIFs for small objects since if an image has minimum colors it doesn't lower it's quality too much

btw that yours layouts are simply fantastic from what you told me

Darkeella | 05-17-15, 7:13 AM
LOOOOL OMG not you too! I had tons of people come to me saying "Wow is that you?" And yes it really is me xD

Yea I've been into LoL esports since the end of season 2. I do know Team MRN cause it was Nien's old team before CLG but never seen their matches or anything. Wait were you on that team? O_O

Oh don't worry for replying late I always reply late myself. Hope your exams were good! ^^

It's not that I like face masks it's more that Blood elf females are so cute that everything looks good on them. I changed my transmog again. I change it often. My void storage is full especially with backs. I have like 20+ backs for transmog. Rogue sets are good idd, but I'm way too bored to lvl another 100 character.

Oh PvP may be fun again since there was this huge wave of bans for botting some days ago. Not sure if you are into the World Events but for Children's week there was this PvP achievement that I literally almost gave up on the game. It was on the impossible level.
Yea while I'm not PvP geared, got only the trinket, I'm still really good geared from PvE like 691ilvl atm, so there are many dps that try to take me down and fail miserably. I've had tons of fans 1v1ing some warlocks.

Oh selfies are fun after raiding for some reason. Do you know about the selfie achievement to get the tittle "Field Photographer"? We had our main tank come with that tittle on a raid and it was hilarious.

Toys are fun. I still miss many of them though but whenever there is a toy involded I'm like "Yea count me in"! I also started lvling up and collecting more pets. I have to get the crazy cat lady tittle.

Yea I can feel you. If I wasn't raiding I would have nothing else to do end game. But well now with the WoW Token I at least don't have to worry about my subscription ending. I have tons of gold so no more paying for me.

Wow that monk transmog is so good! I recently started lvling up a dranei warrior so I'll have her be my slutty outfit character
Oh the mage is good as well! Do you like tighs by any chance? xD
I also have that Priest set you saw. It's actually Priest's Tier 5 set. I'm not using it though cause everyone is using it and I'm a transmog hipster xD

Hahaido | 05-17-15, 3:17 AM
I made a draft picture based on what I learnt from you

Hahaido | 05-17-15, 1:24 AM
idk maybe because of those who prefer minimalistic designs
You should try to recreate that design here

Phraze | 05-17-15, 1:14 AM
I'll try my best. Though, I'll probably improvise on those designs. (I have a thing against looking back at my old work, haha.)

Hahaido | 05-17-15, 12:01 AM
It's possible with user scripts
OK, here it is

lots of animation there

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