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Feb 4, 2020
I know it's just a hentai, but sometimes I really wish the authors would actually think about what they're writing. Let's see what we have here:

1 - Demi humans need help with conceiving offspring. OK
2 - Humans setup an 'assistance program' to help demi-humans conceive by pairing them with partners. OK
3 - Elven Princess comes to Earth to participate in the assistance OK
4 - She is paired with her ugly professor who has no social status in the world and has bad eyesight: NOT OK

Um... hello - even if social status isn't important, you'd think genetics are (glasses and read more
Dec 30, 2013
Note: this review of Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: ARS Nova contains minor spoilers.

So, how did I like the series? Well, let me take it by parts:

Story: 8/10

There were both positives and negatives to the story.

On the positive side, I felt the story was very entertaining and brought back memories of Space Opera. Space Opera is one of the genres of anime that I have lamented seeing very little of over the last few years. It was a staple of the early years of anime, but is almost gone now. ARS Nova isn’t space read more