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Yu Yu Hakusho
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Knowledge, Patchouli

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Past avatar designs gallery
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VeriTi | 2 minutes ago
Yeah, although it's quite tiresome when combined with university classes, I have some work for my brain to do which is nice IMO 'cuz I'm no longer afraid I'm losing my thinking ability (at university I really only think at Mondays!)

I don't see the point then. Why memorize bullshit if you can orient easily and even study new features without explanation? Unless, of course, you want to be a typingbot.
I too hate Win8 squary style. If win continue to push that bullshit, I'll probably have no other choice than to go back to using Linux with KDE.

The ability to have @import link inserted automatically by adding a "Covers" variable to layout file, which can be both club default link or generated. And configuration/generation therefore.

MAL has weak support for programmers, as their API lacks too much features. Because of this, applications have to imitate what browser does (that's how USI works).
I think that if user needs an app for MAL (which exists obviously) and he's not dumb, he'll find it. Don't really see the need of such section.

VeriTi | Yesterday, 9:29 PM
I had "MS Office and that shit" lessons in my school and I really think it wasn't worth it because it was either something I know or can figure out quickly, or something I never used since then, or both. The thing that sucked most was Access IMO because I honestly can't think of use for it for me, I don't even have it in my current installation of MS Office. Now we have database lessons where we're using it, but we mostly do it for SQL and I've asked to use MySQL, the teacher agreed.

Oh, I could never get a hang of hardware actually 'cuz I never studied it specifically nor had enough problems to develop necessary experience by trial and error. Although you would probably still need some tutorials because each laptop is disassembled differently.

By plans I actually mean only covers support, that's the only thing I need before the release; all the other stuff can be made later.

Yeah, and then eventually we'll have to rely on 3rd-party MAL website. I don't think it will do (I may be wrong, but both Updater and USI don't really change your experience with the site, but rather provide you with more convenience than MAL has by its own). However we could try and make a "community patch" — another userscript that would fix the issues that are being introduced like that edit box fail or scrambled profiles, and update it as MAL gets more broken.

In Robin Hobb's "The Farseer Trilogy" one of heroes is named Verity (which is a modification of latin 'Veritas'), I changed 'y' to 'i' and 't' to capital because I liked the symmetrical look of the last three letters that way.
I had a PC since I was six, starting with 4Gb memory and Win98, and then it got upgraded part by part. However, now I use my laptop more often than the good ol' PC. I may give it a good Linux installation and use it as a file/print server later, or connect it to TV and use it to watch movies.

Started working yesterday, and it's even better than what I expected. I'll write more later, have to go now.

IntroverTurtle | Yesterday, 4:07 PM
Thank you very much.

VeriTi | 04-20-14, 9:12 PM
I think if there was any red O object, it has exploded, just we don't see it yet because fuck new Opera, which is a skin for Chrome.

No, you're not. Army is free to take you out of your life for two years, making you lose job or at least not allowing you to progress.

It's okay. What exams do you have btw?
All theoretical exams are a huge stress for me because they feel much more like a lottery to me - a lottery, where your future is the bet (remember that law where you can't get certain posts without a diploma?). Would I get the question I know? Won't I just forget something?
Yes, to some extent we have free general medical care, however its quality varies from town to town, from district to district. We don't use free medical care though because these dentists usually work terribly and may even break things that were okay before you came to them. About Chernobyl, I've heard that liquidators of the accident aren't paid enough to buy all the drugs they need, not even to mention just living.

I haven't seen Ghost in the Shell, but me and computers have a long story of being together during school period. I tend to use quite muted colors because they're relaxing for my eyes and don't draw attention to unnecessary elements. I don't think it's affected by anything else than the feel of style I've developed during that time.

I have quite hard time finishing USI though. Tried to do something yesterday but ended up reverting all the changes (Git, I love you). Because I'll be working from tomorrow on, I don't know when I'm going to finish it, but if you need it by some specific time, tell me and I'll try to do it.

VeriTi | 04-19-14, 3:03 AM
This is a star called V838 Monocerotis.

Disgaea | 04-16-14, 5:22 AM
you probably get this a lot however i i would like to thank you for the quick tutorial on how to make a graphic art, it was a great recap however i seem to have lost my pop, was going to ask you for help but i'll try and get it back, anyway's thanks, maybe this will help me out with my clubs image

here is a thank you picture, becasue a pictures worth 1000 words

captainmorgan | 04-14-14, 3:17 PM
yeah, those 2 are really hot. I often end up not watching new stuff because the older things I've seen are just better. I think I'm going to start the long journey through Yuyu Hakusho again. I found a nice HD version to put up on a big tv.

VeriTi | 04-13-14, 12:53 AM
I actually feel sort of sorry for schooling. There is a lot of teachers in university who are very smart and intelligent and could make tens of thousands dollars in other countries but they still remain here where they get probably just a few thousands per year. On the other hand students are trapped into system that forces most of them into a passive form, where they do anything only when they are pushed into doing sth, and try to do as less as possible. I believe that a lot higher quality education could be achieved if it was based on students' self-organization. Instead we have a law that prohibits promotion for those without a diploma, no matter the way you got one or even your marks.

Wrong. I could only avoid it if I either study or live in other country until I'm over the military age (that is 27 years). I'm likely to avoid it because I'm allergic to dust though.

I neither do but maybe they'll fix it. They somehow broke it recently, that means something is being done. Or maybe just MAL falls into pieces. Who knows?

Samma | 04-11-14, 7:20 AM
Sorry for my late reply had Internet issues.
Anyway You're Welcome i'm glad you are so friendly and about CSS i'm currently using SwordArtOnline CSS. It was in you group and don't worry all CSS are working PERFECT! and Thanks again man im really looking forward to your new work. Keep up!!

VeriTi | 04-10-14, 9:53 PM
What MAL eats is never to be seen again.

I'm going to start working next week, that also means I'll be wrapping up with USI in hopefully two weeks. It'll have covers support and, if not fixed by the time of release, I'll add this fancybox fix as the fourth so you don't have to add it to all the layouts manually and remove it when it's no longer necessary.

captainmorgan | 04-09-14, 11:11 AM
So, I got through like 3 volumes of Berserk. ITS FUCKING CRAZY. Why didn't they animate more of that prelude? It blows naruto and SnK out of the water.

I heard yuyu hakusho manga had much more material than the anime. Worth a read? (If I ever finish Berserk) lol

narutolover1 | 04-08-14, 3:12 AM
your welcome + ok i get it and thanx

i love U man and pls keep up your good work

i will Wait for it

VeriTi | 04-06-14, 9:29 PM
Oh... I didn't know that. It's sort of... very dumb. I mean, manual is always a manual, even when it's surrounded by tits and kittens!

I've installed that for my mangalist and this is what I get (FF28):

You can insert backslashes into the selectors: tab\le, di\v, note that \b won't work because it's a special character. For td this doesn't work, but the remove and glue trick "t td d" I showed you earlier works. This is what USI does if you don't tell it not to fix selectors; it cannot fix >'s however because these are HTML-escaped into ">". I'd say admins made it that way to prevent HTML injection but never checked whether any of escaped characters are used in CSS.

ao_no_exo | 04-06-14, 4:27 PM
I knew that.. it was my intention to reply not your need for it :P.

ao_no_exo | 04-06-14, 3:06 PM
Hmm hard to send a PM when the person in question disabled them to not get so many. I hate the limit of 75 and 100, at least if there would be a way to export them.

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