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Club Comments
Anise_Punter | Nov 17, 1:59 PM
#quality programming

Bajar | Nov 17, 12:21 PM
I finally watched the 2nd Bakuon OVA episode. The old man became a trap. What even was this show?

DreamingBeats | Nov 17, 10:35 AM
other discounts:
Kinmoza vol 1 - 3 (50% off)
Yuyushiki vol 1-9 (everything) (50% off)
Anima Yell col 1 - 2 (50% off)
Is the Order a Rabbit vol 1 - 4 (50% off)
Yuru Camp vol 1-3 (50% off)
Comic Girls vol 1-3 (50% off)
Blend S vol 1 (50% off)
New Game vol 1-7 (50% off)
Anhappy vol 1-8 (50% off)
Harukana Receive vol 1-2 (50% off)
Slow Start vol 1-3 (50% off)
the sad irony that volumes im interested in are not in discount.
(and the ones available i either am not interested or already bought at full price or near full price)

DreamingBeats | Nov 17, 10:15 AM
Anima Yell vols 1 and 2 are 50% off...
i bought them at near full price (15% discount) not too long go, so that sucks. but hey, maybe that will encourage people to buy them.

Anise_Punter | Nov 17, 6:55 AM
i actually enjoyed OPM quite a bit but I can't watch every show [citation needed]

the ones with cute girls doing cute things have to take precedence, then the overall cute shows, then the ones with the cute girls, and only then do we move on to stuff like sequel shows, buff shirtless dudes beating the heck out of each other and other things by authors I have liked in the past

Not sure I've mentioned this or not but the author of Cute Chair has another manga available on the interwebs called Hajiotsu, about an incredibly adorable blob's incredibly adorable first relationship (with a boy, heresy!), 10/10 read, contracted diabetes

illivinni | Nov 17, 3:53 AM
i've been avoiding MP100 cuz i hate OPM. i hate OPM cuz it's a blatant Anpanman ripoff and I hated Anpanman when I was a kid cuz Anpanman's design looked so fucking lame.
On the bright side, I still love that legendary Anpanman OP song.

nDroae | Nov 16, 9:09 PM
Is Mob Psycho 100 just pure moefag-deterrent? Looks like it was entirely avoided by me, AP, Bajar, illivinni, Prankster, Nyaa... while Mishukax and another I met here rated it 6.

Now the second season is confirmed for winter and I still don't want to touch it eew. I guess I could pick it up and drop it quickly like I did MHA (though having seen Midnight and Bakugo's mom I think I will pick that back up, but not until I've watched "best shonen" HxH 2011, but before that I want to finish Yu Yu Hakusho, so MHA may be on season 5 by the time I get to it)

Had a friend tell me the MHA manga turned bad starting around 136, so I read that chapter with no context and planned to continue from there for lulz, but then he said it got good again so I stopped.

I previously thought I wouldn't like K-On, avoided Evangelion for a decade and a half, and procrastinated reading Gunnm for 12 years because I thought it was going to be like Berserk meets Spielberg's A.I. type misery, but ended up liking/loving all of those. Well, the only one I really regret delaying is Gunnm.

I think that mashup worked surprisingly well, aside from some missed transition points :) It could easily be edited to fit.

Prankster_001 | Nov 16, 8:35 PM
@Bajar nope that word has been stuck on my mind

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