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Classiick - Sep 25, 2014
15 repliesby nDroae »»
Jul 1, 2:36 AM
Spring 2023
nDroae - Mar 31
9 repliesby Bajar »»
Apr 7, 11:36 AM
Winter 2023
nDroae - Jan 1
10 repliesby SuperAdventure »»
Jan 9, 7:06 PM
Your Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Journey
Anise_Punter - May 1, 2017
32 repliesby EmperorThor »»
Dec 26, 2022 6:47 PM
Fall 2022
nDroae - Oct 1, 2022
14 repliesby _MushiRock11_ »»
Dec 8, 2022 12:47 AM

Club Comments
nDroae | 9 hours ago
Here's what I know about so far for Fall, in roughly descending order of how CGDCT I think it looks. Am I missing anything?
One day we'll learn how to spell this
MAL says it's still three minutes. I was hoping for more :<
Yeah you know what it is
We're living in a world where the new iM@S anime is CG, while the Kizuna AI anime is keyframe animated by WIT Studio. This CG looks good though.
Kizuna AI anime season 2. Was the first season CGDCT? I didn't watch it
Pretty Cure sequel to Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!, intended for adult fans who watched it as children 15 years ago, featuring the characters as adults.
Fantasy show about a big brown woman and her petite adoptive mother. No full CGDCT ensemble, but it looks too cute and lighthearted not to list it as a potential.
This show about a hikikomori vampire girl does have a full ensemble of cute girls, but also seems to have a strong male presence.
Battle girl (superhero theme) manga adaptation, making this more promising by default than the usual phone game ad anime.
Yuri with a tsun villainess; description reminds of "Yuri Is My Job" (which I didn't watch)
A third female-centric isekai from LN author FUNA, who is at this point familiar (or infamous?) to anyone who saw Noukin and/or 80,000 Gold.

As for main feature... I could ask for votes, but it's pretty much between the new Kirara show and big established franchises, so I guess I'll give it to Hoshikuzu Telepath.

DreamingBeats | Sep 20, 8:03 AM
Swing!!! theme song: Swingin’× Dreamin’ music video

DreamingBeats | Sep 18, 9:57 AM
Happy birthday to Chiya!

sailorvic | Aug 19, 1:20 PM
yes so happy!

DreamingBeats | Aug 18, 9:23 PM
Bandai Namco has quietly made a new Youtube channel specifically for Aikatsu
They will air the episodes on a weekly basis. after the live stream, the episode will be available for 2 weeks.

They will also air the first Aikatsu movie on August 20, but the movie won't be available to watch after the live stream ends.

new youtube channel announcement page

DreamingBeats | Aug 10, 7:17 AM
Swing!! anime pv

DreamingBeats | Aug 3, 9:20 PM
MAL has now added the movie to the db

DreamingBeats | Aug 3, 8:27 PM

大室家 (oomuroke) will get a movie next year!

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