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Spring 2022
nDroae - Mar 31
13 replies by Roch2001 »»
Apr 4, 12:57 PM
Past club layouts
Classiick - Sep 25, 2014
10 replies by nDroae »»
Mar 31, 7:58 PM
Poll: Who is the Best main Yuru? In Yuru Yuri
Royron32 - Jan 18
2 replies by Yuri-Crusader »»
Mar 26, 6:38 AM
Winter 2022
nDroae - Jan 2
4 replies by 1thatgoesthere »»
Jan 7, 4:53 PM
The Cutest Girls Doing The Cutest Things
Anise_Punter - Jun 22, 2015
20 replies by rz21c97 »»
Nov 28, 2021 7:59 PM

Club Comments
nadifnoka | May 14, 3:10 PM
Right? I'd like to watch some more like that. Especially characters like Nina and Lion.

KatanaHun | May 13, 5:21 AM
Hina Logi really a good anime.Now I just started watching.

tingy | May 11, 4:23 PM
Hello! This club does not seem to have an active creator. I would like to speak with the most active and/or senior admin in the club's admin team. Could this person please send me a PM ASAP?

nadifnoka | May 8, 5:20 PM
Can someone recommend me anime like hina logi? I like characters like Nina in the show and her relationship with Lion. Sweet with a little drama.

nDroae | May 2, 10:08 PM
Thanks :D I try to put minimal effort in these days, glad that idea presented itself

Bajar | May 2, 6:09 PM
great work on the banner ndroae. even Kotone would feel bad renting that apartment out to shamifam.

KatanaHun | Apr 28, 8:48 AM

Serafos | Apr 28, 8:38 AM
CGDCT for life. <3

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