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Favorite Anime
Claymore add
Tenshi Kinryouku
Tenshi Kinryouku add
Ichigo Mashimaro
Ichigo Mashimaro add
Berserk add
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan add

Favorite Manga
Berserk add
Naruto add
Bleach add
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho add
Gantz add

Favorite Characters
Uchiha, Madara
Aensland, Morrigan
Aizen, Sousuke
Shishio, Makoto
Hino, Rei
Kashiwazaki, Sena
Bluesummers, Legato
Knowledge, Patchouli

Favorite People
McConnohie, Michael
McConnohie, Michael
Blum, Steven
Blum, Steven

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February 15, 2010
2,197 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 117.0
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Completed 282
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Dropped 41
Plan to Watch 153
Total Entries 545

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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 22.2
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Plan to Read 13
Total Entries 53

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Don't ask me questions or make requests about CSS or BBcode on my profile page unless you're a friend, ask in club. I'll just delete/ignore your question/request.

I usually block all friend requests and messages from non-friends, since I get too much spam.

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12-17-12, 12:03 PM Edited 12-26-12, 1:28 AM
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IceGum | 1 hour ago
Using this card

TheHolyPotato | 1 hour ago
Ok this is final, did finishing touches and now it's done I wont change anymore xD

Mika_ | 5 hours ago
Hi :)
Card for round 3:

Narushisto20 | 8 hours ago
Hi! Using this card for round 3.

Mika_ | Yesterday, 11:43 AM
Thank you :P

dzikibambus | Yesterday, 10:43 AM
I think that using a limited number of voters is a great idea. Most of the club members didn't vote in the card contest anyway (about 30 people from 4.5k club is kinda low).

Maybe participants should also vote? They wouldn't be allowed to vote for themselves ofc. Personally I'm in the contests for fun, but some people take this surprisingly serious (like, to even cheat), so maybe it's not so great of an idea to force them to vote for their opponents though. Another good thing is that when using designers as voters they won't vote based on looks only, but will also take functionality and some more technical stuff into consideration (It's not a problem with member cards though as these are all about looks).

It might kinda look like "We don't care about you plain little members at all, We know better what you should like" but a public poll for the people's choice should trick ppl into thinking they actually matter (joking ofc).

The only problem is finding these mysterious trustworthy ones... :]

VeriTi | Yesterday, 10:26 AM
By adding a barriers for assholes one should not restrict normal people anyhow; I think you're restricting the fun voters (and there I realized I can't use italic) could have then.
I think our best bet would be to split into two categories: the judged contest where some (not many ppl) would review layout thoroughly, and free for all voting, but with a weighted score. People who have been active in the club, helpful, participated in events, shared layouts, etc, etc would have their score multiplied (e.g. their vote will count from 2 to 5 points based on total activity). In turn, people who you've never seen before or suspicious ppl will get their score multiplied by a small coefficient like 0.25 or 0.1. This way friend stack can be balanced out by a single vote of trusted man. However, in general scenario the choices made by every group should balance each other pretty well

SylakentH_ | Yesterday, 6:59 AM
btw you did plan to open after the contest some "club-edition" member card topics where members can get cards from the contest, didnt you? Would be nice since especially for me I could open/create a proper card set.
Well I would need to come up with a design for the Spades, Clubs and joker card version, in case people want it.

TheHolyPotato | Yesterday, 6:50 AM
What Im getting from this is that youre saying ONLY trautworthy people will be aloud to vote for things? The thing about that is, Id say theres about 15 trustworthy people to be voting and they would be the only ones voting every time then right? That doesnt seem very good for the community but idk. Was never much into internet contests so I'm like the last person to ask lol

SylakentH_ | Yesterday, 6:46 AM
sounds good, but how do you plan to determine which ppl are trustworthy?
If you find a certain amount of judges than this would work just fine. The judges should mirror the people's choices so maybe like a political election the judges should be determined by the people? I dont really know if it's a good way maybe you have another way in mind.

But yeah you're right public voting is actually really problematic because of this "friend-stacking" which is sometimes really hard to notice. Maybe we/you would need to work with the MAL staff to get this "Mal-wide" contest working.

Also wondering what kind of list design contest you're talking about, do you mean the minimalistic list design contest which you announced in the club?

VeriTi | 07-28-14, 9:27 AM
No, Satsuki is more like General Leo actually, but a lot smarter. It's her mother and the shit that happens during the last episodes that reminded me of Kefka and WoR

VeriTi | 07-28-14, 7:09 AM
Did you receive my PMs?
I got my generator running online and already using it on my list for covers and highlighting anime with score >= 9 on the fly (like U5's Fellow Writer, but more functional)

Hahaido | 07-28-14, 6:09 AM
Thank you! Yes, I'll use Jibril for next round

Mika_ | 07-28-14, 5:40 AM
Hi, why I'm in the Winner's bracket? I lost round 1.. O.o

katedadevil | 07-27-14, 7:17 PM
On the club details it said I'm Versus Mystix13 who if I remember had a bye on the loser bracket, but you put me versus Mika in the forum posts, I'm confused xd

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